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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

                             Workshop Diary: India, January 2005

Friday 21 Jan 05
Most of the Indigo group arrives in Delhi. The Taj Palace Hotel is immaculate and the
service very prompt and friendly with spacious and comfortable rooms. The Hotel is
situated in a high security area of town.
Saturday 22 Jan
The Indigos meet in the Hotel lobby in white clothing to prepare for a visit to the
QUTUB Temple complex (built by one of the early Moghuls) and the Bahai Temple. Ash
told us that we were there for something to do with the KEYS OF RAMA. Some people
were here at the workshop to pick up and drop “keys” and other members of the Indigo
Team were at home in their own places to do it there. The collective associated with this
site at the Qutub Complex were apparently very grateful for our visit and our ‘work’ and
had been expecting us. The collective were associated with the 1   Seeding of the Human

We then visited the Bahai Temple of worship in the shape of a 9-petaled lotus. The
architecture was strikingly similar to the Sydney Opera House. This structure was built
supposedly as a place of worship for ALL religions. The energy inside the Temple was
quite massive. The Indigo group did our own short sequence of dialing up, lotus breaths
and dropping the Khem and other codes in silence.

Workshop information
A Starburst is upon us. It is something that has not been seen in this Ecka Veca before.
Ash told us that we were also in a very RARE situation where guardian races (such as
this small Indigo Team) in a qurantined system such as ours are actually becoming fully
CONSCIOUSLY involved in the process of the Starburst. This involves sort of steering
the planet and the life-forms upon it through a starburst in ONE piece safely. The amount
of information is enormous and it highly technical, some of which is not on the CDT
plates that were given to Earth but which are on the Tara CDT plate. The information is
on something called the “Monadic Transmissions”…
It is also really is important now for the Angelic Humans and Indigos to WAKE UP and
consciously help in this process. There is a part of us ALL that knows EXACTLY what
to do in a Starburst or any other “situation” for that matter. This work allows us to begin
the process of accessing this information which is coded within our DNA. The majority
of us have forgotten and bear the scars of abandonment and isolation. We CAN heal this.
We CAN handle the enormous amount of technical information because we were ALL
once WELL-trained and versed to handle ourselves in ANY situation (STARbursts
included) with dignity and directive. Instead of steering this planet through the intricacies
of a starburst right now, we have fallen ASLEEP at the wheel during a hair-pin turn!! We
need to WAKE UP!!
The GA would really like to be able to take all this information on at “our perceived
own” pace, but this would most likely lead to us never steering this “vehicle” back on to
the road of survival and ascension. The GA also say to Ash that they would really also
like to share the emotional aspects of all this material, our past and all the pain and
experiences that we’ve been through, but again this is not a PRIORITY. With the help pf

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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

