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Saturday, July 20, 2013

AMMACH: The Bases Project 28 Jeff Scott witness

Published on Jul 19, 2013
Bases Project Witness Jeff Scott goes into detail on his experiences, and being a Reptilian doesn't make one a bad person.
The Positive view and the Positive attidude.
The "Aliens" look just like us.
Jeff is a former Ammach project witness, from the on the sofa series, and he lectured at the Ammach Spring Conference 2013
Interview via Skype, with some audio issues

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  • indigopilgrim
    wow miles you are really going to town on joanne. and its pretty sick that youre dragging people like jeff into it. if joanne is a reptilian dudes, she's a goodun. you don't see her ripping into you do you?
    jeff, please dude, don't go down the hate the player route. miles is being a proper cock and will get his kharma sooner or later.
    this drama is doing nobody any good.
  • megawatts1066
    30 mins edited out mate. The witnesses are talking, not me.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Categories allomorphism entities ...

Categories allomorphism entities ...

s allomorphism entities ...

(translated Greek->English)

CTHULHU (Cthulhu) name used to describe a member of the race of the "Old Ones" exodiastasiakon beings who populated in the very distant past our planet and since then ekdiochthisan another dimension, waiting to open the gate to return.     Their description is difficult to apodothei.Ostoso, there are descriptions that said these creatures as chtapodoeidi as the crawling chaos, creeping shadows, giant humanoid gelatinous substances with numerous endings terrible whirlpools, psychedelic demons or even as titanic monstrous entities that can to move as they want the dimensions and chorochrono.Merika these names: Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Subba-Nigkourath, Azathoth etc. It is rumored that they knew an Arab mystic, Abdul Alchazrent, recorded knowledge of this in a book called Necronomicon ........

A kind of GM people related to alien underground vaseis.Ta features are similar to people with red hair and orange dermatos.Echei reported that their faces have some specific similarities with those of Reptoids (reptilian). Evidence for their existence suggest that it is a kind of hybrid breed created by genetic admixture people and Erpetoeidon.I presence in underground bases controlled by the Greys (and thus from the Draconian), indicating that the injury or slaves of the above breeds.

Type aliens were often in America 60s although there have been sporadic reports from other parts in the next chronia.Perigrafontai like tall, winged reptilian humanoid onta.Polloi witnesses have described as beings that look like bats or demonic sculptures Gargoyles of cathedrals naon.Echoun gray-brown skin and big red eyes that seem to have hypnotic idiotites.Oi appearances coincide with elevated phenomena UFO sightings and strange peristatika.I more satisfactory description of the action has been done by John Keel in his book Visitors from Space (1975). do not know their purpose, however, the more strange occurrences that accompany their appearance is far efcharista.Episis cause terror among the witnesses who have seen it.

Is genetic engineering impurities human and alien DNA created using embryos and tissue samples taken from human abductions. Variety in emfanisi.Mporei be beings that are very similar to people to beings with completely alloprosali form. Among other people, A Hybrid Stand out from the abnormally large forehead, very pale eyes, pale skin and of the strange abilities and quirky behavior tou.Polloi indicate that these hybrids are even the future of the human race, as the official arrival alien will mean a new era of human and extraterrestrial involvement.

A tribe whose members may pass almost unnoticed among anthropous.Proerchontai from Andromeda or from Sirius while often identified with the notorious Vril.
Appearance, have human charaktiristika.Synithos have blond or white hair (and from where the name "North"). They have very beautiful features be it men or women, and has been reported to be capable of telepathic epikoinonia.Polles testimonials for them we had the 50s and 60s.
Their objectives are unknown as they do not know where the nature is good or kakoi.Palaiotera was said to be cooperating with the Greys (and that have helped and the Nazis). Generally considered benevolent and friendly.

Are enemies of Gkrizon.Ypotithetai to originate from the Pleiades.Einai relatively small humanoids with blue translucent skin and big eyes. Myths of the Hopi Indians the blues are "children of the Great Father who came from the heavens." According to U.S. researchers, The blue came to warn the U.S. government about the dangers posed by transactions with grays but those responsible (army) ignore them completely. blues Some remained on Earth, making a deal with the Hopi to monitor the movements of gray. Apparently not have bad moods.

