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Subjects covered in this article:

Why study Kathara Healing?

The fundamental paradigms behind and within the Kathara® programs

What to do if you want to study Kathara

Summarized list of contents within The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System

The study of the Foundations of Kathara Healing is beneficial not only to those who wish to act as healing facilitators for others, but also to anyone who wishes to gain a clearer understanding of all subsequent Azurite Press publications. Kathara Healing sets the groundwork, providing a comprehensive overview of universal structures, always with the understanding that these are the structures which each one of us, as consciousness, has chosen to embody in the journey of exploration of manifestation. It is thus beneficial to study the Foundation Level, not only in the early stages of studying Kathara or Keylontic Science, but also to review this level from time to time even as we explore the more advanced materials.

One can explore Kathara through Home Study, via The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System. It is also recommended to attend a Kathara course offered by a registered member of the Kathara Alliance or Kathara Team. The study of Kathara is an ongoing one, which reaps continuous benefits. As one works with the suggested techniques, one begins to have direct experience of the described phenomena, and the journey becomes an exciting one of direct cognition and re-cognition!

The following summary of the material offered in Kathara Level One is simply intended to give an idea of the range and scope of material which is covered but truly only scratches the surface of what is contained in the manual and workshop recordings. The Kathara Manual is a treasure trove of information which continues to be a valuable reference at all stages of study.

Consciousness is Energy and Energy is Consciousness.
"Healing emerges through restoring order to the ONE-SYSTEM and its infinite parts"

If one is to become fluent in the art and science of Bio-Spiritual Healing Facilitation, it is necessary to become familiar with the primary structures of energy within which existence takes place. Without this understanding, one will be unable to identify the true nature of systems and their intrinsic functions. If we do not understand the intrinsic order of a system and the elements that make up its parts, our ability to comprehend the organic functions of the system will be limited. Without comprehension of the intrinsic dynamics inherent to a system, our perceptions will be limited to observing the effects of systems function, rather than perceiving the causal elements behind and within the apparent, observable effects.

In relation to the health and healing of the human body, it is wise to view the human Body-Mind-Spirit organism as a series of interwoven systems, each with inherent, implicit order, the perceivable and observable aspects of which represent the effects of systems function. The observable effects of the human condition emerge from an as yet unidentified causal order, a hidden and mysterious source out of which the manifest effects of human existence emerge. Holistic Healing approaches human health and healing in terms of the interdependent relationships between multiple interwoven systems. The Body-Mind-Spirit organism is viewed in terms of the intrinsic relationships that unite the multiple systems of the human being, rather than in terms of the observable boundaries that appear to separate and divide the multiple systems inherent to the human organism.

Holistic Healing, and KATHARA HEALING particularly, takes the concept of intrinsic unity within the seemingly separate systems of the human being one step further than simple interrelationship between physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human experience. In the paradigm of Kathara Healing, the human organism is viewed as a set of interwoven systems that is itself part of a larger system of interdependent systems. The human individual is not only recognised as a singular set of unified parts, but rather as an intrinsic part of the species, planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic systems within which human existence finds context for being.

The Cosmic Unified Field of Energy and Consciousness is viewed as the indelible medium within which all reality takes place, and human existence is viewed in terms of its relationship to this greater Meta-system of interwoven, interdependent systems. The health and well-being of the human being is directly related to and affected by the systems-function of the greater Unified Field. In order to understand better and to facilitate the health and healing of biological organisms, it is useful to understand the basic order and function of the UNIFIED FIELD: the context in which life itself takes place.

Kathara Healing is an ancient system of Holistic Healing, dating back beyond currently identified recorded human history. The principles of Universal Order as taught within Kathara Theory present a broader context of universality than is at present recognised by contemporary western science. Kathara is built upon Laws of Multidimensional Universal Physics, laws of intrinsic nature with which western science is not yet familiar. In Kathara Healing, the hidden order of universal systems is recognised and the foundations of Kathara demonstrate the interwoven systems-functions between the human being and the order of the Unified Field. To develop proficiency and genuine skill within the art and science of Holistic Healing, the basic order of the Unified Field must be understood. For with this understanding comes the ability to directly interact with and influence the causal elements of the human experience. For this reason, the teaching of Kathara Healing begins with providing a basic format through which the CONTEXT of Healing can be understood: a glimpse at the intrinsic order of the Universal Unified Field.

