Blog and Forum Guidelines

Comment Guidelines

Here are some basic rules and guidelines for the comment and blog pages:
User Agreement:
The following will be considered grounds for removal by admin of  comment and blogging privileges:
Moderator bashing intentional or otherwise
Writing posts that name and cast judgement on others
User names that contain explicit language, or copies of moderator/admin names (Change name or be removed)
Shills:  Pretending to be a private person and posting scripted comments designed by special interest groups.
Trolling (Deliberately starting arguments with people)
Flooding (Posting large blocks of irrelevant, misspelled, nonsensical or unconducive material)
Posting comments that have no relevance to the material, such as “I really like your blog.”  or “Can you help me?” etc.
Comments with links to websites or blogs that appear to be spurious, fake or contain non-working links will be removed.
Posting obvious advertisements or posting spam
Deliberately causing problems in any Forums, (Spamming, annoying audio activity etc)
Continuing communication with another member who has requested that you cease communication.
Use of explicit language in public posts that is unsuitable for children.
Any form of sexual harassment
Pretending to be more than one person.
Posting abusive or threatening material
Sexual predatory harassment
Trying to hack, bring down or manipulate the system
Material that is non-serious, spam and/ or has virus
Please honour this area as a sacred space. This space is a reflection of all who use it. Please treat it with respect.
Thank you for your love and respect!
Disclaimers. This site is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate content posted here.
Please give credit to the writer when posting other authors.
Please post the link to your blog in the comments section.
This site (EG) cannot be held responsible for data(e.g. blogs) that may be lost because of data problems. Please be sure to save your work.

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