AD - Historical Origins of the MCEO Teachings & the CDT-Plates

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Historical Origins of the MCEO Teachings
By A’sha Deane
Includes: MCEO Teachings & the CDT-Plates; Historical Method of CDT-Plate Translation; CDT-Plates & Historical World Religions; CDT-Plates & Contemporary World Religions; Science, Spirituality, Evolution and the Templar; Humanity’s Dark AgeLost Civilization, Forbidden History, the Templar and DNA; The NET, “Higher & Lower Earth,” the Toral Rift, Equinox Precession & False Yugas, and the 2012 Alpha-Omega Alignment; Contemporary MCEO Vision; Contemporary CDT-Plate Translations, Current Earth Drama & the 6520 AD Welcome Stations

MCEO Teachings & the CDT-Plates
The MCEO teachings did not originate on Earth; these teachings represent a record of advanced spiritual-science knowledge and extensive history that has been translated into many forms, in many different periods and locations, within and beyond our 15-Dimensional Universe. The record of knowledge and history that the MCEO teachings stand for represents a gift of insight, hindsight and foresight, first provided over 950 billion years ago, by the Elder Races of our Universe and beyond, who have evolved to embody the realities of Eternal Life Ascensionthat are revealed in the MCEO teachings. The MCEO teachings were brought to Earth in several different periods of pre-ancient historybeginning with their first dispensations 25 million years ago, which were subsequently destroyed.
In more recent pre-ancient history, the MCEO teachings were again brought to Earth by a collective of interdimensional races referred to as the Guardian AllianceMelchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (GA-MCEO), under the supervision of their Elder Councils, the Krystal River Councils of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts; the MCEO teachings were returned to Earth as a gift to an evolving humanity. Detailed profiles of the GA-MCEO collective are found in the Voyagers books (by Ashayana Deane, Granite Publishing 1999–2001); profiles of the Adashi Adepts are found within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshops. The GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts have served for many eons as Guardians of our 15-Dimensional Universe and beyond. The more recent pre-ancient historical MCEO teachings of Earth emerged from the 12 CDT-Plate Silver Recorder Disc Libraries that were given to the ancient Urtite human races of Earth by the MCEO Guardians’ Azurite race, in the 246,000 BC Atlantean period, as part of the Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement treaty. After receiving the CDT-Plates, the Urtites made the original written translations, creating the 590-volume Maharata Texts. Partial Maharata Text/ CDT-Plate translations were later made in numerous periods and Earth cultures, the last partial translation starting in 10 BC during the “Christ Period” (12 BC27 AD). (History of the CDT-Plates is detailed at the start of Voyagers Volume-1, 2nd Edition; detailed history of the Guardians’ involvement with human evolution is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)

Historical Method of CDT-Plate Translation
Since the first CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations were made in 246,000 BC, many events of both climatic change and human warring have occurred on Earth; due to the recurrence of such events, in 208,216 BC the Maharata Text books and 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates were retrieved by the Azurites and secured under MCEO guardianship. One of the two missing CDT-Plates was retrieved and returned to MCEO protection in the 1600s AD, and the other, final CDT-Plate was retrieved in November of 1999 AD. In pre-ancient times, after securing the Maharata Texts and 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates, the GA-MCEO and Krystal River Adashi Adepts created a set of protocols by which the MCEO CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text teachings would be returned to Earth through remote-translation during certain periods of significance, while the retrieved CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts remained in security storage until a future date when they could be safely returned.
The protocols by which the Guardians have historically orchestrated remote-translation of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts during various periods of human history involves their appointment, in a particular period, of a group of 3 MCEO Speakers from among Earth human populationseach group of 3 MCEO Speakers works closely together with the GA-MCEO Guardians to bring remote-translations of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts into their respective period. Since 208,216 BC, numerous partial translations of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts have been orchestrated, including the more recent efforts of 22,340 BC, 2040 BC and 10 BC; in more recent periods of ancient history, MCEO 3-Speaker groups and partial CDT-Plate translations have appeared within Hindu, Hebrew, Chinese, Tibetan, African, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Celtic-Druidic, and some other cultures.
The method by which MCEO Speakers achieve remote-translation of the CDT-Plates begins early in life, with at least one of the three Speaker-appointees having repeated, direct physical contact-encounters with members of the GA-MCEO from very early childhood onward. During every period in which the CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations are rendered, the GA-MCEO is aware of the identities of the “potential Speakers” before they enter physical incarnation on Earth, and watches over them from the point of physical conception. These MCEO 3-Speaker appointments are assigned prior to conception, with each of the 3 Speaker appointments having an additional 2 “primary backup” appointmentsand occasionally a few others to serve as “secondary backup”in the event that an appointed Speaker cannot fulfill the assignment. In every period, a “pool” of several individuals incarnate with specific dormant configurations carried in their DNA; when activated, these configurations open specific “electromagnetic passages” within the neurological circuitry, allowing those who carry them to receive protected, electronically-encoded data-streams directly from the GA-MCEO. Over time, as the dormant DNA coding activates, the individuals become progressively more able to biologically receive and neurologically translate information transmitted on the GA-MCEO data-stream, enabling them to develop clear, conscious, protected interdimensional communication with the GA-MCEO. This process of coded interdimensional electronic data-streaming is called Keylontic Communication.
Keylontic Communication is not the same as the process commonly known today as “channeling” or “conscious mediumship.” Channeling is a process in which the spirit essence of a disembodied individual or collective temporarily (or sometimes permanently) enters the physical body, bio-energetic field and consciousness of an incarnate human in order to communicate in the human world. The GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts do not engage the process of channeling because it most often causes biological damage to the human DNA that can severely interfere with the individual’s biological and spiritual evolution; in this regard channeling is considered “risky.” In many cases, both “channeling” and “trance-mediumship” (unconscious channeling) can also lead to temporary or permanent “identity displacement” or “possession”; in this regard channeling and trance-mediumship are considered downright dangerous. Channeling is thus viewed by the GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts as an unsafe and unreliable method of interdimensional communication.
As Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming does not cause human DNA damageand does not intrude on or invade the human biology and bio-energetic fieldit is the method of choice for Guardian collectives. All humans have an organic genetic ability to engage some degree of Keylontic Communication, and also have a genetic vulnerability to invasive interdimensional exchange. Interdimensional communication is an organic ability and a birthright of all humans, but it is a gift that requires educated application if it is to be developed safely. (More detail on the process and dynamics of Keylontic Communication, and information on creating safety in interdimensional communication, is found in the Voyagers books.)
Though all humans have an innate biological and spiritual predisposition to interdimensional exchange and Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming, not all humans carry the responsibilities of MCEO Speaker Contracts. During conception, individuals with MCEO Speaker Contracts receive additional dormant DNA encoding directly from the GA-MCEO, which requires the direct assistance of the GA-MCEO for activation. In early childhood, and extending into adolescence, the GA-MCEO initiates repeated physical contact-encounters with the Speaker or Speakers who are intended to engage CDT-Plate remote-translation in adulthood. Through these contact-encounters, the GA-MCEO engages the progressive process of activating the specialized dormant DNA coding, which, when fully activated, will allow for Keylontic data-streaming directly from the CDT-Plate discs for remote-translation, and will provide direct “live” data-streaming with GA-MCEO and Adashi Adept representatives. The process of Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming has been the method by which the GA-MCEO has orchestrated remote-translation of the CDT-Plates throughout Earth’s history, and it is the same method of remote-translation used today.

CDT-Plates & Historical World Religions
The CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations of 246,000 BC contained the original multidimensional spiritual-science Ascensionteachings from which the “Original 12 Ancient Earth Religions” and all subsequent fragment-religions eventually de-evolved; thus the CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts represent the “Common Source” from which all known Earthly historical and modern religious doctrines and early scientific inspiration emerged. The Original 12 Ancient Earth Religions did not begin as competitive, contradictory doctrines, but rather represented complementary perspectives, which were first taught in Oral Translation after the CDT-Plate remote-translation protocols had been established by the MCEO Guardians upon their reclamation of 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates in 208,216 BC. The Oral Translations emerged from division of the CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text teachings into 12 corresponding aspects called “Legions”; each “Legion” represented an Oral Translation of one of the 12 CDT-Plate Silver Discs. The collective body of the 12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions was known as the “12 Legions of the KRYSTHL-A”; the word “KRYSTHL-A” was derived from the “7 Sacred Sounds” that represent the “1st Audible Core-Creation Sound Tones” in our 15-Dimensional Universe. The “7 Sacred Core-Creation Sound Tones” are “Ka, Ra, Ya, Sa, Ta, Ha, La”; the pre-ancient word “Krys-thl’-a” was used in reference to the collective body of the “12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions.”
In the MCEO CDT-Plate records, the original Earth human races are known as the “Angelic Humanlineage.  Each of the 12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions was entrusted to one of the 12 original Earth Angelic Human race lines, which were collectively referred to as the “12 Tribes Humans.” (Detailed information on the Angelic Human 12 Tribes lineage is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.) Each “Tribe” protected, and perpetuated in Oral Tradition, the knowledge and historical record contained within its respective “CDT-Plate Oral Legion.” Each single CDT-Plate Oral Legion was remote-translated by an MCEO 3-Speaker group that was a member of the “Tribe” to which the CDT-Plate corresponded; only one 3-Speaker group was active on Earth at any given time.
The CDT-Plate Oral Legion remote-translations were returned to Earth over time, in sequential order, starting with the teachings contained in CDT-Plate-1. Each Oral Legion was brought into Angelic Human culture in different periods to sequentially assist in the progressive evolution of the human collective. Historical translations of the teachings contained in the “2 missing discs” were rendered from the Maharata Texts through GA-MCEO Keylontic Communications. In various historical periods the “12 Tribes Humans” themselves became known as the “12 Legions of the Krysthl-a”; in later historical mistranslations of the 12 Legions’ CDT-Plate Oral Translations, the word “Krysthl-a” became fragmented and polarized into the words “Kryst” (later to become the word Christ), and HL-a (later to become the word Allah). This was the “First Division of the 12 Tribes,” and from it both the populations and Oral Tradition further fragmented and de-evolved.
During several periods in history following the inception of the 12 Legions of the KRYSTHL-A CDT-Plate Oral Translations, portions of the original 12 Oral Legions were reorganized and restructured, or “re-legion-ed,” to create partial written translations of the CDT-Plate teachings, which appeared in various early languages and dialects. The first written translations that emerged from the 12 Oral Legions became known as the “Original 12 Angelic Human Earth Re-Legions”; this word was later translated into “Religions” in the languages and dialects respective to the cultures of certain periods. The teachings of the CDT-Plate written partial-translationswhich evolved from the 12 Legions’ Oral Translations to become the “Original 12 Ancient Earth Re-Legionswere initially unique unto each other, but complementary and concurring due to recognition of their CDT-Plate Common Source. It is from these pre-ancient teachings that the doctrines of all subsequent historical fragment-religions emerged. Over time and through the intentional historical manipulations orchestrated by Illuminati races (who possess hybrid “Angelic Human plus various ‘Intruder ET’” genetic lines), the original complementary perspectives and teachings of the “Original 12 Ancient Angelic Human Earth Religions” were progressively distorted into competitive, contradictory doctrines and “mass-control-dogmas.” (More information on the historical and contemporary relationships between ancient earthly Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human cultures, and the emergence of the “early man” hybrid-species popularized by Darwinism, is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)

CDT-Plates & Contemporary World Religions
The contradictory doctrines of the historical control-dogma distortions,” through which “human populations were pitted against each other,” emerged through progressive intentional distortion, mistranslation and concealment of the original CDT-Plate translations. All traditional fragment-religious textsand “New Age” channeled doctrinesare at this point distorted beyond recognition, containing falsifications and omissions historically intended by Illuminati groups to sustain the mass-control-dogmas by which they covertly govern and direct contemporary human global society. But within the present distortion of doctrine, each primary religion of today still contains aseed of spiritual truth” derived from the Original 12 Ancient Earth Religions, their earlier 12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions of the KRYSTHL-A, and the original Common Source CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text MCEO teachings from which they all originally emerged. 
Within the MCEO teachings of present-day CDT-Plate translations, the words “Kryst,” “Kristand their derivatives are often used. In the current context these words are the shorthand reference to teachings, ideas and motivations corresponding to the pre-ancient word “KRYSTHL-A,” the “7 Sacred Sounds” (“1st Audible Core-Creation Sound Tones” in our 15-Dimensional Universe) from which this word is derived, and the collective body of “Common Sourcemultidimensional spiritual-science “Ascension” teachings contained within the original, pre-ancient CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations. In the earliest of the present-day CDT-Plate translations, the word “Christ” was used to denote the correspondence between the pre-ancient “Krystteachings and some of the teachings contained within the modern “Christian religions.” As the present-day translations progressed, this spelling “evolved” back into the original “Krist/ Krystshorthand spelling of pre-ancient timesthe source of the later word “Christ.” The CDT-Plate teachings contain correspondences to some of the teachings in most primary world religions of today, and so their affiliation extends far beyond the boundaries of Christian doctrine alone. (CDT-Plate historical records pertaining to the “Christ drama,” and more information on the “Common Source of world religions,” are found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)
The MCEO Freedom Teachings® respect the “seeds of genuine Sacred Truth” that still remain within most of the contemporary world fragment-religions, and hold the “Sacred Books and Doctrines” of these religions, and the populations who “follow” them, in equal value. “Some of the teachings” in almost every contemporary religion represent the “Common Seed of Truth” from which all religions emerged; and “some of the teachings” in almost every contemporary religion represent the “Common Bed of Falsehoods” with which the truths have been assaulted. The falsehoods contained within contemporary religious doctrines emerged through intentional promotion of false teachings and manipulation of historical record, which various competing global Illuminati factions have progressively orchestrated throughout generally-known human history, in order to evolve their mass-control-dogmas. While all of today’s traditional religious doctrines share a “Common Seed of Truth,” they also share this “Common Bed of Falsehoods” imposed on them by forces that seek the ultimate demise of the once–Angelic Human species.
Of the falsehoods perpetrated on our spiritual truths, the “greatest falsehood of all” is the intentional, complete omission from the “books of spirituality” of the pre-ancient, advanced scientific teachings of multidimensional physics that are contained within the MCEO CDT-Plates and their original written Maharata Text translations. This intentionally contrived, progressively orchestrated omission of historical fact, which has been executed over a period of recent history dating back only to 11,000–10,000 BC, has culminated in the creation of a “species-wide mass illusion,” in which an inorganic division, and seeming competition, between spiritual and scientific realities is perceived. And through this illusion, a “spiritless science” justifies its endeavors without conscience or concern for “spiritual law or consequence”and a “science-less spirituality” remains castrated from the true knowledge through which its lofty aspirations of an “eternal afterlife and Ascension” can be fulfilled. Original CDT-Plate records of ancient and pre-ancient history include record of spiritually and technologically advanced human, and other-than-human, cultures. Both the CDT-Plate historical record, and the CDT-Plate teachings of the spiritual-science technologies of “Ascension,” have historically been stripped from contemporary fragment-religion doctrines, and denied within scientific paradigms. This omission and denial of ancient “core truths and foundation facts” was contrived to prevent the human masses from acquiring the knowledge and personal power by which they could reclaim directional control over their personal and collective evolutionary destiny.

Science, Spirituality, Evolution and the Templar
The original MCEO CDT-Plate teachings clearly explained the inherent unity of science and spirituality” and the intimate interrelationship between consciousness, spirit and atomic structure; they detailed the specific structures and processes inherent to the science of multidimensional physics by which the spiritual achievement of “Ascension” occurs. The CDT-Plates teach that “Ascension” happens via the organic process of atomic Transfiguration, through which a being is enabled to biologically engage natural multidimensional spiritual evolution back into wholeness, freedom and eternal-life expression. Through the process of atomic Transfigurationwhich involves very specific structures and processes inherent to the laws of multidimensional physics as they apply to human bio-spiritual anatomya human being can experience “Ascension Passage” into ever-greater states of multidimensional bio-spiritual evolution. “Ascension Passage” is the organic bio-spiritual process of dimensional Translocation (visitation) and Transmigration (relocation) through the multidimensional structures of space-time, which culminates in re-evolution back into the original Eternal State of Pure Consciousness from which all initially emerged. This “model” of reality is called “Evolutionary Determinism,” or the “Stair-Step Creation” model. (More information on the Evolutionary Determinism model is found in Introductory-Topic Summary-3, information on the related “Paths of Rise and Fall” is found in Introductory-Topic Summary-2, and the teachings of “Stair-Step Creation & the Science of Ascension” are extensively detailed in the progressive dispensations given through MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshops over the past ten years.)
The CDT-Plates teach that the process of “Ascension” takes place through the organic structures of the “Interdimensional Universal Star-Gate System,” which is referred to as the “Universal Templar.” In the CDT-Plate history records, humanity was recognized as the “Angelic Human” racea race of “interdimensional extraterrestrialorigin that was seeded on Earth by the GA-MCEO Elder Races to serve as Guardians of Earth’s Planetary Templar Halls of Amenti Star-Gate System.” The original Angelic Human genome carried the inherent biological characteristics required to bio-electronically engage directly with Earth’s Planetary Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gate System. This genetic configuration, referred to as the “12-Strand Diamond Sun Crystal GeneDNA, also enabled ancient Angelic Humanity to experience the organic process of “eternal-life evolution” through Transfigurative Ascension. Historical Illuminati manipulation of CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations included intentional omission of the teachings of the “Sacred Science” by which the “spiritual accomplishment” of Ascension occurs, because in revelation of the teachings of “Ascension,” the realities of Earth’s Templar Star-Gates and the “secrets of the Angelic Human genome” would also be revealed. If awareness of Earth’s Templarand of Angelic Humanity’s original, historical, biological commission as Templar Guardiansremained as common knowledge, the Illuminati races would be unable to fulfill their long-term agenda of Planetary “Templar Dominion.”

Humanity’s Dark Age — Lost Civilization, Forbidden History, the Templar and DNA
The Illuminati-Human races of old carried varying hybrid genetic codes containing only portions of the “Diamond Sun Star-Gate DNA Codes” organic to Angelic Human DNA. Earth Illuminati-Human hybrid race lines extend back to around 670,000 BC; the contemporary Illuminati lineage only reaches back to around 250,000 years ago, emerging through a primate-ET-human hybrid evolutionary strain known as the “Leviathan.” Contemporary Angelic Human lines extend back to almost 800,000 years ago, when the Third Seeding of the Angelic Human 12 Tribes was rendered; Earth’s First Seeding of the Angelic Human lines occurred 25 million years ago, and about 250 million years ago the Angelic Human First Seeding occurred on Parallel Earth. The original Angelic Human lineage did not share primate DNAthis connection emerged through historical periods of forced genetic blending that were orchestrated by the Illuminati-Elders, following earlier attempts of consensual DNA Bio-regenesis of ET-visitor gene lines. If the Illuminati-Elder races were to achieve their goals of Earth Templar Dominion, the Illuminati gene lines would need to progressively interbreed with those of the Angelic Human, over many generations, in order for the Illuminati races to gain, by genetic blending, biological access to Earth’s Planetary Templar Halls of Amenti Star-Gates. (More information on Angelic Human Seedings and the Illuminati Leviathan races is found in Voyagers Voume-2, 2nd Edition.)  
Attaining operational knowledge of, procuring biological access to, and achieving covert dominion over Earth’s Templar Star-Gates is precisely what competing Illuminati groups have, historically and to this day, strived to achieve. The progressive orchestration of denying sacred knowledge” to the masses and falsifying the human historical recordwhile promoting extensive over-breeding and overpopulation through historical forced interbreeding, distorted spiritual teachings and manipulative sciencehas not occurred “haphazardly” or “by accident.” These things have occurred, and are still occurring, by meticulous “contrived design,” carried out over many generations since 250,000 BC by Illuminati-Human hybrid-races, following the directives of their “off-planet interdimensional/ extraterrestrial Elder kin.” The Illuminati-Elder-race Atlantean agenda of “Earth Templar Dominion” was part of a much older Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective that began on Earth 550 million years ago, when Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates were createdlong before the Angelic Human lineage was seeded on Earth as the intended “genetically keyed” Guardians of the Halls of Amenti. (More information on the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective is found in Introductory-Topic Summary-2, and information on the historical evolution of the Atlantean Conspiracy  is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)
For the last 13,000 years especially, Illuminati-Human forces, guided by their “off-planet directors and Elder kin,” have been covertly “grooming and cultivating the human masses” in preparation for a particular “human appointment with destiny” that would occur in a particular “period of planetary significance.” During this period, the Illuminati objective of Earth Templar Dominion could potentially be fulfilledif their multi-generational attempt at “genetic blending” was successful. Some Illuminati-Humans, and all of their “visiting kin,” as well as the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians, have known since 22,326 BC that this “human appointment with destiny” was scheduled to occur during the “next period of planetary significance.” The ancient, covert “battle for Templar Star-Gate dominion” has reemerged from these “Atlantean days of old” directly into our present time, because in the year 2000 our Earth entered the “period of planetary significance” long awaited by both the MCEO Guardian and Illuminati forces. This “period of planetary significance” is called a “Stellar Activations Cycle” (SAC). Earth’s Planetary SAC is a period in time when Earth’s Planetary Templar Halls of Amenti Star-Gates engage their “17-year opening cycle,” during which time interdimensional transit and organic “Ascension Passage” become available to the life-field of Earth. (Extensively detailed information on “Atlantean history,” the “Leviathan” races, “SACs” and Earth’s contemporary “Amenti Ascension Schedule” is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)  
During Earth’s last SAC of 22,326 BC, just following the 22,340 BC attempted CDT-Plate translation, Illuminati-Elder races staged invasion of Earth’s Planetary Templar Halls of Amenti Star-Gates. The invasion resulted in the Amenti Star-Gates being forced closed and a subsequent failure of the “Ascension Cycle” in that period. Earth’s last failed SAC ended in a “stalemate” between MCEO Guardians and Illuminati-Elder forces, with the “destiny of Earth human evolution hanging in the balance.” Both groups knew that the next coming SAC would represent the “Final Conflict Drama” over control of Earth’s Templar, and just after the failed 22,326 BC Stellar Activations Cycle, both groups began their long-term plans for this coming “inevitable appointment with destiny.” The MCEO Guardians knew that if they did nothing to intervene, and the Illuminati races progressed with their plan, then during the next SAC both the Angelic Human race AND the Illuminati-Human hybrid race of Earth would face potential species extinction as a result of the Illuminati Master Plan; thus Guardian “non-intervention” was not an option. Many things have transpired on Earth since this period of pre-ancient Atlantean history, including the continuing Illuminati takeover of key Earth Templar sites and three major Illuminati advances in gaining Earth Templar control, which occurred in the periods of 13,400 BC (“Great Netting”), 10,948 BC (“Toral Rift”) and 3470 BC (“Babble-On Massacre”). Together with Earth Templar damage from times previous and thereafter, these Illuminati Templar advances accelerated the progressive distortions in the natural function of Earth’s Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gates, which resulted in planetary environmental anomalies that continue to this day, and which culminated in direct DNA mutation of Earth human populations.
The ancestors of contemporary humanity entered their “Dark Age,” or “dark night of the soul,” during the 13,400 BC, 10,948 BC and 3470 BC periods. During each of these periods, Illuminati-Elder races employed what were known as the “Atlantean Bloom of Doom Death Sciences,” to bring into activation dormant, inorganic Templar Death Science technologies from an earlier period of pre-ancient warfare. (Detailed information on the “Atlantean Bloom of Doom Death Sciences” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-2, in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.) One aspect of these pre-ancient Death Science technologies runs on structures of crystal implant networks, positioned in various locations in Earth’s core, crust and mantle. When activated, these crystal implant networks and their corresponding technologies create an electromagnetic harness within Earth’s Templar Star-Gates and electromagnetic “grid-lines”; this harness has the power to directly affect the function of Earth’s geomagnetic field, through influencing Earth’s core resonance (vibration rhythm/Schumann resonance”) and speed of “pole wobble” (the slow rotation-cycle of Earth’s 23.5°-tilted geographical axis that creates the “precession of the equinox” cycle).
The Templar events of 13,400 BC (15,400 years ago) resulted in a brief collapse and temporary reversal of Earth’s geomagnetic field, which caused some climatic anomalies, further loss of some Atlantean Islands territories, and DNA mutation in the planetary life-field. (The Atlantean continent had been previously reduced to three island nations following a cataclysmic “Templar Conquest” misadventure in the 28,000 BC period). Earth’s geomagnetic field directly affects the DNA and memory storage of biological life-forms through interaction with the Epigenetic Overlaythe chemical sheath around DNAwhich triggers DNA gene response. In human populations, the DNA mutation resulting from this anomalous environmental event of 13,400 BC resulted in the first of three biologically induced “memory wipes” and the fragmentation of portions of the DNA into “junk DNA” (DNA that does not “code for protein” and thus appears to have no active biological purpose).
In the loss of race memory in the 13,400 BC period, both Angelic Humans and Illuminati-Humans were simultaneously reduced to a primitive perceptual state, with loss of historical, practical and language memory. More significantly, the mutations that took place in the human DNA began the process of reducing both Angelic Human and Leviathan Illuminati-Human gene codes to a “common mutation,” leaving “unplugged” the genetic differences that previously existed as junk DNA, while the commonalities between Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human DNA remained “turned on” in the active DNA sequence. Through the “new common-gene human” that resulted from this common mutation, the Illuminati hybrid-humansand their off-planet Elder kincould more easily interbreed with the now “amnesiac” Angelic Human races, who carried the “Diamond Sun Star-Gate DNA.” New bloodlines and blood types emerged following this period, as Illuminati-Elders interbred with humans of their respective genetic lines, and of the Angelic Human lineage, in effort to enhance the “family ‘Star-Gate DNA’ profile.” The GA-MCEO and Krystal River Guardians also intervened, rescuing the Angelic Human collectives they could reach, when they discovered that these events had been set in motion. Afterward, the GA-MCEO orchestrated visitations to the affected Angelic Human Earth collective, to return the original “12 Tribes” languages and CDT-Plate historical record, and to begin reverse-mutation Bio-regenesis of the Angelic Human genetic lines. 
Illuminati-Elders orchestrated the events of the 13,400 BC period intentionally, specifically to create the biological effects, and Planetary Templar control, in which these events resulted; only select members of their earthly Illuminati-Human “children”their “Chosen Oneswere spared this fate, temporarily taken off-planet just prior to the events, and later returned as elitist “overseers.” Through the biological effects of these environmentally induced events, the Illuminati-Elders could begin advancement of their “genetic blending” agenda, in preparation for the “Star-Gate Conquest” they intended to launch during the next Planetary SAC. Following this period, various competing Illuminati-Elder races initiated cycles of “visitations,” in which they, and their “Chosen Ones” Illuminati-Human children, began to teach the “now-primitive human mutants” (often by dominion and force) their respective, contradictory languages, creation myths and history interpretations. Portions of the advanced Atlantean and Egyptian civilizations still remained following these events, and for a time Atlantis was ruled by the cruel and elitist Illuminati “Chosen Ones,” who governed the amnesiac “common-gene humans” as slaves.

