owl in hand

Inspiration comes with love,
not with threats and fear.
When one is inspired, we
want to excel, to do our
best. Together you and I
will be a source of inspiration
using love as the generator.

Source of All Inspiration.

I nitiate action with love
N ew beginnings give hope
S weet words are swallowed easier
eople copy what they see — model what you want
nitiate new ideas with love, never fear
R epeat lessons are usually needed
A ct as if your dream was already realized
T hank-you gives miracles
I nstill confidence in others
neness is the goal
ow is the time for new beginnings

Snippets from Source #31

Sometimes what you view as
a crisis is Me setting up the
chess board for you to win
your heart’s desire.

Play the game with courage,
using love as your strategy.

You are a born champion!
I am betting on you! Source


i even had an owl in my dream today haha.  funky strange dreams