AD - The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Teachings, The Eieyani and the CDT-Plates

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The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Teachings, The Eieyani and the CDT-Plates

2010 April 27
The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. Inner Christosphilosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law of One“.  Inner Christos Law of One perspective respectfully acknowledges the inter-connection, interdependence and intrinsic value of all components of reality in recognition that the Living Consciousness, “God-Spirit” or “Inner Christos” is the tangible substance of consciousness and energy from and of which all things manifest are composed. MCEO teachings offer people an opportunity for advancing personal empowerment through genuine spiritual development regardless of their religious affiliation. The Inner Christos” of the “Law of One” MCEO spiritual teachings belongs to everyone of every creed, not just those who choose to call themselves “Christians“. The word “Christos“  (from which the word “Christian” later emerged) was originally spelled “Kristos” in the most ancient texts, and referred to the personal Divine Blueprint of Conscious Living God-Spirit energy of which all things and beings manifest are made.

The spiritual service work and teachings of the MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) are more than perspectives based upon speculation regarding a variety of unrelated but interesting spiritual and scientific subjects. The work for which MCEO and its Speakers stand represents a very ancient, advanced Paradigm of Perspective on the nature of reality. The MCEO paradigm is inclusive of the other scientific and spiritual belief systems on Earth, but extends beyond the limitations and often incongruent and conflicting assumptions commonly associated with them. Through familiarity with the MCEO teachings one can grow to recognize the commonality and intrinsic complementary association between the most empowering contemporary belief systems and the MCEO perspective.  At the center of contemporary MCEO teaching programs lies an “Ancient Mystery” known as the  “CDT-Plates“. The books and course programs produced by the MCEO are not speculative nor theoretical in nature, but are rather derived from factual TEXT BOOKS. Contemporary MCEO teaching programs contain English language translations of materials already existing within a very ancient set of texts called the Maharata Texts (indirectly related to the Indian “Mahabharata” writings). The 560 books of the ancient Maharata Texts are the original translations of an even older set of ancient records that have survived to our present time, stored on a set of 12 digital holographic recorder discs called the Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates” or CDT-Plates“, that were manufactured in 246,000BC. The CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts have been translated into written form numerous times in our ancient history, in many different countries and languages.
The CDT-Plates are real, physical objects, that have been kept in the private, protective custody of a specific family line of “Indigo Children” on Earth since the 9558BC “fall of Atlantis”. This family line is called the Eieyani, who refer to themselves as the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) Priests of Ur; another branch of the Eieyani family call themselves the MCEO “Priests of MU’a (“MU”). The word “priest” originally meant “guardian” or “steward and administrator of spiritual wisdom“. Both males and females in stewardship to spiritual wisdom and administering this wisdom to others are referred to as “Priests” or “Ministers“. The MCEO has always been, and will always be, an egalitarian, non-hierarchical, non-gender-biased spiritual service collective.  There are small collectives of Eieyani descendants alive, well and living on Earth now, in various global regions, who hold the knowledge (and relics like the CDT-Plates) of pre-ancient Earth and its civilizations. Similar to some more advanced sects of Tibetan Monks, especially those who rarely emerge from their  “hide outs” in the Himalayas, certain members of the Eieyani family line have open contact and direct communication with living civilizations from “other” places and other times. Every once in a while within humanity’s evolution, the Eieyani are permitted to bring back the ancient teachings in their pure form, allowing for the records of the 12 CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts original translations to be re- translated into the languages of the time.  The Eieyani return the knowledge contained in the CDT-Plate records to public view when it is most needed to assist Earth populations, at times when major planetary events are due to transpire.  The last time written CDT-Plate translation took place was during the “Christ period” of 12BC-27AD, among a group of Essenes of Eieyani descent. Most of these written records were rapidly destroyed, confiscated or intentionally altered by the corrupt political power elite of the times, as so often has happened historically with CDT-Plate written translations. Since 27AD the Eieyani Priests knew that the next CDT-Plate Translation Cycle was scheduled to occur just prior to and during the 2000-2017AD period; a period in time when great changes in the evolutionary path of all Earth species were destined to unfold. During the 2000-2017AD period permission for written CDT-Plate translation was to be authorized by the Eieyani Priests.

