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Most likely every person on the planet holds their idea of what the word ascension means. Of course, this is because of the many different belief systems, held within humanity. It could mean something as simple as moving the body from a lower point to a higher point. Walking up a flight of steps would allow for that.

It may be surprising to know that the word ascension does not mean the same to all people. It means what ever the individual was “taught” it means based on the belief system they have chosen as their own or that has been passed onto them by those who came before.

Religious and new age thoughts have supplied us with concepts of ascension being when the masses of earth will “move” from where they find themselves currently, to some currently unknown, unseen place. This place might be called heaven, a higher dimension, a higher reality field or even another star system.

It may also surprise you to discover that the concept of ascension is not an organic occurrence, for the healed expressions of humanity. Neither are thoughts that speak of human evolution, an organic process for the healed expressions of humanity.

All beliefs, surrounding the concept of ascension, or evolution, are the result of the consciousness of humanity “decending” in energy, which means dropping in energy. Therefore, the concept of the ascension of humanity is a process of healing back into the full energy expression, of the organic expression, of humanity.

As has been shared with you in previous writings, earth remains the only ascension planet, in this level of energy of the earth solar plane. This current cycle, within the earth system, is the “last ascension cycle”, that will occur within this expression of the solar plane. That is because all of the rest of the fragmented consciousness of the original four planetary shields have previously healed and merged back into balance, or ascended. As shared in a previous post, it has all occurred via first the earth / mars systems and then just the earth system.

It is a good thing this is the last ascension cycle and it is a good thing that it is only occurring within the earth system. That means all of the fragmented consciousness, remaining to ascend / merge back into balance, that are able to, are now a part of the earth planetary shield. It means that ascending humanity has merged back together all of their fragmented energy and are now simply raising to a high enough vibration rate to allow humanity to merge back into balance. The view we are experiencing of the world hologram, global warming and species of smaller life forms dying out, is the result of the “Ascension Cycle” humanity is engaged with.

The world hologram may look as though it is falling apart. Eco systems are dying out, species of life forms continue to beach themselves and die out. Patterns of migration continue to be altered. More of the corruption of the controlled system continues to be brought into the light. Massive amounts of people continue to be forced from their homes and are re-locating around the planet. The ice caps continue to thaw and the ocean water level continues to rise. The temperature of the ocean continues to increase and “normal weather patterns” no longer exist.

Science tells us that all of these things point to another mass extinction. Science does not know that a mass extinction occurs via consciousness ascending.

When will ascension and merger back into balance occur, within humanity? The process began on December 12, 2013 when humanity finally reached a high enough level of energy to allow humanity to re-connect with the conscious mind. We could think of re-connecting as two electrical cords becoming disconnected and plugging back into each other.

On Freedom Day, December 12, 2013, ALL of the consciousness that had currently died, (no longer embodied) was instantly released, ascended, or merged back into balance. If you have sat with a dying person, since that time, most likely they did not report seeing anyone they “knew” waiting to greet them. That is because all who they knew who had previously died already ascended. This event is what is taught as the “rapture” within religious teachings. It did occur, but very few people are currently aware of it. As well, when humanity was able to reconnect with conscious mind, on Freedom Day, 2013, marked what is taught as the second coming of Christ. Yet again, very few people are aware that too occurred.

Perhaps your belief has been that when humanity ascended it would be a “mass ascension”, or all of humanity simply leaving this earth reality field all at once and going “somewhere” else. There are some religious beliefs that paint such a thought.

All of these rapid changes, that we are now experiencing in the world hologram, are the result of humanity ascending NOW.

Ascension occurs in “waves”. When the final separation of the currently two planetary shields, held within this earth system, separate, the ascending consciousness that remains, will experience a mass ascension. That will occur in about 83 years.

Understanding the “ascension waves” requires understanding many smaller pieces.
Disconnecting from the human body, or naturally dying the human body, requires the embodied consciousness to reach a planetary 3 point accretion rate, or vibration rate. The embodied consciousness may reach a planetary 3 point accretion rate very quickly or it make take longer than it does for others. That is why ascension occurs in waves.