The NET, Higher & Lower Earth,the Toral Rift,
Equinox Precession & False Yugas, and the 2012 Alpha-Omega Alignment
On a planetary level, the events of 13,400 BC resulted in the activation of a planetary environmental anomaly called the “NET.” The NET (Nibiruian Electrostatic Transduction field) is a multidimensional electromagnetic harness that runs through the “Van Allen Belts” in Earth’s atmosphereand through Earth’s crust and mantlewhich creates and sustains anomalous distortions within Earth’s geomagnetic field, and within the Bio-magnetic Fields that govern DNA behavior. Through the NET distortions created in the 13,400 BC period, Earth’s core resonance was altered, resulting in the first of three slight accelerations of Earth’s geographical-pole axis wobble. The slight acceleration of Earth’s axis wobble created, over a period beginning in 13,400 BC, the first of three corresponding slight accelerations of the precession of the equinox cycle from the previous 26,556-year SAC cycle, to a faster cycle of about 25,920 years (an acceleration of about 636 years). The multidimensional NET field began an unnatural acceleration of Earth-time, which progressively pulled Earth’s Templar further out of co-resonant alignment with organic Universal Time Cycles and Star-Gates, and further into alignment with a space-time-loop anomaly that occurred 5.5 million years ago (the “Wall in TimePhantom Earth” anomaly). As a result of the 13,400 BC “Great Netting” and first wobble acceleration, Earth’s geomagnetic fieldand thus the Halls of Amenti Star-Gatescame under partial control of the Illuminati and their Elder kin, and human evolution was brought to a relative standstill.
The most intensive Templar damage Earth suffered from the events of 13,400 BC was the beginning of a literal inorganic harnessing, or Netting,” of portions of Earth’s existing multidimensional matter planes. A portion of the Amenti Star-Gates, and a portion of Earth’s Templar and three-dimensional matter-plane field, became contained within the electromagnetic harness of the NET, separated and divided from the portions of the Amenti Star-Gates and planes that were outside of the NET. This unnatural division of Earth planes created the anomaly of a Higherand a LowerEarth: both shared the same three-dimensional frequency spectrum, but the “time pulse” within that common frequency spectrum became divergent. The planes and three-dimensional matter-base that were contained within the NET field became the “Lower Earth”; controlled by the Illuminati NET, the geomagnetic field of “Lower Earth” engaged the first “pole wobble increase” that accelerated the “precession of the equinox” cycle from 26,556 years to 25,920 years. The planes and three-dimensional matter-base that remained outside of the NET field became “Higher Earth” or “Ascension Earth”; biological Ascension was still possible from “Higher Earth,” because its portion of the Amenti Star-Gates and matter planes remained on the 26,556-year equinox precession cycle through which organic SAC Amenti Star-Gate opening cycles occur.
As a result of the 13,400 BC “Netting,” portions of the Earth field that were once physically manifest “seemed to literally disappear” when viewed from within the NET and its geomagnetic field harness. As the Lower Earth “NET-bound” field engaged the first 636-year “equinox precession acceleration,” and the Higher Earth field did not, the spin-speed of subatomic particles and atoms, as well as Earth’s rotation speed, adopted two slightly differentenergy vibration-pulsation rhythms,” or “time pulses.” The Lower Earth time pulse was unnaturally accelerated, while the Higher Earth time pulse remained consistent with the greater, longer, slower time pulses of the free multidimensional Universe. Space-time within the Lower Earth NET field entered a slight inorganic acceleration, contraction and compaction; Lower Earth’s axis spin, as well as its wobble, became a little faster, causing days to shorten slightly, and making the “bulgeat Earth’s equatorial poles more pronounced. Biorhythms of the life-field quickened, as did elemental decay rates, and the DNA of Lower Earth’s life-field became entangled within the “magnetic grip” of the anomalous geomagnetic field generated through the NET. The territories of Higher Earthwith their slower, more expansive “time pulse”did not experience any of these environmental or biological anomalies.
The Illuminati-Elders orchestrated the 13,400 BC “Great Netting” event as part of their much larger Templar Dominion agenda, scheduled to reach fulfillment in Earth’s next SAC. This “Netting” technology had been used by Illuminati-Elder races many times before, literally on a galactic level; the Illuminati plan was to bring the Lower Earth NETonline” with their galactic NET system that runs through the Milky Way Galaxy and connects into the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy. In 13,400 BC, Illuminati-Elder races made great headway toward fulfilling this agenda. Humans, as we know ourselves today, have evolved forward from the point of the “Great Netting” as the unfortunate inhabitants of “Lower Earth,” under the repression, manipulation and genetic mutation of the Illuminati NET field. Since the period of the Great Nettingand the related, subsequent periods of 10,948 BC, 9562–9558 BC and 3470 BC, and up to this daythe Illuminati-Elder races and their Illuminati-Human children have retained a continual, covert presence and have engaged ongoing remote, manipulative contact and communication with Lower Earth humanity, as they have patiently “groomed the NET races” to fulfill specific roles during the “appointment with destiny” scheduled for the next SAC “Ascension Cycle.”
Following the 13,400 BC Great Netting period, the GA-MCEO continued and accelerated their evolutionary intervention efforts, progressively returning the “12 Oral Legions of the Krysthl-a” CDT-Plate remote-translations via the Angelic Human remnant populations, while amplifying efforts of genetic Bio-regenesis reverse-mutation among all “common-gene human” “Sleeper” populations. The “common-gene mutation” affected both Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human gene lines, returning both to a state of “relative primitive innocencea state from which both could move forward together in their remembering of the teachings of Eternal Life Ascension, and in their healing of the “common-gene mutation” through progressive Bio-regenesis. In this regard, the Illuminati Sleeperpopulations could have the opportunity of Free Will Choice returned to them. The Illuminati-Elders had denied the Sleepers this opportunity, as the Elders were cultivating them to be only a “disposable resource” with which to win the “Templar Conquest.” Most Illuminati-Elder races did not (and do not) carry genuine love or caring for the welfare of their earthbound Illuminati children. In fact, they considered their children “inferior genetic specimens” of the Elder master-racesinferior precisely due to the Angelic Human genetic contaminant” with which the Elders had themselves engineered their earthly Illuminati-Human offspring. Having compassion for the plight of the Illuminati-Humans, the GA-MCEO engaged the “common-gene Sleeper mutation” as an opportunity to offer these races the evolutionary option of Bio-regenesis, and through it the potential to regain their freedom from the hierarchical manipulation and imprisonment of their Illuminati-Elder kin.
The GA-MCEO option of Evolutionary Freedom and the teachings of the “12 Oral Legions” rapidly became popular among the “common-gene Sleeper humans” of both Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human descent, due to the Guardian intervention efforts following the 13,400 BC Great Netting. Through a period of small-scale rebellions that took place within both the Atlantean and Egyptian cultures, the “Sleeper slave races” regained small strongholds of control over certain Earth Templar sitesand within factions of the primary governing structures of the Illuminati-Human elite. Such “insubordination” did not settle well among Illuminati-Human Loyalists and their Elder kin. The Atlantean Freedom Movement” was largely squelched by various Illuminati-Elder invasions of the Atlantean Islands and neighboring territories, and the Illuminati “genetic blending” agenda was forcefully accelerated among the “Sleeper” populations, but pockets of resistance to Illuminati dominion remained. The progress in Bio-regenesis reverse-mutation that had been made by the MCEO was continually undermined through the Atlantean Illuminati actions, but it continued onward despite these setbacks. Through the local “dominion force” of their earthly Illuminati-Human children, the Elders increasingly promoted among the Sleeper populations the teachings and applications of what were called the “Metatronic Death Sciences” and Atlantean Bloom of Doomtechnologies. In 10,948 BC, progress in MCEO Bio-regenesis efforts, and in the Atlantean Freedom Movement, was brought to a standstill when the Illuminati-Elders employed massive applications of the Metatronic Death Sciences to score the second and most catastrophic victory in the advancement of their Master Plan Prime Objective.
About 13,000 years ago, in 10,948 BC, the Illuminati-Elders used the Metatronic Death Sciences to finally fulfill an objective they had been trying to achieve for millions of years prior. From the Atlantean islands of Bruah, in the southwest territories of Atlantis (which are called Cuba, Puerto Rico and Haiti in contemporary times), the Illuminati-Elders, with the assistance of their Illuminati-Human children, used Metatronic “Death Star Merkaba Vortex Mechanics” to create a set of wormholes called the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel; this wormhole set linked the core Star-Gates of Lower Earth and our Sun to the corresponding Star-Gates of Parallel Earth and Parallel Sun within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Black Hole System. Once the Earth-Sun Solar Time-Torus Tunnel wormhole sets were opened, they were extended into the Alpha-Omega Wormholes at the Galactic Cores of the “Alpha” Parallel Milky Way Galaxy and our “Omega” Milky Way Galaxy, opening an intergalactic space-time displacement field called the “Great Toral Rift Time Rip.” Through the 10,948 BC–Atlantis center of the intergalactic Toral Rift Time Rip, the core Star-Gates and geomagnetic field of our Sunand the NET-harnessed geomagnetic field and Halls of Amenti Star-Gates of Lower Earthwere inorganically linked to the geomagnetic fields and core Star-Gates of Parallel Earth and Parallel Sun. The Toral Rift–linking of the Parallel Earth-Sun systems pulled the Templars of Lower Earth and our Sun further out of co-resonant alignment with organic Universal Time Cycles and Higher Earth Star-Gates, and into direct alignment with and subjugation to the inorganic space-time distortion cycle of the Parallel Milky Way “Alpha” Black Hole System.
Through the Toral Rift Time Rip, the space-time fields and Star-Gate opening cycles of Lower Earth, our Sun and Solar System, and the “Phantom Earth” space-time-loop anomaly from 5.5 million years ago, all became electromagnetically blended into and synchronized with the Alpha Wormhole Fall Gate opening cycles of Parallel Earth and Parallel Sun. Lower Earth and our Solar System entered the space-time anomaly of the “Illuminati Cycle of the False Yugas,” which was intended to culminate in fulfillment of the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective during the next SAC. Through the Planetary Templar distortions caused by the 10,948 BC Toral Rift, Lower Earth’s core resonance was again altered, resulting in the second of three slight accelerations of Earth’s geographical-pole axis wobble. Over time, this second acceleration of Earth’s axis wobble created the second of three corresponding slight accelerations of the precession of the equinox cyclefrom the 25,920-year precession cycle of the first acceleration (in 13,400 BC), to a faster one that would accelerate in increments to become an approximately 25,771-year precession cycle by the time of the next Parallel SAC. During the 10,948 BC Toral Rift event, the time cycles, Star-Gate opening periods and precession of the equinox cycle of Lower Earth were synchronized to the control of the Parallel Earth wormhole opening cycles, which would cause the Halls of Amenti Star-Gates on Lower Earth to open prematurely in 2012 AD, as the Parallel Earth and Parallel Milky Way Fall Gate sets opened through the Toral Rift.
If the Illuminati Master Plan was successful, the period of 2012–2013 AD would bring Earth humanity to a final cataclysmic appointment with Illuminati destiny.” During this “appointment,” our Solar System and the Parallel Solar System would engage inorganic Metatronic Death Star Merkaba Vortex dimensional-blend within the Toral Rift Time Rip, which would cause rapid Mass Extinction” of the life-fields in both systems. Then both solar systems would be “drawn back in time” to the 10,948 BC–Atlantis center of the Toral Rift space-time displacement field, from where they would be assimilated as “raw quanta” into the Parallel Milky Way “Alpha” Black Hole System. (Detailed information on the Toral Rift, Death Star Merkaba & 2012 appointment with Illuminati destiny is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-2.)
During the 10,948 BC Toral Rift event the Lower Earth NET field and geomagnetic field engaged a partial Pole Shift, aligning with the Parallel Earth fields, which caused some climatic anomalies and a partial glacial period on Lower Earth. Yet again the Epigenetic Overlay and DNA of the Lower Earth life-field were directly affected by environmental changes in the planetary geomagnetic field. The second of three biologically induced “memory wipes” occurred, again leaving Earth humans in a primitive perceptual state, with loss of historical, practical and language memory, and the “common-gene human” mutation that began in 13,400 BC continued to accelerate.  
From the time of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift event and thereafter, the life-field of Lower Earth became literally trapped within an environmentally induced cycle of artificially accelerating time, in which the Planetary Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gates of Lower Earth, and thus the biorhythms of its life-field, adopted the progressively shorteningFalse Yugas” Stellar Activations Cycle of the Parallel Earth Fall Gates. In the structure of undistorted, organic Universal Time Cycles there are 4 Eyugha time cycles in an expansion/ manifestation period. Each of the 4 Eyugha time cycles contains 6 smaller Euiago-SAC time cycles, and each Euiago-SAC time cycle contains 6 smaller Time Continuum cycles. One of Earth’s organic Euiago-SAC Star-Gate opening cycles is 26,556 years long; one organic planetary Eyugha cycle of Earth6 organic Euiago-SAC cyclesis 159,336 years long. The “False Yugas” system of “Illuminati Artificial Time” is structured by charting the 25,920-year inorganically accelerating “precession of the equinoxesthe counterclockwise cycle of Lower Earth’s geographical-pole axis wobble progression between alignment with Polaris and Vega, which occurs due to the unnaturally forced synchronization of Lower Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates and geomagnetic field with those of the Parallel Earth and Parallel Alpha Milky Way Galaxy. Charting the progression of this “False Yugasprecession cycle was, and is, important to the Illuminati-Elders, because during certain repeating periods in this inorganic cycle, direct portal access to Lower Earth territories becomes available from Parallel Earth and the Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System.
When Lower Earth and our Sun became linked to the Parallel system through the Atlantean Solar Time-Torus Tunnel and Toral Rift of 10,948 BC, Lower Earth’s orbit around the Sun accelerated slightly (shortening the organic Lower Earth “year”) and became synchronized in counter-rotation with the “invisible orbit” of Parallel Earth around its Sun; and through the wormhole links between the Solar Core Gates, our Solar System became an inorganic binary star system, invisibly tethered to the Parallel Solar System. Once the orbital rotations and Star-Gate-opening time cycles of our Solar System were forced into synchronization with those of the Parallel Solar System, the harnessed Amenti Star-Gates of Lower Earth aligned directlyat specific points in each yearly rotation of Lower Earth around the Sunwith the Alpha Wormhole Fall Gates of Parallel Earth and with the intergalactic Alpha-Omega Galactic Core Wormholes.” Each year during the spring/ vernal and fall/ autumnal equinox periods, the Parallel Earth Alpha Wormholes would open directly into the harnessed Lower Earth Amenti Star-Gates, for a period of about two weeks, allowing for easy Illuminati-Elder passage and visitation between Lower and Parallel Earth. Each year during the winter and summer solstice periods, again for about two weeks, the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel wormholes would engage the Gates of Lower and Parallel Earth in a brief alignment with the intergalactic Alpha-Omega Galactic Core Wormholes, allowing Illuminati-Elders direct wormhole passage to Lower Earth from various regions of both Milky Way galaxies.
These “yearly periods of Communion” were used by the Illuminati-Elder races for direct interaction and cyclic “policing” of Lower Earth Atlantean, Egyptian and pre-ancient “Sleeper human” cultures. The “False Yugas” Illuminati calendars, depicting a false “Yuga” precession cycle of 25,920 years, began first in Atlantis following the 10,948 BC Toral Rift event. These “Atlantean Illuminati Calendars” were used by both the Illuminati-Elders and their Lower Earth Illuminati-Human children to “keep track of the visitation schedules” when the Illuminati-Elders would return to Lower Earth for visitation. The “Atlantean Illuminati False Yugas Parallel Wormhole Opening Precession Calendars” were later introduced to various Lower Earth Sleeper human populations, and became the basis for the Mayan End Timescalendar and numerous early “Pagan seasonal worship” rites.
Following the 10,948 BC Toral Rift event, and its resultant climatic and time-cycle anomalies, Atlantean culture continued to evolve under increasing Illuminati control, while MCEO–Krystal River Aquafereion races intervened through the Higher Earth portals to introduce the “Aquari-Human” hybrid lines on Lower Earth for Bio-regenesis of the failing Angelic Human gene code. In 10,500 BC Illuminati-Humans waged the “Luciferian Conquest,” during which the Atlantean Islands, and immediate control of Lower Earth human evolution, fell to complete Illuminati dominion. In 9562 BC Atlantean Illuminati-Humans overthrew the MCEO–Krystal River Aquafereion Lower Earth Templar intervention attempts in an event called the Great Encasement; in 9560 BC the Atlantean Illuminati-Humans formalized their planetary dominion plan in creation of the Luciferian Covenant “One World OrderAtlantean Conspiracy” agenda; and in 9558 BC their Templar Conquest misadventure culminated in widespread flooding and the final sinking of the three primary islands of Atlantis. As the Illuminati Atlantean Templar Conquest progressed on Lower Earth, various factions of Illuminati-Elder races and their earthbound children engaged competing Templar Dominion agendas and resultant Lower Earth “grid wars,” each competing Illuminati-Elder group intending to control Lower Earth’s Amenti Star-Gatesand thus the intergalactic Toral Rift Time Ripduring the “2012 appointment with Illuminati destiny.”
Infighting and “raiding” of each others’ Illuminati-Human-hybrid Lower Earth race lines continued among the competing Illuminati groups until 3470 BC, when the certain factions of the Illuminati-Elder races and their Illuminati-Human children orchestrated the third of three geographical-pole axis wobble slight accelerations and the resultant shift of Lower Earth’s geomagnetic fields. This 3470 BC event, which was executed from a Lower Earth region in ancient Babylon, was referred to as the “Babble-On Massacre,” as it resulted in the third biologically induced “memory wipe” of the Lower Earth human races. The mutated “common-gene human” race lines of Lower Earth were reduced once more, via environmental electromagnetic disruption of the Epigenetic Overlay and DNA, to a primitive perceptual state with loss of historical, practical and language memory. The “Babble-On Massacre” event was later recorded in Biblical translation as the “Tower of Babel” story. (Information on the progression of the Atlantean Conspiracy agenda and the Babble-On Massacre is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)
Following this third axis wobble acceleration of 3470 BC, Illuminati-Elder groups once again began “reeducating” the “Sleeper human” populations of Lower Earth. Using the “yearly Communion schedules” of the slowly accelerating Atlantean Illuminati Calendar “False Yugas” Parallel Wormhole Opening equinox precession, Illuminati-Elder races cyclically “policed” their “prison planet” territories of Lower Earth and periodically “mingled” with their amnesiac human captives for breeding, to systematically advance the genetic blending element of the Illuminati Master Plan. Illuminati-Elder races and their “Chosen Ones” Illuminati-Human “elite” children returned only select portions of the ancient Atlantean knowledge to the general Sleeper human populations, and misrepresented themselves to the Sleeper humans as false “Gods.” The Sleepers were taught to “abide by the seasons,” to create “stone calendars, portal temples and astronomical observatories” by which they could “chart the times and locations of the return visits of their Gods” and intermingle with them for breeding during such visitations. And the Sleepers were taught many heinous rituals of territorial grid-conquest, murder, sacrifice, perversion, copulation and possession, through which they could “seek to gain favor” from the false Gods who imprisoned them. Knowledge of Earth’s Templar Star-Gates, of Parallel Earth, of the realities of Atlantean history and race origins, and of the Atlantean Death Sciences and the Illuminati Master Plan was reserved for only an elitist “Chosen” few at any given time. The majority of Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human races alike were kept amnesiac, unaware, uneducated, subjugated, and thus easy to manipulate, misdirect and control. This is the “recent ancient history” reality from which our “known historical record” has emerged.
Certain ancient groups chosen by the Illuminati-Elders, such as the Maya, were entrusted with greater aspects of the Atlantean knowledge, as demonstrated in the Mayan “End Times” calendar. This ancient calendar “prophetically” depicted the “2012 End Time period,” when the inorganically synchronized Star-Gate/ wormhole False Yugas cycle of Lower and Parallel Earth would culminate in the Gate-sets of Lower Earth, our Sun and the Parallel Earth and Sun aligning with and opening into the Alpha-Omega Wormholes in the Galactic Core of both Milky Way galaxies. This “Intergalactic 2012 Alpha-Omega Gate Alignment was designed to bring our Solar System and the Parallel Solar System into inorganic Metatronic Death Star Merkaba Vortex dimensional-blend within the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip center, in fulfillment of the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective. As the Illuminati-Elder races and their elite “Chosen Ones” progressed with their hidden Templar Conquest and Sleeper human “Disinformation Reeducation Program,” the GA-MCEO and Krystal River Guardian races also continued intervention efforts from the territories of Higher Earth and other regions within the Universal Free Worlds System.
The Guardians’ “12 Oral Legions of the Krysthl-a” were once again reawakened to return the teachings of the CDT-Plates to the “common man” human race lines who upheld the treaties of the Emerald Covenant, and several other written CDT-Plate partial translations were rendered in various languages and cultures following the 3470 BC “Babble-On Massacre” event. A history of “human warring and conquest” progressed, and continues into our present time, with the real reasons for the incessant fighting and bloodshed completely hidden to all but a few within the ranks of the Illuminati Chosen Ones, who continue in the roles of their predecessors as directors of these planetary events. Meanwhile, a historical hodgepodge” of ancient myths, deceptions, partial truths and partial falsehoods has emerged as the “factual spiritual and scientific reality base” upon which all of our known historical cultures and our present “public” views of reality have been built. Regardless of what we choose to believe or not believe about the realities of “what has come before,” our planet is currently facing its long-planned “2012 appointment with Illuminati destinywhich will directly affect the evolutionary potentials of every life-form on our Lower Earth.   