With foundations grounded in coherent systems relationships, the Kathara Healing facilitator has more knowledge, power and comprehension to bring to the art and science of healing facilitation. Through comprehension of the intrinsic systems of universal order, the Kathara Facilitator progressively evolves to embrace the unity of SELF within the Unified Field, opening to an ever-expanding capacity of spiritual awakening and the embodiment of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human anatomy represent one interdependent, interwoven system that is continually in a relationship to the Unified Field. This relationship must be acknowledged and embraced if true health and healing are to occur. Human evolution is a Bio-Spiritual process. The body and the consciousness, the biology and the spirit, are inseparably intertwined within themselves and within the greater order of the Unified Field.

Fixing symptoms does not restore the Imprint for Health; it simply masks from view the causal elements through which non-health manifested. Kathara Healing takes holism to the core of its meaning. It goes to the core of the hologram where dis-ease manifests. Disease or disharmonic conditions originate in the core template. Energy and consciousness are synonymous: one implies the other. The Unified Field of Energy is also the Unified Field of Consciousness.

True Science has a spiritual core and true spirituality has its intrinsic translation within the Laws of Energy that govern the manifestation of universal systems. The core substance of the cosmos is consciousness. Thought is an attribute of consciousness, the filter through which consciousness manifests itself into the Hologram of Form. Nothing is truly solid. The only difference between a thought and a manifest thing is the frequency of the observer.

Overview of Structure of Kathara Level One:
Foundation Level
The Foundation Course in Kathara Healing is divided into four major sections:

1: The Context of Healing

Structure of the Unified Field and the Multidimensional Anatomy of Form

2: The Elements of Healing

The Human Body Kathara and the Multi-dimensional Anatomy of the Human Form.

3: Kathara Healing Beginning Applications

Creating Field Integrity and Building the Knowledge Base

4: General Kathara Healing Field Work

Skills to facilitate Healing

Section One: The Context of Healing

By understanding the process by which consciousness enters manifestation, we are reclaiming our ability to have our power and to use it well. We learn what we have to play with! Kathara is, in essence, a course in learning to have a handle on our hologram. We were created as manifesters, with a natural gift of being able to create. Our thoughts are things. Kathara outlines the elements that make up the Morphogenetic Field, the thought form field or energy field behind manifest objects, the level from which true healing and integration can be affected.

Topics in Section One include:

● The multidimensionality of all form. Understanding the stages of matter density, the levels we (and all creation) pass through. Creation mechanics: introductory charts, which show how units of consciousness form progressively through various stages and structures of Primal Order into, manifest holograms of reality.

● Thoughts of God become crystallized into manifest holographic forms that hold portions of Primal Substance: Discussion of Partiki, the smallest building blocks of matter, which form the templates upon which consciousness in all forms enters manifestation. The process by which Partiki Units perpetually convert conscious energy, continually cycling energy between the manifest and non-manifest state, is called Partiki Phasing. The perception of external physical matter, space and the passage of time is created through variance in relationship between rates of Partiki Phasing.

● Primal Order: working definitions of terms such as dimensions, frequency bands, scalar waves: the ways in which the primal substance of partiki units organize themselves to create the hologram in which the experience of manifestation can take place.

● Primal Purpose: the achievement of Transmutational Dimensional Ascension and Co-Creative Mastery. Mastering the process of being in form and getting back out of form. Regaining the ability to know oneself as conscious Source.

● Though fulfillment of the Primal Purpose, humanity will regain the Primal Condition of Eternal Conscious At-ONE-ment with the Central Source of Creation, or GOD.

● The Holographic Template: the dimensionalized blueprint of conscious light, sound and scalar (standing) waves within which the individual consciousness is stationed and upon which the illusion of the solidity of the body matter is formed.

