AD - Open Letter to AP-8/13/12-from E'Asha

posted Feb 11, 2016, 10:19 PM by Rha S ananda 
"Open Letter to AP-8/13/12-from E'Asha"

To those currently running and controlling all operations/activities/administration/funds of Azurite Press-MCEO,Inc. & Adashi, LLC (AP controllers = MCD-XSP-2-Asan, MAC-XSP-3-M.Callaway and Tammy Hollenbaugh/Adashi,LLC controller XSP-2/MCD-this open letter is addressed to T.Hollenbaugh & M.Callaway only, and is posted for clarity on related e-groups),
This is a formal request from AMCC-MCEO-Speaker-1-E'Asha/DKD, for you, Tammy, and MAC, to immediately(8/13/2012) remove from the Azurite Press-MCEO,Inc. Web-site ALL references to me, my name, photos, biography, likenesses and articles I have written. As you both know, I have been "frozen out of all aspects of the AP and Adashi corporations" (though I am still listed as AP "President on Paper", and listed as "1/2 owner of Adashi", I have NEVER had personal access to any AP bank accounts, check books, bank cards, statements, funds, tax returns/XSP-3 controlled these in PA, nor do I even know what bank XSP-2/MCD keeps the "joint" Adashi, LLC bank account in.). As several attorney's have pointed out to me recently, it appears that these 2 corporations had been set up (not by me, by the way..) in a way so as to deny me any access but insure I carried the "liabilities" pertaining to these corporations. (Real Krystic there....NOT).

Currently the Azurite Press-MCEO, Inc. website is selling the DVD products created from my intellectual property called the "MCEO-Freedom Teachings", ALL of which I solely and progressively have written over the past 14 years through my spiritual relationship with the GA-MCEO-AMCC . Since 5/28/2012, (when XSP-2 & XSP-3 lost their Speaker commissions on GA-MCEO-AMMC mandate), I, E'Asha-Ashayana receive no profits whatsoever from these product sales, nor from any "royalties" from the over-seas sales offices, or from any other current AP or Adashi activity. This is fine, for now, as I agreed to this TEMPORARY condition during XSP-2/MCD and my "1st Temporary Mediation Agreement" with our attorney's on 8/2/2012; prior to this date, and starting 5/28/2012 (immediately following end of my May-2012 workshop), this condition of receiving no proceeds from AP or Adashi was imposed upon me by AP/Aadshi representatives without my consent or recourse. Further, more permanent, Mediation Agreements are soon to come.

What I did NOT, and DO NOT, agree to at this time, is for the AP-website owned by Tammy Hollenbaugh, to continue to use my name, image, likeness, biography, and articles I have written, on this AP-website. Currently, the Azurite Press Web-site is creating a public deception that I am still working in association with Azurite Press, XSP-2, XSP-3 and their operatives, which is false and untrue information that the AP web-site is continuing to propagate in order to garner product sales and profits for themselves, thus using my name, image and articles under false pretenses.
As "President on Paper" of Azurite Press-MCEO,Inc., I would like it to be known that as of 5/28/2012, the AP web-site, nor AP/Adashi representatives do not have my permission to use my name, image, likeness, photos, biography or articles to propagate their endeavors of commerce. Let this "Open Letter to AP of 8/13/12" (also sent privately to T.Hollenbaugh and M.Callaway-not to XSP-2, as we currently have a "no contact" stipulation in our Mediation agreement), serve as formal official notice that I am requesting T.Hollenbaugh (owner of the AP web-site) to immediately cease and desist this activity. (Note: to define: "Cease and Desist Order" IS an order from an administrative agency to refrain from a method of competition or a labor practice found by the agency to be unfair.)
I am still "President of AP", and as President of AP, I serve as an "administrative agent" for this company, hence I am formally requesting that the Azurite Press-MCEO,Inc and its website and e-groups "cease and desist" using my name, image, likeness, photos, and articles to promote their activities in commerce and public interface. If my name, image, likeness, photos and articles are not removed from the Azurite Press website (owned by T.Hollenbaugh) within 24 hours (by 12am 8/15/2012) of this formal request to "cease and desist" this activity, I will have no recourse but to initiate legal action toward the owners of this website and those of corresponding e-groups.
Please understand that I am taking this action in order to protect the public from distortions of truth and what appear to be deceptive practices pertaining to my "MCEO-Freedom Teachings" that representatives/controllers of the AP and Adashi corporations have been progressively promoting via e-groups and various other media, since 5/28/2012. I would like members of our MCEO e-groups etc, and the public, to understand that I, E'Asha-Ashayana AMCC-MCEO-Speaker-1, cannot endorse the activities being conducted by AP, Adashi or their representatives since 5/28/2012, nor do I have any control or access whatsoever as to what these companies and their representatives do in regard to administrative, promotional, commerce, or funding activities.

