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Monday, January 20, 2014

Ascension Whispers Whispers: Time Travel

Note: Viewing of the videos on the AW youtube channel will be necessary to understand this post fully.

Time Travel


Are you one who has often dreamed of being able to do something like travel through time? For most the concept is only possible within science fiction drama but through the course of “time” many people have dreamed the dream and many have studied their entire life to try to make that dream come true.

Would you find it hard to believe that you are traveling within the most sophisticated time machine ever built or is the thought simply more science fiction?

Famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking believes humans are capable of time travel. But scientific theories require the use of some kind of mechanical space craft to accomplish such.

Perhaps all of the sectors of science should get together and plug all of their pieces into one program to see what they might be over looking.

Quantum physics has now proven that creation is a hologram and yet how many people are running with that information, applying it to daily living and rewriting the history books? Ahhhhhhhhhh, it will take “time”!

The largest majority of the population still require tangible – physical proof to apply anything to their tangible – physical reality but continued healing into higher conscious thinking will increasingly challenge people to rethink their concept of what reality actually is.

As has been shared within the Ascension Whispers material, the planet and all eternal life expressions are and will continue to experience “time shifts” every 30 days for the next 87 years.

When that information first became aware to share on the AW youtube channel, awareness only allowed for what was shared but more information has now opened up to awareness that shows the time matrix galaxy is not only one of an uncountable number of holograms but is also a “universal clock”. Time Matrix = Grid Clock!

Time is created by the process of energy accretion and the science fiction thoughts think that time travel should include being able to instantly move from one point in time to another to experience a totally different reality field, which we now know for certain is a hologram because those who need tangible proof have been supplied that via quantum physics.

We measure time via the face of our clock but what kind of instrument might one need to measure time from one era to another? Could the face of our clock be limiting in our ability to believe that something like time travel is possible? We all time travel every second of every day but how many people think about that reality when they quickly check the time to see if they are going to be late for that next important meeting?

Hawking says moving backwards in time is impossible because it “violates a fundamental rule that cause comes before effect.” Have you ever noticed how scientists will create fundamental rules to make a theory work in the moment?

Since quantum physics has now supplied the tangible proof that it is all a hologram does that not imply that there is a cause that creates that effect and since matter does not really exist, does that not imply that “something” that is NOT matter is creating the effect? If there is something that is not matter that is creating the illusion of a massive hologram is it not possible that something could re-create the entire hologram? This type of thinking can lead into what science deems “the supernatural” and since the supernatural cannot be studied in a laboratory is not an area we will see main stream science reporting on any time soon.

This means that the common person is going to need to collect all of the pieces and put them together for their self, if they desire to understand more of what it means to “shift into higher consciousness” which in fact is moving through time or time travel.

If we can begin to get our brains around the truth that time is an illusion created by the process of accretion of energy, that all of creation is energy and nothing is really matter manifest, it then allows us to theorize that moving backwards through time is indeed possible if something occurs to create a rapid drop in energy accretion.

Think about boiling a pot of water for a moment. The process of moving forward in time would be “experiencing” the time it took for that water to reach a boiling point and the process of moving backward in time for the water would be the time it took for reaching room temperature which constitutes the process of energy becoming hotter and then colder.

That is exactly what occurred when 2/3 loss of energy occurred within the planetary system. Higher, hotter, energy instantly became room temperature! Of course this translates into the non-existent matter particles as well which would mean a rapid change within the chemicals that make up those matter particles and this would translate into “de-evolution” for the non-existent matter biology. So, if matter does not exist, what does? Energy! Energy cannot be created or destroyed! Does that not beg the question, “where does that energy originate”? Oh no, that takes us back into the scientific taboo area of the supernatural. :) Which seems to imply that both science and the supernatural are required to understand the larger picture and since neither science or the supernatural religions are willing to mesh their thinking, we must do that for ourselves.
When the 2/3 energy loss occurred within the planetary system during the Atlantean time cycle it was literally a process of rapidly traveling “backward” in time and this is because all of the energy that had already been accreted or all of the seconds that had already been experienced were instantly lost. The pot returned to room temperature!

The monthly time shifts the planet is now experiencing every 30 days is the process of “re-accreting” all of that energy that was instantly lost to awareness; all of those seconds that had already been experienced within the non-existent matter and created a rapid de-evolution of the matter form.

We are all riding within the best space ship available and traveling “Back To The Future”! And this IS the process of expanding into higher conscious awareness!

What might it be like to experience within a holographic matter form that de-evolves the chemical elements it is composed of? That answer is pretty simple, it experiences exactly as we are currently experiencing. What might it be like to experience within a matter base that de-evolves and holds a hidden, unknown virus and what kind of hologram might that create to experience? Again, that answer is pretty simple as we are all experiencing it.

The JOY lies within the “rediscovery” of what it is like to experience with open, aware higher conscious thoughts and the entire planet is locked within that adventure.

What does it mean to experience “lost memory” turning back on to awareness? It means re-accreting all of that lost energy that holds those thought memories within it.

The next time shift is set to occur tomorrow, January 12, 2014 and as you go through your day of experience perhaps you might choose to give a moments thought to what you were doing the previous time you accreted the energy of that day in time.

Even though the shift is scheduled to occur tomorrow, I became aware at 3:00 AM on January 11, 2014 that this months time shift is already underway and it has been an interesting experience these past 24 or so hours.
Began with instant inside out extreme body heat followed by cycles of instant inside out extreme cold. What does that experience mean? It means that the rapid increase in energy that is encountered via the shift forward in time first heats up the chemicals of the matter form and then the accelerator is slowed and those chemicals cool down and the cycle continues until the shift in time has completed at which point the life form begins the process of opening to awareness the “thoughts” held within that new point in time.

I don’t know about you but I am extremely happy to know that the “supernatural force” is in charge of this process least the space craft might blow up from not knowing when to let off the gas. :)

Because it is a process of shifting back to the future it means that the new discoveries, new thought patterns, new ideas about everything is actually turning on lost memory and lost awareness of truth.
We will see the universal clock in upcoming videos on the AW youtube channel.
Welcome to the process of experiencing traveling back to the future!