Contemporary MCEO Vision 
It may seem that humanity has been victimized by the hidden historical events of 13,400 BC, 10,948 BC, 3470 BC and related periods, but from a “higher perspective” these events can be viewed as a long cycle of evolutionary learning that Angelic Humans and the Illuminati Force have shared and co-created together. Behind this “learning cycle” there is a “greater purpose” that benefits the greater spiritual and biological evolution of both race lines, and many other races within the Universe who are “watching.” Part of this “greater purpose” involves the “new common-gene humanblended genetic code, the result of the common DNA mutation that began its evolution into expressed fruition in the 13,400 BC period. As the Angelic Human genome suffered a progressive loss of the original “Diamond Sun Star-Gate DNA Coding,” the various Illuminati-Human genomes gained more of the “Diamond Sun” structure. And though this “common-gene” created vulnerabilities and potential loss of Ascension ability among the Angelic Human races, it also presented an opportunity for the Angelic Human Guardian races to give a gift to the Illuminati-Human races. In gaining portions of the Angelic Human Diamond Sun DNA Codes, the Illuminati-Human races received the gift of potential freedom from the hierarchical control of their Illuminati-Elder kinand therefore a return of their potential for genetic Bio-regenesis, through which the “Original Source Gift” of Eternal Life Evolutionary Ascension could be regained. The Free Will Choices historically made by both the Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human “common-man races,” and most especially the Free Will Choice that is made during the “2012 appointment with Illuminati destiny,” will determine whether this “Gift of Freedom” comes to manifest fulfillment. 
At present, as our planet engages its “2012 appointment with Illuminati destiny,” our dominant human mass belief systems collectively work more to further obscure any knowledge of the ancient truths of Ascension than they do to reveal any potentiality of empowerment. However, the solution to this “current dilemma of human evolution” is not to focus extensively on deciphering the Common Bed of Falsehoods that permeate our mass worldviews, but rather to focus on identifying the Common Seeds of Truth through which the falsehoods can be overcome. It is for this purpose that the GA-MCEO and Krystal River Adashi Adepts are currently returning to the human public a written remote-translation of the CDT-Plate teachings that have so long been denied. Through these teachings, humanity is offered the opportunity to come to know and remember itself, and in knowing itself, humanity can find the truth through which it can set itself free during the “2012 appointment with Illuminati destiny.” And it is because of this inherent promise of potential freedom that the contemporary MCEO CDT-Plate remote-translations are referred to as the MCEO Freedom Teachings®. As the CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts represent the “Common Source” from which all Earth religions originally emerged, the “Promise and Potential of Genuine Ascension,” and the responsibility as Earth Templar Guardians, is the Common Evolutionary Birthright of the Angelic Human species, and of the Illuminati-Human species that now co-shares the Angelic Human gene code. Thus the contemporary remote-translations of the MCEO CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text teachings represent the ancient heritage of all religions and peoples on contemporary Lower Earth, whether or not any human recognizes this reality.
Though it emphasizes the “Common Seeds of Truth” through which humanity is united, the MCEO vision is not that of a One World Doctrinethis is the intention of the Illuminati state, within their greater agenda of “One World Order” global Templar Dominion. The MCEO teachings rather promote the vision ofUnity Through Complementary Diversity,” in which the peoples of all world religions might choose to adopt a perspective of mutual respect for each other, and together recognize the unique “seeds of genuine truth” each have been entrusted to protect. With recognition of the “Common Source” from which each “seed of Sacred Truth” emerged, and of the complementary diversity in the teachings that each of the original 12 CDT-Plates contain, humanity could take a “giant leap forward” in extracting itself from the covert controls of the contemporary global Illuminati Force. The Illuminati Force, in its quest for Earth Templar Dominion and fulfillment of its 2012 Master Plan Prime Objective, continues to manipulate behind-the-scenes agendas that “pit human against human” in futile defense of “divided concepts of God and science.”
If it could be recognized that most of the “followers” of all religious AND scientific paradigms are in actuality seeking harmonious, peaceful, empowered reunion with that “mysterious Source of All Creationwhat humans have come to call “God, Gods or No-God”perhaps it could also be recognized that there is this common objective within all traditions. With this recognition, qualities of mutual respect, a sustainable life-giving attitude of “mutual harmlessness,” and a growing spiritual maturity of “reverence for the Common Source within all things” could evolve within the collective human psyche. And with such evolution, freedom from the pain and suffering generated through the competitive “control games” of the Illuminati consciousness, and freedom from the 2012 Illuminati Master Plan, could be attained. This “ideal Vision of Healing” is not likely to occur any time soon within the Illuminati-directed mass psyche of contemporary Earth humanity; but it remains a “Vision of Hope and Awakening” that is the basis upon which the “Krystic Free Worldsof space-time are organized, and upon which the MCEO Freedom Teachings® stand. The GA-MCEO and Krystal River Adashi Adepts will always respect the Free Will Choice of all beings, even if that gift is being used in highly misguided ways. They are not here to save the world,” nor to “play savior” to a faltering humanity. They are simply here to remind us of the greater truths recorded within the CDT-Plates, and to assist those of us who choose to care, in rediscovering and reawakening the potentials of Genuine Transfigurative Ascension that still reside dormant within us. 

Contemporary CDT-Plate Translations,
Current Earth Drama & the 6520 AD Welcome Station 
The contemporary re-translation of the Maharata Texts and direct translation of the CDT-Plates began in 1997 through MCEO Speaker-1, Ashayana Deane; the beginning translations were published in 1999 by Granite Publishing (then Blue Water Publishing/ Wild Flower Press) as the “Voyagers books” (Volume-1: The Sleeping Abductees and Volume-2: The Secrets of Amenti). CDT-Plate translations have progressively been provided to MCEO Speaker-1 and presented in MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop dispensations between 2000 and 2009; translations are ongoing. Since the 1999 first release of the Voyagers books, work with the interdimensional Guardian Alliance (the numerous early GA contacts are named in the Voyagers books) has continuously intensified and expanded to include the elder trans-dimensional Krystal River Councils of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts (the Elder Councils of which the GA-MCEO is part). The Krystal River Councils of Aquareion include the EyanA, AdonA, Haah’-Tur, Aquafar’E, ZionA and Aquai from our Milky Way Galaxy in our 15-Dimensional Universe; the Bhendi Aquari, Aquafereion, and A’quA-elle from the M31-Andromeda/ Aquinos Galaxy in our 15-Dimensional Universe; the Mashaya-Hana Councils from a neighboring 15-Dimensional Universe called Aquareion; and many others within and beyond our 15-Dimensional Universal Time Matrix. The Krystal River Councils–Adashi Adepts are the Elder Councils and guiding force for all GA-MCEO collectives.
The contemporary (beginning in 1997) translations of the MCEO CDT-Plates contain the history records and related spiritual-science “Ascensionteachings of our “local15-Dimensional Universe. Due to escalation of events in the current planetary drama, in 2007 the Krystal River Councils of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts expanded the translation contract of MCEO Speaker-1 to include translation of data from the KUmA’-yah Al-humbra Crystal Discs, which contain the extended history records and related advanced spiritual-science “Ascension” teachings of the M31-Andromeda/ Aquinos Galaxy in our 15-Dimensional Universe and the neighboring Aquareion 15-Dimensional Universe. Translation and public teaching of appropriate aspects of the CDT-Plates and KUmA’-yah Al-humbra Crystal Discs continues through MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop dispensations, and will feature in future books.  
In a very short time, the biological potential for Transfigurative Ascensionand the corresponding potentiality of biological Transmigration back to Higher Earthwill be permanently lost to the general masses of the Earth-human species, due to environmental anomalies that will occur on Earth in 2012–2013 AD as a result of advancement of the Illuminati Master Plan. Regardless of what we choose to believe about humanity’s past or current evolutionary potentials, the “period of significance” to which the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective has long been directed became the hidden reality of our times with the onset of Earth’s 2000 AD SAC (Star-Gate opening cycle). The “Saving Grace” for the continued evolution of contemporary Earth humanity is the fact that the manifest planes and life-fields of “Higher Earth” still exist to this day. The Higher Earth territories have evolved, since their consequential formation in 13,400 BC, in a much more “positive” direction, as part of the “Universal Free Worlds” communityfree from the Illuminati manipulation and genetic mutations suffered by the inhabitants of Lower Earth. Since the 13,400 BC period of the “Great Netting,” MCEO–Krystal River Guardian races have continued both direct and remote intervention efforts within the Lower Earth territories; many of them communicate with us today from various space-time positions in the Higher Earth territories and “Free Worlds” intergalactic locations.
The Higher Earth and “Free Worlds” galactic territories beyond the Illuminati NET field exist as  tangible, “three-dimensionally physicalversions of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy, that are “just as real” as our currently known “Netted” Lower Earth and galactic territories. The Higher Earth and Free Milky Way Galaxy territories exist “in the same space” as our currently known system, but at a different “angular rotation of particle spin” and different particle-spin-speed, and thus the two interconnected reality systems appear invisible to each other. The Higher Earth territories share a common past with our Netted Lower Earth up to the point of 13,400 BC; following that time, the Higher Earth planes evolved in freedom, whereas our Lower Earth planes evolved under increasing Illuminati manipulation. Since 13,400 BC, the primary Templar Star-Gate Ascension Passages of Higher and Lower Earth have remained closed, but still interconnectedthe potentiality of their opening awaiting the 2012 “appointment with Illuminati destiny”; smaller secondary Higher Earth Time Portals have been periodically opened for purposes of Guardian intervention during Lower Earth crisis periods. Since the current SAC began in 2000 AD, Guardian races have been intervening directly from numerous “Free Worlds” locations within and beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, including the Higher Earth territoriesmost especially those located in the “future space-time” coordinate of Higher Earth 6520 AD.
In this concurrently existing 6520 AD future-timeHigher Earth location, highly specialized cultural and environmental healing structures have evolved, from which Guardian “space-time travel” intervention into “distressed” “past, present and future” space-time locations is initiated. The original Guardian contact through which the contemporary CDT-Plate Speaker-1 Contract emerged, was launched from the Center for the Advancement of Interdimensional Communication (CAIC). The CAIC is a very “physical” bustling Higher Education Complex located on 6520 AD Higher Earth, in an area corresponding to the space-time coordinates of present-day Kauai, Hawaii on Lower Earth. There are many other highly evolved establishments on 6520 AD Higher Earth that specialize in various aspects of intervention into distressed territories like those of present-day Lower Earth. The Higher Earth territories of 6520 AD are the “Saving Grace” for contemporary Lower Earth human evolution, for in these territories of space-time, highly developed Transmigration Settlements, or “Ascension Colonies,” have been long established. The Ascension Colonies of 6520 AD Higher Earth, which exist in numerous locations across the planet, are the “local welcome stations” for beings from Lower Earth and the local Milky Way Galaxy that accomplish biological Transfigurative Ascension and emerge into the next stage of Eternal Life Higher Evolution through Ascension Passage SlideTransmigration. The Ascension Colonies of 6520 AD Higher Earth are also the “next-evolutionary-stop” living communities into which beings who accomplish Ascension through Bhardoah “death-transition” spirit-passage from Lower Earth and local systems will rebirth/ reincarnate, to continue on their path of Eternal Life Higher Evolution.
Since its 13,400 BC separation from the Netted Lower Earth territory, the Higher Earth territory has been intentionally protected, nurtured, evolved and designed by races of the Guardian Alliance and Krystal River Councils of Aquareion to become one of the “Planetary Ascension Colony Welcome Stations” through which the potentials of Eternal Life Ascension would remain available to the inhabitants of Lower Earth and the local Milky Way Galaxy. The primary Templar Star-Gates interconnecting 6520 AD Higher Earth and present-day Lower Earth will open between 2012 and 2230 AD for potential “Slide” Ascension Passage by those of Lower Earth who can retain and awaken the genetic potential for biological Transfigurative Ascension–Slide-Transmigration through the duration of the planetary environmental anomalies that will occur on Lower Earth from 2012–2013 AD. For those who do not retain this genetic potential throughout the environmental changes of 2012–2013 AD, the option of Hosted Bhardoah Ascension spirit-passage will remain available till the end of the 2012–2230 AD period. Following 2230 AD, the primary Templar Star-Gates between Higher and Lower Earth will permanently close, and Ascension Passage from Lower Earth into the Higher Earth path of Eternal Life Higher Evolution will no longer be possible.
The contemporary MCEO teachings are currently focused on assisting people of the Lower Earth territory to better understand the massive intergalactic drama within which their planet is ensnared, so that individuals may make more intelligent, informed Free Will Choices regarding the potentials of personal evolutionary destinybefore the environmental anomalies resulting from the “2012 planetary appointment with destiny” make those choices for them. The contemporary MCEO teachings will progressively assist individuals who so choose to prepare themselves for the realities of Transmigration via Star-Gate Ascension Passage, through which they may join the advanced eternal-life civilizations of the “future-time” 6520 AD Higher Earth Ascension Colony Welcome Stations. Such preparations will begin with fostering a personal communicative relationship of “Reciprocal Exchange Contact” between Lower Earth territory humans desiring Transmigration, and trained Guardians from the 6520 AD Higher Earth Center for the Advancement of Interdimensional Communication and related Guardian service organizations.
Reciprocal Exchange Contact” simply means that the Guardians will assist and interact with only those humans who desire this contactand who demonstrate this desire by being willing to work with the MCEO teachings the Guardians have providedto develop skill in Keylontic Communication, and to engage the Bio-regenesis healing that is biologically required for Genuine Star-Gate Ascension Passage. The Guardians will reciprocate the degree of effort and sincerity put forth by the human contact; they do not intend to “play our saviors,” but will gladly assist us in “saving ourselves” from mass evolutionary events that we might personally choose to avert if we were empowered to know the difference. The choices are ours; the Guardians’ intention is to empower us with the knowledge through which we can make our choices wisely. Through understanding the historical and contemporary origins of the MCEO teachings, we are presented with the opportunity to make more informed Free Will Choices, as our species’ “Collective Time of Evolutionary Reckoning” unfolds and we engage our long-awaited “appointment with destiny” at the end of 2012.
Information on Reciprocal Exchange Contact, advanced Bio-regenesis and preparing for Transmigration Ascension will be found in our forthcoming book, 2012Life After Earth: Orb Whisperers and the Silver Seed Awakening, due for release late summer 2010. New information on the “2012 appointment with destiny,” the Illuminati Master Plan & Atlantean Death Sciences, and the Guardians’ “Ascension-Sliders Load-Out Mission” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-2.  
With Love, Light and Awareness … and a “Sprinkling of Stardust” … A’sha Deane – MCEO Speaker-1
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Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings ® Series
*Not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure Dis-ease or Illness, nor is it to be presented or construed,
 in any way,  as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment

☼     Introductory-Topic Summary-2
All Materials ©2009 Ashayana Deane — Azurite Press MCEO, Inc

Contemporary Origins & Evolution of the MCEO Teachings
By A’sha Deane
Includes: The Contemporary MCEO Speaker-1 Contract; Kathara Healing, “Ascension Cycle,” Earth’s Templar & Azurite Press Travel Tours; MCEO Freedom Teachings®, Kathara Team & Newcomers’ Modules Program; Elements of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® & Ancient “False Ascension Science”; Ancient Deception, the Fall of Atlantis & Comparative Review of Death Science Paradigms; Free Will Choice, “It’s ALL True,” the Encryption Lattice and the “Paths of Rise & Fall”; The Hidden Human Dilemma, “Channels,” Earth Extinctions, 2012 & the Planetary Encryption Lattice; The Big Game, the 2012 Show, Pertinent Questions and the Silver Seed Awakening; Wise Choices, Symbol-Clues and Salvaging the Sacred

The Contemporary MCEO Speaker-1 Contract — A’sha’s Story
I have had direct personal contact with the Guardian Alliance (GA) since childhood, which included the experience of “conscious fetal integration” (spirit entering the fetus) and open (though fragmented) reincarnational memory since my physical birth in September of 1964. In infancy the Guardians would frequently interact with me in dreams, and occasionally they would visit me as conscious “Light Orbs” that I could physically see while I was awake. In the earliest Guardian Orb-contact, before I knew language here, the “Guardian-Orbs” would communicate with me through “Direct Cognition,” and occasionally assist me with physical healing. The Guardians’ presence was comforting and reassuring and I experienced the visiting Guardian presence as my “real family” from whom I had incarnated into Earth-life via my “biological host-family”; though I love them, I experienced my biological family in a way similar to that of “being an exchange student in a foreign country” and “living with a beloved local host family during your stay.”
At age 4, I began to experience negative physical “forced abductions” from the Intruder Zeta races; the Zeta would also occasionally use the “vehicle” of “Light Orbs” for predatory contact. When the Zeta forced abductions began, the Guardians intervened directly and by age 7 intensified contact to physical consensual abductiontransports, through which my conscious training with them began. At this time the Guardians also stopped conscious Light Orbvisitations with me, and engaged other means of Keylontic Communication and physical contact. The Guardians stopped using “Orb contact” to protect me from further confusion and deception by Zeta and other “Intruders” who were using “Light Orb” vehicles for manipulative contact, until my training was sufficient to “tell the difference” between “friendly and unfriendly Orb phenomena”; to my surprise, the GA-MCEO Guardians finally re-introduced “Orb contact” in November 2008, two years after our groups had begun training in personal “Orb-ing Bi-location projection.” (More information on “Orbs,” “Orb contact” and “Orb-ing” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-4, the Voyagers books and in the MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVDs.)
My training with the Guardian Alliance continued from age 4, until a Near-Death Experience at age 18, when my spiritual ordinations began with the Guardian Alliance–MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Order of the Yunasai) Eieyani Priests of UR of Kauai, Hawaii. I completed the final level-6-Eckar MCEO-Ordination in 1997, at age 33, at which time the Guardians offered me their MCEO Speaker-1 Contract, which includes CDT*-Plate remote-translation (*12 Cloister-Dora-Teura Plate recorder discs from the 246,000 BC Emerald Covenant), teaching and specific planetary “grid work” responsibilities. In my preparatory training for CDT-Plate translation, the GA-MCEO orchestrated several physical “consensual abduction” transports, during which I was permitted to physically see and hold one of the CDT-Plate Silver Discs. During other GA-MCEO-orchestrated Bi-location experiences, I was trained to interact with the CDT-Plates in preparation for CDT-Plate remote-translation (information on the GA-MCEO CDT-Plates and “remote-translation protocols” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1). Following my MCEO-Eckar Ordination, I began in 1997 the formal remote-translation of the MCEO CDT-Plates and the Guardians’ Keylontic Transmissions.
Resulting from beginning CDT-Plate translations and the Guardians’ Keylontic Transmissions, the Voyagers seriesVolume-1: The Sleeping Abductees and Volume-2: The Secrets of Amentiwere published in 1999 (Granite Publishing), and at the Guardians’ request, I began doing public workshops featuring the Guardians’ teachings.
(Note: “Keylontic Transmission” involves an organic process of “multidimensional bio-electric data transfer,” or “electronic data-streaming,” that is NOT channeling”/conscious mediumship”the Guardians have progressively taught about the hidden dangers of “channeling,” and have provided alternative, safer “Keylontic” techniques for interdimensional communication and contact. More information on “Keylontic Communication” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, the Voyagers books and in the MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVDs.)

Kathara Healing, Ascension Cycle,Earth’s Templar & Azurite Press Travel Tours
In 2001 the Guardians identified two other individuals with whom they entrusted the “MCEO Speaker-2 and Speaker-3 Contracts” (historically MCEO Contracts involve only 3 appointed Speakers). These contracts do not involve direct CDT-Plate translation, but include various other duties of spiritual service and Keylontic Communication with the Guardians. In October 2000, MCEO Speaker-2 Michael A’sanDeane and I married. At the request of the Guardians, the two of us and MCEO Speaker-3 (a lady named Maryanne MacCallaway) founded “Azurite Temple of the Melchizedek Cloister,” which in 2002 was restructured to become “Azurite Press MCEO, Inc.,” co-founded by MCEO Speakers 1, 2 and 3. In addition to the continuing CDT-Plate translation and Keylontic Transmission of teachings pertaining to the subject matter featured in the Voyagers books, the Guardians in 2000 introduced the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System™, featuring inner-directed multidimensional self-healing technologies focused upon restoration of the dormant “biological Ascension potentials” of the ancient Angelic Human genome; this process of genetic reverse-mutation is referred to as “Bio-regenesis,” which can be accomplished through progressive, sequential restoration of key aspects of the 15-dimensional human anatomy. (More information on historical “MCEO Speakers,” “biological Ascension potentials,” “15-Dimensional Anatomy” and the “Angelic Human” lineage is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, the Voyagers books, the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System™ and in the MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVDs.)  
Since 2000, the Guardians have also progressively provided extensive training regarding “Sacred Sites” and Earth’s “Planetary Templar” (organic electromagnetic grid-line and Star-Gate/Ascension Gate” system), and the historical and contemporary “Hidden Big Picture Drama” in which Earth and humanity have been and are currently engaged. These teachings are being provided by the Guardians at this time because in January 2000, Earth entered an expedited, 2213-years-early “Stellar Activations Cycle (SAC) “Halls of AmentiStar-Gate opening period, also called an “Ascension Cycle.” The SAC that began in January 2000 is the first one since the failed SAC of 22,326 BC. Starting in 2000, the MCEO Speakers, at the Guardians’ request, have led Azurite International Educational Travel ToursGrid-Keeper” workshop groups in which the Guardians guide us to various geographical locations and “GA-MCEO Guardian Sacred Sites” to assist them in restoring and activating key energetic circuitry within Earth’s Templar.
From 2000 to the present, our groups have traveled to many “Guardian Sacred Site” locations (some sites numerous times), including sites in Egypt, Peru, India, Greece, Ireland, England, France, Andorra, the Netherlands, Belize, Mexico, Morocco, Bermuda, Tenerife, and St. Kitts, and in Hawaii and various other sites within the USA
(Detailed information on “Stellar Activations Cycles,” the “Halls of Amenti Star-Gates,” “Earth’s Templar” and “Grid-Keepers” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, in Voyagers Volume-2, in the MCEO Planetary Templar Stewardship Manual and the MCEO Arc-Hub-Gate Maps handbooks, and in the MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVDs.)

MCEO Freedom Teachings®, Kathara Team & NewcomersModules Program
Many more books could have been published to contain the massive amounts of intensive information the GA-MCEO Guardians and the CDT-Plates have provided since 2002and that they continue to providebut the Guardians chose instead to disseminate this information through the medium of ongoing sequential independent MCEO workshops. Our MCEO workshops simultaneously focus upon personal healing and awakening, status updates on the “Big Picture Drama” and Planetary Templar Stewardship work; each sequential workshop provides “next-level-up” dispensations from the Guardians, building upon the information provided in the workshop immediately before. 
Since 1999, the workshop groups have grown rapidly as the Guardians’ teachings grow more in-depth, and in 2006 the body of the Guardians’ teachings released in the progressive workshops since 1999 was trademark registered under the (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) MCEO Freedom Teachings®. Currently, our workshop groups average from 200–300 people, and a few thousand people internationally are involved in our Keylontic Science and related online e-Groups. As of October 2009 there are 82 new-material workshops; since the beginning the workshops have been filmed, and are currently available as DVD packages (many with supplementary written materials) on our “Azurite Press Product List.” Currently the MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshops collectively cover over 1,000 hours of live teaching time
In 2000, following the guidance of the Guardians, MCEO Speaker-2, my husband Michael “A’san” Deane, created the organizational and administrative structures for Azurite Press MCEO, Inc. USA, which has expanded to include international affiliate offices in Ireland, Australia and South Africa; Azurite Press is the international distribution network for the MCEO Freedom Teachings® products and workshops. As the Guardians’ teachings grew, the “next-level-up” information provided in each new MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop progressively became so in-depth and specialized (each successive workshop introducing new subject matter in sequel to the subject matter from the workshop just before), that it became correspondingly more difficult for new people to “catch-up” enough to comfortably comprehend the in-depth subjects addressed at their first workshop. Resultantly, in 2003 MCEO Speaker-3, Mac Callaway, organized the “Kathara Team,” a group of dedicated MCEO Freedom Teachings® students who volunteer their time and talents to create an ongoing “Newcomers’ Modules Programfeaturing a series of simplified, shortened presentations of foundation teachings from past MCEO workshopsthat is offered on-location to newcomers prior to the main workshop presentations. The “modules” help new people to better understand various aspects of the foundation teachings, thus enabling them to receive greater benefit from the more intensive main workshop programs. 
Through the dedicated efforts of MCEO Speaker-2, my husband “A’san,” and MCEO Speaker-3 Mac Callaway; through the large group of Azurite Press staff and volunteers who have collectively become known as the “MCEO Team”; through the professional services of Granite Publishing (who publishes the Voyagers and Angelic Realities books) and Learning Through Travel (who organizes MCEO group-travel tours); and through the continuing support of the inspiring people who come to our workshops and value the MCEO Freedom Teachings®, my work in translating the Guardians’ MCEO Freedom Teachings® continues to be made available and accessible to the public, and the Planetary Stewardship work of the Guardians continues to unfold. Many thanks and great appreciation are extended to this wonderful group of people for their contributions in bringing the contemporary MCEO Freedom Teachings® into the world. (Information on the “MCEO Team” is found in the “More Information” section of this website, under the heading “Meet the MCEO Speakers & International MCEO Team.”)

