Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ra Sha La - Amplified - Restored - Tech7 - K1/2 Prerequisite

Ra Sha La - Amplified - Restored - Tech7 - K1/2 Prerequisite - Ra-sha-pa-ta-Ur to the AzurA  Pa-Ta Um-Eir’-A to the E-umbi - Pa-Ta RE-Hah-yah to the Rajhna -  Um-shaddhi State  - Incl Remote....

28th will be busy day, good good rite#10 also. ..12 Allready re-ordered... DONE. rest in progress.

So once again here we are, see it unfold.  even those that cannot see. haha will be.. something. choice2 is related as its.all.connecte & differenciation is key.   do you have the Key?

look inside your innerinnerheartquantum thing and you will know get your Key to unlock the YOU. yet some wont, so i wont. even with the Untold being related to allness in oneness.



 Seems i need to see how to make a trip to Japan.... AKA ISLAND. yep #RA aka-island-shimajiri-gun #2013 TimewaveRa

Skype - Random day messages ~

 ”To the wicked, everything serves as pretext.” -Voltaire -



“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”


“Already things are changing; it´s starting with small shit but oh it´s starting, the change, the irrevocable, impossible change.” TimewaveRa unfold~


"Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."
~ Serbian Proverb "Ми смо та екипа"

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