Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Ascension Whispers: Your Power to Create


The body is a vehicle, or container, that allows our Source conscious mind to experience thoughts. That is the only purpose and role of the body. All of humanity are of the “same” Source conscious mind. The planetary, Source conscious mind is the “core of the planetary hologram”. The planetary hologram is created within the zero 12 point sphere of the planetary conscious mind, or the “planetary plane”. The planetary conscious mind is held within the “solar plane”. The solar plane is the zero 12 point sphere of the solar sun conscious mind.

Our planetary, Source conscious mind is a lower energy, replicated mind of our sun conscious mind. ONLY our planetary conscious mind should be in control of our body.

The part of yourself that you call “you” is the planetary conscious mind. The part of yourself that is “looking” and “experiencing” the holographic reality field, within your body, IS the planetary, Source conscious mind. All of humanity is Source embodied. All of humanity is of the same Source conscious mind.

When humanity became disconnected from the Source conscious mind, over 26,000 years ago, the energy of Source that “was embodied” created an inorganic sub-conscious mind. It is the sub-conscious mind that had been in charge of, controlling, the bodies of humanity. Now that humanity is once again connected to the planetary, Source conscious mind, the conscious mind is the only mind expression that should be in control of the body.

The largest percentage of humanity remain in a sleep walking state, not yet able to become aware of the thoughts, held within conscious mind. Their body continues to be controlled by the sub-conscious mind, while they continue to heal to become aware of conscious mind. Many will not become aware of conscious mind until they complete the earth life experience and step out of the human body form. They still require more healing to allow them to become aware of Source conscious mind and the beliefs they continue to hold onto can block that from occurring.

Such people are not able to think beyond the illusion of manifest matter. They are not able to consider an unseen force, other than perhaps a “hidden god”, who is creating all of creation. They are not yet able to consider the fact that they are Source embodied. They continue to experience and “play out” the imbalanced thoughts, held within the sub-conscious mind. This is why the earth hologram continues to express with so much imbalance. Those who remain in a sleep walking state continue to create the imbalance.

For those who are awake, it is quite easy to become aware of the higher energy of Source that humanity is now receiving. Such people can “feel” the increasing energy, within their body. Not all people have yet associated it with the higher energy of conscious mind. They may only be aware of the higher energy as creating uncomfortable body symptoms. It is simply a result that all of humanity are at different levels of healing. Some ARE becoming aware of the thoughts of Source conscious mind. All such thoughts speak of love, balance, healing and all thoughts we would consider as positive thoughts.

Because the largest percentage of humanity remain in a sleep walking state, experiencing and creating imbalanced thoughts, such thoughts are the “critical mass” thoughts, that are being projected as the planetary hologram. That is why we can look anywhere and see imbalance.

Thoughts are zero charged, held within the zero point sphere, and only exist as “potential thought experiences” until they are drawn into the body. As we have the life experience, see and experience the things we do, it is a process of drawing thoughts into our body. The planetary zero point sphere is also called the collective pool of thoughts. Our Source conscious mind “projects” thoughts into the collective thought pool and each, embodied expression of Source, draws thoughts into and through their body, to experience the thoughts of our Source conscious mind.

However, the imbalanced thoughts of the sub-conscious mind are also projected into the collective thought pool. That is why we can become aware of them, anywhere we look.

When we are looking at the hologram, seeing and experiencing the things we do, we are pulling thoughts into our body from the collective thought pool. When we become aware of “new thoughts” that speak differently than the accepted norm, we are becoming aware of thoughts held within conscious mind as they “step down through our body”, into the collective thought pool.
When we sit quietly, focusing within our self, we are focusing “within” our Source conscious mind. Sleep walkers are focusing within the sub-conscious mind. For example, when we focus to try to understand something, to try to find the answer to a question, we are focusing within mind. Because most remain focused within the sub-conscious mind, I simply say a “state of mind”.

We cannot discover the thoughts, held within conscious mind, by looking for them within the hologram, because they are held “within us”. We can look at the thoughts of conscious mind as they flow back through our body, from the collective thought pool. That is what you are looking at now. You are looking at the thoughts of conscious mind, projected into the collective thought pool, and being delivered to you through me. I AM a “thought” of conscious mind, as is all of humanity. You are reading the thoughts held within my thought expression. They are thoughts I have embodied, translated through my body system, and I am gifting them to you for your consideration.

