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OOTWX: TERRARIUM ARhAyas Ascension Earth

Posted by HATTER on October 31, 2014.

FORWARD: How I came to the knowledge in the messages here and how E’Asha Ashayana Deane would become, for me, the solitary source of truth in the ocean of disinformation on our planet is a rather lengthy story involving face-to-face meetings over the course of many months in 2013 and 2014 from a being who referred to themselves as a “Watcher” of the “children” of earth. The full story of that can be found here. The science of the holographic expression of all things we perceive as reality and how merkaba fields interact with all life forms can be found in E’Asha’s Voyagers II: The Secrets of Amenti. Here is a free copy of the PDF. It is missing some of the first chapters of the book, so this is not a complete history of earth, but it can be used while you are attaining your own copy through retail sources. I am not connected to the sale of these or other publications of E’Asha’s, I am merely directing you to where you can find the authentic history of your human race.

The Star Tetrahedron is the formula of all life within the true 15 level GAIA universe. The math behind this formula is found within the Maharic Merkaba Tetrahedron field of the planets as well as all life forms of each. The secret to this “God Math” is within the function of collecting the eternally-flowing energy from the ether to support life without an “end date”. This is not how all the life forms of the universes work. And in fact, it is specifically something of an amazing anomaly, since others outside of our universe (and INSIDE a false Time Matrix that was placed inside of Gaia’s) utilize the Metatron Tetrahedron math of the Fibonacci Code which is a system that functions through the parasitical exploitation of the energy fields surrounding it, as explained in E’Asha Ashayana’s messages sent to her by our founding father races of the Emerald Covenant. Starting with the Voyagers books and progressing up until the present day, her science reveals the physical mechanics to create sub-atomic prana structure, all the way up to the expression of life itself. Highly complex and vastly outstripping all mere mankind-level rudimentary mathematics, science and physics, which are at a kindergarten level of comprehension comparatively. My work here is not to retell her same teachings, it is merely to put into perspective how this massive database of information is applied to the mortal man.

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Terrarium (ARhAyas Ascension) Earth

Update 10/30/14
Following the fall of Atlantis some 246,000 years ago, the invader races who had successfully destroyed both the first and second seeding of the Angelic Krystos Human (God Template) Avatar Evolution placed a holographic curtain around the 3-D planet we now think of as “Earth”, the 1st “material” level of the Gaia universe. This curtain effectively created a “universe within a universe”, something of an encapsulated, or trapped “terrarium” planet, functioning in an artificial combination of solar and lunar rays which effect both time, as well as gravity. Both of which has been highly distorted from its intended reality. It was at this time that the planet received what we call a moon today. Though this holographic curtain is called a frequency fence today, it is much more than just that. It is in fact an illusionary solar system embedded within the organic universe, at least partially controlled by an elaborate “star” projection of a highly defined codex in our skies which we know as the astrological bodies which represent Greek “gods” of ancient “mythology”. Conveniently the Greek Gods are only myth, right? I mean, the bible doesn’t talk about “fallen angels”, “giants”, “Hercules fighting gods”, right? Of course it does. But let’s forget that.
6 1/2 minutes into this video, you will hear E’Asha explain that “this planet does not have its own solar plane”. So what’s that?
A solar plane is the astrological area between a sun and the planet itself. Through my recent 6000 hours of study into the matters surrounding the enslavement of man, I have no evidence that an organic dimension within any 15 level time matrix, that there would be the application of a “moon”. Within our encapsulated, or suspended existence, our humanity has been subject to this artificial element that has gone on undetected as “out of place”, because we have never known anything different. However, there is no reference to a “moon” in any of the higher dimensions or densities of our time matrix that I have been given, or have seen spoken about by anyone representing the Guardian Alliance. So what would a moon have to do with our bondage here exactly?

Think of the moon as something I have termed as an “Annu-Zodiak Holographic Projector”. A giant projector that imprints our “heavens” with what appear to be planets and an invention called a “moon”. NASA claims the planets of our zodiak are just too far to travel to, so they are just pretty dots in our skies, and because NASA knows everything, we believe them, (which is a damn neat trick in itself, seeing as there has never been “distance” ever discovered by science in all of time). After all, what could they possibly gain by telling us something totally untrue? It has been reported to me by a source who claims to be very long-time space traveler and personally familiar with the “other side” of the moon, that there is a sun parked directly behind it. And yes, does THIS very much make sense. This report came to me long after I had determined that our moon’s existence was factually artificial to our planet. The satellite we call a “moon” is filtering the rays of our second, organic sun into earth’s atmosphere through its own modulation leaving mankind without the powerful and now lost source of nutrition for all life on our planet below.

Though my personal contact with the Guardian Alliance has not yet confirmed this to be the factual case, I have enough of the truths here to bring forward the science of how this not only would work, but how it is brilliant beyond comprehension to an invader race bent on the perpetual recycle of a natural resource on a planet that also carried with it the ability to see outside of this density and connect with memories of its other 1727 selves scattered across the time matrix unless that natural resource were placed under a frequency fence, blocking their access to these lives and memories. So if the moon is NOT actually a planet that is supposed to be here, how would we know this?
The moon does not spin.

It doesn’t even turn. Like a ball solidly attached to a pivoting center ball, the moon acts as if it does nothing but orbit around earth’s center-most point. Since the days of Plato, the same smiling man in the moon has peered down on mankind. No one bound on this planet has ever seen the other side of that celestial body, making it a satellite. In fact, modern astrophysicists CALL the moon a satellite. And NOT ONE PERSON in a thousand among us realizes that this is so. Ask someone how many planets spin. After all, NASA tells us they do, so their answer will be “all of them”. I mean, why would NASA lie? But IF they “all spin”, then why doesn’t the moon? For this they will have no answer.

Around 300 B.C. Theodorus writes in his first book that the moon had appeared a little while before the war which was fought by Hercules against the giants (Nephilim fallen angels).
Around 250 B.C. Aristarchus and Dionysius Chalcidensis, in the first of their works, report: “Mnaseas said that the Arcadians were born before the moon, and so they were called ‘proselenian’; meaning, ‘before the moon’.”

