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Ascension Whispers: Carbon Based Life

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.



Carbon Based Life

A quick reminder that the next time shift date is March 15, 2014 and as the quickening for this shift has approached I have become aware of a few more pieces of the puzzle.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is not intended to treat or diagnose any physical, mental or emotional illness and it is suggested to check with your medical person before adding any supplement to your diet.

This information is simply to bring awareness to thoughts to allow you to research and discover if it applies to you.

The human body has been a “carbon based biology” for a very long time but what does that mean? Carbon in its pure form (atomic element #6) expresses as diamond, graphite and coal. All “known life” on Earth is carbon based.

Follow This Link To Understand Carbon Based

I am now understanding a bit more pieces of what it means that the “recipe” of the “elements” were altered or mixed in a blender when the planets were blown apart and the false solar system was created and then later the planet dropped in 2/3 energy.

When we think of energy from a metaphysical level, we might think of airy fairy type waves of energy and most likely from thoughts we carry about the concepts of ghosts. Energy does exist in such states but energy exists in many states that we are not yet aware of.

This information is so vast within me that I am currently finding it challenging how to put these puzzle pieces together in words for you to consider. It all started with more understanding of the true purpose of the ancient structures such as pyramids and I will share what I know about that in the next video shares but that greater understanding is allowing me to understand more of what it means to be “Energy Beings” expressing on/within an “energy planet” and how the elements that compose the matter body play a role within all of it.
When Eternal Life forms incarnate into a planetary system they literally plug into the energy grids of the planetary system and via the matter body makeup walk the planet. Simply walking the planet creates a compression effect or tapping effect between the planet and the life forms of the planet. The compression effect creates a domino effect within the elements that compose the matter base.

Source does not simply create the “know elements” without reason and purpose. For instance, Source does not create natural metals such as gold, copper and silver within a planetary body so that the life forms will create an economic system upon them which spawns greed and distortion; they do have a purpose within the planetary body. All natural elements have a purpose within a planetary system and it is not to fuse elements together in ways Source did not fuse them together to make “man made matter forms”.

The truth about elements and how they work together to create effects has been hidden from the masses for 26,000 years and prior to that time, the people of Earth held knowledge of many of those truths. At this time, I only have this little bit of awareness to share with you but I feel it is pretty large and is why I am trying to find the words to share it in a post instead of waiting for a video share.

A carbon based biology occurs when the higher energy of Source is not available to allow for the elements to work the way that Source created them to work. At this time, the Eternal Life forms of Earth will remain a carbon based biology but when the Earth is able to shift back into her healed expression, the elemental biological form will “change” into a silica based biology which Earth Science will tell you is not possible in this reality field and they are correct. To understand more about that follow this link.

Follow this link to understand why a silica based biology is not possible at this time.

As you will read within that information for a biological life form to be base silica they would have to exist within a planetary system that would be extremely high in temperature as compared to the Earth system or else the breathing process would simply solidify the silica and turn it to sand. But in a high temperate environment, it would remain a liquid or vapor.

Glass, Sand and “Quartz Crystal” are made of silica. Silica makes up 90% of the Earth’s total mass. What does that mean? It means that we are walking on a planetary mass that is composed of 90% “Quartz Crystal” and that our biology also holds “Silica Quartz Crystal” within its elemental make up. What does that have to do with anything?

Quartz Crystal stores energy and is very easy to “code” via energy thoughts. It does not generate energy and can sometimes play a role as a semiconductor but it stores energy.

Natural metals within a planetary system “conduct energy” or move it along from one point to the next and guess what those natural metal conductors are; gold, silver and copper. Gold being the best resource because it does not corrode.

Electrical current can be created via PiezoElectrict through Quartz Crystal. Watch this video on youtube for a simple explanation of that process.

Because the matter body of the planet and the matter body of the life forms on the planet both hold the element of silica (Quartz Crystal) there is an energy exchange that occurs with every step every life form takes.
Within the crust and upper mantel of the planet there exists an abundance of silica or quartz crystal and the simple pressure of walking on the planet creates the piezoelectric effect which in fact generates energy via the energy stored within the quartz crystals.

Cave of the Crystals 2
Within the crust of the planet there are Huge Crystal Beds and veins of crystals throughout the planetary system that link together much like rivers and streams. No, carbon based biology could survive within that extreme heated environment for any length of time and the scientists that have explored the few that have been discovered experienced extreme difficulties doing so. If you have not heard about the crystal caves, just Google them and you will find more info.

And since I have managed to come this far I can simply state that many of the ancient pyramids and other ancient sites were specifically placed where they were to sit on top of crystal beds and veins; this is how the energy of the planet has been controlled from within the hologram and why key sites are heavily guarded. OK, more about that in a video as it will take to many words. :) Suffice to say at this time that control network is crumbling!

The matter base of this false system became 2/3 denser than it should be because the lack of the energy of Source has allowed the “Metals” to become the dominant matter base, literally making the matter biology of the planet and the Eternal Life forms “heavier” or “denser” than they should be because there has not been enough energy to create the sparks within the silica quartz crystals of the planet and the Eternal Life forms simply by walking the planet. No, jumping up and down will not fix the issue!

What can fix the issue and why does it even matter? The higher energy of Source is the only thing that can fix the issue; as the planetary crystal network runs and holds more of the higher energy of Source and the Eternal Life forms do the same then simply walking is like playing a piano of sparks of energy within the matter base. This is what is in the process of healing and why I am so excited to know more about this that I just could not wait for a video share to share it with you.

Guess what is stored within those quartz crystals in the planet and in your body? “Knowledge” and “Memory”!

Because our body is to higher in metal content and the higher energy of the silica quartz crystal has not been able to spark higher energy, the body has become to dense and guess what? As we age the body creates less and less silica. Imagine that!

The information via this link offers some great understanding of the role silica plays in the body but I am not suggesting that product listed there, that is a personal choice.

As you will read there, when we are young the body has more silica in it which creates collagen and as we age and accumulate more metal in our body and the depletion of the birth quantum of energy occurs, the body starts to wrinkle, the nails get brittle, the hair and skin become dry, bones break and joints ache. This is all a result of the lack of silica in the body.

This link offers info on heavy metals in the body and what the food systems call “normal”.

Silica also plays a role in removing aluminum from the body and after you read the above info you will discover the importance of that.

Imagine a planetary system in which your matter body is lighter than the matter body of the planet. I am not sure at this moment how all of this ties into the effects of gravity but I know that it does. When the body loses silica and the collagen weakens, the force of gravity makes all body parts drop or sag.

This is but a tiny drop of the major distortions that require healing but personally I am more than happy to take healing a drop at a time.

Of course this will not keep the matter body from dying at some point because there are other major factors involved in that process that will require the continued accretion of the higher energy of Source but we are headed in the right direction.

I will talk more about the control system within the planetary grids when the weather allows me to start the process of recording again but thought you might be interested in this information now. It is riding on the wave of higher energy that is opening with this time shift so maybe you can pick up on more of it than I currently am.

Personally, I am ordering this product simply because I have used this company for years and trust them but I have to say again, please check with your medical person before adding supplements to your diet.

Silica Complex

Loving Joy Abounds!


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