Loving Joy,


Monday, January 13, 2014

Lisa Renee: The Solar Sacrum - Jan 2014

The Solar Sacrum

January 2014

The Solar Sacrum

Lisa Renee
Dear Ascending Family,
Since the bifurcation of timelines began, the Universal Cosmic Clock is undergoing a Zero Point recalibration throughout each of the planetary chains that are a part of our Solar System's evolution. The Solar System recalibration to Zero Point is changing the four main directions of the true North, South, East and West nodes as coordinate location points within the constellations. This is saying the constellations that are directly apart of the multiple millions of stellar bodies that interact with our planet are changing distance and moving position from what may be considered a gravitational "fixed point" in time. These constellation coordinate points are time vectors responsible for electromagnetic energy placement within spin points (counterclockwise, clockwise) and rotational axis. This controls the rate of spin of electrons, protons, neutrons that exist in both matter and anti-matter. The rate of spin and axis of rotation at microscopic scales are the quantum mechanics which govern the measurement of time and space in our harmonic universe. This year our planet will access sequential spirals of zero point consciousness sourcing from the corridors of the God Worlds, the Seven Higher Heaven Universes. The Universal Founder Source fields are opening to us in such way (omnidirectional) that we are able to freely access the Eternal Living Light which illuminates and brings to the surface where all shadow and falsity had remained hidden. This is a very big year in the evolutionary direction of Ascension for humanity and the planet. Many lives will be changed permanently.

During this cycle, the Founders are altering the holographic structure of the Universal Tree of Life, and that recalibration to Zero Point impacts our personal Tree of Life. Everything contained in the instruction set is recorded in our personal Tree of Life which is our spiritual consciousness blueprint. Those of us on the Ascension timeline have begun to experience deep alterations to our second internal layers, the areas of the sacral-sexual chakras and the 2nd dimensional blueprint of our personal Tree of Life. The Universal Founder Gold Ray (The Rishic Suns) is sequentially merging into the 2nd dimensional gates and timelines of the origin of the planetary consciousness field. The Universal Gold Ray is a Solar principle which is completely shifting these areas from the control of lunar based forces (Moon Chain lineages) into Solar based forces. As the quarantines are lifted beyond the Solar System "ring-pass-not" in the future time fields, those holding enough light quotient are undergoing a complete reconfiguration of their sacral energy centers from lunar influences to solar influences. This is the beginning stages of the birth of The Solar Sacrum for human beings on the earth.

2D Fiber Optic Upgrade
The process of synchronization with the ascending spiral of time is based upon this personal "Tree of Life" reconfiguration and its result of solar light upgrade in the sacral-sexual energy centers. During this year we will be facing the issues required to heal our lightbody in our sacral-sex center, which impacts our entire Hara complex and Krystal body. For our monadic body to hold the Avatar Christos liquid light within the seat of the hara complex, our sacral-sex centers must be healed into small plasmic solar suns. Many of us will experience direct spiritual sexual healing and rejuvenation to our sexual organs this year during the sleeping state. This is a part of the Aurora re-encryption of our elemental-emotional body which shifts our lower chakra centers from carbon density resonance to silica based resonance. Silica is formed as a crystalline structure which allows a higher resonating quality of light and frequency transference. Currently, most fiber optics that transmits telecommunication over extremely long distances is made from silica. This is similar to our elemental bodies getting a fiber optic "telecommunication" upgrade. As we undergo this reconfiguration, this has a direct implication to our relationships, marriages, sexual intimates and everything imaginable that is directly related to our sexual energies. This reconfiguration completely shifts our 2D elemental body and all of our "inner space" chakra centers. The elemental-emotional body is the part of the lightbody which opens into the inner quantum realms of our consciousness.

This may be a difficult time for those feeling pushed into inquiring on the nature of our deep sexual urges/energies and exploring how we feel about ourselves, our partners and others in this context. In our current society, we have been wounded terribly to feel ashamed, guilty or scared of our sexuality, especially in coming to terms with the true nature of its sacred purpose. There is a tremendous underbelly of dark sexual manipulation through designed secrecy programs which is promoted to keep humans sexually miserable and marriages emotionally unbearable.

This year we will be facing the "sexual misery" mind control programs and their influence upon us from the past in order to terminate their influence on us in the future.

Once we comprehend the sexual–spiritual basis that connects us directly with God, then we know we have the ethical responsibility to heal and take care of our bodies sacred sexual and creative energies. When we do not know how to lovingly care for our sexual organs and sexual energies, we may feel painfully confused about self-love and self-acceptance. This results in many sexual distortions as well as sexual transmitted diseases which impact our psycho-emotional state and wellbeing. As we move into the reconfiguration of our sexual energy center from lunar control intoThe Solar Sacrum, we must come face to face with our buried sexual fears and deepest "instinctual" motivations in raw transparency. This is happening for both genders, although males and females may have unique sexual issues to bring to the surface, this healing event will remove the walls of separation between the sexes. This is an incredible spiritual healing opportunity for those who consciously participate and desire truly loving sacred unions!

Shedding the Lunar Woman
Humanity has been in a dark cycle of separation which dedicated the female principle as made in the image of the Moon Goddess, as the stages of being a woman were matched to the shadowy reflections and phases of Lunar light. Being equated to the secondary reflection of the male solar light was the set up for descending the female image to be linked with monsters of darkness and hidden mystery, where the seeds of misogyny on earth began. The fear of the spiritual womb power inherent in females was robbed through rape, humiliation and menstrual disgrace. These fears feed the Dark Witch Female archetypes, such as for the Black Widow Mother promoted by the voodoo superstitions in the moon chain lineages. This hell spawn "Mother" would eat her young and decapitate her husband, if she was not put in her place, kept barefoot and pregnant and "commandeered" by her husband. The fear of menstruation as evil, dirty, or a punishment for sin, the fears of the female sexual organs swallowing up the male, is still being massively fueled by the dark ignorance promoted to subjugate women to the status of breeders or prostitutes. In many places in the world today, the only purpose in life women are told they are good for is as "brood mare" or for the whims of male pleasure.