Velikovsky quotes everyone from Democritus and Anaxagoras to Aristotle and Apollonius of Rhodes to show that such a pre-Hellenic time existed.  Those humans living at the time were called Pelasgians, Proselenes (“before the Moon”), and Arcadians (pre-Danai and pre-Deukalion).
Plutarch, Hippolytus, Censorinus, and Lucian all wrote of pre-Lunar people, as did Ovid, who said that “The Arcadians possessed their land before the birth of Jove, and were older than the Moon.”
Indians of Bogota Columbia, agree. According to tribesmen of Chibchas, “In the earliest times, when the moon was not yet in the heavens.”

The moon is a manufactured sphere or “dish”.

The earliest photo ever taken of the moon was by Dr. J. W. Draper of New York, 1839. In this UNDOCTORED picture, it is easy to see the lines of the assembly of the moon’s structure. This is an indisputable and obvious truth to anyone seeing it outside of Stevie Wonder. Click to enlarge.
In this new photo of the moon taken very recently, you can clearly see that even though nearly 200 years have gone by, it hasn’t changed by a single asteroid. It is perfectly identical. And in the outside chance Stevie Wonder is actually reading this, I colored in the seams for you to see it is a manufactured body. Again, be sure to click to enlarge and see for yourself the moon has been left exactly the same as the first image from the early 1800s.

In early Greek Astrology, there were two suns in our “solar plane”. And in fact, Greek language shows us there were two words for Sun: “θεός” Theos and “Ἥλιος” Helios, which were not synonyms. Theos was a star like object and scholars never discussed a possible form of it or distance to – for them it was eternal, very remote and almighty, “unmoved mover” by Aristotle and became synonymous with “god” which immediately took over as the word used to depict “god” in the biblical texts. Ignore the fact it was always referring to a SUN “deity” that brought life to the planet! Just call him GOD from now on. Similarly, Helios was treated in their stories as a deity. Earth mates with him soon after her own birthday and a difference between Helios and Theos was defined like that between husband and father. Helios was obliged to stay by her in a distance that was remote from her on 27 diameters only. It is important to note here that Helios was supposed to be about 27 times the diameter of the earth away from her. Our moon is about 29 times the diameter of the earth away. Guess this is just “coincidence” though.

When we look at other star systems within our galaxy, we find two suns. National Geographic claims that our solar system alone, has “millions of planets with two sons“. This way the sun never sets and the planet never goes into darkness. If an artificial “moon” were parked in front of our second sun, blocking that sun’s rays, then 1/2 of the time, earth would remain in perpetual darkness. Here is a little secret: You don’t need darkness. That is all part of the dark force’s lie that “yin and yang” is necessary for all things. Sunlight carries life-replenishing photonic waves that carry nutritional value. Of this, there is no argument. And sunlight continually circling any planet would sustain life thereon exponentially greater than one, with or without a “moon”.
The moons rays can be shown through empirical evidence to radiate a DIFFERENT type of photonic signature than that of the sun. If the moon DID actually reflect the rays from the sun, then those rays coming from the moon would possess the same effects as those from the source of the reflected rays. However, the moons rays are shown to possess zero heat. How would this happen? If you use a mirror to reflect the flames of a campfire onto say, a stone just outside of the fire pit, the stone would gradually warm up because the rays the mirror is reflecting carry the scalar patterns of a heat signature. The moon’s rays don’t do this. In Living Age by E. Littell, 1867, it had already been established that the moon’s rays do not carry forward to earth the heating type of photonic signature that the sun carries. Not even on a microscopic level.


In all tests of reflection of light off of say, a white, or tan, or gray or even a polished silver sphere, the sphere is unable to cast off illumination from any light and or heat source, other than from the centermost point, not from the entire sphere, such as what we clearly view is happening with our “moon”. Unless the moon were illuminated from INSIDE its sphere, it would be impossible for the entire circumference to refract illumination. Seen here, our moon’s reflection would, if truly reflecting light, follow Lambertian Cosine Law, as indicated in this image, where the intensity profile is brightest in the centre and falls off dramatically to almost zero at the edge. This has already been noted by Dr. James Palmer and Dr. Brandon Weakland. Our moon DOES NOT show a peak “hotspot” at the cosine point of our view. Wikipedia: “In optics, Lambert’s cosine law says that the radiant intensity or luminous intensity observed from an ideal diffusely reflecting surface or ideal diffuse radiator is directly proportional to the cosine of the angle θ between the observer’s line of sight and the surface normal. The law is also known as the cosine emission law or Lambert’s emission law. It is named after Johann Heinrich Lambert, from his Photometria, published in 1760.”
Without getting too deeply into Cymatics, the expression of life through sound waves which can be produced with spoken word, thought waves, written words, mathematics, or photonic waves (light), just realize that the zodiak is an arrangement of bodies which create geometric patterns which project the true manifestation of what we perceive to be “real”. I will elaborate at great length in soon coming articles much more on Cymatics. Suffice it to say that all the things around you that you have ever seen, smelled, touched, heard, or sensed in any way, have all been expressions of life through Cymatic geometric patterns which work off of cosmic energy through the DNA commands of “Fire Letters”. Fire Letters are “photographs” or “snapshots” of entire thoughts of expression through a single template. Like I said, this will be covered in detail soon. To give you a single taste of this fact, I will show you what a letter looks like either spoken, thought, or emulated through a particular pitch of tone here created by an adult male’s intonation of the vowel “A” as observed through a Tonoscope. The first letter of the Greek Alphabet (the word “Alphabet” deriving from “Alpha”, as in “Alpha and Omega”. Omega being presented to you as the LAST LETTER of the Greek Alphabet, but in reality, the “ALPHAbet” was written backwards originally, making the Omega the FIRST letter of expression, but I digress. This subject is about 100x too large to properly tackle here. I briefly mention this so you can begin your own search into Cymatics to try to understand how the math that created the first Fire Letter of the sub-quantum of expression here on earth has been encrypted on its lowest level so that what you learn here manifests a different reality than what you had in mind, because expression is the vibration that actually does create reality. When your alphabet has been encoded backwards on a sub-quantum level, you will have no way to express the real words that create the real intonation to manifest anything other than what the invader races want you to.) “In the beginning was the WORD.” Not GOD. It was the expression of thought through the vibration of sound.
The Vowel “A” Spoken By Adult Male, Shown With a
  e  Zodiak signs are fire letters that work to broadcast life parameters within our artificial terrarium life, constantly present 12 hours each day, blocking your memories created while sleeping from coming to your conscious “aware self” the following day. Just realize that your “dreams” are simply you observing one or more selected realities within your 1728 self expressions in this 15 level time matrix. While under these lowered frequencies, you are barely able to connect to these alternate selves, getting only glimpses of what those realities really are. And, of course, keeping you from connecting to these selves while your pineal gland works overtime during deep sleep, creating high levels of carbon 7, melatonin, serotonin and Dimethyltryptamine.