In closing this "Open Letter to AP", I would like also to clarify yet 2 more instances of "deceptive misinformation" currently (from about 8/6/12?) being propagated by AP reps (most especially T.Hollenbaugh..) via e-groups and emails to group members. This FIRST instance of recent deception pertains to the "AP-Collected Deposits for MY DEC.-21-2012 Workshop", and an email (that was brought to my attention) in which Tammy is "sweetly explaining" to people requesting "refunds" that "the DEC-12 workshop deposits that were collected by AP, are no longer in AP bank accounts but have been transferred to the Adashi, LLC account that is "jointly owned by E'Asha and Asan/MCD". Personally, I E'Asha, have no idea WHAT AP "did with these funds", as I had nothing to do with collecting them, and I have been shut out of all banking functions of both AP and Adashi since the beginnings of these corporations.

IF it is true, as Tammy emailed, that "AP transferred the Dec.-12 deposits to the Adashi account", THIS means that they have been transferred to XSP-2/Asan/MCD solely, BECAUSE, though he created the Adashi, LLC corp. with "both of our names on it", he created the Adashi, LLC bank account completely out of my access. I have never had a checkbook to Adashi (or AP...), I do not know the account number for XSP-2's Adashi bank account and I do not even know what bank he keeps it in. Tammy's email is attempting to mislead people into thinking that the DEC-12 Deposits for MY upcoming workshop, which were collected by AP, are NOW in the "jointly owned" Adashi account and thus "at MY disposal as well as that of XSP-2", Tammy is once again (as she did in her 7/2012 "Open Letter to E'Asha") distorting the facts in a way that leads people to believe something is occurring in a way very different than it is in actuality. The reality HERE, (Reality check again, Tam's...), is that, IF the Dec.-12 deposits for MY workshop, that were collected by AP, have been transferred to the Adashi bank account, then the reality IS they have been transferred solely to XSP-2/Asan/MCD, as I have never had any personal access to that bank account or to the funds XSP-2 manages there within. SO....if some people are currently "requesting refunds on their DEC-12 workshop deposits" collected by AP, and AP doesn't have these funds, then perhaps they should request their refunds from Adashi and its sole controller?

All of MY currently scheduled future workshops (5/2012 forward) will be conducted through Dar's company "Discovery Events", which did not take any deposits for my DEC-12 workshop prior to 7 or 8/12. In 7/2012, when Dar requested from AP the "prior deposit funds for my Dec-12 workshop", she was basically told to "F....OFF" (quote from an e-mail reply from an AP rep....). Once again, I hope this brings some clarity to the quagmire of murkiness AP reps seem recently so talented at creating for everyone.

And one last bit of clarity on yet another "current issue of quagmire" being orchestrated via AP and its reps; THIS one is in regard to the April-2012 workshop HANDBOOK. This handbook was intended to be "part of the DVD package" and NOT "sold separately" at an additional price. From what I have recently seen in e-mails to others, again from T. Hollenbaugh, is that "AP is now charging $13.00" additional cost for the April-12 handbook, which should have gone out free of charge as part of the April-12 DVD workshop package. Please understand, this circumstance is not of my making, nor in my approval; I have no control over WHAT AP and its reps do. I am sorry if they are choosing to do things in less than a Krystic manner.

So.....Dear Tammy, please be advised of the information contained within this "Open Letter to AP"; you and Mac are also receiving your own private email copy as well. I reiterate here that I am formally requesting that you remove from your "AP website", my name, image, likeness, photos, biography and all articles I have written that are currently posted on your website; you are presently using these things under false pretenses and without my permission. If they are not removed within 24hrs (by 12am 8/15/2012), I will be forced to initiate legal action against the owners of the website.
Thank you for your time....

Cosminyahas Al-Hum-Bhrus!'

E'Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek/DKD- AMCC-MCEO Speaker-1.

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