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Here's hoping this is acceptable within this group setting...
Truth and transparency is important. For too long there has been an abundance of a particular "strain" (shield/soul group/frequency) of "truth" in the online medium. Some might label it truth, while I refer to it simply as subtle misrepresentation of the facts with an intentional twist on the side.
While there are many examples of said misrepresentations, half-truths and purposeful misinterpretations, I must admit that the AP about us page currently stands as the epitome of misdirection. I recommend this as a great training tool for everyone as it's so easy to pick apart, allowing us to easily to see how the other side operates in their goal to misrepresent the Beloved's and restrict the dialog that takes place.

Laughably, there are a multitude of paragraphs within the abovementioned body of text that can be analyzed to show the distortions borne of the authors (since when do we call God-Source just Source?), though there is one theme in particular that stands out in its intent to deceive.
Blatant distortion of the facts is one thing, but it's the ever-so-subtle twists designed with intent to mislead, slight enough that the conscious mind may not notice at first glance, that I find the most important to be exposed and brought into the light for some shine. It is with this in mind that I quote the following two paragraphs from the AP about us page:

"In the Sliders Series workshops, we encounter a great deal of information that talks about the concept of Sliding. We discover that there are many other aspects of earth that exist in a wee bit higher energy level than what earth currently holds but are still located in the same Density 1 level that earth resides within. Within the Sliders Series workshops we encounter a great deal of information of other races that exist within the Density 1 systems but at a wee bit higher energy level and the focus shifts to these other life forms, other faces of Source that exist in the Density 1 systems...."

".....The focus continues to remain on other Density 1 life forms. There is little focus in the Sliders Workshops on the Vertical Connection to Source, our multi-dimensional family of consciousness, our Christos Avatar Self but more and more on Density 1 races to learn about, meet, greet and connect to in an attempt to "Slide" into another Density 1 system with the thought being that once that could be accomplished, then the life form could "get back on the vertical connection line".

My condolences to those that find "wee bit higher energy level" too obtuse to make sense of. Hopefully an explanation of just how many dimensions a "wee bit" consists of will be forthcoming.
Smell like an agenda? Thankfully this is an easily verifiable attempt to discredit the Slider's (AKA: Plasma frequencies) materials by way of directly distorting the truth. Eg: Sliders only deals in Density 1 information. Never has a statement been so easy to disprove.

Lets list some terms: DhA-Ya-Tei planes, Core Suns, Krystar, Cos-Ma-Yah, Ah-Yah, Mashaya-Hana, Pa-Ta RE-Hah-yah, Wha-YA-yas, Sanctuary Island, RhA-yas Island, Halls of Adasha and the Adashic Record, Phims, Plasma Body, Seven bridges flow and AL-Hum-Bhra. - These all have two things in common 1) They all originated in the Slider's series and 2) they all deal with frequencies way above and beyond the density one system, and the density system in general.

Falsehood 1: "... There is little focus in the Sliders Workshops on the Vertical Connection to Source, our multi-dimensional family of consciousness ..."

Fact 1: The Slider's series deals primarily with our vertical connection to God-Source - we're as close to God-Source as we've ever been, thanks to the restoration of our ability to connect with the Core CosMAya (Sliders12 Pt 2). The CosMAya exists well outside of dimensionalized reality, and the Slider's techniques have afforded us direct connections to these levels of self. It's right there in the Sliders 12 DVD's and earlier.

Fact 2: You may recall the Aurora call, the private dialing sequence of our vertical connection, well beyond Density1? An early quote from Slider's 4: We’ll be gifted by the AdonA, Aquafereion, Aquai, ZionA, Aquafari and Ah-JhU-na’’ Krystics with the Sacred Sentence Numeric Code of the Aurora Call, the cornerstone of MaShaYanic Elemental Command, which marks our graduation from the Milky Way Melchizedek Priesthoods into the first stages of the M-31 Aquinous Kryst Adashi Ma-Sha’-Yah-Ha’-Na, the MaShaYanic Free Priest Caste of the Eckasha Dominions. We’re getting an upgrade. Wow." - That's right, way back in Sliders4 we anchored our private dialing line (AKA - Personal Vertical Connection) to the Eckasha.

Fact 3: Through our connection to the CosMAya (and now the Cosminyahas in subsequent workshops) we're able to connect with more of our multi-dimensional family of consciousness than residing in Density one would normally afford. Literally all of ourselves. Never before have we had such an ability to collect ourselves and make it home. It's entirely possible that those within AP missed that lesson.

Falsehood 2: "... but more and more on Density 1 races to learn about, meet, greet and connect to in an attempt to "Slide" into another Density 1 system..."

Fact: The latter part of the Slider's series have for the most part focused on sliding to the the Dha-Yah-Tei planes (Sliders10). While there are multiple islands/density levels of said planes, we have worked with Sanctuary Island more than any other, receiving our own homes/pods on this very island. This island happens to be a Density 3/4 island. *cough* There are many of us, with the exception of AP of course, that aim to go even higher!

Falsehood 3: "...The focus continues to remain on other Density 1 life forms..."

Fact: We have connected with some amazing Density1 beings in the early Sliders series, but to say the focus continues to remain this way is another subtle falsehood. Let's look at some of the life-forms explored within the Slider's series: Sliders4 - Krystic Adashi Mashaya-Hana Priest Caste Councils (of the Aquareion Matrix Hub — the Kryst Host system in the parallel Eckasha-A), Sliders 7 - Adashi Density-5 Wha-YA-yas, Slider's 8 - Eternal Councils of Ah-yah-RhU’–Cos-MA’-yah of the Cosmic Krystar Master Councils, Sliders 11 - Meeting your Ma-jhi-tic Twin Cos-MA-Yah level, Sliders 12 Pt 1 - Anchoring the Density-5 Four Unspoken Ones, Sliders 12 pt 2 - AL-Hum-Bhra Councils of CosMAyah. All of these beings of course reside outside of Density one.

I wonder - if we meet with a being living on a Density1 ascension-capable planet, one that can take us on a journey to almost anywhere in the cosmos, does that really just count as a Density1 being after all? I'm confident this is within the skillset of all beings we have met and worked with not only during the Slider's series, but throughout every workshop since 2000.

The fact of the matter is simply that the proof dispelling everything quoted from AP above is evident to anyone that takes the time to look. One does not even have to look past the product descriptions within AP's own website to see.

Slider's series is all about our highest vertical connections to source, our entire family of consciousness on all known levels, and our intention to slide to Density3 Sanctuary Island and higher if our DNA and quantum carrying ability allows. The Slider's series literally carry the Plasma anchoring frequencies.

Plasma frequencies are the most powerful frequencies ever to be anchored on this planet. They have the ability to overcome many if not all distortions, and without them the Fail-Safe would not have been possible. Through genuinely working with the plasma frequencies and the AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cos-min-Yahas we have the ability to go home, our real home, well beyond the confines of dimensionalized matter. Be aware of those that try to keep you from riding the Krystal River wave all the way home.

At the end of the day E'Asha is still the one performing workshops and bringing in the new information, to the same technical level we have all grown accustomed to over the last decade. AP's record is unfortunately not so hot, responsible only for selling past workshops and discrediting their company president just enough to keep sales moving without completely drying up. Understandably they need to leave E'Asha with some credibility in order to continue selling stock, since she does feature in every one of their DVD's after all. I look forward to AP actually coming out with some new and technically competent information to compare; hopefully in a wee bit
"Title" taken from Translation

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