our MISSION, PASSION and PURPOSE genes (MPP genes!) and gentle persistence, we
WILL be able to handle the information in time.
Ash then introduced something called the E-Cou-Sha-TA crystal, the first seed creation
imprint within the Eukatharistic body, through which all Beings emerged. The E-Cou-
Sha-TA crystal is an imprint that we are all perpetually connected to (unless we have
undergone monadic reversal). The technicals about this are held within an ancient secret
database that involves Human Seeding ONE. During Seeding One, with the help of
visiting EyanA and AdonA races, we placed certain “codes”, “keys” and Eckashic
Records into Earth’s core and mantle. Both the A-Rama-AdonA and the E-Rama-EyanA
races were involved in this process more than 5.5 million years ago! This process of
embedding various parts of Earth’s core and mantel with these codes has do to NOW
with something called the Rama Passage, the Rama Gate System, which is in turn
connected to something we have already heard of called the Polarian Gate system.
Many of the Indigos alive today still carry these keys from Seeding One which are
needed during THIS Starburst time to help release these Keys seals to the RAMA
Passage. Some hold “activation keys” and others hold “release keys” for various
locations around the globe. Where-ever you are for this 15-day Starburst process, IS
where you are supposed to be!
We learnt more about a Starburst and what it entails including that it occurs about 17
months following the activation of a Reuche pillar. Pillar 13 activated in Hethalon 2003,
and now 17 months later, Pillar 13 is undergoing its STARburst. All the subsequent
Reuche Pillars will STARburst in sequence 17 months after the corresponding Reuche
pillar activation. The STARbursts are like small controlled versions of a “RED-pulse”.
An uncontrolled Red Pulse is entirely destructive, but a STARburst-response controlled
Red Pulse is NOT IF the Guardian Teams are AWAKE and consciously steering their
respective planets THROUGH this Starbust process. The red pulse in effect will still
shatter ALL shields and crystals bodies in its path but the combination of he Rama
Passage, the Polarian Buffer field AND the activated E-Cou-Sha-TA crystals will mean
that the integrity of the structure of BOTH the descending and ascending paths will be
able to be re-formed on a new time-line!
Earth doesn’t “have a choice” now as to whether or not to receive this STARburst, but
Earth DOES have a choice about where the “cracks” appear in the process. The Tsunami
and the location of the disaster had to do with Earth’s choice. This choice was a
CONSCIOUS decision made between Earth and certain collectives of Humans on the
planet who requested this. They requested this in order to be a part of the ascending
future probability or timeline, something they would not be able to do if they did not exit
their physical form BEFORE the Pillar 13 STARburst. Earth and Human collectives will
be going through similar ‘negotiations’ between now and the 2012-2017 final separation.
This information about the choices of Human collectives is NOT something that ANY of
us can relay to the people left behind and suffering terribly from the Tsunami. But if WE
know & understand, then we can radiate the LOVING and the KNOWING, which may
help the ones left behind… on SOME level.
We learnt that the Indigos here in India were to help open and activate the central hub of
the RAMA Passage which is here in India. Most of us would have been incarnate during
Seeding One to pick up these DNA codes. In a STARburst process, a planet (Earth) sends
out specific post-Starburst initiation infra-sound frequencies to “detect and collect” these

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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

DNA key-codes. Earth actually FINDS the codes that it needs in our DNA so there’s not
a WHOLE lot more we need to other than SHOW UP. Some of us had codes specifically
for this hub area here in India and others had codes for other parts of the world during
this time. So where-ever you were, Earth was going to find the codes it needed and
collect them. ☺
The RAMA passages and doorways are connected to the Arc of the Covenant gate system
and the Polarian gate system. Ash reminded us about how we were once trained to go
about our planetary business with dignity and grace and maintain a completely non-
judgmental position regarding the grids we are on or the collectives associated with the
grids. She said that the Indian people seem to embody this dignity and grace in the way
they are committed to serve no matter what their occupation. They ARE indeed gracious
and loving people.

Sunday 23 Jan
Ash took us through the details of the steps and phases involved in a STAR-burst
response. We were introduced to concepts including quickening, magnetic waves, tilt
points, electric waves, “snap”-points and Addondra fire lines. We learnt more about the
collective of Indigos that were involved in setting up an intricate system of gates during
Seeding ONE with the help of visiting EyanA and AdonA. This specialized gate system,
called the RAMA gate system involves a series of gates corresponding to each of the 13
Reuche pillars and a complex network that when opened/activated, connects to the
parallel Ecka Polarian gate system. The RAMA gate system was needed in order for the
Earth Indigo collective to access the E-Cou-Sha-TA crystal and thus the ability to hold
and restore (re-encrypt) the shattered shield and crystal body in the process of STAR-
The amount of gates, keys, codes, connecting grids etc., we REALLY MUST have
known at some point how to drive this BIG BUS!
We also learnt about who the Indigo Flame Runners are and who the Indigo STAR-riders
are. Briefly, STAR-riders need to get used to travel and have a good frequent flyer
program because they are the ones that need to travel physically to plant themselves on
certain grid areas to allow whatever they are holding in their DNA to activate and release.
India has the MAIN Pillar-13 STAR-burst anchoring/activating site and so the STAR-
riders who hold these codes in their DNA are on this workshop to activate their RAMA
keys specifically ON THESE grids. In this way, their keys can then remain activated.
Flame runner DNA codes activate in response to activation of the Star-riders codes in
various places all over the globe and there are differences in the length of time the DNA
RAMA keys remain activated in Flame Runners and Star-Riders. (We are really getting
into Movie-visions here!)