Elements of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® & Ancient False Ascension Science
Since 1999 the MCEO Guardians’ teachings have provided an ongoing, comprehensive study of the “Cosmic Context, Structures and Dynamics” of space-time-matter creation and spiritual evolution, of planetary, galactic and universal “lost history” and of the contemporary Big Picture Drama.” The MCEO Freedom Teachings® have also provided a progressive program of studies in advanced multidimensional anatomy, including studies of: 15-Dimensional Anatomy; the 15-Chakra System, Axiatonal & Meridian Lines; the Light Body, Rasha Dark-matter Body, Elum’Eir-adhona Spirit Body, Aah-JhA’ Hydro-acoustic Body and Jha-DA’ Body; fetal integration, Bhardoah, growth cycles, Evolutionary Ascension Cycles, DNA, and much more. 
The MCEO teachings explore the interconnection between the multidimensional anatomy and the physical-emotional-mental-spiritual bodies, the embodied consciousness, “higher states,” the DNA, the Realities of Transition (conception, fetal integration, and “death”/ Bhardoah) and the Science of Ascension (Transmigration through Star-Gates/ Time Portals via atomic Transfiguration). In 2000, introduction of the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System™ Level-1followed a few years later by Kathara Levels 2–4provided a progression of energy-technique applications for advancement of personal multidimensional healing and interdimensional consciousness expansion through sequential bio-field and DNA Template activation. In 2008, due to unfavorable escalations in the planetary drama, we began expedited introduction of advanced Kathara-12+ bio-spiritual healing technologies. 
Within the intensive studies of “Cosmic Context, Structures and Dynamics” progressively featured in the MCEO teachings, we have learned of the intricate genuineSacred Geometries” inherent to personal and cosmic structure, and the corresponding Sacred Processes of Physics and Consciousnesssuch as Partiki Phasing, Takeyon Harmonic Key Cycles and Eckashi Expansion & Adashi Return Cycleswhich are interrelated elements of the organic cycles of growth that govern cosmic formation, biological creation and spiritual evolution. We have also learned of the “nature of space-time,” and of both the small and massive organic multidimensional “time cycles” that govern space, time, matter, consciousness and manifestation. 
Progressively since 2000, the CDT-Plate translations and MCEO teachings have revealed many long-hidden secrets pertaining to the “Science of Ascension,” which includes the organic processes of interdimensional and trans-dimensional atomic Transmutation, Transfiguration, Translocation and Transmigration. In our learning of the actual organic processes by whichand cosmic structures through whichthe bio-spiritual dynamics of “Ascension” can occur, we have also received an extensive amount of information on the intentional historical distortions of Ascension Science teachings.” Through learning about the organic intricate structures, genuine processes and Natural Laws of Multidimensional Physics through which actual “Bio-Spiritual Ascension” (for “planets or people”) can take place, the falsehoods carried within “false Sacred Scienceteachings became progressively more obvious by comparison. 
False Sacred Science” teachings, and the inorganic environmental and biological consequences created through their use, are built upon convoluted, self-serving perversions of the organic Laws of Multidimensional Physics. Applications of these “twisted multidimensional scienceteachings, historically engaged on Earth throughout different periods over many thousands of years, has taken a terrible toll on human evolution and on the state of our planetary environment. The “false Sacred Science” teachings emerged from periods in our ancient and pre-ancient past, during the historically ignored “ancient advanced Earth cultures” currently associated with “Atlantean and Lemurian mythology.” During these ancient times, many environmental and biological horrors were created through application of the “false Sacred Sciences”; the technologies that emerged from these teachings represented a perversion of the organic, living multidimensional technologies that were once available through applications of genuine “Sacred Science.” In ancient advanced cultures, the “false Sacred Science” teachings became known as the “Death Sciences,” because reduction of eternal-life potential to finite-life de-evolution was the eventual result of their applicationsregardless of what temporary benefits of finite power such technologies supplied.
During the ancient Atlantean period, there was one particular body of false Sacred Scienceteachings that emerged among Earth cultures after one of the GA-MCEO CDT-Plates was stolen and placed in Illuminati hands. The CDT-Plate revealed many advanced teachings of organic “Sacred Science,” which Illuminati-Elder forces then twisted to form a particular “wormhole technology” through which they could seek fulfillment of their “Earth Templar Dominion” agenda. (Historical information on the stealing of the CDT-Plate and resultant ancient dramas is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.) In ancient cultures, this particular body of advanced twisted false Sacred Scienceteachings that emerged, along with its resultant technologies, from perversion of the CDT-Plate teachings, was casually known as the “Bloom of Doomtechnologies. This ancient name was adopted in reference to one of the primary inorganic energy distortion geometries” used in this “Death Science,” the structure of which, in common respects, resembled a “blossom.” Other characteristic components of distorted mathematics and physics were also inherent to the “Bloom of Doom” Death Science. Components related to the “Bloom of Doom” technologies included a distorted mathematical growth formula for artificial finite life that in later days became known as the “golden mean rectangle” and “Fibonacci spiral & sequence,” both of which were distortions of the “Krystal Spiral & Sequenceorganic eternal-life growth ratios illustrated in the GA-MCEO CDT-Plate teachings.
Another component of the ancient Atlantean “Bloom of Doom” technologies emerged through distortion of the CDT-Plate symbol called the “Kathara Grid.” Distortions of the CDT-Plate Kathara Grid symbol became known in the “Death Sciences” of the Atlantean period as the “Tree of Artificial Life,” because temporary, inorganic, finite-life artificial structures of matter, light and biology could be created through the “twisted mathematical secrets” implied by the symbolic structure of the Tree of Artificial Life distortion. The genuine Kathara Grid represents the organic core mathematical radiation-structures, or “lattices,” upon which eternal-life “livingmorphogenetic field–matter templates are built. The mathematical relationships depicted within the organic Kathara Grid symbol represent the literal “core mathematical formula” of organic radiation-lattice structure, numbers of which lattices group together in very specific geometric-mathematical patternsforming the structure of organic multidimensional radiation templates upon which “dark-matter,” quarks and subatomic particles organize into structured manifest atoms and forms. 
The organic Kathara Grid “lattice” features 12 Signets” or “power points” placed in very specific positions within a “cross-bar lattice” of very specific proportions; the proportions and relationships depicted in the genuine Kathara Grid symbol represent the mathematical formulae of organized-radiation-structure through which organic, living matter, light and biology are formed. The organic Kathara Grid is not a theoretical invention,” but rather is a depiction of the core organizational structure upon which the organic, living, eternal-life Cosmos is, and has always been, formed. The organic Kathara Grid, and what it represents, exists as part of the organic Natural Laws of Physics that are indelibly inherent to the eternal, multidimensional Living Cosmos, and to the eternal “Unified Field of Energy and Consciousness” within which the Cosmos resides.   
Distorted versions of the CDT-Plate original Kathara Grid symbol emerged through the “Bloom of Doom” teachings in Atlantis as the “Tree of Artificial Life” symbol, which originally depicted 11 Signets” instead of the organic 12, and which had specific structural distortions within the shapes and proportions of the “cross-bar lattice.” The organic “living” Kathara Grid symbol represents the literal “core mathematical formula” of organic radiation-lattice structure for the eternal Living Cosmos. Likewise, the various versions of the “Tree of Artificial Life” symbol represent a distorted, contrived, inorganic creation formula” through which unnatural multidimensional radiation template-structures can be artificially createdby abusing the Natural Laws of Multidimensional Physicsto harness and direct the organization of “dark-matter,” quarks and subatomic particles, in order to form inorganic, finite-life artificial structures of light-radiation, and atomic and biological form. 
Further distortions of the “Tree of Artificial Life” symbol emerged later in history as “Tree of Life” symbols depicting 7, 8, 9 or 10 Signet points, with different “cross-bar lattice” distortions. These later Kathara Grid distortions represented renditions of the Atlantean “Tree of Artificial Life” creation formula as adapted by various groups of Illuminati who were in competition with the Illuminati “Bloom of Doom” creators. All such Kathara Grid distortions represent attempts at implementing unnatural creation formulae that deviate from the organic structures, and Natural Laws of Energy and Consciousness, inherent to the eternal Living Cosmos. 
Two other components of the Atlantean “Bloom of Doom” teachings, and related “Death Sciences,” are hidden within two common symbol-forms referred to as the vesica piscis and the “star-tetrahedron.” The “vesica piscis” symbol is a set of 2 interlinked circles with the inner-most “outside edge” (circumference) of each circle touching the center-point of the other circle. Within the CDT-Plates, this symbol was originally called the “Bi-Veca Code,” and it, along with its 3-circle Tri-Veca Code symbol counterpart, referred to specific organic structures, processes, functions and interrelationships inherent to the organic multidimensional electromagnetic frequency spectrum, and especially to the organic creation mechanisms and natural dynamics inherent to light-radiation and the organic Living Light structures upon which the eternal Cosmos is built. The “star-tetrahedron” symbol is a 3-dimensional symbol-form constructed of 2 pyramidal-shaped vortices, each with a triangular base: one pyramidal-vortex is in the “point-up” upright position and intersects along a vertical line with the other inverted, “point-down” pyramidal-vortex. The 2-dimensional depiction of the star-tetrahedron is the commonly recognized symbol of the “6-pointed star” or “Star of David.” Within the CDT-Plates, both versions of this symbol were depicted with a circle around the symbol, and both were referred to as the “Hierophant” symbol, which depicted the mathematical formulae and multidimensional structures inherent to “Merkaba Fields.” Merkaba Fields are organic energy vortex structures that are part of the natural multidimensional circulatory system” of the Living Cosmos, and which under certain conditions inherent to the Natural Laws of Multidimensional Physics, can become “vehicles of transport” within the organic processes of Genuine Ascension.  
The Bi-Veca Code/vesica piscis” and the Hierophant 6-pointed star/star-tetrahedron” symbols, and the “Ascension Science” teachings corresponding to them, were part of the original “Sacred Science” teachings contained with in the CDT-Plate that was stolen during the Atlantean period. In the hands of the Illuminati, the Bi-Veca and Hierophant symbols and their corresponding bases of knowledge were, like the “Kathara Grid” and “Krystal Spiral,” distorted: first into the “Bloom of Doom” technologies, and later into a variety of “Death Science” teachings and practices used by competing Illuminati groups in their quest for Earth Templar control. Unlike the visibly discernible distortions of the Kathara Grid and Krystal Spiral symbols, Bi-Veca Code and Hierophant symbol distortions were not immediately noticeable; instead, the distortions were contained within the twisted teachings of finite-life energy mechanics that accompanied the symbols, while the image of the symbols themselves looked relatively the same. “Death Science” teachings involving the Bi-Veca Codewithout its organic Tri-Veca Code counterpartutilized the distorted energy mechanics inherent to the vesica piscis, by which inorganic, artificial, finite-life static Dead Lightradiation fields can be generated through corresponding use of distorted Merkaba Vortex mechanics.  
Twisted” Merkaba Vortex mechanics implement unnatural distortions of the spin-speed and spin-direction of Merkabic Vortex sets, to create a particle/ anti-particle harness field within which energy and atoms can be trapped. Once trapped within the inorganic Merkaba Field, the harnessed energy quanta can then artificially sustain a prolonged longevity of form, and achieve limited local interdimensional transport, as long as the inorganic Merkaba Harness around it can “feed/ drain energy from organically living energy fields. The inorganic Merkaba Field, also known as the “Death Star” or “External Merkaba,” must “feed,” much as an “energy vampireas unlike organic KrystarMerkaba Vehicle structures, the “Death Star Merkaba” is incapable of independently generating energy quanta for self-sustenance. 
Once activated, this “Artificial-Light Death Star Merkaba Vehicle,” created through the “Bloom of Doom” and related technologies, engages the finite-life mathematical growth formulae of the “golden mean rectangle” and “Fibonacci spiral & sequence” to increase its spin-speed by draining energy from the life-field around it. Usually, inorganic Death Star Merkaba technologies employ the unnatural spin-speed starting ratios of 34 / 21in relation to two separatesame-spin fixed-vortex sets” (4 vortices, rather than the organic 2) placed in counter-rotation to each other, which accelerate and blend to a “common spinof 55 when activated. Following activation, the Death Star Merkaba engages acceleration and quantum expansion via the inorganic growth ratios of the Fibonacci sequence, using the “energy sucking” dynamics inherent to the physics-mechanics illustrated within the Fibonacci spiral. Organic Krystar Merkaba Vehicles begin with a natural “331/3 112/3spin-speed ratio of a single set of 2 counter-rotating vortices, and build spin-speed and energy thrust to much higher speedsbeyond the known “speed of light”through internal quantum self-generation, following the mathematical correspondences characteristic to the organic “Krystal Spiral and Sequence” growth formula. The “ratio numbers” pertaining to organic Merkaba Vortex spin-speeds refer to the number of rotations each counter-rotating vortex completes in a given period, for a period measured in increments that can be relatively compared to “one rotation per trillionth of a billionth of a nanosecond,” or RP-TBN.   
Upon full activation, the “Death Star Merkaba Harness Vehicle” and its contents, be it a person, planet or galaxy, can engage limited local interdimensional relocationbut only through inorganic wormhole, portal and black hole structures formed by the same “Death Science” technologies. Once a biological or matter-form engages full Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation, its matter-template becomes permanently mutated, and the being or matter-form loses its organic potential of natural multidimensional Ascension, along with the ability to pass through the organic Star-Gate “Ascension Passages” inherent to the Cosmic Templar. Though the Death Star Merkaba offers the “immediate perks” of temporary extension of form longevity and limited interdimensional transport within black hole/ wormhole systems, due to the organic Natural Laws of Physics inherent to the eternal system of the Living Cosmos, the ultimate fate of the Death Star Merkaba is inevitable implosion, energetic self-annihilation and release of its harnessed quanta to space-dust. Use of the Death Star External Merkaba Vehicle can be compared to “taking a poorly planned quantum joyride that inevitably ends in a deadly crash at the end of a dead-end road”; at the least, use of the Death Star Merkaba is a very unwise decision, if one genuinely cares about the potentials of one’s own experiential evolutionary destiny.  
Unlike the inorganic, externally-fueled External Merkaba of the Death Star Vehicle, the organic, internally-fueled Internal Merkaba structures inherent to the Krystar Ascension Vehicle allow for progressively unlimited interdimensional and trans-dimensional travel, and full, holistic evolutionary expansion back into the Original State of Pure Source-Consciousness. The Krystar Ascension Vehicle is formed through, and functions as, a natural consequence to harmonious use of energy and consciousness in relation to the Natural Laws of Physics inherent to the eternal Living Cosmos. 
The distorted vesica piscis Artificial-Light manipulations and Death Star Merkaba mechanics, which are at the core of the ancient Atlantean “Bloom of Doom” and “Death Science” teachings, work together with the distorted matter-template mechanics of the “Tree of Artificial Life,” “golden mean rectangle,” the “Fibonacci spiral & sequence” and other related “Death Science” components not discussed in this writing, to form an inorganic technology that attempts to manufacture an “artificial facsimile of Eternal Life Ascension.” This “facsimile of the sacred” is intended to allow the organic Laws of Energy and Consciousness that govern the eternal Living Cosmos, to be bent, broken, twisted and misused, without truth or consequence, by the whims of finite ego.
Beings who knowingly employ this mentality desire to “take a free ride at the expense of whomever or whatever crosses their paths,” without any consideration for “fair or harmoniously balanced energy exchange”; they suffer from a Dis-ease of Supreme Arrogance, through which they become self-deluded into thinking they can escape the organic Natural Laws of Action and Consequence-to-Action by which the eternal Cosmos functions. Such beings inevitably learn, most often the “hard way,” that such “delusions of grandeur,” and the perverse technologies created to fulfill them, simply do not work within the greater structures and context of the eternal Natural Cosmic Laws of Multidimensional Physicsfor energetic action will always be met with corresponding energetic consequence.
The genuine “Sacred Science” teachings of the MCEO existed long before creation of the CDT-Plates or seeding of the Angelic Human lineage; the organic First-Creation Dynamics featured in the MCEO teachings existed as the living framework of cosmic reality long before the nature of these dynamics were ever recorded as “teachings.” The “Death Sciencedistortions of these “First-Creation Dynamics” also existed within our Universe long before their more recent historical return to Earth through the Atlantean “Bloom of Doom” teachings derived from Illuminati infiltration of the stolen CDT-Plate. Technologies born of the “false Sacred Science” teachings, and corresponding perversions of Natural Cosmic Physics Laws, have wreaked havoc for eons within our Galaxy and others, since their inception billions of years ago among interdimensional races that attempted to “push the concept of Free Will Consequence” beyond all intrinsic, organic cosmic boundaries. Prior to the appearance of the “Bloom of Doom” Death Science technologies on Earth, these technologies were known in our local Universe as the “Teachings of Metatronic Death Science,” named after a local entity collective, called “Metatron,” who was instrumental in bringing the Death Sciences more directly into our local Galaxy.
(Detailed information on “organic First-Creation Dynamics,” the historical “Fall of Metatron” and related characters, and the mechanics and historical applications of “Metatronic Death Science” is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition, throughout various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVD programs, and in Introductory-Topics Summary-1.)

Ancient Deception, the Fall of Atlantis & Comparative Review of Death Science Paradigms
In the ancient Atlantean period of Earth, the “Bloom of Doom” Death Science technologies became well-rooted in Atlantean cultural practices; our contemporary planetary environment, human DNA and the evolutionary potentials of Earth’s collective life-field are still suffering from the progressive, continuing effects of the applications of the Atlantean Death Science technologies. A primary factor in the spread of Death Science teachings and technologies within the advanced ancient cultures of the Atlantean period was the mass deception used by Illuminati groups to misrepresent these teachings as originating from a “Divine Inspired Source”; part of this deception involved the “demonstration of great powers” that could be achieved with application of the Death Science technologies. Masses of people were deceived into thinking that the “wisdom and powers” allotted them, through use of the Death Science teachings and technologies, were assisting them to heal, reach greater levels of spiritual enlightenment and attain mastery over the process of Bio-Spiritual Ascension.
In reality, the Death Science teachings and technologies progressively mutated the DNA, and entrapped the consciousness within a biologically-induced state of false euphoriawhile systematically dissolving the organic evolutionary potential to achieve Genuine Eternal Life Bio-Spiritual Star-Gate Ascension. The ancient Illuminati races of the Atlantean period promoted the Death Science technologies precisely to achieve these results, for their true motivation and intention was not at all to “assist the human race” in aspiring to its potential “evolutionary glory”; the Illuminati agenda was to covertly USE the human race as “unwitting, expendable tools,” through which the Illuminati goal of achieving Earth Templar Dominion” could be fulfilled. 
In ancient times, both the Illuminati-Human races and their ET Illuminati-Elder-kin directors KNEW that every biological life-form represents a “biological electromagnetic quantum,” which exists in a symbiotic bio-electric interrelationship with the electromagnetic structures inherent to the Planetary Templar and Star-Gate system. The Illuminati intention was to harness this raw biological power” of Earth’s most “genetically advanced” Angelic Human species, by cultivating the human biology into a “vessel” through which the interdimensional frequencies of the distorted Metatronic Code” could be “electronically channeled en masse” into Earth’s Templar. If a mass of Angelic Human bodies could be genetically mutated to “run the frequencies of the Metatronic Death Code,” then a critical quantum of the “collective human body” could be used to create “quantum override” of the organic electromagnetic coding of Earth’s Star-Gate Ascension Passages, which are “electronically keyed” to the organic Angelic Human genome. Once such a “mass of Metatronically-coded biological electromagnetic human quanta” was created, masses of humans could then be “guided” to perform specific “spiritual energy rituals” at various key “Sacred Site” locations of Earth’s Templar, during the “all-important periods” of Earth’s SAC Star-Gate-opening “Ascension Cycles.”
This process of “invasion from within” worked relatively well in fulfilling the Illuminati small-scale agendas of the ancient Atlantean period, culminating in “Fall by design” of Atlantean culture and resultant cataclysmic destruction of the territories of Atlantis. These “small Illuminati victories” of Atlantis represented “baby steps” in the fulfillment of a much larger “Illuminati Master Plan,” to which these “small steps” were intended to lead.
(Detailed information on the symbiotic bio-electric interrelationship between human biology and Earth’s Templar, the historical evolution of the Illuminati Master Plan, and the history of Atlantis is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition, throughout MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVD programs and in Introductory-Topics Summary-1
As the GA-MCEO Guardians’ teachings and the CDT-Plate translations have continued, progressively more of the joyous teachings and technologies of true love-based spiritual development and Genuine Eternal Life Ascension mechanics have been revealed. But due to escalations in the hidden, contemporary Earth Templar Conquest drama that have occurred progressively since September 2000, the GA-MCEO Guardians have also revealed, along with the joyous teachings, the “forbidden history records” of the CDT-Plates, which detail the “less-than-pleasanthistory of the “Illuminati Master Plan,” and the “MUCH-less-than-pleasantreality unfolding “cloaked before our eyes” within the contemporary planetary drama. As we have learned more about the organic structures, genuine processes and Natural Laws of Multidimensional Physics involved with actual “Bio-Spiritual Ascension,” the similarities and the differences between the Guardians’ MCEO CDT-Plate teachings and “popular New Ageteachings have become progressively more apparent.
At the beginning of the SAC I had read very little of the popular “Ascension Science” teachings that were emerging within the New Age movement, so I had limited reference from which to compare or question; most of “my questions” were first asked by other people who had come into the MCEO teachings after studying numerous other popular and traditional spiritual paradigms. As I questioned the Guardians about the differences in subtle-anatomy structure, Ascension Science mechanics and ancient history accounts” brought to my attention by others more well-read than myself, the Guardians progressively released information from the CDT-Plates that explained how the differing “Ascension Science mechanics” and “historical accounts” from various other popular spiritual paradigms were related to the teachings held within the MCEO CDT-Plate records.
Revelations concerning the specific mechanics of “false Sacred Scienceteachings began around 2001, when the Guardians began release of the CDT-Plate ancient history records pertaining to the “Fall of Metatron.” From this point forward the technical teachings of the MCEO and CDT-Plate dispensations started to contain detailed comparatives between the structures and mechanics featured in the MCEO teachings, and those found in other, apparently contradictory paradigms. As the “comparativeshave grown, the distortions, omissions, vacuities and sometimes utter falsehoods contained in other paradigms have become painfully more obvious. In comparison to many of the “very similar root teachings” presented in various “New Age” paradigms, the differing views held within the MCEO CDT-Plates offer perspectives that are more detailed, cohesive, comprehensive and cogent, and that simply make more logical and spiritual sense.” Of further persuasive force, the MCEO teachings can show how and where the mechanics and structures featured in other paradigms fit within the more detailed, expansive mechanics and structures described in the CDT-Plate teachings; thus the MCEO teachings are inclusive” rather than “exclusive,” which supports the “New Age” philosophy of “Unity/ Christ Consciousness.”
At certain “crossroads of understanding,” such as in comparing the structure, mechanics and numerical relationships between the “Krystal Spiral of the CDT-Plates and the Fibonacci golden mean spiral promoted in numerous popular “advanced” New Age “Ascension Science” teachings, even more persuasive force has emerged. For example, the “Krystal Spiral” has a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with its own center-point of creation, whereas the Fibonacci golden mean spiral, which is relatively based upon the geometries of the “golden mean rectangle,” has a de-centralized start point of expansion, rather than a centralized “center-point” of creation. There is a logical/ intuitive implication held within this comparative that begs the question, “Do WE not have a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with OUR own center-point of creation?” This is what all New Age philosophies strive to teach us, and yet the logical/ intuitive implication held within the “supposedly sacred” Fibonacci spiral promoted by New Age teachings illustrates a contradictoryoff-center relationship to origin.” (Information on the Krystal Spiral & Fibonacci spiral comparative is found in several MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVD programs.)
Another, more interesting example of contradictory logical/ intuitive implication is found in the way the numbersunfold within the growth-expansion formulae of the “Krystal Sequence” and the “Fibonacci sequence.” The Fibonacci sequence features a sequence of numerical expansion in which the “next expansion number” to come is reached by “adding together” or “devouring” the two numbers that come before it. If we think of each number as a “quantum of energy,” then the two previous numbers are “added together” and consumed in order to “become the next number,” leaving nothing in their place; the “numbers before” become “finite quanta” that must “disappear or die” in order for the next number to be “born.” Thus the “numbers” within the Fibonacci sequence ALL represent finite energy forms that will be consumed and cease to exist, in order for the “next generation” to emerge. This is “recycling of finite energy” to create growth, not growth through self-generated power, and thus the mechanics of the Fibonacci sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for finite life, not organic eternal life. The growth-expansion pattern of the Fibonacci sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of a finite naturewhich includes many, but not all, life-forms on contemporary Earth.
In comparison to the Fibonacci sequence of finite life, the numerical expansion of the Krystal Sequence from the CDT-Plate teachings occurs through multiplying the preceding numbers, in specific increments that are based upon the core structures of Kathara Grid rotation, to create the “next expansion,” leaving the numbers beforeintact; in “energy quantum” terms, the eternal quantum integrity of all previous numbers remains constant, as the quanta of the numbers before are multiplied through self-generated power to “create the next unique number.” Thus the “numbers” within the Krystal Sequence ALL represent eternal energy forms that will remain to infinity within their own unique individuation, always in relationship to the center-point from which they emerged, and always within the context of what they have “grown to become,” while the “next generation” emerges as a unique quantum expansion born of relative multiplication of the quanta before. This is “creating new growth through perpetually self-regenerating power,” not growth through “recycling of finite energy,” and thus the mechanics of the Krystal Sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for organic eternal life, not inorganic finite life. The growth-expansion pattern of the Krystal Sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of an organically eternal naturewhich includes all life-forms within the Freed Worlds of “Eternal Life Ascension Systems.”
The differences between the Krystal Spiral and Sequence and the golden mean–Fibonacci spiral and sequence can be simply understood in terms of their respective relationships to their creation points.” The Krystal Spiral/ Sequence emerges from its center-point of creationto which it perpetually retains a living, “breathing” (expanding and contracting) connection through preservation of what “came before”and it expands through multiplication of that which came before. The golden mean–Fibonacci spiral/ sequence emerges from a “point of adhesion” to a living/ breathing form, to which it progressively loses contact, as it expands perpetually through consumption and annihilation of that which came before. The MCEO Guardians humorously refer to the golden mean–Fibonacci spiral/ sequence as the “Fib Of NO Chi (energy)” mechanics; the simple differences of logical/ intuitive implication between the “Krystal mechanics and the “Fibmechanics provide a comparative illustration of the core differences between and intrinsic natures of the respective greater creation paradigms” each system of mechanics represents. Throughout the MCEO Freedom Teachings® many “direct” and “implied” differences have emerged between MCEO teachings and other paradigms, and with each comparative, a relative “body of reasonable doubt” has grown in relation to some of the other paradigms. Through the progressive comparatives, it has become obvious that the ancient Atlantean Bloom of DoomMetatronic Death Science is an “alive-and-well and dominant force” within the contemporary New Age movement.