With the solar sacrum upgrade, the female principle and instinctual-emotional body within us must learn to be illuminated from within the radiant light of solar forces. The moon represents the mirror which reflects the mysteries of God as well as the hidden shadow side of the solar light. The lunar force hides what we cannot see inside ourselves. Many times we refuse to face our inner shadow from the primal spiritual fear of falling into the watery abyss of dark nothingness. Now in this cycle, we will see what was buried as our Sacral Center is gradually filled with the radiance of solar light. This means many "moon" based rituals that are directly associated and implicated as a part of the female principle, are changing their "meaning" now. This may create confusion or pain in women as they come to the realization of the necessity to leave behind moon based rituals. The sense of the connection to the Moon Goddess and its mythos will begin to naturally fall away as one listens to the earth. Many women (and men) have been taught to feel empowered through the many ancient lunar teachings of cycles from the "moon lineages". As those who deeply connected with the moon as a source of ritual may begin to feel estranged from the past ceremonies which once had felt empowering and supportive.

It is time for the High Priestess to enter between the Pillars at the Temple of Solomon embodied with a full wedded garment of light, forever dissolving the crescent moon and shadows underneath her feet. For she is the Wife of the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) and it is her destiny to build the holy architecture of the New Jerusalem on earth, in perfect love and sacred marriage with her husband.

We are leaving the lunar influence behind as these lineages have been inherently responsible for the gender separation and sexual schism which stole humanities right and ability to live in sacred spiritual marriage. The Moon Chain lineages history with the earth hold the hidden meaning behind the sexual misery programs and the main reason for extremely mismatched and unhappy marital relations promoted upon the human race. The Moon Chain lineages entered this planet through Asian gates, and as such the epicenter of these Moon Chain belief systems will be highly concentrated in the cultural beliefs observed in the Asian regions of the planet. (Asian Countries: China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia)

The following is a summation of the hidden historical reasons contributing to these sexual distortions and why the humanity must depart from the Lunar cycle and influence of the Moon Chain lines.

Moon Chain Beings
Moon Chain Beings are soulless entities, like the Greys and Zetas that have been engineered or cloned by the Annunaki, Draconian, Necromitons, whom have placed these beings as "workers" on various planets. Moon chain lineages are also cast offs from other cycles of evolution between multiple planets in our Solar System. These are beings that were not rehabilitated in past cycles when they lost their capacity to incarnate as a "human soul". The Annunaki have shaped this planet in the last 50,000 years as a type of prison for undesirables and allowed Orion groups to send their criminals (from other planets) to incarnate on the earth. For this reason, the earth became a type of "galactic way station" for wanderers. The moon chain lineages have been directly involved both karmically and technologically with purposely creating the "Sexual Misery" program in the human race during this Dark Age. One reason is that the human sexual energies (which connect into the soul body matrix) are far the easiest to manipulate and have a high yield of energy to harvest from. Soulless entities require an external energy source to exist for long periods of time and as such they harvest human and planetary life force energy. Some of these "soulless" entities became the housing for the collective spirit of Luciferian forces and for Satanic Forces. This is what it means when the term Luciferian Annunaki or Satanic Draconian is used as a descriptor. It defines a being that made a choice at some point from actions taken that allowed an agreement with the spiritual forces of those levels of consciousness to use or possess the body/entity.

These anti-life energies purposely distort through patriarchal domination mind control, which severely damages the natural energetic balance that exists between the male and female principle. This has emotionally devastated and spiritually stunted all human beings to some extent. Some of the most traumatizing events are those painful memories from distortions existing between men and women being forced to sexually abuse each other, over and over. These gender principle distortions have been used to propagate some of the deepest levels of spiritual abuse, sexual misery that could occur to a race of beings. For this reason there is a unconscious terror in accessing the heart center because the soul wound is so painful for so many on the earth.

Sexual Misery Programs
In order to separate humanity from accessing true sacred marriage during the course of natural spiritual development towards hierogamic divine union, the NRG Grids promote sexual misery mind control which is designed to influence spiritual disconnection through all means sexual. The NRG grids are supervised by the Annunaki whom also direct its energetic resources to the Moon Chains that are working for them.

The sexual misery program is to intentionally distort, manipulate and abuse the creative life force of the sexual energies, therefore abuse the spiritual body energies, in all human beings incarnated on this planet.

Upon hijack of these 2D-4D energy centers, false white light, false Christ consciousness grids were eventually used on planet from the astral plane to misguide and trap human beings spiritual energies. The damage promoted in these centers also resulted in emotional distortions and extreme aberrant accumulated energies in the lower bodily energy centers of the collective. This was taken advantage of by the negative aliens (anti-christ spirits) to splinter the collective soul energies, rather than integrate and heal them, by controlling and abusing humanities sexual energies. By promoting painful distortions around the sexual act (i.e. religion, judgment and misogyny), gender roles and corrupting our relationship to our mother and father parent, our race descended into sexual misery and marital incompatibility. This is known as the "sexual misery program" propagated and hierarchically distributed by the Moon Chain (lunar) lineages. These are lineages not indigenous to the earth but came to extra-dimensional control through the process of invasion, deception and parasitism. There are multiple layers of inorganic architecture and mind control that have been artificially created to control, deceive, separate, confuse, torture and steal human beings sexual life force, and it is a violation against the human soul. These violations wound the soul body, as the trauma level in events such as rape or sexual torture, fragment the soul into near destruction. When the soul fragments from any kind of intense trauma, it shuts down the soul connection, heart connection and systematically splinters the layers of the mental bodies. If this is not healed, the soul fragments are unable to embody at all, and exist in fragments strewn across the planetary consciousness grids. The physical result is a disconnected soul from its incarnated human body. (The soul is outside the physical self, may exist in fragments, rather than energetically integrated to be embodied.)

This spiritual disconnection is the result of most all human diseases, brain dysfunction and related psycho-emotional distortions, many that are clinical references to schizoid, narcissism, and psychopathy. Once a soul is fragmented the body is very easy to control through addiction and/or possess by reversal life forces, such as the Satanic forces. Obviously to feed the chain of hungry ghosts, to possess a human body in order to gain access into its energetic source, is desirable for them. One way to incite influences that will shape belief systems for possession is to use mind control on the human population. One main collective mind control archetype that is used to reverse the Christos female attributes was through the holographic insert use of the Princess Code.