As you read, or integrate, the thoughts I share with you, they create “sparks” within your own body. Sparking creates more sparks, which create new brain cells, and allows you to think about thoughts you may never knew existed to consider. That is my current role, as an embodied expression of Source. To share the thoughts of conscious mind to allow sparking to occur within the body of anyone who has reached a point of healing to allow them to consider such thoughts.

To state one more time, the part of you that is looking through, experiencing within, your body is a state of mind. Mind is what consciousness is. If your mind was not plugged into your body, the body would die. That is what allows the body to die, mind unplugging from the body.

When I become aware of “new thoughts”, from conscious mind, they seem to simply drop into my brain. Sometimes it is a very large data packet of information. I see them all at once. It is as if a map is laid out before me, to look at and read the map.

When we are becoming aware of thoughts flowing back through our body, from the collective thought pool, we become aware of them in linear sequence. The body takes in streams of thoughts and we experience them as if they unfold one after the next. You are becoming aware of these thoughts in linear sequence, as you read the symbol of the thoughts, which we call words, in this article.

It requires a whole lot more time to put the thoughts into word symbols than it does to simply see the entire data packet at once. That is because putting the thoughts into word symbols requires the operation of the whole body, whereas looking at thoughts that open within your brain only requires the operation of the brain. It is why the body grows tired from putting thoughts into word symbols, whereas simply having thoughts open in your brain does not tire the body as quickly. In fact, it makes the body feel like it is high wired, with higher energy. However, as you look at the data packet, and integrate the energy of the thoughts held within it, the body will reach a point where it feels absolutely exhausted, and you must allow it to sleep to readjust to the instant burst of higher energy.
That is why it takes me so long to share things with you. It is a nonstop process of new thoughts dropping into my head and my body crashes into sleep mode after integrating them. Add to that, the increased infusions of energy we are now receiving from the sun mind and my body feels like it is on a roller coaster. The body can only integrate so much energy in any give cycle. When it reaches its maximum amount for its cycle, it will force itself into sleep mode. That is why you may reach a point of integration of a data packet and not be able to see beyond that point. The body must be allowed the time it requires to integrate the higher energy.

Understanding the Role of the Body


The stimuli of thoughts the brain encounters (watching, listening, reading, etc.) and especially prior to sleeping, can sometimes enter into the body sleep time dreams. When this occurs, the drams are generally crazy, wacky, wild, or could even be nightmares.

When the body cycles into sleep mode the brain is focused on healing any damage that occurred, that it can, and re-coding new cells. It will “add” new thought stimuli to categories of similar thoughts, that are already coded within the cells.

As this occurs, it is similar to opening file folders, to put the new thoughts in the folder. This can awaken, or flash open, pieces of thoughts held within the different files. The peeks of pieces of thoughts can stream together and create some really strange dream experiences.

You may find yourself in a setting that you once experienced, such as a childhood school. People from your life may show up in the dream, but are displaced or out of time with the setting. You may experience emotions towards the people, which you do not associate to them in the body awake state. The pieces stream to create some kind of new drama dream experience.

The longest part of the dream occurs after the brain has opened the files. The process of filing the new thought experiences, writes the dream, as files are opened and closed.

People who are holding onto many fear filled thoughts may have nightmares. As an example, people who enjoy watching horror movies or crime dramas are more susceptible to nightmares than those who do not. This is because they hold more of such file folders that have to be opened and closed.
Of course, the answer to this is to not stimulate the brain with negative thoughts. Even when we guard our thoughts, we are still going to become aware of imbalanced thoughts, as we look at and experience this imbalanced holographic reality field. The less imbalance the brain has to process, the less such files it will need to open to store new thought stimuli.

All of humanity currently holds imbalanced thoughts, if for no other reason than needing to adopt the imbalance to birth into this hologram. Those who have experienced many imbalanced things in their life, hold even more such files. No one should hold any imbalanced thoughts. The reason all do is because when humanity was disconnected from conscious mind, it was not possible to raise thoughts up to a high enough level of energy and allow them to merge back into conscious mind, to be brought back into balance. That is what created the imbalanced thoughts of the sub-conscious mind.
Healing humanity back into balance requires the higher energy of Source, which humanity once again has access to. Healing the imbalanced thoughts is a process of taking zero charged thoughts into the body, and raising them up in energy, as they flow from the feet, up to the brain.