Free Will Choice, It’s ALL True, the Encryption Lattice and the Paths of Rise & Fall
Though the “Cosmos allows and finds value in all things,” and “It’s ALL good/ Godas the New Age sayings tell us (and with which the MCEO perspective actually agrees), it is also “all good/ God to learn to discern between the various paths of spiritual awakening, if one hopes to have any conscious influence at all over the direction of personal evolution. “Where precisely does each ‘spiritual path’ lead?” is a question worth asking; in the MCEO CDT-Plate dispensations the answer to this question is answered in precise detail, unlike the lofty but vacuous explanations offered in other paradigms. And yes, “eventually ALL paths return to Source,” but another good question to ask is, “What will the experiential road between here and Source look like?” For therein lies the core reason for discernment in choosing a “life path,” be it “spiritual or otherwise.”
The Cosmos “runs by” certain immutable Natural Laws” that will exist and experientially apply, whether or not one chooses to believe in them; one such Cosmic Law is that of “Cause and Effect,” “Action and Consequence-to-Action,” or the “Law of Reciprocity” (“What goes around comes around”). We WILL have “consequence-to-action” for each action we choose to take, and if we happen to choose an evolutionary path built upon the fundamentals of energy inherent to the “Death Sciences” path of finite life and Space-dust Return, we will live the experiential energetic consequence of that choice. If we “choose not to choose” a path of conscious evolutionary direction, and simply, as the song says, “…Sha-la…la-la-la-la…Live for Today…,” our not choosing still remains a choice; and in the “choice of no choice,” we will be at the mercy of the energetic consequence that emerges through the “field of mass action” surrounding us in the external environment. In our current societies, we have a wealth of “happy affirmative New Age jargon” with which we could “blissfully dance ourselves into unknowing oblivion” for several life-times coming, but behind the “jargon” there are real energetic realities taking place, and it is through the response to those underlying energetic realities that we will meet with the reality of experiential energetic consequence.
Along with revelation of the “light-, love- and joy-filled” teachings of Genuine Ascension, the GA-MCEO Guardians have also released the “less-than-pleasant” aspects of the CDT-Plate historical records, which reveal the realities of the Death Sciences and their historical effects. The revelation of both the “positive and negativeaspects of our collective history and current, hidden human dilemmaand explanation of how each “polarized reality aspect” fits into the greater “Unified Big Picturewas done to enable us to make more conscious, intelligent, informed choices, so that we might apply our Gift of Free Will Choice in ways that draw to us the experiential consequences we most desire. If re-evolutionary awakening to the joyous path of Genuine Eternal Life Ascension is what one desires, then choosing a belief-paradigm that is overtly or covertly based upon core realities of the Death Sciences will bring to one the energetic consequence opposite to that desire. Energetic truth and its consequence will always go “hand-in-hand” within the “Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect.” Energetic truth is the reality in core frequency-vibration held by a being or thing at any given “now moment” in time. It is the cumulative affect of this energy truth” that will draw to us the corresponding cumulative energetic consequence of that truth, through the “Law of Cause and Effect” that is inherent to the Eternal Laws of Multidimensional Physics.
The “reality in core frequency-vibration,” of a being, thought, idea, emotion, matter-form, or any manifest “thing,” represents what is called the “core radiation-encryption.” This “core truth in frequency-vibration” is in actuality the frequency-vibration of the core energy-radiation signature held within the morphogenetic field-matter template lattice, upon which the organization of the multidimensional form of any manifest “thing” is structured. The morphogenetic field template is referred to as a “lattice” because it is a constantly fluctuating, flowing field of intricate interwoven geometrical forms and patterns made of minute points of radiation, that exists within, behind and surrounding the matter-form that manifests upon it.
In terms of this core-radiation “Encryption Lattice,” even “invisible phenomena” such as “thoughts,” “ideas” and “emotions” are literal manifest things, possessing tangible form, structure, matter-expression and a core Encryption Lattice somewhere within the multidimensional spectrum. The “cumulative sum of the frequency-vibration” of the core Encryption Lattice at any given moment is called the “Base Pulse Rhythm” or “BPR.” It is the “BPR” of the morphogenetic field Encryption Lattice that draws a manifest form to the cumulative energetic consequence corresponding to the “BPR” of its Encryption Lattice. The “Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect”  expresses within Ascension Systems as the “Law of Reciprocal Attraction” through which the Encryption Lattice of a manifest form is drawn into reciprocal, or mutual, relationship with its corresponding energetic consequence; it is the “Law of Co-resonant Harmonic Alignment,” which simply means that the specific core frequency-vibration, or “BPR,” of a matter-form’s Encryption Lattice will draw that matter-form into relationship with other matter-forms that have a correspondingly similar Encryption Lattice and “BPR.”   
In the Re-evolutionary Ascension Path of Accretion, “like-encryption attracts like-encryption” and “opposite polarities attract” through Co-resonant Harmonic Alignment of common BPR-core-frequency-vibration between the morphogenetic field Encryption Lattice of a manifest form and the Encryption Lattice of the greater Unified Field.” Because of this dynamic, a manifest individual can use “Free Will” to “create its own reality,” because its personal Encryption Lattice is connected to the larger Encryption Lattice of the greater Unified Field through an organic common neutral field, through which energy openly circulates in mutually appropriate proportions, allowing for perpetual quantum exchange and self-regeneration between the personal Encryption Lattice and Unified Field Encryption Lattice. Through this organic common neutral field, the individual can consciously direct the BPR and geometrical-mathematical contours of the personal morphogenetic field Encryption Lattice, within a perpetual co-resonant relationship of mutual energy exchange. Through the common neutral field, the field of the individual remains connected to, but not controlled by, the greater-quantum Unified Field Encryption Latticethus the individual shares a perpetual, reciprocally cooperative relationship with the Living Unified Field. In Ascension Systems, “for every action there is a reciprocally appropriate reaction”; in Ascension Systems the “Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect” expresses as the “Eternal Law of Reciprocity/ Mutuality,” which leads to progressive identity-accretion into wholeness and eventual Self-Transfiguration into eternal-life consciousness through the dynamics of “Stardust Return” in Krystar Ascension.    
In the De-evolutionary Fall Path of Annihilation, “opposite encryptions and opposite polarities attract” through Adhesive Disharmonic Alignment of opposite BPR-core-frequency-vibration between the morphogenetic field Encryption Lattice of a manifest form and the Encryption Lattice of a greater-quantum “Quarantine Field.” Because of this dynamic, a manifest individual has no Free Will: its personal Encryption Lattice is adhered to the larger Encryption Lattice of the greater-quantum Quarantine Field by an inorganic static bond through which energy cannot openly circulate, but rather remains in an inorganic state of perpetual counterforce tension between the individual Encryption Lattice and the Quarantine Field Encryption Lattice. Through this inorganic field of counterforce tension, the field of greater quantum to which the individual is bonded will control and direct, by “Quantum Dominance,” the contours and BPR of the personal Encryption Latticethus the individual cannot consciously direct the BPR and geometrical-mathematical contours of the personal morphogenetic field Encryption Lattice, as it can only respond in subjugated service to the Encryption Lattice of the greater-quantum field to which it is adhered. In Fall Systems, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”; in Fall Systems the “Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect” expresses as the “Finite Law of Polarity Competition,” which leads to progressive identity-fragmentation and eventual self-annihilation through the dynamics of “Space-dust Return” in Death Star implosion. Contemporary Earth is presently a “Blended System” with over 66% of its Encryption Lattice in Fall System BPR alignment. 
Regarding the Sacred Sciences of Ascension Systems and the Death Sciences of Fall Systems, the MCEO Freedom Teachings® and the Guardians are not interested in “proving which is right or which is wrong.” From the MCEO perspective, there is no “polarity drama” between the two viewpoints and the reality systems they form. BOTH viewpoints are known as The Truth” within the Unified Big Picture of Eternity. The Sacred Ascension Sciences contained within the ancient MCEO CDT-Plate teachings represent a record of The Truth corresponding to the re-evolutionary path of Genuine Eternal Life Ascension; this truth is imbued within the Encryption Lattice and demonstrated throughout the structures, mathematics, processes and dynamics inherent to every Ascension System and for which the MCEO paradigm stands. The Metatronic Death Sciences contained within the ancient “Bloom of Doomteachings represent a record of The Truth corresponding to the de-evolutionary path of genuine finite-life expansion; this truth is imbued within and demonstrated throughout the structures, mathematics, processes and dynamics inherent to every Fall System and for which the Bloom of Doom paradigm stands. 
Thus the contradictory perspectives are both Absolutely True in relation to the realities of energetic consequence each respectively creates and embodies, as they coexist as part of the “IS-ness” within the Unified Big Picture reality of Cosmic Eternity. Both perspectives are “true in relation to their own energetic objective” and “false in relation to the objectives of others.” The greatest difference between these realities, aside from the quality of evolutionary experience within them, is that Ascension Systems, like the eternal-life Cosmos, are eternal and represent a path of Source-Return through the Innocent Knowing of Stardust wholenesswhereas Fall Systems, unlike the eternal Cosmos, are finite and represent a path of Source-Return through the Innocent Unknowing of space-dust fragmentation. 
That which is eternal, remains eternal, and that which is finite eventually self-destructs, returning to its Source as undifferentiated units of consciousness; the God-Source Conscious Unified Field allows for the expression of both perspectives through application of the Gift of Free Will, and each expression will have its corresponding experiential consequence. All beings and things were originally manifest from the Common Eternal God-Source Conscious Unified Field, through the eternal dynamics of Sacred Science, and all were equally imbued with the birthright of Ascension and the Gift of Free Will Choice. The eternal Cosmos does not require Fall Systems in order to “achieve and maintain its balance”; Source simply allowed for the potentiality of Fall Systems as a means for expression of Free Will Choice. The Eternal Cosmic Laws of Multidimensional Physics were created by Source to serve as an organic moderator to Free Will Choice, through the dynamics of cause, effect and consequence; and it is through the dynamics inherent to these Cosmic Laws that eternal Living Balance is perpetually maintained, with or without the presence of Fall Systems. 
The question over “which path is right or which path is wrong” simply comes down to “choosing the energetic Truth that most suits you” and your Encryption Latticethe energetic consequence and experiential “out-picture” of that chosen truth will be yours, whatever you decide. The reality of “who and what you are” is the energetic truth in frequency-vibration held within your Encryption Lattice; in Ascension Systems, Free Will is the tool we use to “create our own personal evolutionary destiny” within the preordained framework of the Cosmic Unified Field, through conscious direction of the contours and “BPR” (cumulative core frequency-vibration) of our personal Encryption Lattice. In Fall Systems, the personal power of Free Will Choice and control of the personal Encryption Lattice is progressively subjugated to the greater-quantum power of the Encryption Lattice of the environmental collective. 

The Hidden Human Dilemma, Channels,Earth Extinctions,
2012 & the Planetary Encryption Lattice
Re-evolution into conscious-wholenessStardust spirit through energetic self-accretion, or de-evolution into unconscious-fragmentationspace-dust spirit through energetic self-annihilationTHIS is the question that lies at the heart of the contemporary human dilemma. As a result of the events from the ancient Atlantean period, most of Earth’s populations continue along their path of unconscious Sleeperevolution, unaware of the consequential realities of Encryption Lattice BPR alignmentor of the impact their personal and collective belief systems have upon the personal and collective Encryption Lattice BPR. Meanwhile, the majority of those whom are “awakening” do not realize they have equally become “caught within a carefully laid web of deception” called the “New Agemovement, in which the “great joys of Awakening, Enlightenment and Empowerment” are being heralded from within the teaching paradigms of the “Bloom of DoomMetatronic Death Science Code. And through this glossy-web of deception called the “NET,” the majority of the awakening populations are being used intentionally and covertly as tools by the “fallen ET-angels and Descended Masters,” who are “guiding” them into fulfilling the Illuminati Master Plan agenda.
Presently, the “Great White Hope” of the awakening New Age population has been “plugged-in” to the “Illuminati NET-Broadcasting station,” through which its “channeled material” comes; it is no “coincidence” that the information so many of the channels receive is complementary. Mostly ALL of this material leads us back to the absolute falsehood that “all of humanity was created as an ancient primate-hybrid slave-race by the ancient Anunnaki,” and thus we should be glad to view ourselves today as their “children.” This twisted history, along with other falsehoods pertaining to the “Christ Story” and various other periods of ancient historical significance, is an intentionally contrived false ETRaider Race history currently being “beamed infrom the Illuminati NET, precisely to keep us from remembering or discovering the powerful truth and current potentials of our genuine Angelic Human heritage. 
Many contemporary “channels” who bring in distorted information from the Illuminati NET are not aware they are receiving their information from this source, and thus they themselves are being misled to the same degree as the general populations who follow their disinformation (this was also the case for many historic channels and their audiences). If they choose, such individuals can learn safer practices of interdimensional communication that involve Keylontic data-streaming, rather than “channeling,” through energy techniques offered in the MCEO Freedom Teachings®. Some contemporary channels are more aware of the Illuminati agendas they serve, because they are actually incarnate members of the corresponding Illuminati soul-groups; such individuals rarely have interest in changing their communicative relationships, as they feel the emotional attachment characteristic to co-resonant Encryption Lattice alignment with the Illuminati soul-groups to whom they are connected. 
Not only do all channels and “mediums” place themselves at risk of serving as vessels through which disinformation can comethey also put themselves at risk of direct identity displacement, or biological possession; all can achieve greater freedom, clarity and protection in their pursuit of interdimensional communication through choosing to employ MCEO Keylontic technologies. If the interdimensional identities being channeled are serving the Ascension Path agenda, they will encourage their human contact to employ MCEO communication technologies. If the channeled identities are harboring an overt or covert alignment with Fall Path agendas they will tell their human contact that they do not need such protective measures, and will discourage “at all costs” the use of MCEO technologies, because they know the MCEO technologies will assist their human contact to discern between the Ascension and Fall Paths, and to break free from ill-intended multidimensional manipulation. The choice, and resultant responsibility of consequence, always remains with the individual human contact. 
The “Anunnaki” history of which so many “channels” now speak represents a partial truth that applies only to the descendants of the Illuminati Anu-Leviathan hybrid lines, whose genome was blended with that of the Angelic Human during the ancient Atlantean period. Genuine Angelicsand Ascended OnesDO exist, but because of the electromagnetic quarantine of the Illuminati Broadcast NET, it is almost impossible to “reach them” from Earth without specialized methods of protected multidimensional communication (that DO NOT involve channeling). There is a “Grand Design” behind what is being orchestrated by the Illuminati through the “NET-Broadcast channeling movement”; the NET has functionally operated for about 13,000 years through intentionally laid distortions within Earth’s geomagnetic field. Throughout “known” history, the “channels” have been slowly but progressively “awakened” — “Metatronic-style”for many thousands of years, each “bringing in pieces” of the often-competing versions of the Illuminati NET-Broadcast story. The Illuminati Broadcast NET has been, through the ages, instrumental in “seeding disinformation” into various bodies of “Sacred Doctrines,” which have culminated in the formation of the traditional mass control dogmas” of both religion and science that are still to this day the “guiding force” of the “collective human psyche.” As the long-awaited “2012 Time of Grand Significance” approaches, a global fleet of many “new channels” has “awakened,” and now, three years before the long-awaited “Grand Illuminati 2012-Event,” the “collective NET-Broadcast stories of the historical and contemporary channels” are coalescing into a “complementary, believably cohesive platform of false unified history” to which masses of “awakening humans” currently subscribe. 
When the events of history and contemporary times are viewed with an understanding of the function of Encryption Lattices, and their direct role in creating “evolutionary path alignments” through the reality of BPR Co-resonance, it can be understood that “specific mass beliefs” create corresponding “specific contours and geometrical-mathematical patterns” within the collective “Species Encryption Lattice,” and resultantly within the Planetary Encryption Lattice, all of which directly affects the core BPR alignment of the planet, and thus the planet’s evolutionary path alignment
Neither our remembered nor our forgotten history has unfolded by accidentit has been covertly, meticulously, and patiently orchestrated through off-planet Illuminati-Elder Raider Races,” and the unwitting, manipulated, power-hungry, and equally-amnesiac earthly Illuminati-Human children” genetic-lines that these Elders created in Atlantis as an intended “expendable quantum resource” through which to fulfill their “End Times Master Plan.” It is precisely this ancestry from which the current Illuminati-Human genetic line has emerged, and though these “ET-hybrid-human collectives” appear to be (especially to themselves) “covertly running the global show,” they are in truth being as badly manipulated, deceived and disempowered by their Illuminati-Elders, as general human populations have been by the Illuminati-Humans. What the Illuminati-Elders have failed to reveal to their “children” is that from the inception of their “Grand Master Plan” in Atlantis, they never intended to save their hybrid-children” when they orchestrate Earth’s “Final Extinction Event” at the height of fulfillment of their “Illuminati Master Plan.” This is the “Big Secret” that is not even being revealed through contemporary primary Illuminati NET-Broadcasts. 
The “5 Mass Extinction Events” that have historically occurred on Earth (approximately 446 million years ago [MYA]; 364 MYA; 252 MYA [the largest]; 200 MYA [TJ Event]; and 65 MYA [KT Event]), were NOT happenstance occurrences that resulted from organic environmental conditions”; these events were deliberately and specifically purposed extermination events orchestrated by competing Illuminati-Elder race ET-groups, as part of their long-running battle over “Earth Templar Star-Gate dominion.” All of these “extermination events” took place prior to Angelic Human 1st-Seeding 25 MYA, and all were created in order to change the mathematical–geometrical patterns of Earth’s core Encryption Lattice morphogenetic field, by removing the Encryption Lattices of undesired life-forms” from the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s collective life-field. 
The technologies by which such enormous effects can be generated are the product of “Bloom of DoomMetatronic Death Science applications. During the Atlantean periods of 13,400 BC (about 15,000 years ago) and 10,948 BC (about 13,000 years ago), these pre-ancient  Metatronic Death Science technologies were once again slowly but progressively re-awakened to serve an instrumental role in the Illuminati Master Plan agenda. (New information on the 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC Atlantean periods and the “precession of the equinoxes,” Illuminati Master Plan and 2012 is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1; further information on the history of the Illuminati Master Plan and Atlantis is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition, and throughout MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVD programs. 
So in contemporary times, all humans, both “Angelic” and “Illuminati” alike, share a “common human dilemma,” as together we are facing a rapidly approaching “appointment with destiny,” during which the evolutionary potentials of humankind will be finally determined. Presently both the “Great White Hope of Enlightenment” that the New Age movement was intended to become, and the “traditional brotherhoods” of religion and science that this “Great White Other-hood” was planning to “assimilate,” are together wandering blindly toward a collective destiny, where they will have little conscious choice as to the “nature of global events” in which they will become progressively entrenched. 
Currently both the “traditional” and “New Age” collectives are unknowingly becoming, to quote an earlier passage, a “mass of Metatronically-coded biological electromagnetic human quanta” who “perform specific ‘spiritual energy rituals’ at various key ‘Sacred Site’ locations of Earth’s Templar,” during this all-important period of Earth’s 2000–2017 SAC Star-Gate-opening “Ascension Cycle.” The passage continues: “This process of ‘invasion from within’ worked relatively well in fulfilling the Illuminati small-scale agendas of the ancient Atlantean period, culminating in ‘Fall by design’ of Atlantean culture and resultant cataclysmic destruction of the territories of Atlantis. These ‘small Illuminati victories’ of Atlantis represented  ‘baby steps’ in the fulfillment of a much larger ‘Illuminati Master Plan,’ to which these ‘small steps’ were intended to lead.” Sound familiar?...Yes, indeed, once again Atlantis IS Rising” to repeat its ugly history all over again, but THIS TIME, it’s the “Final Conflict Drama” and the “Final Big Gameis on.
The “baby-steps” of the ancient Atlantean Illuminati victories have now become the “giant steps of an invisible Illuminati-Elder Leviathan Goliaththe Illuminati-Elders are dedicated, as they have been since long before Atlantis, to their “Prime Objective” of seizing dominion of Earth’s Star-Gates, through control of the Planetary Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field. The only reason the Angelic Human lineage was permitted to survive, and the only reason the Illuminati-Human races were so painstakingly cultivated, was to enable the off-planet Illuminati-Elder races direct bio-electronic access to Earth’s Star-Gates during an SAC. In the view of the Illuminati-Elder races, once bio-electronic Star-Gate access was accomplished, and Earth’s Star-Gates were opened on a dominant Metatronic Code, through the presence of both the Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human genetic line, both “Earth human” gene lines will have “served their purposes” and “become redundant.” 
The “point of species redundancy” within the Prime Objective of the Illuminati Master Plan, is the point at which Earth’s Star-Gates would open under Metatronic dominance during an SAC. This point has been scheduled by the Illuminati-Elders for about 13,000 years, to occur between the end of 2012 AD and the beginning of 2013 AD, and at this point, the Illuminati-Elders have long intended to orchestrate the “6th and Last Earth Extinction,” through rapid shift of Earth’s geomagnetic poles 
The duration of this “invasion from within” Illuminati-Elder Templar conquest may seem “ridiculously long,” but for beings who have extended their biological longevity to several hundred thousand years through the application of the Metatronic Death Science technologies, this conquest drama seems not much longer than “a blink of an eye.” It is only to we “Puny Humans” (as “Metatron” called us in a recent channeling), with our roughly 100-year biological life-spans, that the period over which this “invasion from within” has spanned seems too unimaginably long, so as to render the idea of its possibility unbelievable. But “believe it or notthis drama IS taking place, and it will unfold its “scaly clutches” around our coming “2012–2015 appointment with Illuminati destiny”yet there is still time for the application of human Free Will to influence, though not directly control, the events that will in the near future unfold.