The Princess Code or Reversal Mother Forces
To instigate the sexual misery mind control program, archetypal filters to control the minds of the collective were installed in the planetary consciousness. The Princess Code is a collective planetary archetype "filter" that was inserted technologically by the NAA into human consciousness to purposely distort the female principle and female gender roles. As a result this archetype can also be referred to as stemming from the "dark female" or "dark mother" forces that are manipulated by the Satanic and Luciferian spirits in their ritual alchemy to impose their timelines and future probabilities upon the current earth consciousness. The dark female archetype and reversal female forces can manifest within a male body and a female body, this is designed to distort the female spiritual principle in both men and women.

The unhealed cellular memories in the timelines that are used to feed this false female archetype on earth are related to the painful histories of Tiamat. This is a False Mother consciousness program designed to inflict pain and suffering upon the earth. When the NAA invaded the planet during the Atlantian cycle, the consciousness program installed in the Planetary Logos was designed to enslave the inhabitants of the planet based in Orion Patriarchal Domination through a persistent strategy of shaping mind control through Archontic Deception Behavior. This began the planet's dark age of misogyny. The Orion group was aware that to manifest creation they require both male and female "consciousness" counterparts to merge with each other. Just as the reversal electrons were manipulating the male "mind" principle into controlled tyrannical thoughts, the protons were manipulated at the subatomic level changing chemical elements to compact down the female "heart-feeling" principle energies into the underworld dimensions.

To keep the reversal mother energy and heart trapped in the lower dimensions, the Princess Code hologram was installed at the atomic level to be used by the NAA forces as the counterpart to the controllers for the False King of Tyranny. The False King of Tyranny archetype mates with the Princess Code (who grows into adulthood into the Ice Queen) archetype to maintain the control through the Power Elite, and their belief systems are promoted throughout media, society and as an inherent part of grooming both boys and girls to adopt this abusive behavior and belief system as adults. This dysfunction further promotes the sexual misery program and the Moloch related soul abuse in so that children will not grow into well balanced adults capable of creating truly loving, healthy, happy spiritual marriages. Sexual misery manifests genetic distortions which are generally known as "sexually transmitted diseases" and other genetic related abnormalities.

Princess Code Narcisstic Profile
This collective archetypal identity filter is used to manipulate both males and females in the instinctual 2D body. In its extreme ego dominating identity, this dark female archetype becomes a thoughtform possession used for satanic based manipulation. One may notice that in western culture, all the little girls are conditioned to react and adore pink "princess" related images, cartoons and toys. (Just try to get a girl toy that is not pink!) In the Asian cultures, girls are conditioned to westernized designer labels, sexualized cartoons, pigtails and stuffed toys. Generally, this teenage princess image is used to titillate white western men. This "princess" conditioning begins as early as possible even as a baby. Once the princess archetype is conditioned to the point of ego identification, the following beliefs and behaviors are reinforced in a child into adulthood.
  1. Astral fantasy that the Knight in Shining Armor will ride his white horse and will sweep her off her feet, saving her from doom, poverty, low status and unhappiness.
  2. Superior beliefs that she is a "Princess" and then deserving as a "Queen", thus, she makes demands of self-entitled treatment and expectations.
  3. Beliefs she has to manipulate the male target of her "Knight Fantasy" in order to marry her and then he will become the "King". Sexual manipulation, seduction and deception to get power or material goods are common.
  4. Generally feels that she is deserving of wealth, jewels or status symbols and will blame or use others to get these "designer" material goods.
  5. General disregard for others, even those she is close with, in the relentless pursuit of her storybook fantasies and personal goals.
  6. Cosmetic surgery or extreme manipulation methods to make her appear to be a beautiful "princess" to others.
  7. Spin doctors the reality (creates self-promotion stories) to suit her image of perfection, or image based on her reality bubble which is built upon delusion and deception.
  8. Narcissism through emotional fracturing and immaturity is masking her outward superiority complex and potentially, tantrums, hysterics and upheavals.
  9. Refuses to listen to accurate assessments or facts and may lash out when her delusion or reality bubble is being threatened.
  10. Key themes: manipulator, seducer, jezebel, femme fatale, fantasizer, Victim-Victimizer, lasher/slasher, guilt trip punisher, man-eater, strings attached, conditional.
These destructive ego behaviors are the basis of promoting severe addiction, sexual disconnection and narcissism which are disastrous emotional habits when desiring to create a happy, healthy marriage/relationship/family based on love and trust. When highly habitualized it is very difficult for the female to change her sense of identity without comprehending the emotional damage it is creating in her life and in others' lives. The inner addictive void creates a never ending cycle of emptiness of great longing and loneliness of which feeds into the mind control manipulation of the moon chain lines.

As an example, at this time the Asian grids are feeding "Princess Code" as well as "sexual robot" fantasies to disconnect men and women from intimacy and heart based relations. Anime and Manga violent porn cartoons (sexual robot) have extensive architecture powering into the NRG networks as a battery source. These items are being exploited into shaping trends or beliefs which create massive deviations that are imbalanced and unhealthy to the human being who is unaware they are being negatively manipulated through these mind control systems. During this time, many young Asian girls have decided to have radical cosmetic surgery on their features to appear like their favorite or adored anime or manga cartoon character. Affluent teenage girls are asking their parents for elective breast and vaginal surgeries while their sisters in Muslim countries are having their sexual organs forcibly mutilated from barbaric religious beliefs. Both of these destructive acts are designed for "sexual-genital mutilation" which distorts the natural vital energies from running harmoniously in the sexual organs and is influenced by the Princess Code.

Tiamat, the Wounded Goddess
The phantom energy generated from the exploded planet Tiamat is "used" to power up reversal female archetypes on our planet used by the moon chain forces, such as the Princess Code.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Remembering with Pamela: Spiral Thinking - 3 Okt 2013 #AUDIO

Spiral Thinking - 3 Okt 2013

Pamela explains in deep detail her method of breaking out of the painful and non-productive linear thought process that we have been trained to follow that has kept us in slavery mode for many thousands of years. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Indigo Children #Krystalsinger #Music

Indigo Children

(Melissa Higginbotham)
August 24, 2009
Melissa Higginbotham

I had a friend who was making a documentary on the Indigo Children. We talked about how they were starting to show up, but that many of them, in order to survive, had hidden their true selves. In pondering the frequency call I knew would be, or was going out to them, "The Lost Indigo Children" was born.