The most commonly reported allomorfikoi (or aliens or esogiinoi, pick and get) the last dekaetion.Synithos abduct people for tests and experiments on them if we believe that the abductions have been minimized because apparently the Grays have completed their tests and experiments. They have delicate body height from one to two feet and naturally gray derma.To head is more than human and have large black almond matia.Legetai that the black surface of the eye is actually a membrane that acts as a protective cover for the real eyes that have a more "conventional appearance."
Have from three to six fingers on each hand (according to the testimony). Did not seem to have genitals and be completely atrichoi.Emfanizontai often wear uniforms applicators. Many say the Grays are products of genetic engineering and cloning, since members are identical to each other and obviously are infertile and have no specific fylo.To predominant scenario says that abduct people to reap fresh genetic material and reproduce hybrids perhaps to continue their species. Opinions were divided about whether the Grays come friendly or hostile. 

It associates the Grey, occur more rarely and are believed to be superior in degree from the aforementioned Grey relatives.
Reach up to the height of two and a half meters, but have the same subtle body with smaller Gkrizous.Echei observed that large gray structure construction have unusual skull / brain, each hemisphere and can perform different up operation at the same time, a natural advantage that is difficult to makes us vulnerable.
The Great Grey may be the original form from which (genetically) the Gkrizoi.An this is true, then the gray hair is an organic robot that just do the dirty work for their bosses.
Nor do we know if these are good or bad ...

Reptilian races also known as Draconians or Chontromytes Gkrizoi.Genika considered to be the leader of a faction that includes the alien Gkrizous.Theoreitai to be from the constellation Draco.
Ypsilosoma is a reptilian humanoid facial features and somatos.To skin is green-gray with flakes and possibly mutate themselves depending on the environment in which they reside.
The reptilians seem to be a breed of "Heads" and it is generally believed that there are two main confederations "alien" and the reptilian Draconians or lead one of them.
Often considered to be indifferent to humanity (unless you consider the source of various resources) and use the Grays to perform their goals.
Others believe (among them the writer) that the reptilians are on Earth long before humans and their presence has played a catalytic role in the development (and maybe .... still creating) the being we call "human."
Some researchers say that while people are members of a phylum breeds "souls," the Draconians and his followers are "soulless" and therefore harmful to human life.
Insectlike creatures that resemble giant Praying Mantis or Mantis as we know in our country.
These creatures have long arms that fold into their chest when these are adrani.Theoreitai that insectlike constructional structure can not be the same as that of the terrestrial arthropods.
Little is known about these creatures as for their purposes.

They have appeared many times in the history of mankind and with many variations.
The incarnation in our time dating in the late '40s.
Although the MIB have human appearance has often been reported with non-human characteristics such as lack of familiarity with ordinary everyday objects, clumsy movements, flat voice or weird embellishment (eg men who wear lipstick). Their name comes from their habit of always wearing black or dark clothing, sunglasses and drive shiny and clean black cars are usually old models.'s MIB usually occurs after sightings ATIA in order to "convince" the witnesses that what ... "they thought they saw was" a completely ordinary explanation as aircraft lights, comets, satellites, the planet Venus klp.Isos be associated with big government or be some kind of mutant governmental agents.'s MIB threaten and terrorize witnesses strange occurrences and can reach to the edges if the witness refuses to remain silent and to work with them. SASKOUANS (SASQUANS) creatures are often transient mistakenly Yeti, Big Foot (Bigfoot), etc. appear in desert areas and often seem to act as guardians of some specific sites.'s tall and hairy beings, something between huge humanoid gorilla and bipedal anthropomorphic bear.
Their objectives are agnostoi.Tha could be products of genetic experiments to create "biological robot" to perform heavy tasks to remote underground bases ......
Seems to have limited intelligence, they behave more like animals and so the concept of morality does not seem to apascholei.Echoun reported attacking people only when they are in self-defense