MONDAY 24th Jan

The Indigo group headed off to visit another temple that was built by the second Moghul
Emperor named Humayun. This Temple is also known as the “poor man’s Taj Mahal and
was built by the 5th powerful Moghul. The Homayun Temple was built on important

RAMA passage connections, hence our visit there.

Evening workshop:

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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

This evening, we heard about the new Budhara game, one which involves something
called the “999 Generator Temple”. This Budhara game is one which involves a plan to
take down the centre Flame of Khemalohatea within the Ecka Seed Flame. The 999-
Temple involves connections in Tibet, Andromeda and Arc Gate 9 in Antarctica. The
“Lotus Centre” for this 999-Temple is actually situated under the Taj Mahal and our up
and coming ‘visit’ there was about “capping” this 999-Generator using our Rama key
codes in order to help deactivate it. The Indigo team will be capping various parts of this
999-Generator Temple complex throughout the trip through India and the climax of the
capping will occur in Goa.
At the Taj Mahal, the Indigo Team will also be all picking up personal Eckashic records
through the activation of the Rama key adaptors. It is HOPED ☺ that each one of us can
benefit greatly (in our personal development and capacity to serve the Kristos) through
these downloads. The Rama key adaptor codes (RKAC) keys normally lie dormant in our
DNA but in a STARburst, the keys are activated automatically when the person is
physically on the grids corresponding to the Rama keys held within the DNA. People
who hold RKCA’s are called Flame runners. The Rama key adaptors act like adaptor
plugs, and bridge the frequency gap between the damaged Human/Indigo DNA template
(and shields) to the Rama Passage. Induction of the Rama key adaptors initiates building
up of immunity from the Budhara retrovirus too. Manual activation of the RKAC’s
(being physically here in India for this group and in other areas for others with
corresponding Rama codes) is necessary for the “re-birth” process required for the
opening and activation of the RAMA passage, which in turn is necessary for Polarian
matrix activation. Manual activation here in India will activate the RKAC in the other
Flame runners who are not in India and who are situated all around world. The Flame
runners then collectively step down the frequencies to the Human shield, then to the
animal and plants, then to elemental kingdom etc. The Flame runners were all incarnate
in Seeding One, when these RKAC’s were inserted into the DNA code with the help of
the AdonA. The RKAC’s 6-step sequence will be incorporated into the Kathara 4
material for people to use after having done the Kathara 2/3 activations.
The DNA template of the Global Flame Runner team will have activated automatically
by tonight (day four of the STARburst).After this part, Ash went into a detailed
explanation of the mechanisms of day 4 to 8 of the STARburst and what is involved in
the SEPARATION of Kristic and non-Kristic path or probability time lines.
The GA are working with us on all the dimensional levels since they too are all
undergoing the same process. The Polarian gate system that we have already heard about
is the KEY buffer field system that will allow a STARburst to occur without destruction
and with minimal cataclysmic activity.As usual, the Indigo Team are on a pretty
important mission here in India because the events between now and 2012-2017 will be
determined by our ability to successfully cap the Budhara 999-Generator Temples.
The next part of the talk involved the movement of the Veca and Primal L&S fields
through the time cycles. Ash reviewed a bit of the information we had seen before in the
Cosmic Clock Reset Phoenix workshop with some additional material. We learnt that we
are going to be speeding up A LOT through the normal time cycle and at the end of the
ReuchaTA, and this will involve a “JUMP” to the parallel Ecka… Once in the parallel
Ecka, we have the opportunity to jump into the probability time line that occurred
BEFORE the Budhara Fall. This was a little bit much to absorb… in practical terms