● Foundation diagrams including the Kathara Grid, the 15 Dimensional Time Matrix, The Universal Templar Complex, and the Basic Transduction Sequence of Consciousness into Biological Form. These are all diagrams which express core structures, where we learn about the primary building blocks and structures of universal anatomy. In Section Two, we learn how these elements translate directly into our personal anatomy. Thoughts of God become crystallized into manifest holographic forms that hold portions of Primal Substance: Discussion of Partiki, the smallest building blocks of matter, which form the templates upon which consciousness in all forms enters manifestation. The process by which Partiki Units perpetually convert conscious energy, continually cycling energy between the manifest and non-manifest state, is called Partiki Phasing. The perception of external physical matter, space and the passage of time is created through variance in relationship between rates of Partiki Phasing.

Section Two: The Elements of Healing
Through reviewing, in Section One, the underlying structures of manifest reality, we expand our perceptions of the nature of reality itself. We shift from a perspective of viewing the reality before us as one of separate manifestations disconnected from our being, to a perspective of viewing reality as an intricate system of interwoven consciousness, to which we are intimately and indelibly connected.

Suddenly we find that we cannot be 'left out' of things. We cannot 'be on the outside as life passes us by'. There is no 'outside' in which we may stand separate, as by the nature of our existence we are an intrinsic element and force of creative effect within the whole of creation. Through this knowledge we can begin to tap the secrets of SELF, as we shift from viewing ourselves as mortal creatures trapped within a gross-matter finite physical body, to KNOWING OURSELVES AS THE EXPRESSION OF CONSCIOUS, SENTIENT WAVE-STRATA- ETERNAL BEINGS ENSCONCED WITHIN AN ETERNAL UNIVERSE, within which Energy-Consciousness cannot be created or destroyed; it simply changes form perpetually.

We move from perceiving ourselves as finite beings of limited power to affect a world that is separate from us, to knowing that we are walking wave-forms within a sea of interrelated wave forms, and that the pattern of our being operates as an intrinsic part of the whole. As we begin to perceive ourselves in terms of the unlimited reality of our nature, rather than define ourselves by the limited boundaries of the manifest illusion before us, we begin to reclaim our power to affect desired change within the contours of our lives.

In Kathara Healing, knowledge is applied as a tool through which one can grow into the wisdom of direct experience- from thinking or believing, which are knowledge/data-based characteristics of a mind perceiving itself as finite- to KNOWING, through Direct Cognition of the Experience of Being, which is a characteristic of a consciousness KNOWING itself as ETERNAL.

In Section 2, THE ELEMENTS OF HEALING, we will apply the knowledge of the Context of Healing directly to its relevance in terms of the HUMAN BODY. This section is an extremely valuable reference resource, as it presents detailed understanding of countless terms which are used throughout subsequent workshops and publications, terms such as Shields, Seals, Kundalini, DNA, Silicate Matrix, Axiom Lines and many more.

Other topics include:

● Kathara Mechanics as they apply directly to the human system. Gaining the knowledge of our 15 Dimensional Anatomy through which we may then effectively utilise Kathara Mechanics Techniques to begin our journey into the EXPERIENTIAL REALITY OF HEALING.

● The direct energetic connection between the Kathara Grids of individuals and that of the planetary body, a connection known as the Planetary Bio-Feed Interface System. How to receive energy for healing directly from the Kathara Grid of the Earth and, in turn, become a true healing force for the planet itself.

● The real processes within and behind the experience of growth through time, so that we may finally identify the true causal element intrinsic to the degeneration and death of the body.

● The functions of the Body-Mind-Spirit System as they are INTENDED to operate, to identify areas in which malfunction is occurring, so that we may remedy the causal factors to progressively restore the INTENDED INTEGRITY OF THE BODY-MIND-SPIRIT System. We will reclaim our knowledge of our multidimensional anatomy, and rediscover the buried secrets of awakening the Imprint for Health.

● The twelve human senses.