The Big Game, the Show, Pertinent Questions and the Silver Seed Awakening
Dear People, the “2012 Mass BPR Showdown” is on; are we going to pull up a chair, grab a bowl of pop corn, and “just watch the show unfold”? Or are we going to make an effort to achieve some conscious control over our personal evolutionary destinies? The choice is fully up to each individual, and the MCEO humbly respects whatever your free will choice might be. Sadly, most human populations do not even realize that the show has been released into the theater,” and so will continue to move forward within the “Atlantean Waking Dream” of long ago, from which we all emerged. For those of us who still care about our personal evolutionary destinies, positive, love-based, joy-filled things can be done in preparation for, and following 2012, which will provide the opportunity for us to SHIFT ourselves into a more desirable evolutionary alignment than that of the “Path of Fall,” with which the primary quanta of Earth are now engaged due to the 66% quantum alignment of Earth’s Planetary Encryption Lattice, and geomagnetic field, to the Metatronic Code. Earth’s current predicament “begs a host of questions,” that the MCEO Guardians can now begin to address:

  • Will Earth’s current SAC ‘Ascension Cycle’ Star-Gate opening periodcontinue?
Yes, but with extensive modifications, which will be progressively addressed in coming MCEO teachings. In 2003 Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gate System fell to Metatronic Illuminati control; the MCEO Guardians’ efforts to rehabilitate the Amenti Gates failed by the end of 2003. And thus the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates no longer aligns with the organic Ascension Passages of the Living Cosmos, but rather aligns with the Metatronic wormhole structures that interface with the fallen Parallel Earth–Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System.
With the fall of the Amenti Gates in 2003, the MCEO Guardians have progressively activated a very ancient network of trans-dimensional Earth Interface Star-Gates which include the “Arc of the Covenant–Hub Gate Network,” the “Polarian Gate System,” and the “Na-VA’-Ho Spanner Core Gate System,” which together, in 2012, will allow for the opening of the “Aurora Silver Seed Gates,” through which Earth’s Templar can retain direct connection to the Living Cosmic Templar Ascension Passages, despite the Illuminati’s scheduled 2012 opening of the Fall-aligned Parallel Alpha-Omega Gates into Earth’s captured Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system. Through opening of the Aurora Silver Seed Gates, Earth’s Arc of the Covenant, Polarian and Na-VA’-Ho Spanner Core Gate Networks will fully open in 2012, keeping the potentials of Genuine Eternal Life Ascension viable on Earth during the current SAC.