Wikipedia; “Dimethyltryptamine (DMT or N,N-DMT) is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family. Since DMT resembles the basic structure of neurotransmitters, when ingested, DMT is able to cross the human blood-brain-barrier, allowing it to act as a powerful hallucinogenic drug that dramatically affects human consciousness. Depending on the dose and method of administration, its subjective effects can range from short-lived, milder psychedelic states to powerful immersive experiences; these are often described as a total loss of connection to external reality and an experience of encountering indescribable spiritual/alien beings and realms.”

In the 2001 publication from Dr. Strassman’s popular book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. “It’s called dimethyltryptamine. It’s produced by your pineal gland. It’s actually a gland […] that’s in the center of your brain. It’s the craziest drug ever. It’s the most potent psychedelic known to man. Literally. But the craziest thing [about it is that] it’s natural, and your brain produces it every night as you sleep.”

And what’s even crazier than that, is this frequency fence is blocking the DMT from allowing you full access to your higher selves, your memories and your past.
The “moon” sun-filter, is but one half of the two “Papal Keys” (this VIDEO also shown again below under “star wars”, shows these keys in action, though the narrator has gotten way off the beam for the last few minutes, imagining impossible ascension scenarios, it is a powerful video nonetheless).
Wikipedia: “In ecclesiastical heraldry, papal coats of arms (those of individual popes) and those of the Holy See and Vatican City State include an image of crossed keys to represent the metaphorical keys of the office of Saint Peter, the keys of heaven, or the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, that, according to Roman Catholic teaching,[1] Jesus gave to Saint Peter, empowering him to take binding actions.”

Horus was an ancient “sky god” whose eyes were said to be the sun and the moon. Ancient myth describes a battle between Horus and Set in which Horus´ right eye was torn out. Thoth magically used “the moon” to replace Horus´ eye, at which point it was given the name “Wadjet” (“whole”). In this myth it is specifically stated that it is Horus´ left eye which has been torn out, so the myth relates to the waxing and waning of the moon during which the moon appears to
have been torn out of the sky before being restored once every lunar month. This is the “Wholly” or “Holly” SEE, Seeing EYE of the Papal Keys.
This frequency fence which we have referred to for a long time as that being of the “Zeta/Draco Resistance” would more precisely be referred to as the “Annu/Draco (Zetas are the drones of the Draco) Resistance” net that compounds our gravity here by 33% (to break down our bodies much quicker, limiting our lifespan to block us reaching very old ages and benefiting from the wisdom that would naturally develop which would allow us to break their frequency codes), and to speed up our time as well which is used to cause females to experience menstruation once a month instead of the intended once every 36 months.
By forcing females into constant pain as well as into baby factories, this massively increases the provision of far greater numbers of young, foolish energy sources for their benefit on multiple planes, and destroys families because it puts excess stress on the fathers who are trying to feed massive families instead of one or perhaps two. No need to mention how many less fights would stress the family bond if the menstruation happened once every three years. This additional expense also works to force women to work in order to “keep up with the Joneses”, instead of being given the chance to experience the joy of personally raising their own children, destroying the children’s childhood experiences and tearing apart the fabric of the family unit which leads now to divorce at some point in the marriage in nearly 100% of the cases of families with more than 2 children today.

St. Peter’s Square, the VATICAN

The word VATICANUS (Vatican, meaning Roman Prophet) spoken by an adult male as seen through a Tonoscope

As you can see, the reasons for the frequency fence are more complex than you might think, and these are only a few of them listed here, but at least you get the idea of just how perfectly diabolical the fence was from the beginning, 246,000 years ago. And amazingly, the obelisks used to amplify the signals from the suns and the zodiac, made from solid slabs of “bell” stones, are still in place and used for the same purpose even today, hundreds of thousands of years later. You will find them in front of Washington D.C., in the middle of St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, in Giza and literally around the world.

The creation of the “heavens” was a powerful show of force by these invader races in order to trap the people of this planet within a highly orchestrated new reality that would be used to harvest life-force energy from its inhabitants. You can read all about the creation of “our” heavens in the 2000 cuneiform clay tablets dated 7000 years old from the ruins of Sumer. Marduk makes it clear that after he killed his mother, the “creator of all life” (HIS race’s lives, not ours), he created the heavens and hung the moon. Since his story is retold down through the ages through the Illuminati teachings of the occult, reflected in all the gods of Greek history, and encoded throughout the fully fictionalized bible, I tend to believe he was the being who actually orchestrated this celestial event which took place within an already finished and perfected universe.

At the time of the fall of Atlantis the evolving Angelic Avatar was an eternally-living biogenetic being that weighed, in real terms, 2/3rds of what the same size being weighs here now. Through the manipulation of added hydrogen molecules to earth’s atmosphere, the returning spent molecules back to earth surface brought with them 1/3rd increase in gravitation pull. Pull is a misnomer, as it would be more accurate to call surface gravity (one of 3 types), gravitational PUSH, as accelerated by the photonic waves given off by the sun. At the same time, TIME was accelerated for the wear on the human biological body of the Avatar, reducing his lifespan to roughly 72 earth years. The reason for this was simple, if allowed to live longer than this, mankind would become wise enough to understand the depth of the deception and revolt against the invader races.

    The material that makes up

what we think is our “reality” is a hologram.