Section Three: Kathara Beginning Applications

In the first two sections, we learn of the structure human consciousness takes when entering the scalar fields of dimensionalisation for the perceivable experience of manifestation. In comprehending the true structure of multi-dimensional anatomy, we can begin to see that there is much more to human consciousness than meets the eye- much more energy-identity operating beyond the view of our 3-dimensionally focussed earthly personality. There are portions of our consciousness stationed within the higher dimensional fields, and these expanded levels of ourselves hold knowledge and participate in perceptual experience beyond the usual range of our waking perceptions.

We can take an active hand in expediting the process of our multi-dimensional evolution by using our Dimension 3 mental body awareness to direct our higher awareness into our current range of perception. We can begin to build a PERCEPTUAL BRIDGE between our 3rd Dimensional and Higher Dimensional Consciousness. In taking the initiative for building this Bridge of Consciousness we begin to stimulate our Higher Senses into operation, expediting the natural process of Higher Identity Integration and Bio-Spiritual Evolution.

Other topics include:

● Techniques which can be used to begin building this Perceptual Bridge: Tapping the Inner Mentor.

● Explanation and practice of the Maharic Shield, the Core of Healing Therapeutics. The Mahara Hova (Light-Sound) Body represents the ORIGINAL POINT OF MANIFESTATION- the creation point when consciousness moved from its pure scalar-wave of being into the dimensionalised scalar-grids through which the illusion of external holographic projection could be experienced. It holds our original pattern of wholeness, our original CREATION IMPRINT, which, in turn, is our ORIGINAL IMPRINT FOR HEALTH.

● Kathara techniques employ elements such as colour, symbol and sound; the reasons for each application are fully explained, thereby facilitating the development and co-operation of the mental body, a key factor in balanced and integrated growth.

● Safety in Healing Facilitation: use of the Maharic Seal protects facilitator and client from taking on bio-energetic field distortions from each other.

● Use of the Maharic Seal, and subsequent techniques, activates our connection with the Planetary Bio-Field Interface System, thus allowing us to become a conduit for reprogramming the energy systems of the planet.

Section Four: General Kathara Healing Fieldwork
Skills to Facilitate Healing

Topics include:
● Opening the Healing Channels: building a connection to the higher dimensional levels of our own identity, starting with the Doradic or Soul level

● The Nature of Karma: the result of an incarnate being's Manifestation Template and Conscious Awareness becoming mis-aligned with the energetic structure of Divine Right Order is called Karma. Human consciousness, in its multidimensional forms, was designed 'in the image of its Creator', having Free Will to apply the dynamics of energetic creation in time in accordance with personal intention, within the greater context of the fixed Natural Energetic Laws of Creation. Karma can be viewed as CHAOTIC, incoherent energetic distortion, held in the form of miasms, which are the tangible substance of our Karmic Pattern and which can be most efficiently cleared 'as energy with energy'.

● Regenesis of the Personal Christos through Multi-Vector Holographic Recoding: each of our simultaneous incarnations in time represents one SINGLE VECTOR CONSCIOUSNESS, each of which represents a TIME VECTOR. Transmuting the Miasmic Imprint that is embedded in our DNA Template to restore the original perfect Primal Order is called 'clearing the Karmic Pattern' or Multi-VECTOR HOLOGRAPHIC RECODING.

● A first step towards Regenesis of the Personal Christos is the MAHARIC RECODING PROCESS, the steps of which are described and practised in this section.

● Attitudes and Etiquette in Healing: a discussion of genuine service to the Divine. There is only one true motivation for participation in Healing Facilitation: the motive is LOVE. Postures of Love: soft love, tough love, self-love, omni-love, the illusion of martyrdom. Understanding that one can only be a 'healer' for oneself, but one can be a very good healing facilitator for others.

● Running a client session and the client agreement form.

The Kathara Manual also contains an Introduction to Level 2, covering topics such as Merkaba, the Tribal Shield, Universal Life Force Currents, Radial Body, Veca Codes, a more detailed chart of the Transduction-Manifestation Sequence, as well as useful maps, charts and summaries relating to the 'bigger picture' of planetary phenomena.

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