It will not take very long for embodied consciousness to reach a 3 point accretion rate, now that humanity is able to receive the higher energy infusions of the Solar sun mind. If you are not yet aware, the infusions of solar sun energy are increasing rapidly, both in time release and in strength. For this reason, ascending humanity will ascend, even if they are still in sleep walking mode. Those in sleep walking mode will most likely ascend in the “first wave cycle”. We are currently engaged within the first wave cycle.

There will occur three different ascension waves. We are engaged in the first of the three. I only recently became aware how the ascension waves correspond to the monthly time shifts and yearly hyper time leaps. I had shared in one of the videos on the Ascension Whispers youtube channel, back in 2012, what I became aware of as the time shifts. That was a whole lot of math to figure out and I will not even try to repeat that again.

At that time, I heard from conscious mind that the time shifts would occur in cycles of 30 years, 30 years and 26 years. It required me, with hubby’s great assistance, to factor in leap years and figure out what that translated into. At first I thought it meant 100 years. After factoring in leap years, it showed 30, 30, 30. Then I became aware that the last 30 year cycle would not be 30 years because the energy would increase to such a high level it would allow for a super hyper leap, for the remaining consciousness.

It was not until we experienced this years super hyper leap that I became more aware of what it all means. That is because this 2015 super hyper leap shifted us into a level of energy that holds more understanding of what it all really means.

A planetary 3 point accretion rate only applies to this earth system and to the human body form. The human body form cannot house any more energy than a planetary 3 point accretion rate. That is because it is composed of the level of energy we are currently experiencing as the solid, manifest matter of the earth hologram, which is frequency bands 1 & 2 of the hologram. Trying to put higher energy into the level of energy we see as manifest matter would be trying to put the level of energy we experience as, what we call, the layers of the atmosphere, into the matter of earth. It will not fit, as it is too much energy.

Because humanity has had to re-evolve within a dense biological form, that can only house a 3 point accretion rate, the level of conscious mind humanity is creating the hologram from is the 3 point level, of the 12, 9, 6, 3 layers of conscious mind. Human vision is looking at the earth hologram form the 3 point level of conscious mind. Those who remain in a sleep walking state are still healing, within what became the inorganic sub-conscious mind and is why they are not yet able to wake up and become aware of the truth. The body of such souls are vibrating at a bit lower vibration rate, than those who are awake because they are vibrating it from the level of energy of the sub-conscious mind. As the energy of the ascending planetary shield continues to increase, the body vibration rate of such souls will not be able to keep up with the increasing vibration rate of the collective shield. So, the higher vibrating energy will force them out of the body.

This also applies to those whose body is dealing with medical issues or simply old age and the immune system is weaker. The body simply will not be able to continue to be maintained, as the vibration rate of the planetary shield continues to increase.

In previous ascension cycles there was always more fragmented consciousness birthing into the earth system for healing. That is not the case, in this last ascension cycle. This means if more “new souls” did not continue to birth into the earth system, the level of energy of the ascending shield would drop in energy, as souls ascended. All souls who have birthed since Freedom Day, 2013 are new souls. They are not souls who continued to re-incarnate from the sub-conscious mind level as all of those dis-embodied souls were instantly released, and ascended.

As the ascending shield continues to expand in energy, new souls continue to birth who carry more energy. This means it is a gradual process of less new souls needing to birth. Hence we see things such as a major decline in teenage births and a concern of population decrease in China, who have now lifted their one child law. Actually, China is concerned about the decrease in males birthing. It is not an accident that the female has become the dominate energy birthing into that country. The female energy needs to be the energy birthing the most to be able to merge the male and female energy back into one expression.

This is also why the last 30 year cycle will not take 30 years. The souls that are incarnate at that time will hold a much higher level of vibration that will shift the ascension shield for a mass ascension point.