This is a fundamental fact and has nothing to do with opinion. It has been quantified to no end by modern science around the globe as fact. No particle of solid matter has ever been discovered by any scientist in recorded history, because the “god particle” is energy and not matter. The energy uses the mechanical function of DNA command in order to express something into perceived reality. That is why the science is called Quantum MECHANICS. Because the geomagetic push and pull of opposing sides of magnetic energy forces command strings to do certain things when they push against one DNA string, then that string pulls in a certain way against the next string, each accomplishing another single command in the process of creating the heartbeat of your flesh suit (Avatar), or the creation of a hair on your head or any other thing you see.
The creation of god-source energy has been explained by me numerous times now as being the result of photoradionic (photonic, or “light”) wave force that carries with it an oscillating wave pattern. That pattern has a left side and then a right side to its movement, and the friction caused by the movement of each lateral path reaching its natural arc and then returning back to the opposite side of that particular energetic movement generates static electricity. The static electricity generates two things: an electrical burst of energy, and, a magnetic field. The magnetic field recycles the spent energy from the previous lateral photonic wave force which uses this new electrical pulse to push the wave force to the next oscillation. Each individual lateral distance covered holds its own predetermined “event horizon”, meaning a full life cycle. And the end of each event horizon, the energy naturally returns to its opposite end of its life span, just as a rock tossed up into the air reaches the point where the energy that was expended to toss it upward is depleted and at which point, it turns back the opposite direction to return from where it came and completing its cycle. The photonic wave force is the “eternal” energy source we refer to as god-source and the self-perpetuating electromagnetic force at the core of every atomic structure throughout the multiverse. That this is fundamental truth of what is “at the core” of every atom in our universe has been verified to me by the my multidimensional contact to be fact. I am sure modern science knows all about it, but they aren’t ever going to tell you about it.
Based on the Fibonacci Sequence (not the true math of our organic Gaia time matrix), this image best represents the shape of the dome that would have likely been used to encapsulate our planet, instilling both the energetic field archetype needed as well as the “four corners of the earth” spoken of so widely in both the Sumer Cuneiform Tablets and the bible.

Come on folks, globes DO NOT HAVE corners.

Understanding how all life form gathers it energy signature through the “GOLDEN ratio” (Fibonacci Ratio), the 1/3rd point of the pyramid would have to be correct (the section 2/3rds down until 1/3rd down). And in the name itself “Golden Ratio”, they give you the clue that continues to come back to the Anunnaki’s perfect system of deception and rule.

Earth was captured and harvested for its gold for the race who wanted that element more than any other thing here, and sent off-planet through the millions of Cymatic earth-energy points located in the gold-laden lands of South Africa. In this video you will find these many energy points, proof that they date back to the post-days of the explosion of Tara, as well as the cradle of life for Adamu Man (the worker being created by the fallen angels Annu). It is the most valuable video I have ever watched.

Earth’s inhabitants were enslaved to mine that gold, ***though gold reacts like slow poison to the body of human man***, yet still, for some reason, all of humanity was convinced they “wanted gold”, when it had ALWAYS been to feed the alien blood deficiencies of the “fallen angels”. (You just have to take my word on this, since it was knowledge given to me, mankind doesn’t possess this knowledge directly, but Annu blood is gold deficient, that’s why Moses melted the golden calf, powdered the gold and made them drink it. The slaves of the original bondage were the worker people made from earth DNA mixed with the blood “of the Gods” of the Anunnaki’s Nephilim called “Titans” (Annu). (See Michael Tellinger’s definitive explanation why and where Adamu man was created, keeping in mind, Adamu man was not YOU, though his blood eventually filtered throughout mankind here. Even today, the “pure” blood lines going back to these mine-workers of the “Israelites” or “demi gods”, O negative is my guess, (see the entire reveal of the bloodlines of royalty in my article here), would likely still benefit from red meat and white powdered gold. Cradle of Life of Adamu Man and the Original Gold Mines of the Anunnaki’s Fallen Angels.)

Earth was enveloped into a matrix of deception to keep man harvesting, and generating the energy to harvest that gold, and gold itself was at the foundation of the method by which they would perpetuate that enslavement for more than 245,000 years with nary a peep of resistance from the slaves.
And the stories of the “Israelites” being enslaved to “build” the pyramids of the bible may really had been using this worker-force energy of the pyramids as a message to organic man, saying that the “children of god” were enslaved BY the pyramid force until finally led out of bondage.

And, after the slaves would someday be free, they would enter into the “KINGdom (key word, being KING or “ruler”, as if this notion of supremacy was either fair or balanced) of God where the “streets were PAVED with gold”, which represents life itself to the Annu, not man. Man wouldn’t give a shit about gold if the Annu Resistance stopped placing such monetary value on it. A FABRICATED ILLUSION of value as “MONEY”, which your own “savior” tried to tell you was the “ROOT of all evil”. TURNS OUT HE WAS RIGHT. Man wants FREEDOM, NOT GOLD. If I offered you $100 million in pure gold for your eternal freedom, which would you take?

An energy pyramid would encapsulate our planet, lock down its vibration, and park it, suspended in both time and space. Look at the Fibonacci Sequence for yourself to see how the organic energy apex of earth (the thin line at the equator) was widened by the “wobble” of earth’s rotation after it was anchored off of true vertical center 23.4 degrees at the time of the eradication of Atlantis. Now, as the globe spins, or more precisely, as the crystalline energy field at the CORE of earth spins (Psalm 96:10: “He has fixed the earth firm, immovable.” Not “spinning like a Whirling Dervish” – WHO IN HELL would believe it would spin like a top without tossing us all off like fleas?), it’s energy field depth has been widened to add this 23.4 degrees, allowing a completely new Cymatic Energy Template signature to invade the globe and become the new ratio of all energy as well as life forms on our planet.
The notion that the solar system we see here as an artificially created holograph may sound bizarre, but there is extensive supporting evidence for this reality displayed in the video below by someone who has put a great deal of effort in showing that the moon is, at least at this time, seems to be a projected image or holographic face projected on what is more than likely a dish. To say the video it is worth seeing is a powerful understatement. I suggest taking a few minutes to watch the video below and also suggest going to full screen so you can see the dozens of video clips that clearly show the projection cameras that are projecting this image in the sky.

