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Friday, January 11, 2013

Death and Deception


Death becomes important
only to those who neglected
their duty. When you are
one with the Creator, there
is no death, only transition.

Avoid even the shadow of a lie.
A house without a firm foundation
soon falls. The true word is the
bearer of the Light. The lie divides,
demolishes,. Violence destroys walls,
deception destroys relationships and
opens the door to the king of deceivers.
Guard that portal well.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Monday, December 24, 2012

Music of Faith

feminine energy

Cast off the old for
it serves you no more.
Seek the new which
blossoms within. Do not
fear being naked for if
you do not take off the
old garments, you can not
put on the new.

Dance to the music of faith;
start to move without knowing
where it leads. Let your soul
beat the drum, the choreography
is of the moment. Forget all
you’ve ever learned about dancing
and let your body move with its
own knowing. Make each dance a
prayer, an opportunity with the
Divine. Do not dance to please
others but rather to express the
true you. If others take pleasure
in your dance, so be it, but do
not let that be the purpose.

Dance outside in the floresta,
under the stars, in day’s gentle
breezes. Let the energy of our
Mother fill your every movement.
Be one with the Divine.

All of us are dancers. It is only
our false pride which hinders our
movement. Let go, let your body
and your soul move with wonder.
Dance your prayer.

D are to move to your inner music
A ccept and love who you are
N ow is the time for transformation
C ast off the old
E enjoy the liberty that is your due

Friday, December 21, 2012



Nothing is superfluous;
everything has its purpose.
There are no co-incidences,
accidents, causes without
effects. Once we really
understand this, and pay
attention to how this
operates in our lives,
our perspective must change.
Stop and ask, “Why is this
happening? What can I learn
here? Do this and you will
begin to see the kaleidoscope
of connections in life.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snippets from Source #148

Snippets from Source #148 

Everyone decides his strategy
for the game of life. Mystery,
intrigues, rivers to cross, damsels
to rescue, dragons to slay, hero or
villain, champion or victim.
You keep on guessing what will be
your next move. We already figured
out that you are the hero; the angels
are placing bets on you. They cheat a
little and help along the way. Listen
carefully when they whisper to you.
Chess Master Source