We could think of it as a sinking ship and the weight applied to one end of the ship needing to be higher so that as much balance can be retained as possible. When several weights are removed, there needs to be more weight to take its place. This allows all to get off of the ship before the ship flips over. But the new weights taking a spot on the ship are heavier, so less are required. When all previous weights have left the ship, the remaining weights hold so much energy that they can “guide” the ship into a new point instead of it simply flipping and throwing everyone off of the ship.
There are also 3 smaller waves held within each of the first two ascension waves, or first two 30 year cycles. These 3 smaller waves are 3, 6 & 9 point waves. The last wave does not hold such and you will see why in a minute.

As the consciousness of earth has continued to heal and increased in energy, to be able to reconnect with conscious mind, the energy of the planetary shield has continued to increase. This has allowed for what science calls population explosions to occur, at various points in time. As the planetary shield could support more energy, consciousness holding more energy could birth into the system. This allowed for the process of “Walkins” to occur.

If the embodied consciousness could birth with enough energy to hold the 6th chakra, 3rd eye connection, they could retain a line of energy to the 6 point level of mind. If this could be retained while the human body grew, to be able to house more energy, a walkin process could occur and allow more energy of conscious mind to embody, into the embodied consciousness. Depending on the health of the body, it is possible for a walkin process to occur at least 3 times, during the life experience.
This means that even though the embodied consciousness had to birth with a small amount of birth quantum, they held the ability to embody more of Source energy. Such souls would need to choose biological parents whose energy could co-create a body form that could hold the higher birth quantum they birthed with. The biological parents need not be married, coupled for life, or even play the role of parents, they simply need to co-create the body form. Such agreements occur within the higher levels of mind of the embodied consciousness.

If the embodied consciousness has experienced the walkin process once, they will ride a 6 point wave in one of the two 30 year cycles. If they experienced two walkin processes, they will ride a 9 point wave, in one of the two 30 year cycles. Those who have not been able to experience a walkin process will ride a 3 point wave, in one of the two 30 year cycles. When the last ascension wave occurs, there will only remain walkins, so they will either ride a 6 or 9 point wave.

It really does not matter what wave you ride, back into balance. It only matters to return to balance. At that point you will be back in alignment with the sun and be able to merge the energy of yourself, held within the healed four planetary shields, back into the sun mind.

It will only determine which healed planetary shield you merge back into. It will either be planetary shield 1, 2, or 3, which corresponds to 3, 6 & 9.

To recap, ascension is already in progress. Each time a person drops their body, they instantly merge back into balance. It does not matter what the event looks like, that allows them to step out of the body. It is strongly advised not to take your own life, as the conscious mind knows when you have reached the needed accretion rate. For those who may, they may simply need to remain in the sub-conscious mind a bit longer for healing, to reach the needed vibration rate.

Unless something such as a world event occurs, to allow us to know when a large group of souls have left the hologram, we tend to not be aware of the number of souls that unplug from the hologram, on a daily bases.

Everything that expresses within the hologram is the thoughts of humanity. As those who are creating something, that others are not, leave the hologram, what they were creating becomes extinct or stops manifesting within the hologram. What is being created within the hologram, smaller species of life forms, plant life and organisms, are held within the coding of the individual faces of Source.
Perhaps you can better understand why “change” is a good thing!

I see no need to continue to supply dates for the 30 days time shifts. Most who would be interested can now “feel” them and know when higher infusions of energy occur. They tend to occur about every 30 days but the integration and accretion cycle between them make them feel as though they are non-stop. Now that the ascending shield has adopted the same accretion rate, all around the planet, who are able to, will know when such things occur.

Remember, the reality field is a hologram, created by humanity. Humanity receives the infusions of energy before they expresses in the world hologram. This is why we tend to see world events occur after the infusions from the sun.

I send a loving thank you to ALL of my expressions, those of you here now and those yet to come. If it were not for you being here, I would not be able to access this information to share and healing would not be possible.

Loving Joy Blessings to ALL

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