It is my contention that not only the moon’s imagery is holographic, but it also shields all view of our second sun’s rays. There would be no “halo” around this dish from the sun’s rays trying to “reach around” it, because until sunlight enters the atmosphere of the earth, the rays are absolutely invisible to the eye. To prove me wrong, simply present one photograph ever taken of the sun outside of earth’s atmosphere.


I am going to take a moment here to explain the “ionosphere”. Something NASA doesn’t mention. Colleges don’t teach it. NO ONE has any idea about what this ionosphere thing is. Well, let’s talk about it then. There is a thing called “heavy water”. So what is that? When ADDITIONAL hydrogen molecules saturate what we think of as “water”, (remember hydrogen, where both gravity and time come from?) it becomes very heavy, and at the bottom of the ocean, it runs in currents, channeled by what appear to be running rivers with VERY clear separation from the water resting on top of it. So much so, it appears that if you had a fishing pole with you, you could cast out into it and catch really heavy fish, and appears exactly like a river does to your eye here on land. This is ONE FORM of water. The rest of the ocean is made up of of what we commonly just refer to as “water”. But what is above water, our air we breathe, is another form of water. Wait, what? That can’t be true. Air can’t be water, because if it were, we would drown, right? Not so. Being an atmospheric special-effects expert, I learned that the air we breathe is also water, which explains why fog acts like water when it is channeled through ducting. Hmmm…. so, if air is water, and water can also be heavy water at the bottom of the ocean, where else can we find water?
Heavy Water, Ocean Floor, 650 Feet Below Surface

When water loses some of its hydrogen content, it raises higher than its base state we find at the bottom of the ocean and turns into lighter water which cleanly separates from its lower self. When that form we think of a “regular” water loses more of its hydrogen (it is closer to the sun’s rays which is used to translate those frequencies from the sun into “light”, “heat”, “gravity” and “time”. EACH of those in quotes, because NONE of them are factual and are holographs of our senses.) Keep reading and I will show you more.

ABOVE the oceans, after water has been depleted of more of its hydrogen molecules by the sun’s incoming frequencies, water becomes much less dense even yet, and then cleanly separates from its heavier self below, and appears to have no color and no discernible weight which we call “air”. However, it DOES have weight, and just because we cannot detect that with our senses, doesn’t make that untrue. Air in space is VERY heavy, many thousands of times heavier than the atmosphere off planet as a matter of fact. So yes, you do breathe water, but you were never told THAT is science class.

ABOVE our atmosphere that we breathe is called “thin air”, you know, when the jet you are travelling in suddenly loses its oxygen and those funny plastic cups drop from the ceiling for you to place over your nose so you can breathe again so you don’t immediately die? This is also “water”, and it reaches higher and higher planes of earth’s atmosphere until it reaches the “ionosphere”. A little something that no one ever talks about. It is “just some thing” between the air we breathe and space, right? Hardly.

When water evaporates and rises into the sky, it sometimes becomes cloud formations. These too are forms of water. But are much colder than the air you normally breathe, because through endothermic sublimation, ice crystals form around dust particles that are always present in our air, and take visible form which looks like fluffy clouds high in the sky. And sometimes, if the ice crystals are heavy enough, those clouds come down to the surface of earth when we then call it fog. Clouds and fog remain very close to earth surface, as the density of the water remains heavy enough to visually see in any form. As the water continues to rise higher and higher, as we discussed, it becomes thinner and thinner, but it continues to remain water. Less hydrogen, so therefor less oxygen. At the top of our atmosphere, this water becomes extremely thin, extremely void of oxygen, but nevertheless, remains WATER. And the higher you travel, the colder the temperature gets, (gee, guess why? Because the LESS the hydrogen, the LESS core-energy of the particles that the sun’s frequency waves can turn into HEAT) until it reaches the point where it becomes completely frozen, creating what science terms as a “force field” encapsulating “earth” from “space”. So how does that work?
Cloud Ice Crystal
NOW, let’s ask some questions about the ionosphere. WHAT IS IT? The highest and coldest layer of our atmosphere is called the “ION”osphere. An “ION” DEFLECTS a magnetic field. Keep that in mind. When water has become so thin, and so cold, and so void of hydrogen, it becomes solid, just as water on earth can freeze. However, at this level, the water is extremely clear. The heavy water at the bottom of the ocean is far denser, so therefor has a far deeper color to the human eye, appearing a dark blue. As it becomes lighter, it becomes less visible, giving a lighter blue color. When it becomes what we think of as air, it becomes clear. And the lighter it gets, the clearer it gets. By the time it reaches the top of our atmosphere, it has lost all visible color, and thus offers no blockage between our viewpoint and what is beyond it. But when it freezes, it becomes an iron-like surface that is utterly invisible and incredibly crystallized. Sounds a lot like how one would go about creating something called a “force” field, doesn’t it? An invisible, yet powerfully strong shield.
We all know what happens when a comet tries to come into earth’s atmosphere, right? It burns up usually completely. When the comet or asteroid is large enough, a very small amount of “matter” might make it all the way down to the surface of earth, but this is incredibly rare because of this force field around the atmosphere which keeps life surviving in the face of a colossal and constant bombardment from the trillions of tons of space debris that collides with the ionosphere everyday.
The ionosphere is the hardened shell surrounding the planet that keeps SPACE DUST, and SPACE “AIR”, and asteroids and comets and SPACE SHUTTLES from getting IN without a great deal of effort. It works the other way as well, making the nosecones of the space shuttles turn white-hot from trying to penetrate it in order to leave (as well as re-entry) and it keeps our “air” locked inside a vapor sphere so we don’t all die. So if the earth’s ionosphere is a clear crystal sphere, why wouldn’t this be mentioned in school? That sounds like a pretty damn cool topic to talk about to me! Sorry, there is nothing to see here folks, move on.

