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Ascension Whispers: Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.


It is desired to offer you some things to consider concerning the ET life saga and planet Earth. Many people are still waiting on full disclosure from government powers to admit that the ancient ET phenomena is real and that ETs do exist and have been visiting Earth for thousands of years but it would be wise to stop looking  to corrupt control to reveal truth and become aware of the truth that is all around us.

The controlling powers of planet Earth know the truth about ET involvement with Earth, they know “some” of the ancient drama with such ET forces and even when they do reach the point of being backed into a wall to speak up, they are still not going to tell the truth and everything they know. Why? Because the ET involvement is what has created the control of the masses and to do full disclosure on all that a select few have knowledge of would be to reveal the mass control methods of the planet.

As we consider this information, it is important to remember that it is all a hologram which is being shown forth via conscious energy thoughts which means it is ALL about energy and the factions of control have always been about who is going to control energy. It is important to become aware of the drama from a higher view point instead of simply looking at the drama as it presents itself within the hologram.
The people of Earth have been dis-empowered for so long by controlling factions that for the largest percentage of the population they “think” they cannot know truth unless government, religious or scientific factions tell them something is true when it is these very organizations that continue to hide the truth in order to control.

For the controlling factions it is much easier to allow the people to be swept along within conspiracy theories and take the stance of denial or silence which simply keeps the emotions of the population tied up in knots or creates more false thoughts and ideas while controlling factions simply go about their agendas to control.
It is important to share these things to consider simply to allow such possibilities to become aware to the masses who might not yet be aware of such thoughts and ideas and how this planetary control game can quickly lead into more control while the masses have no clue what is going on.
  • Are ET life forms real? Yes
  • Have they been visiting Earth for thousands of years? Yes, and more like billions of years.
  • Have they been interacting with people of Earth? Yes
  • Have they been instrumental in sculpting the Earth hologram? Yes
  • Are ET factions responsible for the control the masses have been trapped within for thousands of years? Yes
  • Was the human race created by ETs? No
  • Was the Eternal Life forms “mutated” to create the human race? Yes
  • Are alien abductions a plan to enhance the human race DNA and create a superior or enlightened human race? No
  • Do all ET factions hold the same objective or intention in their interaction with Earth? No
  • Are all visiting ET factions distorted life forms? No
  • Are different ET groups feeding information to specific people? Yes
The human form is a mutated from that became mutated over billions of years of Earth history and the mutation began billions of years ago when the planets of the healed system were attacked by and infected with the cosmic virus which blew the planets apart. Over billions of years the planets eventually “regrouped” and over more millions of years they eventually ended up to express as they look today, the way most people think they have always looked and are suppose to be.

In a healed reality system, there are only 4 planets, not 8 and not 12 as some writers have reported there should be. The thoughts and ideas about there being 12 planets stems from the remembered thought of 12 chakras and 12 star gates within a system. People who have reported such things were not able to know the truth that the Vertical Pillar chakras / star gates of 12, 9, 6 & 3 are “NON Polarized” points of energy that do not manifest into a hologram. Therefore, the only way there could exist 12 planets within a hologram is if the 4 planets are blown into 12 pieces and regroup to form some similarity of a planet

Just like a biological life form is composed of 2 sets of polarized frequency bands ( our “Mental Body” sits within the non polarized seat of frequency band 3), so too is a planets’ matter body composed of 2 sets of polarized frequency bands of energy.

The Earth system is a system expressing in Plane 1 of the 4 Planes of reality fields so the planets are composed of the polarized frequency bands of Plane 1 (frequency bands 1 & 2) and we are seeing as our solid manifest reality field the energy held within frequency band 2 but each of the 4 planets holds higher to lower energy giving each of them a different “harmonic” of energy, expressing from higher to lower along a harmonic scale of energy associated with the solar system. This creates a “harmonic solar system” with a specific resonate tone associated with the solar system and all solar systems together create a harmonic universe or time matrix – galaxy.

A healed planet of Plane 1 consists of the energy of 2 frequency bands of polarized energy that exists on the “same” plane field but spin in opposite directions from each other with different levels of energy quanta from each other. This allows for the illusion of space between the frequency bands of energy. It allows for the illusion of space between elements that group together to flesh out the illusion of matter forms. It allows for the illusion of space between internal organs, cells and all of the smaller particles of light that flesh out the mater form.

One frequency band of energy is “base electrical” and the other is “base magnetic” energy with the corresponding vertical pillar seats are non polarized energy which creates the base electrical and base magnetic energy by replication and division of the non polarized energy and the polarized energy stepping down in energy quantum.

Polarized energy is necessary to allow for the illusion of space, time and matter which allows for the illusion of Source experiencing individuated life experiences. When consciousness steps out of the polarized frequency bands there is no space between things, there is no mater form, there is simply conscious thought that thinks and creates by creating thought patterns of energy and the Seat of Consciousness determines how much of creation is available to awareness.

A healed planet also consists of “base electrical” and “base magnetic” energy or 2 frequency bands of energy. When the cosmic virus attacked the “hologram” of the healed expression of the Earth system the planets were blown apart and this changed the entire harmonics of the system which changed the “elements” and the charge of the base electrical and base magnetic energy of the system.