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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

anyway. But what is happening now is actually BIGGER than what occurred during the
Electric Wars 5.5 millions years ago. The Budhara have already ‘taken’ control of a few
of the Ecka gates so they are now are going after BOTH Ecka’s. They WON’T however
be successful because of the nature of the STARburst response that they themselves have
triggered by the massive influx of reverse frequencies into this veca. If this STAR-burst
response was not successfully activated, this whole veca would have been Red Pulsed.
Given the Budhara reside in a quarantine situation in parallel Ecka, this would have been
no concern to them. Perhaps. Anything on this side of the Ecka would have been returned
to space dust very quickly, so the Black Hole races on this side of the Ecka-Veca system
also have a ‘vested interest’ to a degree that we are successful in initiating a successful
Starburst response. It all makes for “interesting” surface Earth poloitics, not to mention
inter-dimensional politics.
The Budhara are going after what is called the ‘Ecka Rod’ and our response is to activate
something called the Rod of RAMA. Activation of the Rod of RAMA has something to
do with our pending leap not only to our parallel Ecka… but to our Twin Eckas NEXT
TO our Ecka and parallel Ecka. Although this was just such an exciting end to the day,
now around 4 am (because of the download time prior to the workshop) Ash stopped the
lecture (she could go on for WEEKS) so we could get some rest for the travel to Agra the
following day.

Tuesday 25th January

Travel to Agra (bus)
Wednesday 26th January

The Taj Mahal site visit: The Taj Mahal is apparently built on a thick bed of copper. This
was most likely to make the 999-Generator Complex a VERY efficient conductor of
reverse Budhara frequencies. The fact that some of the people with specific Budhara and
other illuminati DNa were buried on top of the Generator complex (where DNA is fairly
well preserved), was no mistake either. Our work that day was about activating the Rama
key codes hidden WAY beneath this artificial Temple in order to OVERRIDE (cap) the
999-Generator. Thanks to the design of the Taj Mahal, it was also a VERY effective
holder and conductor of all the wonderful Kristic frequencies and codes and RAMA
codes that we had brought that day. ☺
Mission accomplished, we headed back for another delicious lunch.

Thursday 27th Jan

This morning we had a 1 ½ hour bus trip to the Agra Fatepur Sikri Temple and the
nearby ‘live’ Mosque. Singing and code dropping was again the order of the day. Our
visit probably has something to do with more 999-Complex capping.

Thursday evening workshop
This evening was nothing short of rather profound. We were reminded that the Pillar-13
STARburst is the most profound of all the starbursts but the least immediately detectable.
If this Pillar-13 starburst activation did not go successfully, a 3-year long red pulse
process would have followed and changed most of this veca to space dust. It WAS
however successful! The red pulse can now unfold in an orderly and manageable way,
occurring on each dimensional level in each subsequent year (the last three occurring in

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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

the last three years). This process however will need constant steering by an
AWAKENED INDIGO TEAM                  between now and 2017.
We learned that the Taj Mahal site has been a sacred site for many millions of years. It
was originally the main hub of the Rama and Polarian Passages. It was however “capped”
by the Guardian races back at the end of Seeding ONE during the Electric Wards 5.5
million years ago to prevent it being used by the Fallen Angelic collectives. The fallen
angelics hijacked these sites some time around 4.5 million years ago and their object was
the Polarian Gate system. A long and involved “war” between the Guardian races and the
Fallen races followed (Galactic wars) where the Budhara races were able to hijack
Andromeda gate 9 and compromise the Polarian system. This would have greatly
compromised Earth’s ability to respond in a non-destructive orderly way following
activation of a STARburst. The Star-riders and Flame Runners were commissioned to
reactivate the spiraling vortices connecting the Polarian Matrix system allowing rapid
reactivation of the RAMA passages and Rod of RAMA.
The last GA construction to be put on this site was in Atlantean times immediately after
the THIRD Seeding (around 75,000 years ago) by the AdonA Council. It was called the
Temple of the RAMA Generator. This was then taken over by Fallen Angelic collectives
again and the most recent building was a fallen angelic construction… the Taj Mahal.