As mentioned above, energy continues to self-perpetuate from the static electricity created by movement in atmosphere CONTAINING HYDROGEN. When comets lose most of their mass piercing the crystal sphere protecting earth, but are not fully burned up yet, they INCREASE their heat the closer and closer they get to earth because the HYDROGEN becomes denser and denser. This is called “friction”, and “friction” creates STATIC ELECTRICITY which is in itself a force field. That is why when jets fly in “thin air”, they can go much faster than they can in lower altitudes. That is also why when you shoot a rifle in the air (above surface water), the bullet goes extremely far, extremely fast, but when pointed into heavier air (water), the bullet’s velocity is immediately reduced to a tiny fraction of its typical speed and thrust. And also why it takes very little energy to move in space where gravity and friction doesn’t exist because there are 43 hydrogen atoms per square meter in space compared to billions in earth’s atmosphere.
I believe that the precise curvature of the moon’s surface is a projection screen to place the zodiac images perpetually in our night’s sky through the “gobo” patterns of the moon’s surface. Pin-dots undetectable to even the strongest telescope in the face of the moon’s artificial facade would readily imprint these “dots of light” on the perfectly spherical ionosphere. Each individual collection of these precisely placed clusters representing Cymatic geometric patterns holding the frequency in place and also encoding the elements to manifest an increase in time passage as well as an increase in gravitational push. It would be the man-in-the-moon side of the timecraft.

Many intergalactic treaties have been put into place protecting the natural evolutionary process of the 3rd Seeding of the Elohei-Elohim Feline Hominid Angelic Krystos Human Race here now situated on the D-1 (density 1), 3-D (3rd dimension) ARhAyas Ascension Earth of the Gaia Earth solar system. And there are MANY treaties that have to be held to, and pretty much ALL of them have been broken by pretty much EVERY Alliance-turned-Resistance group dating back to the massive first wave of attacks 250 billion years ago. The Anunnaki races have been one of the most active supporters of the Human evolution since this time, but it has been a tempestuous relationship at best, making and breaking treaties with our benefactors. At this time, they are an active part of the Authorized DNA upgrading of the Human genetic perfection and remain among the biggest allies for its realization of specifically the 3rd Seeding (you and me).

In these following videos, you will hear some rather silly ideas about how mankind is supposed to “ascend”. It will not happen like she is under the delusion of, but it will nonetheless happen. Also, please try to ignore the notion expressed here regarding a “god”. This is also utterly an illusion. God-source is very real, but it’s not a guy with a long beard. The reason I show these videos is to display the enormous evidence of the “illusion heavens” that surround our planet.

Keep in mind that the primary treaty that is protecting human evolution from simple wholesale slaughter by countless races who do not wish to see the ultimate completion of the God DNA inside the Angelic Kryst Human Genetic Template, is one of the oldest and one of the most allied (each treaty involves many different species or groups who have vested interests in specific alliances with specific other groups that they support or have a Resistance to, just as the complicated alliances here on what has been up until 2008, Nursery Earth, only on a scale that makes Nursery Earth-level politics look like sand box games) of all treaties in our extremely historied past, the most current one is the July 5th, 2000 Treaty of Altair (and you thought that “GOD” wasn’t helping his kids here on earth.) What you are calling GOD would be the benefactor primary race of HUMAN BEINGS who have evolved into and beyond 5-D Gaia Earth and have never left or forsaken their new genetic seed here and have been incredibly active in helping that seed here since inception.
The Treaty of Altair between many what we would call “Angelic” races restored the 1992 Emerald Covenant and would cause the Anunnaki races of Orion (this IS the Pleiades) to abandon their support of the Luciferian One World Order Dominion Agenda and return the Solar Star Gate-4 of Machu Picchu and Stonehenge (see, this is why man isn’t told about such things, because it is difficult for the human mind to understand how a Star Gate can be in two places at once) to the Azurite Security Team (a subdivision of the Guardian Alliance). The Emerald Covenant included these previous “Fallen Angels” groups;
  • Jehovian-Sirius-A Anunnaki that run the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command.

  • Archangel Michale Nephite-Nephilim-Necromiton Anunnaki-Hybrid collective of Orion, Alpha-Centauri, Sirius A and Andromeda

  • Anu-Seraphim Alpha-Omega-Order Templar Melchizedeks

  • Thoth-Enki-Zephelium (Zeta) Anunnaki of Nibiru and Sirius A

  • Enoch Jehovian-Anunnaki of Arcturus and Orion

  • Anu-Seraphim Pleiadian Samjase-Anunnaki of Alcyone

  • Enlil-Odedicron and Marduke-Necromiton Nibiruian Allies

Then, on September 12, 2000, the Azurite Templar Security Team arrived at Stonehenge, England to complete the final transfer of the Star Gate-4 (the first transfer of the Machu Picchu, Peru portion of the Gate went smoothly in August). But instead of another smooth transition, the members of the Emerald Covenant used the Treaty of Altair as a ruse to get the security team alone in Stonehenge and launched a massive psychotronic attack on the Security Team and refused to hand over the Star Gate. All but the one alliance group above, the Enoch Jehovian-Anunnaki of Arcturus and Orion reverted back to the Luciferian Covenant and Jehovian-Nephite One World Order Dominion Agenda, defecting entirely from the Emerald Covenant.

You can see just how incredibly important it has been to adhere to galactic alliances in the Universal Quarantine of D-2 Nursery Earth’s Evolution by all of the races who have pledged to protect the natural, unimpeded evolutionary process of man as much as possible. There are MASSIVE political agendas at play and every word spoken to evolving man must be justified under treaties that span 250 billion years. And be aware that many of the races involved have the ability to understand each message given to those here on earth (knows all, sees all type of abilities).
Each person within the Angelic Kryst Human evolution has a personal Maharic Merkaba Field that picks up the memories that have been recorded into his DNA, and transmits these memories outward to the trees, plant life, animals within this field and all matter on earth. This is how our earth initially comes into contact with our memories and begins to record them into his database. Earth has it’s own Merkaba Field as well which picks up the signals sent to it from our much smaller fields, then it transmits these memories of each moment experienced by all living things through the crystalline carbon within water. Crystalline Carbon is in essence silica which is what computers use to store memory.