@ (Chinese)

From: Aigle Noir Solomon (Mr Owl) 2013-07-04 06:39:31

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kinderen van het Licht: Hier Ben IK & Bevrijding en Vrijheid -NL- Marthe Verwijst ©

Afgelopen tijd heb ik een paar keer het adres van mijn nieuwe blog veranderd…Nu voelt het goed en ben ik tevreden met hoe alles er uit ziet…Daarom hier de link naar mijn nieuwe Plekje op het “world wide web”…met meteen een heel relevant en belangrijkartikel…

Hoera hoera de boel staat op springen…de langverwachte disclosure…de Apocalypse (wat niet meer of minder als de ontsluiering of ontmaskering wil zeggen) is begonnen!!!

De  Taal  van het Hart, Bevrijding en Vrijheid.

In Liefde en Dienstbaarheid,



Bevrijding en Vrijheid

Echt veel had ik niet met deze Lichtschildering die ik in 2010 al had gemaakt...Toch hangt het aan de muur van mijn slaapkamer...

Afgelopen weken zag ik er echter van alles in verschijnen en werd de Boodschap me steeds duidelijker...Nu is het tijd om de Bevrijding, samen met wat andere Boodschappen los te laten.

Dus daar gaan we dan...Uiteindelijk J

“Kijk haar Feniks...herrezen uit haar eigen as.... De Vlinder bevrijd van haar cocon... De Paradijs vogel... zij verlaat haar gouden kooi. Kijk haar de blauwe blauwe lucht. De zon en haar toekomst tegemoet.”

Ik plaats niet vaak artikelen van anderen maar deze is absoluut relevant...en sluit weer prachtig aan bij mijn Inzicht van gisteren...en van zo velen die er aan vooraf gingen.

We zijn door de Poort J . Geniet van deze prachtige Boodschap van Tineke van der Giessen...van Gaia Portal...en van Kauilapele...waarvan je de linken onder aan vindt...

Da house is coming down...It’s happening right now...before our eyes! Time to be in Joy and to not leave our Sacred Heart Space...Like my dear brother spoke many many years ago... “Stay close at Home...”

...Listen to your Great Being...Then you now exactly what..when to do...
And when you are weary and bleu I light a candle and leave a Trail of Light for you...Just follow the sparkles on your way...Then you will find you way Home...Where WE all stay...”

So IT is...and so it will BE!!!




Opruimen van valse macht.

Echt Zijn.

Na vele jaren van hard werken komen we dichter en dichter bij de echtheid van zaken. Dat wat verborgen was komt aan het licht. De essentie van de nieuwe wereld daalt dieper in.

Deze essentie is zeer belangrijk voor de toekomst van de planeet. En moet gewaarborgd worden in onze kern. In ons Ik-ben- punt net onder de navel.

Daar dragen we de energie van de nieuwe tijd. In perfecte uitlijning naar het heilig hart chakra in de thymus. Als we tenminste draagkracht hebben verworven. Valse echtheid kan niet de energie van de nieuwe wereld dragen. De trillingen moeten intern kloppen, anders stoten zij elkaar af i.p.v. samen te smelten in harmonie.
Het 6-6-6-portaal van 2013 helpt ons om de energie van echtheid te filteren.

Aan de energie van 666 kleven veel nare associaties, velen noemen het zelfs een duivels getal. De energie van Lucifer kleeft er aan. De 666-kracht bewaakte de Lucifercode. En gaf bepaalde machtsstructuren in onze wereld veel aanzien.

We hebben hard gewerkt om de Lucifercode te ondermijnen. We zijn afgedaald in diepe astrale lagen om die macht bloot te leggen en aan de kaak te stellen.

Veel laag astrale werelden kunnen zich niet langer aan deze code hechten en na deze week zeker niet meer.
Het massabewustzijn van onze planeet is er in geslaagd om de Lucifercode om te keren en in het licht te zetten. De 666-energie is ontkracht en mag niet langer als poort van angst dienen om de wereld te kluisteren in terreur. Het getal 6 is verbonden met bezit, materiële goederen en de angst om deze te verliezen. In deze wereld uitgegroeid tot het hoogste gebod. Oorlogen, moorden, het spel dat draait om macht, aanzien en geld. Mafiabendes, drugsoorlogen, het valt allemaal onder de Lucifercode.

Misschien heb je gemerkt dat je in deze periode extra aangetrild bent op je bezit en/of het verlies hiervan, dat oude angsten opspeelden en je in paniek raakte daardoor. Of dat je sterk voelde van binnen dat je er niet toe deed, een aanval op je gevoel van eigenwaarde. Zodat je jezelf steeds weer op moest rapen uit de vergeetput.

Het hoorde allemaal hierbij. De energiestromen hebben op energetisch niveau flink bewogen. Het heeft gestormd achter de schermen van ons menselijk bewustzijn.

De schaduwwereld geeft niet zomaar zijn machtspoorten uit handen.

Maar omdat de algehele trilling in het collectief voorbij de kritische massa is gekomen zijn de poorten toch ontmanteld. Er zijn nieuwe waardes in gezet. De waardes van respect, samenzijn en delen. Van echte liefde en verbondenheid. De 666-poort doet alles op zijn grondvesten schudden.
Het was een heftige week.

Maar wel een week met een speciale dag er in die nazindert tot in de eeuwigheid.
De negatieve aspecten zijn van de Lucifercode afgetrild. De code is schoon gewassen en aangeraakt tot in zijn diepste kern. In de wereld zie je dat ook gebeuren. Er is overal strijd om de macht. In het klein en in het groot.

Ik wil jullie vragen om je te richten op het positieve aspect van de 666-code.
Om de energetische aanvallen op jou als persoon te herkennen en direct weg te sturen. Om je niet in de war te laten brengen door de gevoelsschommelingen rondom dit fenomeen.
Want we zijn echt wel goed op weg. Het ontkrachten van zo een energieveld is niet zomaar iets.
Dat is geweldig.

Trek je daarom niets aan van de hektiek, laat je niet meer vangen door de oude waardes van onderdrukking en geweld.

We surfen door de branding naar het strand van onze verlangens.

Blijf staan en als je toch omvalt, sta direct weer op en schudt de oude energie van je af als druppels water.
Droog op in het besef dat we in het licht zijn en blijven.

Ik groet jullie vanuit de Bron die Eenheid heet.

