Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Journey of Awe: Indigo children and drugs & Maintaining ecstasy without drugs

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Indigo Children and Drugs

Inviting you to a special edition of Journey of Awe show, interviewing an Indigo Child &; Stephen Redding.

Indigo Children have a hard time fitting into our society, reaching for drugs and other substances to deal with being an outcast and to tune in higher frequencies to find bliss.

Stephen will share his experience how he was able to step away from self-distractive use of drugs to channel Source energy to a self-empowering choice of realization that we have a choice and other conduits to reach the state of bliss.

He discovered Frequency Music ( ) as a replacement for drugs after using drugs for mind alteration for more than a decade.

Tune in TODAY@ at 12 pm PDT and 3pm EDT as he shares his wisdom of self-awareness and transformation.


Descriptions of indigo children include that they:

Are empathetic, curious, strong-willed, and independent
Are often perceived by friends and family as strange
Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose
Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood (which, however, does not necessarily imply a direct interest in spiritual or religious areas)
Have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here
Other alleged traits include:

High intelligence quotient
Inherent intuitive ability
Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority

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