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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Grid Reports:Apr 9th: Cleaning up and pulling out

Monthly political news from the New Earth Council

Apr 9th: Cleaning up and pulling out

I cannot really say whether or not this goes for all of humanity or just a few lineages, but today I noticed that three of the original 12 givers of DNA to the human family tree left my bio-field. Despite my Gaian origin I have entered a “12 stranded human” bio-field for the reason of lack of old Gaian holographic human structures present in contemporary timelines – it has been quite a while since we were present on holographic Earth - and I am only here to gather the remaining CUs from my version of the Taraian template, which I had left behind before the Quarantine were put on Earth 12.500 BCE. Quite a lot of us left in a hurry due to the fast growing infection and taking over of humanity of Earth and the bio-fields became dangerous for the old worlds to be integrated into.

I can now see that I constructed my 4-5D levels of the earthly hologram I hold now by borrowing “Indigo” holographic imprints. These are the only ones in contemporary times being able to awaken and work with as in integrating new living light, because of the host fields they are connected to and many of the old races from other timelines have borrowed holographic imprints on 4-5D from the MCEO races with the purpose of altering the holographic imprints (the possibility units of the hologram) into old world structure, when the living consciousness reached those levels of the bio-field.

As you all know I had a long period of struggle with this inside of me, not really understanding why my bio-field and the holographic stellar geometry wanted to do the KS techniques in 4-5D, being “programmed” to do so when this level was reached, while my CTC resisted it. The result of the internal struggle was that I became caught up in a weird place of dark beings, taking advantage of my “in between position” telling me all sorts of lies. I was really not an Indigo so the material did not fit and protect me and yet I was lit up like a candle in the dark by the symbols attracting whatever was in the neighborhood.

Back then the only beings in 4-5D that were able to connect to the human bio-field was belonging to the intruder races and their many dark beings, so all I had to go by and follow of light was my own intuition and my growing ability to discern the effects of whatever energy I came in contact with until one day when I totally stopped listening to any inner beings and demanded that my own true core being would come forth – the Panergeia Series is the story of this transformation from my bio-field holding all sorts of foreign holographic imprints and my struggle to let these go and integrate my own true CTE.

This is why I had so much emotional resistance towards the Kryst and the KS – I had to have this tension otherwise I would not get myself out of the borrowed holographic MCEO structure - I had to release all the coding from the KS material as I did with the coding from the giver of original CUs in the lower triangle of the bio-field.

Both the lower and middle triangles of my bio-field have undergone a full transformation of the inserted holographic possibilities and my own version of the Gaian structure is slowly being integrated. No wonder I feel tired and warn out and need a vacation: So many different layers to transform and alter into my true CTC.

I am not the only one undergoing this process hence the notice here. Perhaps you are not a Gaian albeit from another old race having borrowed holographic material to be able to insert yourself into the earthly hologram in this period of time to gather or otherwise before Earth enters the new timelines of the Kryst Magistrates and the new holographic set up. It is not bad, but it is not of our making, hence we have to leave the field.

The Gaian communities – along with other old races - have sealed of the entrance to the hologram from the true worlds, and I – along with other Taraians/Gaians being here – are functioning on a dispensation field of energy in 6D until the bio-fields wear out or we are ready to leave.

Therefore I do not know if those lineages left my system, due to my own takeover of the bio-field transforming it into a fully Gaian structure, or if it is because I have chosen to leave the polarity game in time of death of this body. When I leave nothing is left to be recycled, so to speak.

The two options are thus; either some of the original givers have decided to leave the human royal 12 DNA stranded template or they have just decided to leave my 12 DNA stranded template, cf. the above explanation.

The 12 stranded DNA template is known to be royalty meaning that 12 highly developed holographic races gave their generic material (holographic manasic geometry or coding being able to hold living consciousness) to the human bio-field. I still have some trouble with understanding the purpose of this whether it was to create a bio-field which could be used by all 12 races or if the idea was to create a multi-dimensional being holding 12 levels of inter-dimensional knowledge.

In other words: the human bio-field is a battle field.

Some of the bio-fields are undergoing my process and others are in the midst of different lineages, claiming their rights over it and when we start to wake up, we have to claim our bio-field to be our own and to hold the rights over the 12 DNA strands imbedded into it. Some of the strands lead to our own memories and prior stellar manifestations on other dimensions, while other memories belong to the imbedded holographic manasic geometry (what becomes DNA).

The whole idea was - as they tell me – that the owner of the body would transform the bio-field with its 12 “lineaged” holographic manasic geometry into a new perfect being, holding the potential of living consciousness strands of all the 12 stellar lineages; in the process of integrating the living consciousness units into the holographic manasic geometry of the bio-field, the CUs of the many lineages would become an intrinsic part of the evolved bio-field. The amalgamated being would be wondrous.

Now, in the process of waking up, some of the original races have chosen to leave the game and when we get to the level where this living consciousness is held as potential living light to be imbedded and integrated into the bio-field, these levels are being pulled out of the bio-field. They cannot pull it out until the holder and owner of the bio-field gets to this level and gives the permission – which I freely gave; no point in holding three levels of consciousness units from beings that want their contribution back. Most of those higher levels of beings have been unwillingly connected to holographic Earth for eons and are only waiting to be released.

Or, as I have said, they did not want to be a part of my Gaian template structure. It is all fine; I will not become less, but will be able to integrate more of my own nature, so to speak instead of the pre-fabricated 12 stranded DNA human bio-field. The Cassiopeian part belonged to the pulling out DNA; in other words one of the less noticeable races being a part of the human bio-field. We all know the first six or races, but the higher dimensional races are yet to be discovered.

The other thing I have become aware of is the cleansing out of artificial bio-fields. There seems to have been made some agreements with the remaining intruder races and the Krystal Magistrates of eliminating some of the many hominoid bio-fields which in reality is not humans as in holding more than minimum living consciousness to be able to exist.

So all in all there seems to be a sort of pulling out, cleaning up and bringing the holographic mess into order before we can progress further.