AD - The Secrets of Amenti 2nd Edition* By A’sha-yana Deane MCEO

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The Secrets of Amenti 2nd Edition* By A’sha-yana Deane Ekr.MCEO

2010 April 25
by wemustknow.koen
On September 12, 2000 a global event of paramount significance occurred within the covert infrastructure of the New Age, UFO and Illuminati movements. On September 11,2001, in preparation for the first anniversary of the 9/12/2000 event, the Trigger Event of the WTC/Pentagon Terrorist Attack was launched as the first step in the intended 2011 fulfillment of a hidden global agenda that reaches far backward in time. Earth is poised at the cusp of a “Great New Age”, long predicted in Hopi prophecies, the Mayan Calendar and Biblical Revelation. Humanity will now determine whether this New Age is destined to become a Free Age of Genuine Enlightenment, or a New Dark Age of One-World-Order Dominion. The origins of our contemporary dilemma and its SOUL-U-tions extend back into the greatest secrets of the ancient past. Volume-2 reaches from the heart of legendary Atlantis, Lemuria and Nibiru, through the ancient “Ascension Mysteries” of the Arc of the Covenant, Great Pyramid, “Inner Earth”, “Visitor” races, Biblical Revelation and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates, emerging to reveal the contemporary secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, HAARP, Montauk Project, Wingmakers Site, the Philadelphia Experiment, the New Age Movement, the 9/11/2001 WTC/Pentagon disaster and over 70 years of covert UFO cover-up and Infra-sound Scalar Pulse testing. Revealing the truth of 500 million years of 12-Tribes Human evolution, as directly translated from the ancient MCEO “CDT-Plate” holographic discs, the Forbidden History of Humanity’s Original Sacred Mission, and the coveted Secrets of Amenti are now being returned to assist us in our contemporary confrontation with destiny. In rediscovering our Human heritage, which includes Visitors from the Stars, the Checkerboard DNA Mutation, and the secrets of the Templar, we will also rediscover the REAL divinity within the Human Condition and reclaim the Sacred Knowledge and Eternal Healing Power that IS the Human Birthright. The sacred knowledge of the “Signet RRT Technology”, once used by Essene “Jesus Christ”, King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, the Cathari, Celtic-Druids, Incas, Egyptians, Maharajah and many Grail Line “Indigo Children” Guardian Masters before them, holds the key to our past, present and future. The ancient secrets of the Templar, Sacred Sites, Time Mechanics, Merkaba, Ascension and DNA, long sought but never claimed by the Knights Templar Illuminati in the “Quest for the Holy Grail”, reveal the true Personal and Planetary Sacred Templar Teachings through which humanity can now begin to set itself free. Also: Templar Maps, Who’s Who ID Charts, The Amenti Schedule, Bio-Regenesis Techniques for Conscious Evolution. Voyagers Volume-2 The Secrets of Amenti 2nd Edition is not only a book; it is AN EXPERIENCE and an ADVENTURE

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