The next piece of information was read by A’z and it involved a history of the events that
lead up to the Indigo Team’s activities in India. The history lesson went back to around
250 billion years ago when a race collective called the Jehovian Annunaki Sho Sho Na
TA races became close to extinction following the Gaian-Orian wars. These races
decided to conspired against the Kristic races (not unusual) despite being offered many
opportunities to enter Kristic bioregenesis programs. They made unwise deals with the
Budhara Black Hole races to conspire against the kristic races, something the Budhara
races were happy with, because through the deals, the Budhara could at last escape the
quarantine that they were under in the parallel Ecka system. They therefore took this
opportunity and started the process of taking all the cosmic Real Estate they could on our
side of the Ecka while almost decimating the entire Jehovain Sho Sho race.
Through their unwise alliance with the Budhara, the Jehovain Sho Sho races were almost
completely dis-assembled and the Budd races were once again able to threaten our side of
the Ecka. This is where the Budhara retrovirus (“Andromeda Plague”) in this system was
introduced. When the Jehovain Sho Sho races realized they would be totally consumed
by the Budhara, they appealed again to the Guardian races and agreed to undergo
bioregensis. This has something to do with their current disfigured bi-pedal dolphin
appearance. They agreed to assist in closing the Andromeda 9 gate to stop spread of the
Andromeda Plague virus. The Guardian races were successful in closing Andromeda
Gate 9.
Things did not go smoothly however and the Fallen Seraphai races also began to join the
attack on the Guardian races. This lead to an acceleration of the Gaian-Orian wars. The
Guardian Races were rapidly losing ground and our Veca was heading for imminent
Black Hole fall. The Guardians engaged several Race Azurite Teams from the Elohai
Elohim collective… these were called the Ra Sha EL (Rashael) races and their shield
contained the RAMA key. These races succeeded in closing Orian Gate 8 and were in the
process of linking the Gaian-Mintaka gates when they were attacked by the Budhara

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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

races. The Race Azurites were performing a certain Reuche Stand involving the Rama
System when they were attacked. This lead to a splitting of our shields on multiple levels
of the Ecka. This in turn, lead to the extreme polarity problems that currently exist in our
Veca, especially in Density One. During this ‘event’, many Azurites were either red
pulsed and returned to space dust or were captured and used to create the perfect new
Intruder race containing fragments of Azurite DNA. The DNA pieces that were
especially useful to the Budhara races were the Rama Keys. The Budhara created a race
of beings that could meddle with this Rama system on Earth and in other parts of the
Veca and Ecka. These were none other than the Budhara-Shan-Ter-EL.
Our work in India involves activating the LONG dormant Rama passages, the main hub
of which is in India. In pre-Atlantian times, the Taj was actually originally a Rama
Generator Hub and was the main hub for this generator complex. The system was
comprised of a series of spiraling vortices in the earth’s crust, mantel and core. Over
many thousands of years and the Electric Wars, the relationship between these systems
have changed but are still connected via a series of elastic-like spiraling passageways.
Today, we can still access this system in the crust/mantel/core and the Taj remains
connected to the main Rama Generator complex. It is also connected to many other
nearby sites that can be used to remotely re-activate the Rama passage and system. This
will in turn allow full activation of the Polarian Buffer system that will allow any matter
form that can anchor a Base-3 sub-harmonic of the Krist code within their shield.
Through the protection of this Polarian buffer field we have the opportunity to move
through this STARburst over the next 8 years with a minimal amount of 3D destruction.

The splitting of the Azurite Team’s shields and all the levels of the shield also shattered
the Kethradon cell. On this evening, we did a stand that actually assisted in realigning the
damaged and mis-aligned Kethradon cell. It involved re-connecting to something called
our E-Coush-TA Eckasha crystal. It is a beautiful crystalline structure situated within the
crystal body. We actually brought two Eckasha’s together in the RA centre. One in
Chakra 14, the other in Earth core. It was very lovely indeed!