Tineke van de Giessen

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ascension Whispers: The Quickening 4-6-13

The Quickening
Are you feeling over loaded with so many tasks to complete at this time? Of course anyone could answer yes to that question just about any time. In the past few weeks you may be aware of a feeling that over load feeling seems to be heightened and a feeling of there simply not being enough time available becoming stronger. If you are currently feeling this, know you are not alone. You are experiencing the effects of the "Quickening".

The Quickening has been slightly mentioned in times gone by. Some may have become aware of this feeling briefly between 2000 - 2003 and noticed the feeling subsided and was quickly forgotten. The Quickening is back again but this time the process will continue to occur in cycles.

As the planet continues its healing process which is now possible as a result of the higher energy of Source once again being available, there will continue to be cycles of higher energy consummation, initiation and activation. This process is also occurring within the life forms on the planet even though many people are not yet able to become aware of feeling the Quickening. For many who are aware and feel this heightened process, they many wonder what this is about and why is it happening now.
The process is natural when a system is working correctly and continues to expand to hold open more energy of Source. The feeling of the process could be compared to the feeling the physical body has when doing something like cardio exercise. As you work the physical body to move faster, the heart, lungs and other body organs operate faster. The heart rate increases, the breathing rate quickens, the muscles and neurological system speed up as they expand to allow the flow of more energy. When you have finished such a physical body workout, you most likely are aware of the muscles pumping faster while the body begins the process of slowing down to its base line function rate. This process is also a quickening feeling within the physical body but on a smaller scale. You may experience that after such a physical body workout, your body needs time to rest, relax, wind down as it returns to its base line point. You may even feel the need for a nap.

Quickening of higher energy through the energetic system effects the physical body in a similar fashion except you may not feel the body organs pumping above their base line operation point. When the feeling is a result of energy quickening, many other factors slightly change. Time seems to move faster which creates the feeling of there being less time to accomplish things. Thoughts translate faster through the neurological pathways to the brain for translation and you many find yourself tripping over your words quite often. You may notice a feeling of the chakra points seeming to pump or beat similar to the way the muscles pump faster after a cardio workout. Your work load or To Do List many seem as if it doubles or even triples right before your eyes. This is a result of the faster moving thoughts people experience during a Quickening period which allows more awareness of things desired to accomplish to reach a new goal that they most likely had not yet recognized.
As higher energy of Source is accreted or drawn into (Consummation Point) a life form there is a period of time required to allow a specific dormant packet/s of stored data within the energetic anatomy to reach a critical mass point or be be fully turned on. When the critical mass point occurs, there is then a period of time required for the internal sparking process to unfold, this is the Initiation process. When the Initiation process reaches full quantum sparking of energy, the Activation Point is reached and the coding held in that previously dormant packet/s of data begins the process of shining forth into the hologram to then allow awareness of what is held there to occur.

During this current Quickening process, the Earth is at the Initiation point of the current moment process of turning on more higher energy of Source and will soon begin the Activation of that stored energy data packet. When the Activation point occurs, you will most likely notice a feeling of returning to inner balance as the "new" base line is settled into. Cycles of Quickening will now continue as the planet continues to heal itself. The life forms on the planet will continue the same process at their own rate of speed and the physical body will continue to feel the effects of the Quickening to the level it is able. Each Quickening cycle slightly increases the quantum of Source energy that activates within the energetic anatomy and within the DNA and is most commonly called DNA activation. This same process has been discussed within information presented in previous years but it was not presented to allow more understanding that the effects of reaching a point of full DNA strand activation occurs in cycles of Quickening as sub-harmonics are activated within the energetic anatomy.

For further understanding, you could think of the planet and your physical body as a space ship that is soaring through outer space at a rapid rate of speed and you could apply the Quickening process to that analogy as the process of opening more fuel lines, pumping more fuel through the line and opening the throttle to a higher position to all you to soar through space even faster. You are not literally moving from point A to point B faster as you are not literally moving anywhere but you can experience the illusion of movement through space and time faster as a result of more of Source energy flowing through you. Such an illusion could allow it to look like the stars outside of your space ship fly by your window much faster.

When the activation point is reached, the new speed or throttle level remains and your physical body quickly adjusts to the new speed which allows inner balance to return and a feeling like time has slowed back down. You may become aware of that thoughts, ideas, questions and more understanding becomes available within you as the previously dormant data packet begins the process of translating through your physical body. This is the very same process that gradually allows more people to begin to wake up, ask questions, wonder and think outside of the program they have previously only been able to experience. The dynamics of the Quickening allow more people to be "sparked" and the opportunity to choose to begin the process of healing.

Planet Earth will continue the process of healing herself regardless if the people on the planet accept such truth and all life forms on the planet will continue to experience the effects of Earth healing herself regardless if they are able to wake up during their life time or regardless if they desire to heal.
Death of the physical body of course is not a new experience to the life forms of Earth and as the planet continues to heal and hold open more of the higher energy of Source, there will continue to be waves or Quickening cycles when it seems as though a large number of people choose to remove their consciousness from the physical body form as a result of the higher energy becoming stronger than their physical body can support their rapidly expanding consciousness. The process of the need to remove the consciousness from the physical body form will not change until the Emotional Body can reach a critical mass point of healing to allow enough higher Source energy to flow through the Physical / Emotional Body and allow transmutation of the particles that the physical body is composed of.

The condition of the energetic structure determines if a life form can continue to expand and hold open more of the higher energy of Source and the process of expanding to do so can continue even if a life form removes their consciousness from the physical body form if the energetic structure will allow. Choices have everything to do with the condition of the personal energetic structure and choosing to heal and return to balance with Source automatically begins the process to the degree possible for the life form.

Beginning To Heal The Fibonacci Spiral:
Note from Ascension Whispers: The following message was presented several weeks before this posting. It has been the desire of Ascension Whispers to go back through previous years information and include bits and pieces to assist those who read this web site and may not have integrated that information a better understanding of concepts spoken of in the following message. Time has not allowed that to occur and time may not allow that to occur anytime soon. Therefore, the following message is being shared as given and links are included to information where the reader can find more information to bring more understanding if desires. Even though it is the intention to present the messages shared here as simple as possible so that anyone can benefit from them, some of the technical information that will allow greater understanding to unfold is simply to large in size to try to include it here. When necessary, links to places where more understanding can unfold will continue to be provided.