It is at this point that the Eternal Life Expressions of the system were separated into the male and female expression as an Eternal Face of Source is created by Source to express both the base electrical and base magnetic within one mater form and to be a self sustaining, self sovereign life expression who co-creates “new life” simply by thinking and creating that new life as thought forms “within their self”.

It is inorganic for an Eternal Face of Source to require biological parents to join the base electrical and base magnetic energy they carry to create a biological form for the incarnating consciousness to incarnate into. A healed Eternal Face of Source simply co-creates with the elements that compose the reality field to co-create their own adult mater body which they then step into to have the life experience.

This was no longer possible when the male and female expression were separated and the harmonics of the elements were altered and so it became necessary for the process of biological parents to create a mater body to allow consciousness to incarnate into a planetary system.

When the planets reformed to some form that represents a planet and the environments of the planets balanced out to some degree to support biological life forms, life forms began to birth into the planetary systems again but the virus remained within the solar system and continued millions of years of attacking the newly formed planets one by one.

How did life “restart” if it was no longer possible for self sovereign mater body co-creation? It restarted within the ocean of the planet! The human form did not start from pond scum or evolve from fish and of course did not evolve from apes.

The egg and sperm of the male and female expression came together within the ocean in deep abysses that simulated a “womb for the growth of a mater form” and evolved within the ocean. All mater life “springs forth” from “water” as water is a carrier wave of consciousness and is why a growing fetus in the mothers’ womb looks similar to a tad pole when it begins to grow but that does not mean it is a fish or that the human DNA evolved from a fish.

The evolution of the human form occurred within the ocean of the planet and over millions of years developed to become land bearing life forms once the land masses had formed to support biological life. The evolving human form went in and out of the ocean from land to water, developing the necessary organs to become land life forms and eventually simply walked out of the ocean and remained on land. Some did not and yes, that means myths of mermaid people are true.

This is the process by which ALL life forms were “reseeded” on the planets once the planets reformed to support some kind of biological life. Earth science studies things like asteroids to try to discover the origin of life and they have discovered that the elements to create biological life are held within some of those asteroids but that does not mean that ET life forms created life on the planet. The elements for biological life remained within the blown apart planets and the process of those planets reforming carried unto the planets the formula to allow for the creation of biological life “within the oceans” of the planet.

Even though there have been many close extinctions of the human race there have remained enough humans on the planet to continue the race evolution, which has been very challenging amid the imbalanced system with planets continuing to be attacked and blown partially apart since the planets reformed.

The virus attacked the reformed planets starting with the largest of the planets, which held newly formed biological life forms, some of which became completely consumed by the cosmic virus and “mutated” to become the “godlets” of pre-ancient and ancient history.

The biological life forms of a planet are determined by the energy held within the planet, the Source intended encryption and the formula of the elements of the planet. So naturally, larger planets hold life forms that express as what would be compared to us as “giants”.

The dinosaurs were such larger life forms that through mix matched reassembly ended up expressing on Earth. They were not all monsters but some became more mutated than others and ended up expressing as monsters. For larger planets whose life forms would seem to be giants to us the dinosaurs could be thought of the way that we think of cows, horses, birds, etc. To allow some concept of this we might think of an animal that becomes infected with rabies.

Remember, it is all a hologram so the actual point of origin of attack of the virus is within the conscious thoughts of the conscious life forms creating the hologram, lying in that hospital bed while the virus raged forth its attacks on the inner system.

The mutation of the life forms of this solar system are all a result of the cosmic virus and they became so mutated they no longer hold any memory or awareness of their origin, they became the “godlets” and ET life forms that have wrecked havoc within this system ever since with an agenda to survive and the only way they could do that was to latch onto living life forms that could still receive the energy of Source so they have all held a mission of energy consumption.

But this did not just occur within this solar system but within the entire milky way galaxy so the mutated life forms are smaller expressions of a race line of mutated life forms that occurred within the higher holographic reality planes. Remember, it is ALL light shining forth from higher to lower and what occurs along that ray of light in the higher will shine forth in the lower.

When this expression of planet Earth was attacked by mutated life forms during the Atlantian cycle, the result of the attack created a mass surface planetary annihilation of all life forms but it did not create an extinction of the human form as thousands had retreated into underground cities where they had to remain until the high radiation on the surface was gone and they could return to the surface of the planet. The people of ancient cultures referred to these underground cities as Inner Earth and they were assisted to create them by life forms from Mars before Mars was attacked and destroyed by the mutated ETs.

Of course the Atlantian attack created the complete memory wipe and reduced the human population to the status of animals. There was much assistance given by Healed Eternal Faces of Source from off planet but only the energy of Source can allow healing to occur. When the humans were able to return to the surface of the planet, they were terrified of everything as they had no memory of anything; they had not memory of God – Source.
And the mutated giants of the larger planets began their addenda of controlling Earth and waiting for the next Stellar Activation Cycle (which they figured they would have been able to drain the stored energy of the planet to a low enough level by then) when they thought they would be able to make the final kill and consume the entire planet in “their” prophesied end time drama of Dec. 21, 2012. Of course, they were not successful as they had no idea of the strength of the power of Source which the Eternal Faces of Source continued to bring unto the planet via incarnating into the distorted reality field.