The DNA of the “god” template of the Angelic Kryst Human evolution is based on this science. Angelic is the shape of man (one head, two eyes, bi-pedal, etc), the Kryst is the crystalline structure of the permanent storage of memories that we think of as soul essence. Our own personal merkaba fields store the soul memories in the blood DNA through crystalline carbon and also into the blood of Gaia Earth in water. The water continues to flow around the entire planet continually, passing on the memories of all moments ever observed in all the dimensions of this solar system to all the matter the earth is made up of, and under a microscope, every particle here is crystalline carbon.

Earth is the database of soul essences of all life forms that have lived on this planet and the conduit through which it is passed on, water, keeps the planet alive like a man’s blood coursing through his veins. Water is the fundamental medium in which soul memories are stored, as it is liquid crystal in composition, a carbon silica database. When you die and the water has dried from your blood, your physical Avatar database becomes disconnected from your light being self and is lost. However, as long as you have connection to earth’s Merkaba, you can still connect to these memories, as they remain imprinted in earth’s silicon crystal carbon through its solid and liquid forms. Because water is exchanged globally every 2 weeks through the oceans and rivers and jetstream, even if you were to lose your Avatar, your memories would surround you wherever you happened to be, anywhere in the world.

When Tara Earth was highly damaged in the 1,000 Years War and the planet was cloaked in this false time matrix, the soul memories of the second seeding of the Angelic Kryst Human evolution were trapped in the defragmented stardust of the planet. Nursery Earth was created to re-evolve the form of that planet through re-materializing (healing) those dust particles again so the soul memories stored inside those larger crystalline formations could be reclaimed.

This is the “hell”of earth that has souls trapped inside for “ever”. Not really forever, but certainly a very long time. When Nursery Earth finishes her evolutionary process, all the defragmented particles of old Tara Earth will be recaptured and then ARhAyas Ascension Earth will align with Density 2, 4th Dimension Tara Earth in 2017 and the lost souls will be able to ascend out of this low frequency Density 1, 3rd Dimension harmonic plane once again. Human man (your light being self) chose to come down to this dimension to restore earth through their own merkaba fields which allowed earth to heal itself. So the secret of why we are here is to save the lost souls of Tara.

After the hijacking of Nursery Earth approximately 246,000 years ago, encapsulating all of the evolving mankind of the 1st Density, 3rd Dimension, the hard-fought evolution of the Angelic Avatar, infused with the god-source Krysted Template of its DNA structure has been subjected to many unspeakable abuses, which has meant ongoing battles, re-negotiations, posturing and galactic war for our founding father races. Without any question, the latest messages sent to E’Asha have made it clear that they are sick of this waiting and warring. Which leads us up to the natural planetary alignment of ARhAyas Ascension Earth with the 15 level Gaia holographic universe which was set in motion to crescendo on 2017.

In 2008, after our founding fathers had lost some very recent battles over the Halls of Amenti, the Ascension Stargate, they were successful in restoring the protective planetary grid around earth and broke the seals of the Metatron Frequency Field of the invader races. By 12/20/2012, the planet had entered into a “locked ascension” mode that is now beyond the grasp of the enemies of the completion of the Krysted Avatar, and the founding fathers are at a point where they are dedicated to seeing this full evolution complete, even if it means all-holds-barred war. At this time, Nursery Earth began its phase to transition into a split of frequencies making up Phantom Descending Earth and ARhAyas Ascension Earth which will continue on its locked course, bringing the lost souls of Tara back into the higher dimensions and permanently out of the reach of the lower frequency beings who have caused so much chaos for so long. In 2017, Phantom Descending Earth will begin its release from the 15 level holographic universe of Gaia, and by 2022, all of the evolutionary frequency connections to Gaia will be severed. Phantom Earth will then begin a permanent disconnection to the morphogenetic god-source energies that kept it so desirable to the lower dimensional beings for so long, and within 200 years will finally implode due to lack of energy required to keep it alive.
ARhAyas Ascension Earth has already begun its entry into the time of alignment with its Gaia sister planets, and will remain in ascension mode for the coming 900 years. At which time, it will finally be freed at last. During some point in this process, you will see the changes in our heavens. The moon will be replaced, the celestial bodies will reform as the old ones follow Phantom Earth into the wormhole of the Metatron universe.

The souls who remain on Phantom, post-Nursery Earth will be left to their own means in raising their own vibrations and assembling their own 4th DNA strands without the help of the higher planets of the Gaia universe. Of course after 200 years, approximately 3 additional recycles onto that earthplane, the souls remaining there will be lost on implosion. This does not represent a true loss, as the light warriors who chose to enter the Nursery Earth to begin with had chosen the mission to free the Tara Earth 2nd seeding souls to start with, not to create new soul essences. Their jobs will be considered a glorious success, even if they have to leave that planet without their Angelic Christos “God” Avatar.

The message here is that we only have less than 3 years before the full natural peak ascension period before Phantom Earth begins to break free and descend. Within 5 years from this date, full separation will be complete. If you do not assemble your 4th DNA strand and raise your frequency high enough, prior to 2022, your Avatar will remain on Phantom Earth. If you have successfully assembled your DNA, your natural ascent will be locked into the exit of ARhAyas Ascension Earth out of this time matrix.
Considering that you have recycled repeatedly here for 1/4 of a million years, trapped as a slave to the invader races’ every whim, I would imagine that taking this message seriously would be a pretty informed decision.  For those who make it, between now and peak ascension, you will begin to see Tara Earth reality come into view. Buildings will just appear out of nowhere and what you see, others simply will not. They will think you have lost your mind, because the new building really does not exist in their world. You will lose all contact with lower vibrational beings here and you will group with higher vibration beings.

You can assemble your DNA using the methods shown in Voyagers on page 473. Do not worry if you don’t begin to see Tara coming into view, as you have already made peace with the possibility of not bringing your 246,000 years of memory from this low frequency plane. Fear is the wrong vibration to be sending out. Your mission now is to help all of your fellow light beings, warriors of Tara bring their souls back with them when they re-enter Tara time matrix. The higher your vibration, the more positive and NOT afraid you are, the higher the vibration of the entire planet will be. When 8% of all life on earth are awake and have assembled their 4th DNA strands, all men will automatically get their 4th fully assembled strands and ascension will be automatic. Your positive vibrations will absolutely help them to do this. Remember, EVERY ONE of the souls on earth are supreme light being Warriors of Tara, and EACH ONE should be extremely important to you.