The Fib Spiral still holds in place the effects it has created on the Earth planetary field even though the planet and its life forms have been able to be assisted to rise higher in energy to allow for following the path of the Krystal Spiral. Much healing must still occur to heal enough of what the Fib Spiral has done to release Earth and its life forms out of phase lock.

Understanding all of the components of what the Fib Spiral has done is quite technical but you can begin to understand small aspects in the way that you understand other concepts. The distortion code itself is held within the 2nd dimensional frequency band but extends down into frequency band 1 and up into frequency band 3.
Because frequency band 2 of Earth's planetary fields was harnessed for so long and literally had the energy sucked out of it, it created a disharmonic of energy within the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2. The reason this expands upward and downward into frequency bands 1 & 3 is because of the "misfire" that is occurring in frequency band 2.

You most likely know quite well what it sounds like when an incorrect key is chosen when playing a song. The full harmonics of the song are out of balance and it creates an irritation not only to your ears but through your physical body. Harmonic tones can be created by doing something like making a string taut and based on the length of the string, the tightness of the string and the point of the string that is plucked, you hear a different sound tone. When you pluck several strings together that are all set to their specific coding, you can hear a harmonic of sound tones and your ears can hear very quickly what harmonics do not resonate for you and which ones you are attracted to.

You were told several years ago that the way to "reset" the harmonics in the lower frequency bands was to bring the harmonics from the higher frequency bands into the lower ones "manually" and you did this process for years with the toning of the Veca Codes.

It was hoped when the Veca Codes were first presented that the D12 energy would begin poking holes in the Net Field and would eventually cause the Net Field to collapse. But the continued amped reversed energy halted that process and is why you may have become aware when it felt like the higher accretion of energy slowed down to a crawl as compared to how quickly it felt like it was climbing. The process for resetting the lower harmonics has not changed. What changed was the ability to pull enough of the higher sub-harmonics into the lower density levels to continue climbing in energy. That has now changed!

Because the planet and its life forms have been assisted to access higher energy of Source and because the fallen life forms can no longer pump a critical mass of reversed energy into the planetary system, holes are occurring within the Net Field. However, the Net Field cannot, and will not simply fall away completely all at once, for the Earth and its life forms would be in danger from the radiation from the sun as the Net Field turned off the planet’s organic corona sphere. As the planet continues to heal this will turn back on and the Net Field will dissolve completely.

Because the planet has been without the necessary quantum of Source energy for so long due to the harness of the Net Field and the stealing of Source energy via the 2nd dimensional frequency band of the planetary system, an entire dis-harmonic within the sub-frequency bands of the 2nd dimensional frequency band was created.

Think for a moment about what has been presented about DNA strands and remember the Fire Letters held within them. Just like each frequency band holds 12 sub-frequency bands of energy so too does each DNA strand, each Fire Letter, each Chakra, etc. The Fire Letters are "Flames" and the lack of Source energy has weakened the quantum of energy held within the Flames. This could be compared to loosening the tightness of your taut string and getting a "flat" sound other than the sound you expect to hear. A piano out of tune to the max! Because the Flames have lost quantum of energy they have lost their ability to spark high enough or create a high enough tone to allow the chain of sparking across the length of the fire letters. Because the notes are flat, when the small charge makes its way through the fire letter sequence, it does not hold enough quantum of energy to allow what is supposed to occur when the full harmonic is played. It fizzles out when it reaches the 10th harmonic and goes flat. This is a simplified way of thinking of a base 10 system versus a base 12 system.
You have already heard information that explains the Base Tone, Resonate Tone and Over Tone. When the harmonics of the Flames are in tune and as the quantum of energy within the flames increases, there is supposed to occur another tone called the "Transmutation Tone". The Transmutation Tone has not been able to occur within the Earth system since the fall from Tara occurred.
When the 3 Harmonics of tones reach a critical mass level, they "spark" the Transmutation Tone into activation. Things that you currently dream of such as spontaneous thought manifestation, physical bi-location and ascension are dependent on the Transmutation Tone.

Because the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 are so out of tune it creates a buildup of static or chaotic energy within frequency band 2 and this translates into your Emotional / Physical body and that of the planet’s Emotional / Physical Body anatomy. This buildup of chaotic energy is what crushes the template as you continue to accrete energy unto yourself and is why you must eventually remove your consciousness from the physical body form, causing the experience of death of the physical body. 

You could think of a crystal container filled with energy and energy continues to be put into it but it cannot expand. The energy should allow the container to become heated to such a degree from within that the particles the container are composed of will begin to transmute and become as hot as the energy within it, and then merge to become one with the energy that is held within it as that energy then transmutes the container into pure light or pure energy. Such would be dependent on the energy held within being able to reach a high enough heating point to allow the container to transmute. But the energy within has not been able to generate enough heat to allow for such, as it is unorganized energy that simply continues to expand without the ability to increase in temperature because it cannot generate higher energy sparks. This is a very simple analogy but one you should be able to understand.

The misfire of the sub-harmonics of frequency band 2 is what keeps enough inner heat from being able to be generated and of course will not allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. Since the fall from Tara, there has not been enough energy available to planet Earth and its life forms to heal to be able to re-sequence the harmonics of the sub-frequency bands in frequency band 2. That has finally changed! If the tactics of what the fallen races had done with their reversed energy from 2000 to 2012 had not been to such a high level, the process of re-sequencing or re-tuning the sub-frequency bands could have been well underway. Before those events occurred, Earth and its life forms had accreted higher in energy than had occurred since the fall from Tara.

You are now back on track of energy accretion because of the Gift of higher energy the planet and its life forms have received but the planet had to integrate enough of that higher energy to get to the point where you are now back on track.

For those who resonate, it is strongly suggested to work with the High Veca Codes. Toning and working with the High Veca Codes allows you to bring into your energy template and activate within it the higher dimensional energy of the time matrix in the correct sequence so as not to crush the lower energetic system. And the way to retune the dis-harmonic energies of the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 is to reset them to their correct tones from the undistorted energy that exists in the 12th dimensional frequency band. The 12th dimensional energy will begin the process of retuning the tones of frequency band 2. The High Veca Codes were returned to planet Earth for this exact reason but at that time it could not yet be understood about the Fib Spiral in relationship to all of this.
 By going through the process of placing the codes on the corresponding physical body points and activating those frequencies via their sound tones, the Physical / Emotional Body picks up the "wave sequence" of instructions carried along those light waves (images) and sound waves (tones). It is like having a piano tuner come and retune your piano.