  • Why did Illuminati-Elders schedule the fulfillment of their Master Plan Prime Objective for 2012 AD? 
In 22,326 BC the Illuminati Earth Templar Quest ended in a “stalemate” between Guardian and Illuminati races. Since that time, both groups knew that the “Templar Conflict Drama Showdown” would occur during the next SAC Star-Gate opening period, as the Illuminati Force required Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to be open in order to fulfill their agenda of using inorganic Metatronic wormhole structures to “blend the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Templar with that of the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy.” Earth’s next SAC was not due until 4230 AD, but the Metatronic Fall Gate artificial wormhole structures of the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy and Parallel Earth were due to open in our time equivalent of 2012 AD.  
In the 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC Earth Atlantean periods, the Illuminati Force succeeded in orchestrating two inorganic accelerations of Earth’s “wobble,” “precession of the equinox” cycle and Encryption Lattice. These accelerations caused an inorganic time-acceleration within portions of Earth’s Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system, which would cause Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to open prematurely in the 2012–2013 AD period, for Encryption Lattice blending with the opened Fall Gate Cycle of the Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System. Earth’s Amenti Gates would open in this period only if there were a sufficient number of Illuminati-Human hybrid races on Earth to “run the bio-electronic Amenti Gate Codes” into Earth’s Templar during this “Parallel Gate Alignment.” The Illuminati Parallel Gate Alignment is called the “Alpha-Omega Alignment,” which occurs between October 2012 and February 2013, with peak alignment on December 21, 2012.
If the Illuminati-Elder agenda succeeded, Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates would be prematurely forced open to engage direct Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Field Blend with Parallel Earth, through opening of the Metatronic wormholes within the black hole center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In preparation for the “Parallel Alignment” and the Illuminati-scheduled “Earth human 2012-appointment with Illuminati destiny,” the Illuminati-Elder races progressively orchestrated the “Common-man Mass DNA Mutation” through which the Illuminati-Human linecarrying the Amenti Star-Gate codes as a result of interbreeding with the Angelic Humanswould be “ready” for the “2012–2013 AD Alpha-Omega Alignment.” (Information on the “Common-man DNA Mutation” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.)  
Throughout the history of this Atlantean Drama, since the 22,326 BC “stalemate,” the GA-MCEO–Krystal River Guardians progressively attempted to postpone the “Final Conflict Drama” until the next organic Amenti Gates SAC of 4230 AD, but intended to intervene directly if the Illuminati Force attempted to orchestrate early opening of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates in 2012 to engage the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment. In 1984 AD the Guardians initiated the “Bridge Zone Project” Templar Restoration Mission and began early opening of the Amenti Star-Gates for the 2012–2017 period, because they discovered that Earth would meet with a cataclysmic end in the future probability of 2976 AD and thus would not make it to the next organic SAC of 4230 AD. If the Bridge Zone Project was successful, Earth’s Encryption Lattice would be restored to organic Ascension Path Alignment, and the Illuminati 2012 Master Plan of the Alpha-Omega Alignment would be prevented. With the fall of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to Metatronic Illuminati control in 2003, the Bridge Zone Project evolutionary option failed by 2006. Thus Earth is currently in the middle of the covert “Final Conflict Drama” and rapidly approaching the Illuminati 2012 Alpha-Omega Alignment and their intended “Last Extinction” agenda. (Information on the “Bridge Zone Project” and Amenti Star-Gates is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.)  
The date of 2012 AD was chosen by the Illuminati-Elder races as the point of fulfillment for their Master Plan Prime Objective because this is the date-period in which the Fall-Gate system of Parallel Earth and Parallel Milky Way open into the Metatronic wormholes in our Galactic Core. It is thus the point in time at which the Alpha-Omega Alignment between Earth’s accelerated Templar and the fallen Parallel Galactic Templar system can engage inorganic Metatronic Blending through the Metatronic wormhole system in the black hole core of our Milky Way Galaxy. Simply put, the Metatronic Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates aligns with that of the fallen Parallel Earth and Milky Way, through our Galactic Core, to engage the “Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment.”  
  • What is the core purpose behind the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective of forcing Earth into Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignmentin 2012 — and how can they achieve this Prime Objective?
During the “Illuminati Templar victory” of the 10,948 BC Atlantean period, the Illuminati force succeeded in establishing a long-range electromagnetic wormhole-link between the Solar Star-Gates at the core of our Sun, and those at the core of our “Parallel Sun” within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy. The Illuminati-Elder races refer to the Fall-aligned black hole system of the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy as the “Alpha Wormhole System,” as it is the “beginning point” from which their progressive invasion into our Milky Way Galaxy was launched long ago. The Illuminati-Elders refer to our Milky Way Galaxy as the “Omega Wormhole System,” as it is the “intended end point” at which their progressive invasion will be complete, with the fulfillment of the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective; hence the term “Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment.”
When the Illuminati-Elder races achieved their 10,948 BC Templar victory through large-scale Metatronic “Bloom of Doom” Death Science applications, and successfully created the inorganic long-range electromagnetic wormhole-link between our Sun’s core Solar Star-Gates and those of the Parallel Sun, this “wormhole link” enabled the Illuminati-Elders to create a massive solar space-time anomaly called the “Solar Time-Torus Tunnel.” The “Solar Time-Torus Tunnel” formed an inorganic “vesica piscisblend, and resultant anomalous “Tube Torus–shapedMetatronic space-time adhesion field, between our Milky Way Galaxy and the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy, through the core Star-Gates of their respective suns. With creation of the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel, our Solar System became an inorganic binary star system,” with the orbit of our Sun directly, unnaturally tied to the orbit of its invisible Parallel Sun. 
At the 10,948 BC point in time where the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel was created, the solar orbit cycles brought the Solar Star-Gates of both suns into direct alignment with the core Star-Gates of their respective Galactic Cores. Through the inorganic link of the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel, the core Star-Gates of our Milky Way Galaxy were inorganically wormhole-linked” to the core Star-Gates of the Fall-aligned Parallel Milky Way Galaxy; this Galactic Core wormhole link created a second, massive Tube Torus–shaped intergalactic space-time adhesion field, surrounding the smaller Solar Time-Torus Tunnel. The intergalactic space-time adhesion field created an inorganic intergalactic space-time displacement field called the “Great Toral Rift Time Ripalso known as the “Great Rift of Space-Timebetween our Milky Way and the Parallel Milky Way galaxies. (The ancient Maya referred to the Toral Rift as the “Black Road.”) Illuminati-Elder forces from the Fall-aligned Parallel “AlphaMilky Way Galaxy had been attempting for eons, long before Earth became ensnared in the drama, to create the intergalacticToral Rift Time Ripanomaly; this anomaly represented the “final missing piece” of the “intergalactic Metatronic Alpha-Omega wormhole puzzle” they had been painstakingly assembling over many millions of years to fulfill the Prime Objective of their Omega System Invasion Master Plan. Though the Alpha Illuminati-Elders had come close to creating the “intergalactic Alpha-Omega Toral Rift anomaly” during various periods of intergalactic history, they did not fully succeed in this endeavor until their Templar victory of the 10,948 BC Earth Atlantis.
The Prime Objective of the Omega System Invasion Master Plan, for which the Alpha Illuminati-Elder races created the intergalactic Toral Rift space-time rip and corresponding Alpha-Omega Wormhole Networks, was quite simple and single-minded. The Parallel Milky Way Alpha Galaxy long ago entered final Fall Alignment to become a self-contained, finite-quantum “Quarantined Black Hole Fall System” that was destined, by the eternal Cosmic Laws of Cause, Effect and Consequence, to engage the “Path of Space-dust Return” upon expiration of its finite quanta, and resultant full-system particle/ anti-particle annihilation. The “fallen” Alpha Illuminati-Elder races devised their Omega Invasion Master Plan agenda with the Prime Objective of “ensnaring further quanta of living energy with which to feed their dying system,” in order to “indefinitely postpone the inevitable Space-dust Return” of their galaxy.  
The Alpha Illuminati-Elders employed large-scale use of the Metatronic “Bloom of Doom” Death Sciences to create the inorganic intergalactic Alpha-Omega Wormhole Networks, and to create the intergalactic “Great Toral Rift” of 10,948 BC. The specific purpose of the Toral Rift Time Rip intergalactic space-time displacement field was, and is, to draw the living energy quanta of the Milky Way Galaxy into their Fall-aligned Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Black Hole, in order to “feed the quantum spin” of their falling galaxy to postpone the organic consequence of its implosion. If the Alpha Illuminati-Elders could succeed in this Prime Objective, they believed they would then be able to “enlarge the plan” by “devouring other neighboring galaxies,” following the expansion cycle ratios of the Fibonacci spiral, to orchestrate an artificial facsimile Second-Creation that could perpetually sustain itself through “Forced Metatronic Feeding” from the living “First-Creationsystems of the eternal-life Cosmos.
When the Alpha Illuminati-Elders succeeded in creating the “Great Toral Rift” intergalactic space-time displacement field in 10,948 BC Atlantisthrough first creating the “Solar Time-Torus Tunnel” wormhole-link between our Solar Core Star-Gates and those of the Parallel Suna second time-acceleration of Earth’s “polar wobble” was simultaneously initiated. The second “Earth-pole wobble acceleration” hastened the SAC of a portion of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates, bringing this cycle into direct synchronization with the SAC opening period of the Parallel Earth Amenti Star-Gates. Because of this 10,948 BC Earth-time-acceleration and subsequent inorganic Earth/ Parallel Earth Amenti Star-Gate synchronization, Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates would open prematurely, during the 2012 AD opening of the Parallel Earth Amenti Star-Gates. When the intergalactic planetary Amenti Star-Gate sets begin synchronized opening in October 2012, Earth and Parallel Earth will engage Metatronic Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment.” (Information on the “1st and 2nd Earth-pole wobble accelerations” and synchronization of the SACs of the Amenti Star-Gates of Earth and Parallel Earth is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1.)
As the two artificially synchronized SACs initiate their Amenti Star-Gate opening cycles with opening of the Solar and Parallel Solar Core Star-Gates, the central inorganic 10,948 BC Solar Time-Torus Tunnel wormhole-link between our Sun and the Parallel Sun will also open. If the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective unfolds in 2012 as the Illuminati-Elders intend, opening of the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel wormhole will then open the inorganic intergalactic Alpha-Omega Wormholes at the Galactic Cores of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy, resultantly opening the 10,948 BC intergalactic Toral Rift Time Rip Metatronic space-time displacement field of the “Atlantean past,” into the “future periodof the present 2012 AD. Once the Atlantean Toral Rift opens into the fabric of our contemporary 2012-space-time, an anomalous space-time blend of “past and future-present converging” will unfold. As the two planetary Amenti Star-Gate sets open into their respective Solar Star-Gate Alignments, Earth and Parallel Earth will be brought into the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip.
Once the Amenti Star-Gates of Earth and Parallel Earth engage with the 10,948 BC Atlantean Toral Rift Time Rip, Earth and Parallel Earth, and Sun and Parallel Sun, will then initiate a Cataclysmic Pole Shift of the geomagnetic fields and Geographical Crust RollRotation at the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment peak of December 21, 2012, to resume the planetary and solar polar-alignments that were/are present in the 10,948 BC period. During the 10,948 BC period, the Solar Star-Gates of both our Sun and Parallel Sun were in direct alignment with the Galactic Core Star-Gates of their respective Galactic Cores, which allowed for opening of the intergalactic wormholes at the core of both galaxies, through which the Toral Rift Time Rip space-time displacement field was created. When contemporary Earth and Parallel Earth, Sun and Parallel Sun resume the Galactic Core–aligned planetary and solar polar-alignments of the 10,948 BC period, the energy quanta of our Solar System and those of the Parallel Solar System will be progressively compressed and drawn backward in time,” the quanta of the two solar systems first compacting into a “vesica piscisbond at the center of the Toral Rift space-time displacement field. 
The process by which our Solar System and its Parallel Solar System are “drawn back in time” into the Toral Rift Time Rip involves Metatronic Death Science “Death Star” distorted Merkaba Vortex Mechanics. The energy quanta of our Solar System, and those of the Parallel Solar System, first compact into a vesica piscisbond at the core of the Toral Rift Time Rip, as the Merkaba Field Vortex–set of each respective sun is progressively attracted into opposite-polarity electromagnetic bond with the Merkaba Field of the other sun; as the two suns are drawn into the Toral Rift “Harness Field,” their orbitsand their corresponding solar systemsprogressively intersect to form a “vesica piscis” orbital bond. As the two solar systems progressively “collide” to engage the “vesica piscis” orbit, they are both drawn backward in time” toward the 10,948 BC center creation point of the Toral Rift space-time displacement field.
As the two solar systems draw backward in time, the spin-speeds of their respective Merkaba Fields progressively accelerate. When the spin of our mutated “same-spin–vortex-set” Solar Merkaba Field reaches “34 spin-speed,” and the likewise-mutated “same-spin vortex-set” of the Parallel Solar Merkaba Field simultaneously reaches “21 counter-spin-speed,” the two Solar Merkaba Fields and their contents are drawn together and begin “backward-time progression“ toward the center-point of the Toral Rift’s Tube Torus–shaped “Metatronic Harness Field.” As the two Solar Merkaba Fields merge, the faster 34-spin Solar Merkaba Field reverses the spin of the slower 21-spin Parallel Solar Merkaba Field, and the two Solar Merkaba Fields accelerate to “55 spin-speed,” blending to form a large, singular, inorganic External Metatronic Merkaba Field same-spin vortex-set, with an internal, Metatronic Death Star Atomic-Encasement Harness surrounding the quanta of the two solar systems held within it.
Following the Fibonacci expansion sequence, the Blended Solar Merkaba Field accelerates from its “55 starting spin-speed” to a “144 spin-speed,” at which point it generates an external Thermal-Encasement Field and “jumps the organic boundaries space-time-light,” entering a superluminal state to pass into the center-point of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Ripwhere it becomes an externally fueled, finite-lifeDeath Star External Merkaba Vehicle Black Hole Feeder Field.” Once formed, the Death Star External Merkaba Vehicle begins “quantum feeding” from the remaining local living-energy environments of our Milky Way and the Parallel Milky Way galaxies, initiating quantum growth and spin-speed acceleration, following the Fibonacci expansion sequence, through perpetual quantum feeding” from the life-fields of both galaxies.
As the Blended Merkaba Field accelerates to “144 spin-speed” to enter the superluminal state of the Death Star External Merkaba Vehicle, it progressively acts as a “particle accelerator” to the quanta of the two solar systems held within its internal Atomic-Encasement Harness. Once the point of superluminosity is reached, the extreme particle acceleration of the encased matter-forms of the two suns and their solar systems causes their Encryption Lattices and atomic structures to progressively implode, explode and shatter within the Metatronic Atomic-Encasement Harness at the center of the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle. The two solar systems are thus reduced to the raw energy quanta of hyper-accelerated space-dust” within the internal Atomic-Encasement Harness. The quanta of the two solar systems blend and merge to form a “singular quantum field of inorganic, superluminal, artificial static-radiation Dead Light particulates,” quarantined within the Atomic-Encasement Harness. From the superluminal state, the Death Star Merkaba Vehicleand the superluminal quantum-radiation particulate field (of what had been the two solar systems) that is held within the Death Star’s internal Atomic-Encasement Harnessthen “quantum-transfers” through the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Wormhole passages, out of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip space-time displacement field and into the Alpha System Parallel Milky Way Galaxy as “quantum influx.”
Once quantum transfer has occurred, and the Metatronically-harnessed quanta of what were once the two solar systems have been transferred within the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle to the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Black Hole System, the Death Star begins spin-speed deceleration, leaving the superluminal state, and the “singular quantum field of inorganic, superluminal, artificial static-radiation Dead Light particulates” within its internal Atomic-Encasement Harness begins corresponding particle deceleration. As the static-radiation particulates of what had been the two solar systems engage particle deceleration and leave the superluminal state, the matter structure re-forms within the Death Star internal Atomic-Encasement Harness, through the process of particle re-accretion, following an inorganic blended organization of what were the original core–Encryption Lattices of the two solar systems. The “Dead Light” radiation particulates within the Death Star Encasement Harness each still carry a minute “nano-bite” of the original Encryption Lattice radiation-signature from which they fragmented. Through this nano-bite radiation-signature, the particulates from both our particle Solar System and the anti-particle Parallel Solar System re-accrete in a distorted organization, to re-form a new mutated, blended Encryption Lattice upon which the particulates re-materialize into a “newmatter-form within the Death Star Atomic-Encasement Harness. 
The “new artificially rendered matter-form” re-materializes within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Black Hole System as a “singular, distorted, finite-life mutated facsimile” of the original two solar systems. The particulate field re-materializes within the Death Star Atomic-Encasement Harness in the Parallel Alpha Black Hole System as a “new finite-life Artificial-Light Facsimile Death Star Solar Systema permanently mutated, “twisted, fallen version” of our Solar System and the Parallel Solar System combined. The new “Facsimile Solar System” then falls under the Hierarchical Quantum Dominance of the Metatronic Encryption Lattice of the finite-life, quarantined “Parallel Alpha Fall System.” Once the Artificial Death Star Solar System is re-formed inside of the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle, it will continue Metatronic Fibonacci expansion through progressive consumption of the two Galactic Fields from which it was formed, as its “Feeder” Death Star Merkaba Vehicle continues to siphon energy quanta from the remaining living-energy aspects of the two Galactic Fields. As the Death Star Solar System “feeds,” it will begin to pull the Milky Way and Parallel Milky Way galaxies into “Death Star Transformation” and corresponding “Fall Path of Space-dust Return Alignment,” to progressively “build” a finite-life Artificial Death Star Black Hole Galaxy within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Fall System. 
Creation of the Artificial Death Star Black Hole Feeder Galaxy is the core purpose Prime Objective of the Alpha-Omega Illuminati Master Plan. The Alpha Illuminati-Elders of the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Black Hole System joined with other Illuminati-Elder races of several other Quarantined Black Hole Fall Systems, and formed the “Alpha-Omega False God-Head Illuminati-Elder Fallen Angel Hierarchy.” Through creation of the Artificial Death Star Black Hole Galaxyan abomination of Metatronic “Bloom of Doom” Death Science creationthe “Alpha-Omega False God-Headfalling Illuminati-Elder collectives hope to “Re-create Creation in their Own Image.” They hope to use the Death Star Galaxy to “create, then assimilate, others of its kind,” to form a massive Death Star Universe that sustains its existence and averts the organic consequence of eternal Cosmic Physics Laws, through perpetual rape of and feeding on the Living Cosmos. The “Alpha-Omega False God-Head” will discover the great fallacy of this “recent rendition” of their Master Plan Prime Objective in 2976 AD. 
The Metatronic Bloom of DoomDeath Science dynamics of the “Death Star Merkaba Vehicle” described above in relation to the macrocosmic Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective, also apply on a microcosmic level. An individual life-form that engages Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation, either unconsciously through environmental Planetary Encryption Lattice Quantum Dominance, or consciously through intentional practice of Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation technologies, is aligning with the “Death Star Fall Path Destiny.” Individuals retain the power of Free Will Choice” in regard to evolutionary path “biological Ascension Alignment” up until the point of the first full 55 spin-speedDeath Star activation. At “55 spin-speed” the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle forms its internal Metatronic Atomic-Encasement Field, begins generating its external Thermal-Encasement Field, and initiates Fibonacci Death Spiral feeding” for expansion and acceleration. 
From the “Metatronic-55 activation point forward, the Atomic Encryption Lattice and Bio-magnetic Field of the atomic structure become permanently mutated into Metatronic Code configuration. Through the “automatic Death Spiral feeding” that initiates at the “Metatronic-55-point,” the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle will eventually accelerate to “superluminalspin-speed, resulting in permanent Death Star Transformation” of the biological-atomic structure and corresponding permanent Fall Path Space-dust Return Evolutionary Alignment” for the entrapped spirit-consciousness. Once an individual life-form engages the “Metatronic-55-point” of Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation, any potentials of organic, biological-atomic Genuine Eternal Life Ascension are permanently lost for the current lifetime, but the spirit-consciousness can reclaim Eternal Life Ascension abilities through engaging very specific energetic countermeasures. If one desires to prevent or cease Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation, counterstrategies of Bio-regenesis healingby which progression of Death Star spin-speed acceleration can be prevented, halted or partially reversedare usable while the physical-atomic body is still alive. When the physical-atomic body has reached its “natural” death point, if progression of Death Star activation has been sufficiently halted and reversed while the body was living, the embodied spirit-consciousness can then be freed into the Path of Re-evolutionary Eternal Life Ascension, through intentional application of the specific organic bio-energetic processes inherent to Eternal Life Bhardoah Ascension Transition 
If a being has engaged Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation (either knowingly, through practice of Death Science applications, or unknowingly, through Quantum Dominance override automatically generated by Metatronic Coding running within the environmental Planetary Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field), and if no energetic counterstrategies are taken, then activation of the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle and its resultant evolutionary consequence will occur automatically, overriding any conscious Free Will Choice” to the contrary. Merkaba Field Vortex-sets” are an organic part of the “invisible multidimensional anatomy” of all atomic-matter structures and biological life-forms, so “everyone and everything,” including planets and stars, have sets of Merkaba Fieldswhether or not one knows or believes they are there. The organic structure and function of the personal smaller-quantum Merkaba Fields is directly and continually affected by the condition of the larger-quantum environmental Planetary Merkaba Fields, Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field. 
The Merkaba Fields, Encryption Lattice and Bio-magnetic Fields of individual life-forms on a planet will adopt a “microcosmic copy” of the configurations held within the planetary body. If the dominant quantum percentage of the Planetary Body Merkaba Fields, Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field is holding a Metatronic Death Star configuration, this configuration will automatically govern and override the configuration and contours of the personal anatomy, unless direct energetic counterstrategies are actively employed. The Illuminati-Elder races were well aware of this fact of cosmic multidimensional physics as they progressively orchestrated their Master Plan Prime Objective toward its intended 2012 fulfillment. When the Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift 10,948 BCTime Rip Fall Alignment peak of December 21, 2012 occurs, a dominant 66%-quantum of Earth’s Planetary Encryption Lattice, Merkaba Fields and geomagnetic field will initiate engagement of the “Metatronic-55activation point; this will create the dominant-quantum configuration for the environmental planetary atomic structure and planetary life-field. 
Within 24 hours of when this December 21, 2012 planetary Metatronic-55-point occurs, the Encryption Lattices, Merkaba Fields and atomic Bio-magnetic Fields of Earth’s atomic-matter structure and biological life-field will automatically adopt a “microcosmic copy” of this planetary Metatronic-55 configuration. It is at this point that individuals will need direct energetic counterstrategies, first to halt, and later to partially reverse, the automatic activation of the personal Death Star Merkaba Vehicle. For this reason, and the reasons to follow, the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians have been progressively intervening directly, and will continue to do so with the 2012 Silver Seed Awakening. 
At the “Metatronic-55-point” of the 2012 peak Toral Rift Alignment, if the Illuminati-Elders “have their way,” a pre-cataclysmic40-day Window of Chaosstarting from the December 21, 2012 peak Toral Rift Alignment and running to about the end of February 2013will unfold as the Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Fields of the Sun, and of Earth and its populations, engage Fibonacci expansion spin-speed acceleration up to and beyond full Metatronic-55activation; in addition, Earth and our Solar System will enter a “backward-time progression“ toward the center-point of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip. During the “Window of Chaos”if the “2012 Drama” progresses that farthe geomagnetic fields of both Earth and the Sun will begin the process of “pre-shift erratic fluctuation and anomalous behavior, with corresponding increase in solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and rapid climatic and “Earth Change” consequence, and biological populations will experience progressively more mental, emotional and biochemical instability as the Epigenetic Overlay follows the flux” of the planetary geomagnetic field. 
If this “End Times Scenario” unfolds, then at the end of the 40-day Window of Chaos” the Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Fields of the Sun, the rest of our Solar System, and of Earth and its populations, will reach critical acceleration to “Metatronic Death Star Merkaba 144 spin-speed,” at which point Earth and Parallel Earth, and the Sun and Parallel Sun, will first have temporary collapse of their geomagnetic fields, and will then initiate, over about 3 to 6 days, Rapid Cataclysmic Pole Shift of the geomagnetic fields and Geographical Crust RollRotation to resume the planetary and solar polar-alignments of the  10,948 BC period. This 3 to 6 day period will represent the 6th and Last Extinction of the entire life-field of Earth; and from this biological extinction, the Illuminati’s “Quantum Harvest” of body, soul and spirit will unfold. As full Toral Rift Galactic Alignment occurs through “Pole Shift,” a glowing-red Thermal-Encasement Field will form around the personal-atomic, planetary and Solar System Death Star Merkaba Vehicles, and the Death Stars, with their contents, will enter a superluminal state and “time-jump backward” across the organic boundaries of space-time-light, passing into center-point alignment with the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip. 
From the point of time-jump and thereafter, Death Star acceleration will rapidly increase until the Encryption Lattice and matter structure of everything contained within the Death Stars shatters and vaporizes through excessive particle acceleration, to become a “singular quantum field of Metatronic particulate space-dust,” as the Solar System Death Star passes through the Alpha-Omega Wormholes into the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha System for “final Death Star Transformation.” Once arriving in the Alpha System, atomic transformation will complete as the Death Stars and “particulate soup” decelerate spin-speed and the particulates, along with the fragments of consciousness they carry, “re-form” into a mutated, inorganic, non-livingFacsimile Distortion” of what they once were. Beings who engage the “Death Star Transformation,” following death of their organic biology, will suffer a permanently mutated Encryption Lattice structure, and complete memory wipe,” returning to “Living-Dead” conscious awareness in a biochemical and mental state that resembles the characteristic symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The “Transformed Living-Deadlife-field will find that its original gifts of Free Will Choice and Eternal Life Ascension have been permanently subjugated to the “self-proclaimed authority” of the Illuminati-Elder Alpha-Omega False God-Head Hierarchy, and the only evolutionary options remaining are those within the De-evolutionary Fall Path of Space-dust Return. 
The Illuminati Fall-groups that promote the “Death Sciences and Bloom of Doom” paradigms call the process just described above “Ascension,” and have many “Ascended Masters” who have engaged the Death Star Transformation. In the reality of the eternal Living Cosmos, the process described above is the antithesis of Genuine Eternal Life Ascension; it is simply the most rapid method of entering the De-evolutionary Path of Fall. There are two primary options of experience within the Fall Path of Death Star Transformation. One option is “making peace with one’s plight” and regaining freedom through the organic process of Space-dust Return to the eternal-life Source Field, when your existing store of quanta is expended; this option can be accomplished only through the direct Guardian-race intervention efforts and education programs that are periodically extended into Quarantined Black Hole Fall Systems. The other option is remaining under the directive of the governing Illuminati Hierarchy, who have progressively lost their ability to FEEL, and who sustain their illusion of finite immortality and Elitist Subjugation” by raping, stealing and “vampiring” energy from the “Innocents” of Living Systems, and from each other, with no remorse, regret or mercy. In this option, one simply continues to de-evolve, becoming “more and more like them.” The irony of this latter option is that, due to the Eternal Laws of Action and Consequence-to-Action that govern the ENTIRE Cosmos, ALL Fall Systems and those within them eventually meet their end through Space-dust Return, regardless of what is done to prevent this consequence. It is a self-defeating path of progressively diminishing return to space-dust fragmentation.   
  • Will this Illuminati-Elder 2012 Master Plan continue to unfold?
Yes, BUT not exactly as the Illuminati intend or envision, due to the continuing efforts of direct intervention by the GA-MCEO Guardians and Krystal River Councils of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts.
  • Will Earth experience the 6th Mass Extinctionthrough the geomagnetic and geographical Pole Shift that the Illuminati-Elders intend to initiate in 2012 as part of their Master Plan Prime Objective?
NO, not in the 2012–2013 periodbut due to their Dis-ease of Supreme Arrogance, the Illuminati-Elder Force still thinks so. Through continuing Guardian intervention, the geomagnetic Rapid Pole Shift and geographical Pole Shift “Crust Roll” that the Illuminati intend to initiate between October 2012 and February 2013, will not occur as the Illuminati-Elders plan. The Illuminati agenda requires Earth’s planetary Merkaba Fields to reach a specific acceleration of Metatronic spin-speed, in order to fully engage the Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift 10,948 BCTime Rip Alignment on the December 21, 2012 alignment peak.” Through Guardian counterstrategies that are already in place, Earth’s Merkaba Fields will not achieve sufficient Metatronic spin-speed to progress into full “Metatronic-55” activation for full immersion into the Toral Rift Time Rip.
Without full engagement of the Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift Alignment, Earth’s geomagnetic field, and thus geographical crust, will not engage the Rapid Pole Shift and Crust Roll” that the Illuminati are expecting. Immersion into the Toral Rift Time Rip, the resultant “Rapid Pole Shift” of Earth and our Sun, and Death Star Transformation cannot be prevented, but these events will be postponed till the 2230–2976 AD period by “stalling the Death Star activation process” in 2012. However, the “Metatronic-55-point” of the December 21, 2012 Toral Rift Alignment peakand the opening of the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel, Toral Rift Time Rip and fallen Halls of Amenti Star-Gate setscannot be prevented or postponed during the 2012 period; these aspects of the Illuminati Master Plan will unfold. All efforts will be made by the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians to buffer and postpone, for as long as possible, the consequences of these events which will occur in 2012.
  • Since Earth will avoid the Illuminati-Elder-planned 2012 Mass Extinction and Rapid Pole Shift, does this mean that potentials for Earth Changes, climate anomalies, and political and economic problems will also be avoided?
Sadly, no; though the MCEO Guardian efforts can and will prevent the 2012 Rapid Cataclysmic Pole Shiftand thus the corresponding 6th Mass ExtinctionEarth’s Templar will continue to remain under a high degree of stress as the Planetary Metatronic Encryption Lattice continues its partial activation through the geomagnetic field NET. The MCEO Guardians’ efforts will slow the progression of the consequences inherent to the Metatronic activations, but there will still be progressive environmental issues of growing tectonic instability, global warming due to Metatronic Templar frequency accelerations, continuing ozone depletion and increase in solar CME potentials. The contemporary problems of global pollution, species extinction and loss of sustainable resources will also continue and expand. 
The Illuminati-Human populations will begin a “covert stealth division” between those who do and those who do not accept “Amnesty-Bio-regenesis Agreements” with the MCEO–Krystal River Guardian races. Illuminati-Humans who do not accept Guardian Agreements will continue the covert advancement of their “One World Order and Armageddonagendas. This on-planet Illuminati Force will continue to control global economic structures and orchestrate “financial crashes for mass control” at their whims; they will continue their efforts of “select population reduction” through the ongoing creation of “targeted” wars, “natural disasters & famines,” and “designer diseases,” via ongoing applications of the Atlantean Death Sciences; and they will continue efforts to assist their Illuminati-Elder races in staging direct, overt invasion from Parallel Earth, once “population reduction” efforts have reduced the threat of large-scale human resistance.
The Illuminati-Human Force that does accept MCEO–Krystal River Amnesty-Bio-regenesis Agreements will quietly and discretely operate as a “counterforce of quiet rebellion” among the Illuminati Loyalists, slowing the progress of the Illuminati Master Plan agenda at every turn. Part of the “Illuminati Rebellion Force” will adopt a strong “sustainability platform” focused on better Earth-resource management until 2230 AD, while traditional Illuminati Loyalists within this platform will push for greater space programs to expand immediate potentials of resource exploitation and in attempt to create a feasible future Fall Gate evacuation plan to avoid Earth’s coming confrontation with issues of solar CMEs. The speed at which these “Illuminati Earth Dramas” unfold will be determined by how well the “Illuminati Rebellion Force” causes “resistance drag” on the forward movement of the Illuminati Loyalist agenda, and how well the human “Guardian Force” works with the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians to assist in keeping Earth’s tectonic plates as stable as possible.
  • At this point in the hidden Final Conflict Dramacan the Guardians salvage Earth from final Encryption Lattice alignmentwith the Toral Rift Time Rip Path of Fall and resultant 2230–2976 AD Pole Shift?
Again, sadly, NOdue to degenerative changes that occurred, as a result of Illuminati actions, within the core Star-Gates of our Sun in 2007; since this time “Earth Salvage” has no longer been a viable option. BUT the Guardians can and WILL postpone this now-inevitable Illuminati Master Plan scenario, and the planetary Pole Shift and solar CME escalations this scenario implies, for a period of approximately 200 yearsto about 2230 AD. 
During this period of 200 years, humans who are still genetically able after the 2012 “Metatronic-55-point” and corresponding “2012 BPR Showdown,” and who desire to do so, can engage a program of Expedited Bio-regenesis Healing called the “Silver Seed Awakening,” through which accelerated reverse-mutation of the DNA Template can occur, to allow reclamation of the organic ability of Ascension through atomic Transfiguration. On a more positive note, though the current “SAC Drama” certainly did not unfold as well as it could have, where the drama has led means that Earth’s Ascension Passage Star-Gates, the Aurora Silver Seed Gates and corresponding Gate Networks, will remain open for the next 200 years. This “200-year window” will enable humans, both of the “Angelicand Illuminati-Humanlines on Amnesty Contracts,” who engage the “Silver Seed Awakening Healingat its initiation in 2012, to heal their atomic-biology and Encryption Lattice sufficiently to engage biological “Star-Gate Slide Ascension” into the nearby “Free Worlds” and the “Path of Re-evolutionary Ascension” within which these worlds reside.
The period from 2007 ADwhen the “point of no return” was reached regarding the Solar Star-Gatesto the year 2230 AD is called the “Cycle of the Load-Out.” It is the Final Evacuation Cycle of not only Earth, but of the falling Milky Way Galaxy. After the 2230 AD period, all Ascension Star-Gate Passages within the Milky Way will permanently close, and the galaxy will enter Universal Quarantine as a “Fall System” on the “De-evolutionary Path of Space-dust Return.” And it is for this reason, and the far-ranging consequences it implies, that the GA-MCEO Guardians and Krystal River of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts have now, with this writing and related public interface, engaged this First Installment of their Official Disclosure Protocol.
  • Since Earth will engage Pole Shift and Toral Rift Time Rip Fall Alignment around 2230 AD, and since Earth Change potentials will increase progressively from 2012, and Illuminati Loyalists will continue with their One World OrderParallel Invasion Agendawhile continuing environmental exploitation and seeking potential future Fall Gate evacuation plans through earthly space programswhat will Earth’s Guardian Angelic Human and Amnesty Illuminati-Human Forces do during this 200-year Load-Out Evacuationperiod?
Those working for the “Ascension PathAlignment will focus upon various aspects of keeping Earth Ascension potentials viable during the Load-Out Last Ascension Cycle 200-year window of open Ascension Star-Gates, working directly with the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians through “Reciprocal Exchange Contact” contracts, while progressively developing skills in personal “Orb-ing and Slide AscensionTranslocation for Guardian-guided visitation to the Higher Earth territories.
While remaining in their earthly incarnation, some individuals will feel inspired to become Earth Stewards of the “Aurora Silver Seed” Star-Gates and corresponding Interface Gate Networks. Many people who resonate with the work of the “MCEO Grid-Keepers” will feel inspired to assist in local or global efforts of developing sociopolitical peace strategies and “Fair Trade” economic models, and will be inclined to support planetary “environmental sustainability,” “alternative clean energy” and “humanitarian morality” efforts, while assisting the Guardians directly in maintaining planetary tectonic stability during the Load-Out Cycle. Other individuals, while sharing many of the inspirations of the “Grid-Keepers,” will feel drawn to aspects of Krystal River Silver Seed Healing, and will focus more fully upon applications of personal Bio-regenesis and reverse-mutation of the Encryption Lattice and DNA Template, through which the ability of organic physical “Transfigurative Ascension” Star-Gate Passage can biologically reawaken; individuals who have this “MCEO Healer” orientation will be most involved with providing bio-spiritual healing facilitation, education and guidance to self and others in preparation for “physical Slide-Orb Ascension” to Higher Earth. Still others will feel a “calling” to serve as MCEO–Krystal River “Wayshower Ministers,” who will share many of the inspirations and objectives of both the “MCEO Grid-Keeper” and “MCEO Healer” groups, but who will feel a more personal affiliation with providing spiritual assistance and guidance to those on the Path of Bhardoah Ascension. 
Illuminati-Humans on Guardian Ascension Path Amnesty Contracts will work quietly to strengthen global environmental sustainability, economic stability and political peace efforts, and to create “resistance drag” on the Illuminati-Elder “One World Order Invasion Agenda,” while engaging personal Silver Seed Healing to gain organic biological “Slide-Orb” or conscious-spirit Bhardoah Ascension abilities. All collectives who engage Free Will Choice for Ascension Path Alignment will be working toward the final common goal of direct organic “Slide-Orbor BhardoahAscension Passage through the Aurora Silver Seed Star-Gates, into the Re-evolutionary Krystal River Ascension Path, which begins with passage into the Higher Earth territories that exist beyond the Illuminati-NET. All Ascension Path groups will first, through “Reciprocal Exchange Contact” contracts, work toward developing skills in “non-channeled” trans-dimensional Keylontic Communication with the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians, while simultaneously developing abilities in Bi-location and Translocation “Slide-Orb-ing” visitation to Higher Earth territories. 
(Information on “Higher and Lower Earth” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1 and will feature in future MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs. New MCEO Keylontic Communication and Slide-Orb-ing skill development techniques will be featured in the book 2012 – Life After Earth: Orb Whisperers and the Silver Seed Awakening [forthcoming], planned for release late summer 2010.)  
  • During the Load-Out Evacuation Cycle 200-year windowof open Ascension Star-Gates, will anyone who chooses to participate in Silver Seed Healing technologies be able to reclaim the ability of atomic Transfiguration for physical-biological Transmigration Slide-OrbAscension to Higher Earth?
This is a “time-sensitivequestion. During the Illuminati “Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift Time Rip Alignmentpeak of December 21, 2012, certain presently-dormant Metatronic Alpha-OmegaCodes will activate within Earth’s Encryption Lattice, Halls of Amenti Star-Gates and geomagnetic field, initiating the third inorganic time-acceleration of Earth’s “wobble,” “precession of the equinox” cycle and two-thirds of Earth’s Encryption Lattice. Activation of the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Codes will cause the Illuminati Broadcast-NET in Earth’s geomagnetic field to partially blend with the corresponding Illuminati-NET of Parallel Earth, which will strengthen our Earth’s Illuminati-NET into an environmental electromagnetic Metatronic Time-Harness, within Earth’s geomagnetic field; this Metatronic Time-Harness is deceptively referred to, within some contemporary Death Science teachings, as the “Synthetic Christ Consciousness Grid” in Earth’s atmosphere. The activation of the Illuminati-NET Metatronic Time-Harness in Earth’s geomagnetic field will directly affect the DNA and existing biorhythms of all life-forms on Earth through the Epigenetic Overlay. 
The greater quantum of the planetary Metatronic Time-Harness will override the smaller quantum of the existing Encryption Lattice, BPR and Epigenetic Overlay configurations of biological life-formsand of the matter-base entrapped within the Metatronic Time-Harnesscreating an automatic, environmentally induced inorganic time-acceleration/ vibration increase, Encryption Lattice BPR-deceleration/ drop, and corresponding biological-atomic Co-resonant Disharmonic Alignment with the Alpha-Omega Fall Path. The Illuminati’s 2012 Alpha-Omega Time-Harness/False Christ Consciousness Grid” activation will engage the biological-atomic structure to biochemically ensnare the embodied conscious awareness into the “perceptual harness” of Illuminati Broadcast-NET transmissions, and will cause the DNA Template and Encryption Lattice to engage the “Fibonacci spiral expansion” of the Metatronic Code. Once the Metatronic Code engages Fibonacci spiral expansion to the “55-Blending Ratio” within the Encryption Lattice, and creates corresponding Merkaba Field “55-speed acceleration,” the atomic structure and biological anatomy fall under the subjugation and dominion of the planetary Metatronic Alpha-Omega Time-Harness. 
At the point of activation of the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” within the Encryption Lattice and DNA Template, any previously existing organic potential for biological passage through natural Ascension Star-Gates is permanently lost through critical-mass damage to the Encryption Lattice, DNA Template, chemical DNA and Epigenetic Overlay. With activation of the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” the “Common-man Blended DNA Mutationbecomes permanent, and human DNA becomes permanently transformed from that of the original eternal-life Angelic Human species genome, into the inorganic finite-life genetic imprint of a new Illuminati-Leviathan mutant-hybrid-human Fall-species, predestined to temporary subjugated dominance, and intended eventual extermination, by the Illuminati-Elder races to which its mutated Encryption Lattice is connected.
If the consciousness is ensnared within a biology that engages activation of the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio,” the conscious-spirit will become entrapped within the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment of the “False Christ Consciousness Grid” within Earth’s geomagnetic fieldeven following death of the physical body. No biological life-form on Earth would be spared this 2012–2013 environmentally induced biochemical-spiritual holocaust and resultant De-evolutionary Fall Path Alignmentthe intention of the Illuminati Master Planif it were not for the intervention efforts of the MCEOKrystal River Guardians.     
During the Illuminati “Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift Alignmentpeak of the December 21, 2012 solstice, the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians will synchronize activation of their “Silver Seed Host Grid,” called the “Stardust Silver Seed Ascension Grid” of eternal-life Krystal-Consciousness, with the Illuminati’s Metatronic Time-Harness/ False Christ Consciousness Grid. Activation of the Genuine Ascension Path “Stardust Grid” will engage one-third of Earth’s Encryption Lattice and BPR with the organic, slower-moving time cycles of the Higher Earth Aurora Silver Seed Ascension Star-Gates; this engagement will remain until 2230 AD. There is nothing the Illuminati Force can do to prevent or override the direct intervention of the Guardians’ Stardust Silver Seed Ascension Grid; the Illuminati Force will discover the truth of this reality when they find that the Cataclysmic Pole Shift of Earth, which they are currently predicting for 2013–2015, does not occur as they plan. The Illuminati-Elder Force “Alpha-Omega False God-Head” will also discover around 2976 AD that their Master Plan Prime Objective of creating the Death Star Black Hole Universe is also doomed to fail, because in 2976 AD the Parallel Milky Way Alpha Black Hole System explodesas an energetic consequence to their own actionseven before the Death Star Solar System is created. Eternal-life First-Creation “has a way of taking care of itself…eternally,” and this is why the Cosmos “simply allows”; this is a lesson that Illuminati Fall-groups everywhere would do well to learn. That which is eternal, remains eternal, and that which is not simply eventually destroys itself.
Individuals who make choices that allow their personal Encryption Lattices to enter Co-resonant Harmonic Alignment with the Guardians’ Stardust Ascension Grid between December 21, 2012 and January 31, 2013, will receive the gift of the “Silver Seed Awakening,” which will create progressive biological immunity to the Illuminati’s environmentally induced automatic Metatronic 55-Blending Ratiopermanent DNA mutation. Those who successfully achieve the Stardust Ascension Grid Alignment before or during this short window of opportunity” will retain existing DNA Ascension potentials, and will receive regenesis of any missing organic Encryption Lattice/ DNA Template Ascension Codes, while generating sufficient strength within the personal Encryption Lattice to withstand environmental Metatronic Code quantum-override from the planetary geomagnetic field Metatronic Time-Harness. Individuals successfully achieving the Stardust Alignment by January 31, 2013 will retain the potential to engage organic atomic Transfiguration physical-biological Slide-Orb Ascension through the Aurora Silver Seed Ascension Gates, to the Higher Earth territories and beyond.  
Whether an individual can fulfill the potential of physical-biological Ascensiononce this potential is secured through the 2012–2013 Stardust Alignment/ Silver Seed Awakeningwill be determined by several factors, which include the existing stress-damage of the personal organic DNA, the remaining personal biological tolerance levels for atomic Transfiguration, and the progressive application of Silver Seed Healing Bio-regenesis activations, as well as sustained stability of “Earth’s side” of the Aurora Silver Seed Ascension Gates. With the Stardust Alignment, the potentials of biological Ascension Passage are restored, but even if the restored potentials for personal biological Ascension are unable to reach fulfillment for reasons such as those mentioned above, the conscious-spirit will still achieve spiritual Ascension to Higher Earth and beyond, through organic Bhardoah Ascension at the point of biological death. Regarding Bhardoah Ascension Transition at death, the living body before death becomes a “vessel of progressive freedom” within which DNA Template and Encryption Lattice Bio-regenesis reverse-mutation progressively occurs through Silver Seed Healing applications; attempting to “accelerate” one’s spiritual Ascension through acts of suicide can directly interfere with the organic mechanics of spiritual Ascension, and so the MCEO Freedom Teachings® strongly advise against such acts.    
This short-term December 21, 2012 to January 31, 2013 “window of opportunity” for accelerated DNA Template Bio-regenesis reverse-mutation through the Stardust Silver Seed Alignment is available to ALL contemporary Earth humans, with the exception of those who have already engaged the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratiopermanent DNA mutation. Currently, very few members of the contemporary Illuminati-Human race, and no members of the Angelic Human race, have engaged the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” DNA and Encryption Lattice mutation. Only individuals who have experienced full biological-atomic Death Star Merkaba Vehicletransit through Metatronic Wormholes, via conscious intentional use of the “Death Star Merkaba Vehicle,” or individuals who have directly, personally participated in Death Science Time Rip experiments such as the “Montauk Project,” will have already engaged the associated “Metatronic-55” permanent DNA mutation. So, like contemporary Earth Angelic Human collectives, most Earth Illuminati-Human collectives are still able to achieve the potential physical-biological Slide-Orb Ascensionfreedoms offered in the Guardians’ Stardust Silver Seed Alignment; engagement with the Stardust Silver Seed Ascension Alignment can be accessed by Illuminati-Humans through Amnesty Host Contracts with the trans-dimensional MCEO–Krystal River Councils, and through practice of the Silver Seed Healing technologies that will be progressively introduced in the MCEO Freedom Teachings®. 
After the Stardust Alignment “window of opportunitycloses on January 31, 2013, both Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human populations who have not achieved Stardust Alignment will biologically engage the automatic “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” mutation from the planetary geomagnetic field, and from this point forward will become permanently unable to regain physical-biologicalSlide-Orb Ascension” potentials. But, individuals who do not achieve the Stardust Alignment by January 31, 2013 can still, throughout the Load-Out Evacuation Last Ascension Cycle200-year window” of open Ascension Star-Gates, engage Krystal River–hosted conscious-spirit Bhardoah Ascension Stardust Alignment, through application of Silver Seed Healing technologies and Amnesty Host Contracts with the Guardians. Achieving Bhardoah Ascension Stardust Alignmentand gaining freedom from the Metatronic Time-Harness/ False Christ Consciousness Grid in Earth’s geomagnetic field, with its corresponding biochemical perceptual harnesswill become progressively more difficult, but not impossible, following the end of 2013.    
Individuals who achieve the Stardust Alignment by January 31, 2013 will automatically “genetically pass on” the biological Ascension potentials they receive to any offspring conceived during or after the 2012–2013 window of opportunity,” and will also automatically pass on, through the parental-DNA Etheric Template link, the biological Ascension potentials to any children previously birthed, who are age 33 or under. Activation of the “retro-inherited” biological Ascension potentials within previously birthed offspring will occur only if the “Higher Self” of the individual child engages this activation through Free Will Choice. Activation of the biological Ascension potential and Stardust Alignment within the DNA and Encryption Lattice of any offspring conceived to a Stardust-aligned parent (mother or father) during or after the “2012–2013 window of opportunity” will occur automatically, as the conception itself implies a Free Will Choice for Stardust Alignment initiated by the newly incarnating individual spirit. The same dynamics of “Encryption Lattice and DNA Template inheritance” will apply to offspring born of a parent or parents who attain Bhardoah Ascension potentials through Stardust Alignment: the children will inherit Bhardoah Ascension potentials.
So the answer to the question of “Who will have the opportunity to reclaim biological ‘Slide-Orb Ascension’ potential within the Load-Out Last Ascension Cycle 200-year window of open Ascension Star-Gates?” is time-sensitive in relation to the December 21, 2012January 31, 2013window of opportunityfor Stardust Silver Seed Alignment. In simple terms, those of both Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human gene lines who do not achieve Stardust Alignment by the January 31, 2013 close of the “window of opportunity,” forfeit physical-biological Slide-Orb Ascensionpotentialdue to the automatic, environmentally induced Metatronic Alpha-Omega Alignment DNA quantum-override that will occur through Earth’s geomagnetic field. But conscious-spirit Bhardoah Ascension potential can be regained, with progressively greater difficulty, after the “window of opportunity closes,” through Guardian Amnesty Host Contracts and Silver Seed Healing applications.  
  • So what can a caring humanity do in the meantime,” in preparation for 2012 and beyond?
LOVE and Let Live, and make your personal choices wiselyTHIS is the immediate, short answer.
Wise Choices, Symbol-Clues and Salvaging the Sacred
The ability to “make wise personal choices” begins with taking responsibility for personal education; explore, investigate, learn and compare the core ideas within popular belief systems to which you feel drawn. Though “logical comparison of ideas” can reveal useful and “telling” implications about the “nature of a thing,” it is through the “intuitive comparison of FEELING” that the energetic truth in frequency vibration, the core Encryption Lattice, and thus the underlying reality of the “nature of a thing,” can be discerned. “Think?” Certainly. “FEEL?” Absolutely. Then combine the observations of both “head and heart” to let the infinite wisdom of spirit shine through.
Since 2001, the GA-MCEO Guardians progressively revealed the CDT-Plate teachings pertaining to both “positive and negative sides” of the planetary “Big Picture” drama, showing these “sides” not as “competing forces,” but rather as “two counterpoint forces of Free Will Option” that together exist as inherent aspects of Eternity within a Free Will Cosmos. When attempting to become educated about spiritual development and the multidimensional reality spectrum, it is currently difficult to discern “the underlying nature of a thing,” to determine whether you desire to engage with it. One of the most important benefits to emerge from the Guardians’ revelations of “false Sacred Science” and the ancient “Bloom of Doom Death Science paradigm is that our “logical minds” have been provided with directly perceivable clues, and points of reference, with which to discern the nature of various New Age “Ascension teachings” and traditional religious paradigms. Each of the symbols previously identified in this writing provides a direct and apparent clue as to the “underlying nature and evolutionary path-alignment of the teachings” within which the symbols appear. Some of the Metatronic Death Science teachings are scattered throughout various New Age and traditional religious doctrinesinterspersed with portions of genuine eternal-life teachings. This “convolution of teachings” makes it very difficult, both logically AND intuitively, to discover the core energetic truth in frequency vibration (the Encryption Lattice), and thus to discern the actual “energetic path of consequence,” that a body of teachings in reality represents; it is herein that the logical Symbol-Clues become helpful
Before discovering the “Symbol-Clues,” it is important to remember that all of the aforementioned symbols, and many other related “symbols,” have emerged into our contemporary cultures from ancient Atlantean times. All of the symbols previously mentioned in this writing, and numerous related symbols not herein identified, are intentionally rendered ancient Atlantean distortions of what were once “Sacred Spiritual-Science Symbols”; these distorted symbols originated from intentional perversions of the organic MCEO teachings contained within CDT-Plate-11, which was stolen from Angelic Humans and placed in Illuminati hands by the Anunnaki named Thoth, in the 22,326 BC period. Though the intrinsic meanings of the specific applications of multidimensional physics for which these symbols stand, have been lost to current civilizations, the realities of the energy processes and the core Encryption Lattice that these symbols represent have never lost their meaning, significance or hidden power of atomic energy direction. If you find distorted versions of these once-sacred symbols alone, or together, within a body of teachings, you can initiate a quiet healing option into the Encryption Lattice of the body of teachings, which will offer the opportunity for healing and “Salvaging of the Sacred” as a new energetic option of Stardust Alignment becomes available within the Encryption Lattice of the body of teachings. Rejection of the entire body of “distortion-contaminated” teachings is NOT the point, nor is this approach helpful in any way; most contemporary religious, spiritual and scientific mass belief systems currently exist as a convoluted blend of both Rise Encryptionand Fall Encryption.” One does not need to “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” as the old saying goes.
When distortions of the once-sacred symbols listed below are found, investigate the contours of their “original sacred version” as depicted within the Ascension Path MCEO CDT-Plate translations. Use the original “sacred version” in your contemplations or meditationsALONG WITH the “commonly used version”and simply sincerely intend that you will feel within the symbols The Truth as it applies to you, in terms of which symbol you currently “co-resonate with.” If you feel more connected to the “common distorted version,” that is okay, and there is no obligation to accept the validity of the MCEO symbol version. The idea is to simply investigate, learn more, try to feel outthe Encryption Lattice beneath both symbols, so that you can compare, and thus make a more educated conscious choice regarding your personal path of evolution. Illuminati-Human Leviathan Coding carried within the Encryption Lattice and DNA Template (which at this point all humans, with our “Common-man Blended Genome,” share to greater or lesser degrees) will co-resonate more strongly with the Metatronic Death Science symbol Encryption Lattice, but if you feel this relationship it does not mean that the “Metatronic Fall Path” is “destined to bind you,” for the opportunity of Stardust Alignment Silver Seed Healing of the Encryption Lattice, and thus the DNA Template, is extended to ALL of contemporary humanityincluding those of Illuminati-Human descent.
If Genuine Eternal Life Ascension is what you consciously desire, but you feel “torn and confused” between personal current belief system allegiances and the ideas proposed in the MCEO Freedom Teachings®, the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians suggest that you simply consider both ideologies as valuable viewpoints through which you can learn, grow and expand your spiritual awareness, rather than “getting yourself into a mental polarity tangle” over which viewpoint is “right or wrong.” Explore, respect and compare the ideas represented in both viewpoints, and embrace the ideas in both that “feel right to you at the time,” while reserving the right to “free yourself” from the ideas in either viewpoint that do not “feel right” at the time. After a period of trying this “Salvage the Sacredapproach, revisit the ideas which previously did not “feel right,” and you may be surprised to discover that you have grown to understand the ideas in a different, more harmonious light. Using this approach of “comfortable comparison,” you allow yourself and your current personal belief system “room to grow, expand and mature,” while aligning yourself with the “best ideas” of both viewpoints in relation to your present “personal truth.”
Regardless of the decision you make about “what truths suit you,” comparing the symbols and the teachings of both the MCEO-Ascension and Metatronic-Fall Paths will offer you the benefit of greater clarityand thus greater opportunity for Conscious Evolutionno matter what you decide. The “Symbol-Clues” below are provided only to assist you in your quest for greater clarity, and are NOT intended to be misused as grounds to engage vilification, judgment or bigotry against belief paradigms that may be associated with the symbol distortions, or against the people who follow those belief systems. Remember when exploring the “Symbol-Clues” below, that most contemporary belief systems represent a “convoluted blend” of both “Sacred Ascension Teachings” and “Fall Teachings”; the idea is to “Salvage the Sacred”not to invalidate the entire body of thought.

