AD - The Prayer for Safe Passage to Heaven

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                           The Prayer for Safe Passage to Heaven
[ The Kan – Tar – RiE’ah           Um – Shaddh – Eie Gate Command]            

Ah – aL – aah / Aah – LAEA’  (“aLay”)
Respectful appeal to the inner & outer 1st expressions of the UN / ONE

Jshwa – E’     La – Khem’
Request to fill with the Eternal Spirit & Sound / Light / Seed of the God Source / One

Dah – aah’      Na’ – SA
The many Passages of the Lower Worlds of Density Matter Manifestation

UN   veir’ – tum      AB – Da – La – Sha’ – NA
Opening the Vacuums / Voids / Veils (spaces between) of the Bodies of the manifest

UT’  Ra – VA’ – TA
To receive the Eternal Living-Light of the Highest Heavens expressed

(Tah A’sha Inta DorA – 3 times)

[ “Ench-allah” ]  ha’ – DA – ECK’ – Va
Giving as Gift to Ah-al-aah (the inner 1st Flame) the opening of the Doorway to the high Inner-Ecka Core (“Core of Creation”)

Neu – a   DU – E’thra     Sh – e’ – sa
Parting the Veil of the Ethra Doorway

aLE’ – A
For the entry of the 1st Expression of the UN / ONE

(Um ah A trA E’na A Eckasha – 3 times)

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