For those who remain in a sleep walking state, that is as far as the thoughts can go. They simply continue to be re-coded within the cells of the body and play over and over and over. That is why they cannot yet become aware of new thoughts. The imbalanced thoughts block the higher energy of thoughts, held within the conscious mind. The body can only hold so much energy in any given cycle. When it has to continue to hold onto the energy of imbalanced thoughts, it cannot receive any higher energy. It is why there are currently two holographic reality fields playing out within this level of energy, at this time. A continuation of the ancient imbalanced hologram (thoughts repeating), and a new one, being created by those who are awake.

We do not have to allow imbalanced thoughts control our body. ONLY the conscious mind should be in control of the body. That is why it is important to release, let go, of any and all imbalanced thoughts we encounter.

Balanced thought programming, prior to body sleep mode, instructs the brain what to do with thoughts. This is the real reason for the bedtime prayer. The real reason was forgotten when humanity became dis-connected from conscious mind. The bedtime prayer became one of gratitude and seeking protection. There is nothing wrong with that but it does not instruct the brain on what to do with thoughts.

Instructing the brain on what to do with thoughts is quite simple. Example: I now release all imbalanced thoughts held within me. I choose to let go of all imbalanced thoughts and allow them to return to Source for healing. Do not file any imbalanced thoughts.

For the brain to be able to follow out your instructions, you “must” stop thinking about any imbalanced thoughts. Otherwise, the brain will determine they are still needed, because you continue to think about them. That is why such programming is more powerful right before the body goes into sleep mode.

This instructs the brain not to file any imbalanced thoughts which means it does not need to open files that hold similar thoughts. Files do not have to be opened, or we do not have to become aware of the imbalanced thoughts held within us, for the energy of Source to purge them from us.
Our brain only listens to our self. It has to know what to do with thoughts. If we do not instruct our brain, it will follow the default program and file all thoughts.

We do not have to wait until bed time to instruct our brain. We can instruct our brain at any time. As we go about our daily life, we will continue to encounter a multitude of imbalanced thoughts. That is because we are embodied within a hologram that is running on a critical mass of imbalanced thought patterns. As Source, we chose to do so, because that is how we heal our self.

Everything and everyone we encounter is a “mirror” of the coding of thoughts held within us. Every person is a thought of our Source conscious mind. We cannot see or become aware of anything, unless it is held within us to allow us to become aware of. Every person is a mirror, that shows us what needs to be healed or is held, within the zero point sphere, of our conscious mind. Everything we become aware of, that is out of balance, is our piece of the imbalance, that we have come to heal from our self. Instead of looking at others as “others”, realize they are an expression of you.
The brain learns via our directions and the stimuli of thoughts, similar to the way a speech to text program learns our individual language the more we use it. If the brain is not instructed, it simply runs on the default program.

The thoughts programmed into the cells of the body determine what we will experience in our life. As we go about our day and experience a multitude of thoughts, we can instantly release imbalanced thoughts, in the moment.

Example: I do not accept these thoughts as my own. I now release them, to return to the higher energy of Source. However, you must stop thinking about them for them to release.
This requires being “thought aware” and paying attention to your surroundings and all that you experience. It is a process of filtering imbalanced thoughts through your body to allow them to return to conscious mind.

Put it in Action

As you experience, pay attention to what you experience and how it allows you to feel. Release and let go of all imbalanced thoughts and feelings. If the situation seems to be too challenging for you to think or focus, walk away. Move into an environment that will allow you to think and focus and release it all. If your emotions seem to be tied up in knots, spend time focusing on Source within, filling your body with love. If you need to, cry or scream, until you have released enough of the pent up energy to allow you to regain control of the body. You must first regain control of your body and brain, to be able to give clear instructions to your brain.

Remove from your life all possibilities of negative thought programming. This includes people who are held in a constant state of negative thoughts. You will not be able to remove all of the imbalance of this hologram from your view but you can be selective on what you choose to look at.

When you are alone, pay attention to the thoughts flowing through your brain. Are you thinking about how much you hate someone, how your shoes are making your feet hurt, how you are going to pay a bill, or perhaps about illness? Take off your shoes and instruct your brain.


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