CDT-Plate Translation occurs when the Eieyani Priests carefully select several individuals in childhood from general family lines that they know to be descendant from the Eieyani. They make private contact with the child, providing years of discrete training as needed. When it is time for the CDT-Plate Translation Cycle to begin, the Eieyani then offer 3 official MCEO Eieyani SPEAKERS Contracts to 3 of their chosen trainees that have entered adulthood (the individual is under no obligation to accept a “Speakers” appointment.). Speakers Contracts are publication endorsements for CDT-Plate and Maharata Text translations.  Eieyani Speakers are permitted and trained to translate information directly from the highly protected CDT-Plate holographic discs and from their original Maharata Texts written translations. Once skilled in translation, Speakers are then endorsed by the MCEO Eieyani Priests to publicly publish MCEO CDT-Plate translations and related information as provided by the Eieyani Priests. During many historical periods written translation of the CDT-Plates was forbidden, to protect the Eieyani Speakers, and prevent Planetary Templar knowledge from being confiscated and abused by corrupt political powers; at these times only verbal presentation of the knowledge was permitted, thus translators were called “Speakers”. To protect the integrity and quality of CDT-Plate translations, and to ensure the safe keeping of the 12 CDT-Plates, there are only 3 Speaker Contract appointments given during any one translation cycle. When translation publication time arrives, the 3 Speakers are eventually guided by the Eieyani Priests to find each other and work together, each endorsing the validity of the others work.  In the present CDT-Plate Translation Cycle the Speaker-1 Contract was finalized and initiated in 1999 and the Speaker 2 and 3 Contracts were finalized and initiated in 2001.

Eieyani Speakers know the MCEO perspective as their truth; they share this truth with others, freely when possible, out of love for humanity and gratitude for the personal freedom in BEING that the MCEO teachings enable one to achieve. The Speakers “job” is to “give the gift” of this knowledge, through dynamics of equal and reciprocal energy exchange, to those who seek to know it and demonstrate through action and attitude the sincerity of this intention. The truths of which the Speakers teach are universal and freely belong to anyone who is capable of translating this knowledge from the Universal Unified Field. The CDT-Plates and MCEO Speakers provide a Sacred Service in that translation of the higher aspects of Unified Field knowledge is exceedingly difficult from the manifest fields of creation and requires much intensive training and innate abilities of consciousness and biology. The CDT-Plates serve to hold the highest aspects of Universal Knowledge in more accessible form; CDT-Plate Speakers are trained to translate this knowledge into forms directly accessible to general populations. Speakers have no need to “convince” anyone of anything, nor are they obligated to bear the burden of proof or self-justification. The burden of “Proof” lies always with the beholder, as within the natural dynamics of the Universal Law of Reciprocity and the intrinsic processes of Creation Physics, one must “know” a thing to BE before one can “see” it manifest. Speakers “Live what they Love“, “Practice what they Preach” and respectfully “Share what they have to Give” with others who feel inclined to listen with reciprocal respect. MCEO Eieyani Speakers “Speak their Truth”, while always respecting the free will right of others to have a different opinion.

The Eieyani Priests of UR and MU’a of Kauai, Hawaii, the 12 CDT-Plates and their ancient Maharata Text original translations, are the tangible source from which all true contemporary MCEO work emerges. Several families of Eieyani Priests in various geographical areas presently hold the 12CDT-Plates, 560 Maharata Text Books and related relics from pre-Atlantean times under high security protection. The MCEO Inner Christos Law of One teachings, Templar Sciences knowledge and Pre-ancient History records of the CDT-Plate teachings represent an intrinsically congruent paradigm of universal understanding; collectively the MCEO teachings are referred to as the Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings® . Once upon a time, long before Atlantis, these teachings were the “common knowledge” of a once enlightened, joy-filled, peaceful, love-based global civilization of “Angelic Human” beings. Fragmented remnants of these once-unified “Founders” MCEO spiritual-science teachings, which have been historically edited and altered repeatedly to serve dogmatic control agendas, have literally provided the ancient foundations upon which all of our traditional world religions, evolving sciences and “New Age” spirituality are built.  The Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings®  of the MCEO, originally provided 950 billion years ago by the Universal Founders races from which our universal life field evolved, are the enduring legacy, divine birthright and intrinsic heritage of all beings in this universe. Presently they serve also as the Long-forgotten Promise of Love, Freedom, Unity, Peace and Victory to the many races and species of Earth.


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