When the tones within the fire letters are flat and create chaotic energy, the chaotic energy implodes on itself and literally consumes itself. At the point when the chaotic energy has reached a critical mass level, it generates an "explosion" and this allows the energy to expand but in order to continue to expand it must latch onto more energy and continue the process as it cannot self-generate internal energy because internal sparking cannot occur. This is what the Fib Spiral allows to occur and will continue to occur until the sub-harmonics in frequency band 2 can be re-tuned. This is why physical death of the body will continue until this issue has been able to be healed to a high enough level to allow the proper sparking sequence to return to the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2.
When a person has worked with the High Veca Codes frequencies for at least a 30 day period, they can safely move into the next level of frequencies known as Heliotalic Energies and bring in even higher sub-harmonics, but first they must activate the frequencies of the High Veca Codes. If one has previously worked with the High Veca Codes, it is still suggested to start the process over again and ease your energetic body into the higher energies even though it may be possible for you to do such in less than 30 days.

It is hoped you are able to understand this and why we stress even more so the importance of Emotional / Physical Body healing. As has been previously stated, the issues the entire planet is dealing with are held within this level of the anatomy.

When the harmonic tones of frequency band 2 are able to be re-tuned, they will then hold enough energy quantum to allow the correct sparking and firing sequence to occur. This will allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. As this process unfolds within you and when your energetic body is charging up in energy, just before the Transmutation Tone sparks, the personal Merkaba Vehicle activates. The heightened charge of energy naturally turns on your Merkaba Vehicle and the Merkaba Vehicle begins to spin, faster and faster while your consciousness is held in a suspended state within the center of it.

The increased spin speed of the Merkaba Vehicle, generated by the rapid sparking of the fire letters, sparks the Transmutation Tone into activation. The internal heat that is generated heats up the waters that compose the physical body form and the heating up turns on the transient element of Celestine. If this occurs while still embodied in a physical form, it is at that point the particles that compose the physical form are transformed into pure light.

The increased spinning of the Merkaba Vehicle releases the energetic locks that keep you phase locked or stuck at the angle you are that allows you to perceive the current reality field. When the locks are released, by simply "thinking" where you want to experience, the Merkaba Vehicle will "shift" or "rotate" to the alignment at which that reality field occurs. It will then slow the spin speed and stop spinning. Your consciousness and physical body, if you did this while embodied in a physical form, then transform to the properties of the particles that the reality field are composed of and you re-manifest as you would appear within that reality field. At which point you simply "appear" within the reality field. If you did this process as pure consciousness and not while embodied within a physical form, you could then go through the process of incarnating into a physical form within that reality system to experience life within that system.
For some who have already been through years of working with those techniques and wondered why they even bothered because nothing happened anyway, it is now intended that you have more understanding of why nothing really happened anyway and can once again see the importance of healing the Emotional / Physical Body and re-tuning the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band at the same time.

 As you re-tune the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band, the internal heating up process that is created transforms more of the stored, distorted thought patterns that are held within the Physical / Emotional Body and this process will continue to allow you to heal to be able to accomplish things like opening your personal vertical communication line, making higher choices, holding higher thoughts that allow you to think of a way to rewrite the new planetary script and co-create balance and healing within the Earth reality field.

Planet Earth has now begun this process herself and will continue to do so as the energy continues to accrete to higher levels. The planetary life forms who hold an energetic body that will allow them to, will continue the process with the planet. If one chooses to be a conscious part of the process it can occur much easier, because you can consciously assist to heal the distorted thought patterns held within the Emotional Body before they manifest, as the increased amount of higher energy will continue to awaken them within you to shine forth to experience and be healed unless they are transmuted before that occurs. By choosing to be a conscious part of your process of healing, you can draw to yourself much more quickly the higher energy currents to activate them within your energetic anatomy, instead of waiting for a high enough point to occur within the planetary body to allow that to occur within you.

If you choose to continue working with higher energetic technologies that have been presented after the High Veca Codes, you will continue to rapidly turn on higher sub-harmonics of energy to the degree your energetic body will allow for. There has already been returned to planet Earth much information that explains intricate details of these processes so there is no need to repeat all of that information.

As the planet itself continues to heal to a high enough level, this will allow even higher technology and understanding to become available to the masses but such is dependent on the energy those things ride within being able to turn on within the planetary body. 

It has been mentioned in early information returned that something like the pyramids were literally "sung" into manifestation. When you can begin to understand that all energy, from the smallest to the larger quantum of energy, holds fire letters within and all energy holds sub-harmonics of light and sound tones that are designed by Source to work together as a "team" to create full harmonics of light and sound then it can become easier to begin to remember how your conscious, focused through patterns can co-create with the energy of elementals to send direction to the elementals via sound tones to manifest what those sound tones are giving instructions to manifest. This process has been harnessed within your Emotional / Physical Body anatomy and that of planet Earths via the mis-firing that is occurring within the fire letter sequence. It can result of your pillar of energy turning into a flat pancake of energy and fizzling out on the ground. The Transmutation Tone must be able to occur after the pillar of energy is sparked into creation to allow the particles of the energy of the pillar to transmute into the sequence of the encrypted thought patterns imbued within them.

In order for the fallen races to control planet Earths energy and that of the life forms on planet Earth, they had to harness this process by shutting it off via redirection of Source energy when putting the NET field in place. Otherwise, the energy of Source coming into the planetary system, via the solar gate system, would have simply over rode their ability to control. This is why this process will slowly turn back on naturally as planet Earth continues to heal herself as that process will continue to poke holes in the NET field and it will eventually dissolve.

Count Many Blessings, Dear Ones. The path of ascension has once again been returned to you if you choose to follow it.

Hint: If you have chosen to explore your Krystal Ring of Power, as has been presented in previous information within this web site, you may have already discovered that when you step into the ring and look around you and above your head, you will see a Krystal Capsule, which you are actually held within. When turned on, this Krystal Capsule becomes a Merkaba Vehicle that will allow your consciousness to travel anywhere within the time matrix which your activation level in that moment will allow for. Have fun exploring!