Symbol-Clues to Encryption Lattice Orientation
  • If you encounter a spiritual doctrine or scientific theory that places the Golden Mean Rectangle/ Fibonacci Spiral & Sequence as significant to its theories, experiments or “esoteric” teachings, know you are dealing with a viewpoint that implies the rest of the Bloom of DoomMetatronic Death Science components, and its Fall Path Alignment, even if the rest of the “Bloom of Doom” symbols and teachings are hidden from direct view. 
  • If you encounter a doctrine that assigns significance to the symbol of the “Tree of Life,” in a depiction which diverges from the sacred proportions inherent to the Krystic 12-Signet Kathara Grid, know that at least part of the underlying Encryption Lattice, and thus the path of consequence carried in this doctrine, is that of Death Science orientationno matter how altruistic its outer “good intentions” may be.
  • If you encounter teachings that identify the star-tetrahedron/6-pointed star” or the Bi-Veca Code/ vesica piscis as a symbol of significance, know the underlying orientation of these teachings is not determined by the appearance of the symbol itself, but rather by the way in which it is used.
  • There are many other “commonly known symbols” that also hold an “implied orientation of Encryption Lattice,” some of which have been previously identified in the MCEO teachings, such as the upright crucifixion cross,” the invertedcrucifixion cross” and “5-pointed star/ pentagram.” The two “crucifix versions” and the inverted pentagram represent specific manipulations of light-spectra that are directly associated with the vesica piscis Artificial-Light mutation, and thus imply energetic Death Science Encryption Lattice alignment. The orientation of the upright pentagram can be discerned by how it is used, rather than simply by its appearance. The presence of these symbols within a body of teachings indicates at least a partial distortion of the Encryption Lattice behind the body of thought within which these symbols are found. 
Though the dispensations of the CDT-Plates and the GA-MCEO Guardians may reveal realities that most contemporary Earth humans “just do not want to hear about,” these revelations nonetheless are made as a gesture of the Guardians’ love for humanity, and of their enduring commitment to “seeing us through to the end,” while holding for us the living potentials of our re-evolutionary vision of Eternal Life Ascension that we had long ago forgotten. What might this “end,” which the Guardians are “seeing us through to,” look like? The immediate answer to that question has yet to be decided, for this decision will be made through the realities of personal and Planetary Encryption Lattice BPR alignment, especially as we move through the period of the “2012 BPR Showdown” and the Illuminati Metatronic-55-pointand Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift Fall Alignment peak of December 21, 2012.
The “2012 BPR Showdown” is not a “showdown over planetary Templar control,” for the alignment paths of Earth’s Encryption Lattice BPR, and thus the immediate planetary energetic consequences, have already been determined. Fulfillment of the Illuminati’s Death Star activation, and the corollary 6th Extinction, will be stalled and postponed, and our Solar System will not be drawn into the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip, until the 2230–2976 AD period, due to the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians’ intervention. The “Metatronic-55-pointacceleration will, however, control the primary geomagnetic fields of Earth and the Sun from December 21, 2012 forward, and will thus automatically controlby Quantum Dominancethe Encryption Lattice BPR of Earth’s life-field and matter-base, unless conscious energetic counterstrategies are progressively personally applied. The “2012 BPR Showdown” is a “personal BPR Showdown,” as through it the use of individual Free Will Choice will determine which aspect of the now-preset planetary evolutionary-path alignment, and the corresponding realities in consequence, that each individual will experientially encounter.
May we all make our choices well, for this time it is the “End Game,” and we will each exist within the energetic consequence of our contemporary choices for a very long time to come. The MCEO–Krystal River Guardians will also extend Silver Seed Healing Ascension Alignment opportunities to various plant, animal, crystal and elemental species whose Encryption Lattices are capable of engaging this alignment. Earth humans who choose “Ascension Alignment” through personal Silver Seed Healing will be instrumental in extending this healing opportunity to the other kingdoms of Earth’s life-field, for these humans will be the only force resident on-planet with an Encryption Lattice through which the Ascension Alignment can be “anchored” on Earthand thus made accessible to Earth’s extended life-field. The “Re-evolutionary Ascension Path of Stardust Return” (Path of Rise), or the “De-evolutionary Fall Path of Space-dust Return”: the choice belongs to each and every human presently alive on Earth. The hidden energetic realities of the contemporary planetary and galactic “Big Picture Drama” will ensure, through the “Cosmic Law of Cause, Effect and Consequence,” that this human evolutionary choice is made, whether or not we are ready. 
The Guardians are not here to “save us”; no one can “save us” from the energy consequences resulting from our current and historical use of Free Will Choice. The most they can do is to temporarily buffer us from the full brunt of our collective planetary consequences, and return to us the knowledge of how we as individuals can choose to save ourselves.” The current planetary drama is challenging us, individually and as a “common race of man,” to “be the change we wish to see in the world,” as Gandhi so eloquently phrased it. We can still change our personal destinyand change our personal relationship to the Path of Fall Return with which the planet is now alignedby choosing to change ourselves. The part of ourselves that most needs changing is not so much the “external ideological associations” we choose to hold, but rather the underlying reality of energy frequency-vibration held within our personal Encryption Lattices, which lie beneath our consciousness and our biological-atomic form
For the last 10 years, the GA-MCEO has been providing us with the MCEO Freedom Teachings® and CDT-Plate translations precisely so that we may empower ourselves to make this “internal change,” and literally SHIFT the BPR (Base Pulse Rhythm) of our personal Encryption Lattices out of the planetary “Metatronic-55” Fall Alignmentif we desire to do so with our Free Will Choice. The Guardians have offered us the opportunity to “become our own saviors” and to reclaim our original birthright of Eternal Life Ascension, and fortunately they have cared enough, and intervened in the planetary drama sufficiently enough, to “buy us some much-needed evolutionary time!
After the “Fall of Metatron” revelations started in 2001, the MCEO teachings expanded rapidly in all directions of reference. By 2006–2007, the MCEO Freedom Teachings® had progressed into in-depth study of “Elemental Command,” trans-dimensional projection, andBi-locationOrb-ing.” Currently our focus is upon expedited re-awakening of the ancient Angelic Human genetic abilities of atomic Transmutation and Transfiguration, through which the once-organic genetic abilities of biological Translocation (physical visitation to “elsewhere” in space-time) and Transmigration (permanent physical relocation to “elsewhere” in space-time) can begin activation in time for the 2012 Stardust Alignment and Silver Seed Awakening, which will enable at least some of the contemporary human species to eventually engage biological “trans-dimensional space-time traveland Bio-spiritual Ascension” (re-evolution out of finite matter-form back into eternal-life matter-form, and then into pure eternal-life original consciousness beyond form) during the 2007–2230 AD Load-Out Last Ascension Cycle. In ancient Atlantean/ Lemurian, Egyptian, Christian, and pre-ancient “mystery schools,” the MCEO Freedom Teachings® were referred to as “Ascension Training”; today, we refer to these Ascension Path teachings as “Sliders Training.” We began our MCEO Freedom Teachings®Sliders Workshop Series” in August 2008; this workshop series runs through the end of 2012
Before we can become Orb-ing “Ascension Sliders,” we need first to become Shifters,” through consciously shifting our morphogenetic field Encryption Lattice BPR, and thus our biological-atomic biorhythms, out of the current planetary “Metatronic-55-point” Toral Rift Fall Path Alignment, and into Co-resonant Harmonic Alignment with the Ascension Path of the Stardust Alignment and the Silver Seed Awakening. Between October 2009 and December 2012, the MCEO Freedom Teachings® will progressively focus upon the study of healing the personal “Encryption Lattice” in preparation for the “2012 Mass BPR Showdown” and the Silver Seed Awakening. Humanity is welcome to join us in this journey of healing and freedom. Sometimes truth really IS strangeror at least much more complexthan fiction. What has been described in this writing IS the reality of what is occurring behind the scenes on this planet; the reality of this drama will move forward with or without humanity’s acknowledgement or consent. We can engage our planetary reality through conscious knowing or unconscious unknowingboth are choices, and individually we WILL experience the energetic consequence of our choice.
May the sun warm your shoulders, may the wind be at your back…and may you choose to ride the Rising Tides of Stardust into a joyous, loving Eternity.
With Love, Light and Awareness … and a “Sprinkling of Stardust” … A’sha Deane – MCEO Speaker-1
Knowledge and Techniques for the "Silver Seed Awakening" begin with the
Festival of Light 2010 workshop and continues through following workshops.
Copyright © A & A Dean, All Rights Reserved;
Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings ® Series
*Not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure Dis-ease or Illness, nor is it to be presented or construed,
 in any way,  as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment

The Structure of our Universe

  • An Introduction to the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix
  • A good 'taster' for the technical detail available in these teachings
Our planet Earth exists in one of countless energetic structures called 15-Dimensional Time Matrices. Time Matrices are created by God/Source within God/Source Itself, in order to experience anything that God/Source desires. We are created in the "image" of God/Source and as a result we are Co-Creators with God/Source. WE create with our thoughts and are entirely composed of the energy of God/Source. All creation is composed of the Conscious Energy of God/Source and is formed by the process of God/Source stepping Itself down from large to small units of conscious energy. This process of stepping down of Source's conscious energy into manifestation is called "The Stair Step Creation Process". 
God/Source steps itself down into any manifest form by replicating and distributing Conscious Energy into compartments that are specifically structured according to Divine Blueprint. The Divine Blueprint structure of any Time Matrix contains 5 sets of 3 compartments. These intricate and specifically structured compartmentalized energy systems are called Time Matrices. The process of Source stepping Itself down to create a Time Matrix is initiated by an "OUT-breath" and an "IN-breath" of Conscious Energy. 
These creational BREATHS of God/Source are created by the polarization of what are called Partiki or ante-particle units of consciousness into Partika or anti-particles and Particum or particles. The perpetual motion of "fission" and "fusion" (separation and replication) from Partiki units into Partika and Particum units is called "Partiki Phasing" and is the basis of what is known as the Divine Trinity. Partiki phasing results in a "flashing on and off" of units of consciousness which, when grouped together, form "flash-line sequences". Flash-line sequences make up the structure of ALL creation, ALL Life Forms, including what we may see as protons, neutrons and electrons in our Earth Reality Field (or hologram).
The Dimensions
In Keylontic Science, we learn that a Time Matrix is a structure composed of 15 Dimensions and that each compartment within it contains Partiki Phasing or flash-line sequences that are unique to that compartment. In the outer dimensional levels of the Time Matrix, for example in Dimensions 10, 11 and 12, flash-line sequences have the qualities of higher oscillation and lower vibration. In the inner most Dimensions such as in Dimensions 1, 2 and 3, flash-line sequences have the quality of lower oscillation and higher vibration. These qualities mean that in Dimensions 10, 11 & 12, partiki phasing is more rapid and matter forms are less "dense" and in Dimensions 1, 2 & 3, partiki phasing is slower and matter forms are more "dense"
The Densities
There are FIVE sets of 3 specific compartments called Harmonic Universes within each 15 Dimensional structure or Time Matrix. These groups of 3 compartments can be thought of as "Platforms of Perception". Each Harmonic Universe is also known as a Density and the terms 'Density Level' and 'Harmonic Universe' (HU), are used synonymously. Within each of the five Densities, the specific 3-dimensional structure allows for the perception of a 3-dimensional hologram or reality field. Each expression of God/Source or manifest Life-form has a level of Itself in each of the Dimensions and Densities. 
In Humans, these levels of Self or expression are called:
Incarnate (stationed in Dimension 1, 2 & 3 or Density ONE)
Soul (stationed in Dimension 4, 5 & 6 or Density TWO)
Oversoul (stationed in Dimension 7, 8 & 9 or Density THREE)
Christos or Avatar (stationed in Dimension 10, 11& 12 or Density FOUR
Rishi (stationed in Dimension 13, 14 & 15 or Density FIVE)

Similarly, there are expressions of our Earth at each Density level or Harmonic Universe:
In Harmonic Universe ONE, it is called Earth
In Harmonic Universe TWO, it is called Tara
In Harmonic Universe THREE, it is called Gaia
In Harmonic Universe FOUR, it is called Aramatena
Each of the levels of Self in each Density has a characteristic quality of flash-line sequences and this results in a matter form that is unique to each Density. For example in Density ONE, matter forms are primarily carbon-based and those in Density TWO are carbon and silica-based. Those in Density FOUR are primarily liquid light. In Density FIVE, units of consciousness are not manifest into "matter" or biological forms and for this reason are called pre-matter. Density FIVE is also known as the Primal Light Field and contains Collective Groups of Consciousness of Source that form the biological forms within Densities ONE to FOUR.

Harmonic Universe
or Density Level
Containing Dimensions
Type of Matter or Biology ("Reality" System)
Identity of Being
Harmonic Universe-5 (also called Density-5 Time Cycle)
Dimensions 13, 14 & 15 (also known as the 3 Primal Light Fields)
Ante-Matter, which is
thermo-plasmic light
Rishi, or Higher Self
Harmonic Universe-4 (also called Density-4 Time Cycle)
Dimensions 10, 11 & 12
Pre-Matter, which is hydroplasmic liquid light
Avatar or Christos Self
Harmonic Universe-3 (also called Density-3 Time Cycle)
Dimensions 7, 8 & 9
Etheric Matter, which is
Silica based biology
Oversoul Self
Harmonic Universe-2
(also called Density-2 Time Cycle)
Dimensions 4, 5 & 6
Physical Matter, which is
Carbon-silica based biology.
Soul Self
Harmonic Universe-1 (also called Density-1 Time Cycle)
Dimensions 1, 2 & 3
Gross Physical Matter, which is carbon based biology
Incarnate Self

Holographic Projections of Consciousness
The process of God/Source expressing Itself as smaller and smaller Units of Consciousness leads to ALL Creation taking place within God/Source Itself in the Same Space and in the Same Time. The perception of being contained within a confined 3-dimensional Density and the perception of linear time and space are a result of the structure and function of what is known as the 3-Dimensional Hologram.  Although we, as Humans and expressions of God/Source, often experience that we are separate from God/Source, this is only an illusion created by the phenomenon of the Hologram.
Time and space are also a result of the Hologram and allow for conscious entities to experience motion and linearity surrounding their holographic experiences. Although, in absolute terms, Time-Space is an illusion, the creation process, which includes the experience of Time-Space, will be experienced as 'real' within the constrains of the structure of the Time Matrix, as long as that individual consciousness is stationed within a Time Matrix System. God/Source's original intention in experiencing Itself was to allow for individuated expression, and to know and experience Itself directly as both the creator and the creation. 
Consciousness experiencing a Reality Field within ONE 3-Dimensional Hologram experiences Itself as separate from the other four Densities or Reality Fields within the 15-dimensional Time Matrix because of the presence of specific energetic structures between each Density called Magnetic Repulsion Zones or Void Zones. These Void zones function to "separate" the flash-line sequences and Units of Consciousness that are stationed at each Density level. These Void Zones are therefore important in creating the illusion of separation between levels of consciousness stationed within each Density and allow for individuated experience and individual expression of God/Source at each Density level. In Biological Ascension, we are able to open these Magnetic Repulsion Zones at will, to experience our other conscious Selves stationed in other Density levels, simultaneously. This is often described as a state of "At-One-Ment". 
The flash-line sequences within each dimension are unique to that Dimension and the Partiki Phasing within these flash-line sequences have what is called a specific Angular rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS). There is a 90-degree shift in ARPS between neighbouring Dimensions and a 45-degree shift between neighboring Densities. The 90-degree difference in ARPS between the three dimensional bands within a Density are key to creating the illusion of a 3-Dimensional Hologram and the illusion of linear time and space. The differing ARPS of neighbouring densities in addition to the Magnetic Repulsion Zones or Void Zones give the illusion that the Densities are separate, when in fact they are in the same space and time. The existence of these 3-Dimensional Holograms within the same space and time is often described as the Spheres within Spheres of Creation.  

A greater understanding of Creation mechanics and the structure of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix and Personal Bio-spiritual Structure can be found in the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® which is available as a home study package and is listed in the Recommended Products for Newcomers section.

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