Understand the 100th Monkey Effect and know it is real. Learn how it works through the sharing of all knowledge on the planet through the life blood water of this time matrix by constantly recycling over the entire planet. Understand this is why the Zeta/Draco Resistance Frequency Fence of HAARP was used to destroy Fukushima which would destroy the WATER of earth, keeping you from accessing your soul memories here. Research these things now. You DO NOT have much time between now and 2022.


Of the very, very few who have read my posts and can follow them, connect with them, and can see and feel the connection between them and the truth you have not been taught before, there is a very strong chance that you are an Indigo Child.

Born into this world at this time for a very specific purpose, the Indigo Child was seeded here from the highest levels of the Gaia 15 level Time Matrix, and in some cases, beyond that, to maintain the vibrations necessary to anchor this planet through planetary ascension.

This process has been 246,000 years coming. The cycles of planetary ascension are vast and very far between. In this cycle, mankind has been held here in a time suspension, repeating and repeating and repeating the same pre-recorded scenario over and over and over. The pages of the King James Bible has been the template of this time-loop, foretelling of future times with such accuracy that all of the major events of our some 7000 year current timeline can be found in its code, right down the very name of the players and the date of their assassinations or occurrence.

This is because the same scenario was recorded and replayed through the use of Fire Letters known as Cymatic Geomancies (already mentioned above in the article). These are like DVDs of coded information which trigger on a sub-atomic level, the DNA within the bodies of mankind, which play out just like a recording. The reason for this was to harvest your energies through the form of placing you under a system that revolves around the biggest lie ever told to you, money.

By having you rush through life seeking more and more money since the time you were old enough to speak, educating you in schools to get a “good job” and then following you till the day you die, your energy is used to harvest massive amounts of cash to serve their powers in government through a myriad of taxes, as well as keeping you grinding at a low vibration, which deflects your energy you would normally maintain inside your own body, and projects it out into the ether which allows the Metatronic beings here to maintain a far greater level of energy in themselves, as their bodies do not work like ours do.

The way the energy has been collected comes from your personal Merkaba Field casting out your low vibrations which are the harmonic vibration rate that the invader races here thrive on. Once broadcast into the air around you in a 45 foot diameter field, the Merkaba of Earth collects those frequencies and stores them in her water, in her silicone carbon solids, as well as through all life forms on the planet. This lowers Earth’s vibration rate as well, harmonizing to the lower resonance of the ruling elite, rejuvenating them wherever they go on the planet.

The invader races cannot regenerate their own energy to keep them healthy as those who possess the Angelic Krystos Human God DNA Template can. This unfair advantage of the lowest level human expression of our 15 level Human Avatar perfection, which would have normally taken just a total of 12 years in this density, has taken us 1/4 of a million years now. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and 2017 marks the full alignment of what has been known as Nursery Earth until her entry into this ascension phase, now known as ARhAyas Ascension Earth, when all those who have reached a vibration level compatible with the next dimension will finally move forward.

The repeated recycling here is coming to a permanent close, as is the entire 15 level Time Matrix of Gaia, as her sun has been fatally wounded by the Metatronic invader races in the spring of 2007. As of this time, Ascension Earth will remain connected to the higher levels of the Gaia time matrix until 2022. After that time, Nursery Earth will become Phantom Earth and will then begin her descent into the Phantom Matrix (this is a “universe” inside the organic Gaia universe), where within 900 years, she will return to god consciousness through something called Bardo Return. She is not yet ready for her natural cycle to end, in which event, she would have organically imploded and returned to god consciousness through what is called Starfire Return. But she has chosen to cut short her time cycle willingly, in defiance of spending the rest of her time within the Weasadrex Phantom Matrix, playing host only to the service to self invader races. The sun’s death is much more immanent, and he will implode by the year 2210, just 200 years from now. At which time all the planets on all the levels of Gaia will fall and will return to god consciousness as well. Many have already taken Bardo Return.
For those who have been following my posts and are likely Indigo Children, it is still important for you to repair your DNA that has been corrupted while living inside of the forced electrical field of this time-loop, as well as to assemble your 4th DNA strand fully, preparing your physical Avatar to ascend from this vibrational density into the next higher level upon full alignment. I am posting a PDF file here of the Maharic Shield.

This will not only protect your body and your mind from all outside invader psychotronic energy forces seeking to keep your vibration low and continue to damage your natural DNA patterns, but is the fastest method to assemble your strands 4, 5, and 6. Done daily, this is your safest way to navigate the times we are going to be living through, and also will be preparing you for physical ascension, not just soul ascension. Those who do not raise their own frequency levels prior to the full completion of ARyAhas Earth ascension, will not be able to bring their Avatar with them, and will have to go back down through another 15 level time matrix again in order to maintain their ability to interact physically with the universe around them, rather than just observe it.

The video link I tried to leave for you here was the second of a set of 2, explaining how it is that an Indigo Child came to be here, what their jobs are, what soul beings are inside of them and how to spot and help Indigo Children of all ages function in the capacity of supercharging the planetary grid vibrations here on earth as she ascends. This video, as nearly every single one that E’Asha Ashayana Deane has done (which were MANY) have been systematically taken down from the internet through a radical missive to eradicate the true teachings of the Law Of One. There are still ways to get your hands on her videos, usually using Torrent to download them. You can do a Torrent search and then download a translator to watch them. I use BitLord. The exact spelling is critical in order to find specifically her work – Architects of Light -(2)- Secrets of the Indigo Child – Ashayana Deane – I suggest that you watch both videos (replace the (2) with (1) for the first one) and learning how to use the Maharic Shield to help you on your journey. Remain positive and realize that you are about to finally leave this 1/4 million year Groundhog’s Day reality behind and see for yourself what the SECOND level of our ascent really looks like for yourself.

Maharic Shield PDF

Namaste fellow light warriors. Fight the good fight.
( and i would add, for ^^ maharic shield,. use Ekasha Rha <3 ) #EG

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