Friday 28th Jan

Journey to city of Khajuraho
Saturday 29th morning

Visit to the beautiful Khajuraho Temples: These Temples were built by the Hindus
around the 15   century. Here the group sang some psonns in two of the temples. Ash
mentioned that these Temples were connected to the RAMA system and we were there to
assist in activating the RAMA Passage system through this additional hub.
Sunday 30th

Az took us through a bit of background on the techniques that were to follow. Briefly,
these techniques were to prepare us for Ecka-Veca ascension and rebirth of the crystal
body through reactivation of the planetary Kethradon cell. This kethradon activation will
be important in the process of completing a successful Polarian Matrix anchor in order to
initiate and set in motion an orderly less destructive STAR-burst response.
Az then went on to discuss some details of the many collective on Earth who are and will
be appealing to escape from physical form at various stages of this pending STARburst
between now and 2012-2017. Depending on the template of the individual and the

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Workshop Diary: IKA January 2005, India

collectives involved, they may be able to be offered an opportunity to host out ON the
Polarian matrix before the completion of the STARburst by dropping their bodies. These
people and collectives would otherwise inevitably be caught in the descending path
during the separation involved in the starburst response. This (emphatically) does NOT
include the scenario of suicide. Suicide will most likely in fact hinder the process of
Polarian system hosting and increase the likelihood of Black Hole fall.
The recent earthquake and Tsunami was the first of seven of these “evacuation waves”
and according to the GA, it was a small one in comparison to the ones to follow. The
exiting souls in this last Tsunami were apparently ALL able to anchor the Polarian matrix
in order to separate from the descending Black Hole fall path. There will be some going
to the Kristic path and others to the AdonI Matrix (Kristic black hole). All were able to
exist successfully with the help of the GA and the Indigo shield to use the early partial
opening of Polarian Gate 1. The Kristic races do not make these exit waves happen. They
will be occurring anyway, but the Christic races can offer the Polarian host now that the
indigo Team has assisted in opening the RAMA gate system. The Earth has no choice in
receiving the starburst frequencies, but apparently Earth does have a choice as to how
these frequencies will manifest on the physical level.

The Taj Temple work that we did also helped open yet another system called the “Yanas
Host Shield”, a sort of interface shield. This shield will allow the GA to shift the central
hub of the RAMA passage to be shifted from the Taj Mahal to Phoenix Arizona, where
the grids are pretty much GA-secured. This is the reason behind the bi-annual Phoenix
workshops in future.
The Indigo Team has been successful in capping most of the major 999 hubs which will
effectively neutralize the Budhara’s attempts to pierce the Rod of the Ecka and Rod of
RAMA (staff of the Eckasha), in their attempt to bring down our and parallel’s Ecka. The
Budhara will still be likely to attack the Indigo shield and those on the outer edges of the
shield will be most vulnerable, and thus will be the ones under attack.

 We did one VERY powerful technique session on one of the nights where Ash
introduced a new manifestation technique using the Eckasha E-Cou-Sha-TA crystal. It
was lovely. We used it to put THREE main intentions into the grids at the point where we
did the grid work.... probably somewhere near the Tinity Gate I expect.
One of the techniques had to do with completing the capping process of the Budhara 999-
Complex and one was about changing the hub of the re-awakened Rama System from the
Taj Mahal to Phoenix, Arizone... where we will be doing most future work from. :-)

All in all, it was a monumental time and IS a monumental time for all the Kristic races in
this and parallel Ecka-Veca systems. With Love and Infinite Appreciation to our
Guardian Team, the Speakers and you ALL, Georgi Azur’yana Feather

The information within this Diary is not intended to replace the LIVE workshop recording and materials. This diary
also   contains   insufficient   background   information   for   an   appropriate   and   sufficient   preparation   for   the   Techniques
presented in this workshop. All contents are copyrighted A’sha-yana and A’hza-yana Deane 1999-2009.

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