Indeed, the “giants” did come down to Earth and took humans as “breeders”, not their wives, in the desire to create a mutated human form that they could incarnate into to allow them to live on planet Earth. Physical breeding would not have been possible between such giants and the Earth human form but laboratory artificial insemination was possible as these distorted life forms still retained much “higher knowledge” than the mutated life forms of Earth did.

The women died giving birth to these mutated life forms as their body would not carry the fetus to full term and the “giants” ripped the fetus from the body when it was able to sustain outside of the womb; this race of distorted life forms are written about within the history books and are called the Leviathan race.

The Leviathan race has been used by many different factions of mutated ET life forms to “seed” their specific race line on the planet and the coding of the Leviathan race has been spread throughout the coding of the Earth population. But the Eternal Life Forms of Earth hold within their genetic makeup the “original Eternal Life blueprint” and is what has allowed the planet and the human race to continue to survive because they have the ability to receive the higher energy of Source.

The healed Earth hologram held the least amount of Source energy simply because of its placement of step down of energy within the time matrix galaxy so it suffered the most from the virus attack and it is the system that has taken the longest for healing to occur within.

The original Leviathan race line was the race line used by the fallen, mutated life forms to create their on planet “puppets” who they assigned to rule over the masses and they are easily controlled against their conscious awareness to play out the sneaky, controlling drama of the distorted ET races.

Such life forms are “finite life forms” and unless their system will allow for healing, they will not be able to heal into the Eternal Life expression so as the energy of Source continues to get higher and higher within the planetary system it will make these life forms sick and they will drop the body and follow a path of finite life form expression.

A virus cannot create new life, a virus can only “mutate existing life” via infection and consuming. It is important to understand where these ET life forms originated from to understand that the information they are feeding into the planet is NOT to assist the Eternal Life Forms of Earth to heal into higher consciousness or to heal the mutated DNA.

There is a process occurring within the hologram called the “harvest” and it is a process of the distorted ET life forms “reclaiming” their own. The process of the harvest has been spoken of in recorded history and called the “144,000 chosen ones”. Source choose ALL, Source does not only choose an elite group of life forms! Source does not create elite groups of beings, distorted life forms do such things to control and consume.

Eternal Life Expressions DO NOT do things such as alien abductions or genetic manipulation, such things are a violation of free will. Eternal Life Expressions DO NOT interfere with free will at any time and in any way!

If it were simply of matter of being taken into a lab to heal the distortions of the planet then such things could have been healed a long time ago.

It is quite possible that the scientific community will be used to present “newly discovered” information that speaks that the human race was created by ET life forms form elsewhere and IF that occurs, it would allow the powers that are controlling the planet an open doorway to bring accepted awareness of ET life forms into mass awareness. This is why it is important that this information be shared so you can at least consider it and have the opportunity to make better choices for what you choose to believe.
Here are some questions to ask to assist with your discernment:
  • Does the information desire you to be Self Sovereign or does it require you to follow someone?
  • How will the information empower you to become Self Sovereign?
  • Does the information create fear within to lead you to follow and external savior?
  • Where are you being asked to place your energy? If it is outside of yourself, you are giving your energy away.
  • Does the information lead you to the One and Only Eternal Source of creation or to a godlet who desires you to think they created you?
  • Are you being asked to pray to or see rewards from anything outside of yourself other than your personal inner connection with Source?
  • What do you have to gain from the information and will the information allow you to understand your personal power?
There is nothing at all to fear as healing continues for the Eternal Faces of Source but the controlling factions will desire you to fear because if you can be held in a state of fear it is easier to be controlled.

Through daily focus on Source any and all fears can be healed and dissolved as the higher energy of Source fills you to over flowing but focusing on the control drama can very quickly send one into a pool of fear and control.

Healing into higher conscious awareness is not a process of being controlled by fed information it is a process of becoming aware of higher truth and higher thoughts to consider and allow for sparks to occur within which ignite flames and allow for “inner awareness” to open to become aware of.

Simply by focusing on Source, communing with Source and allowing the Love of Source to fill you will allow it to be much easier to simply allow others to choose as they desire.

We are currently paused within the videos offered on the AW youtube channel to discover more about how a hologram is created and unfortunately this harsh winter and the need to have a noisy space heater at my desk has paused the creation of video shares but I am holding the vision and intention of sunshine and spring and hopefully it will not be much longer before the weather agrees with me.

But, when I am able to create the next video share we will still be paused for a bit on exploration of a hologram as it is necessary to now present the Embodied Eternal Life Grid and talk about information that pertains to that so that I can share with you an important “reconnection” that occurred within the Eternal Life Grid during the last time shift of Feb. 12, 2014. Understanding that will require understanding the Embodied Eternal Life Grid. So, that is what we have to look forward to in the next video share.

Loving Joy, AW

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