(March, 2001)

By Noel Huntley
The following provides a logical and consistent summary from an evaluation of the extensive information now available to the planet from extraterrestrial sources. The author considers at least the principal features of this evaluation to be true---however, note the different versions.

We all recall our history of scientific discovery in which the religious and popular notion that the Earth was the centre of the universe was not only challenged by science but exposed as the product of primitive thinking and based on hugely limiting information. We now accept that there are billions of other star systems and that Earth is an apparently insignificant speck in the immense cosmos.

It has come to light, however, through some of the better sources of extraterrestrial information now available, that Earth is in fact playing a central role in a massive drama involving the interests of billions of other civilisations. It has been stated that some 400,000 different ETs are interested in Earth and this is part of a larger observation including billions of races, ranging from material and physical dimensions to higher-frequency realms. Thus spiritually, Earth is the centre of attention in this almost inconceivable drama--even to any science-fiction writer--involving levels of purpose beyond our full comprehension. Most of this information came from the Explorer Series of books by Shapiro, except where otherwise stated.

What is this all about? It was channelled in the Explorer books that our universe was given the theme 'courage', which might be understandable as we proceed to explain that the universe (actually our time matrix) was set up with a shadow side, a duality, a dark, anti-side.

The purpose of this negative/positive duality was to provide more probabilities and alternatives, in particular, the choice to live an expression in opposition to harmony and perfection, if one so chooses. Thus negativity, selfishness, control, greed was made available. There is emphasis on free choice. The full scope, however, of this plan did not take effect equally amongst civilisations. Most races chose not to become involved with exploring negativity. These civilisations did not go through problem solving to attain their state of relative perfection and blissful existence. They remained in close connection with their mass mind and Source and did not venture into a reality of separateness (ego-development), isolation and conflict--the nature of the shadow side. 

We are talking about civilisations which have continued in a state of perfect harmony; synchronistic, holographic societies, for possibly millions of years--existences based more on the magnetic energy (as opposed to the electric) or, in other words, the feminine principle of total benevolence.

 (See article on The Real Reason Why Women Have Been Oppressed.

Such a race knows about negativity, the shadow side, hatred, greed, etc. but has no experience of it--no familiarity with such events; no experience of mistakes and consequences. Negativity is simply shelved; kept on one side. There is sufficient awareness amongst such a race that it not only does not wish to experience discomfort (as with Earth today) but knows how to avoid it (not in our case). Of course there will always be races of neutral (non-masculine and non-feminine) beings living in harmony--more easily achieved without the separation of genders, the magnetic (feminine energies) and the electrical (masculine energies).

A situation arises in which 'pockets' of negativity build up around the universe. That is, some negative probabilities have been activated but not selected by these particular civilisations, of which such races are in abundance; meaning not confronting it but able to avoid it (again not in our case). This avoidance of the 'trash' in the universe becomes an embarrassment and a limitation to these civilisations whose individuals' intelligence quotient may range into several hundred, and who enjoy a perfect technology and blissful existence. There are of course other planets--though in the minority--which are involved with problems, that is, have taken on various limitations but usually not to the degree that Earth has. Nevertheless some of these civilisations have been known to not only destroy themselves but also the planet (which would fragment or implode). For example, Maldek, a planet once in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter, having been fragmented, is now the asteroid belt. Also, according to channelling there was a small planet in Sirius that imploded a few years ago owing to extreme negativity of the population but which was originally set up as the control group for the human race with its dangers from exploring negativity and unresolved problems.
The human race, before the so-called 'fall' of man, volunteered for this experiment--to go through the 'trash', molecule by molecule. The agreement took place at the mass-mind level prior to full fragmentation and individuation of the civilisation. The beings who were participators or onlookers in this dangerous experiment, which was recognised as one which could go wrong or at least result in extreme pain and suffering, were not unanimously in favour of it. Nevertheless, the fall of man was arranged, involving the Luciferic energies. All this would appear 'natural' or 'accidental' as though it was a mistake. Note that we are using 'Luciferic' in a more general sense, depicting the distortions in consciousness arising from excess masculine energy.

The problem was to bring man down from a higher-dimensional spectrum of frequencies to a third-dimensional spectrum. Since the human experiment also was to include the development of independence, the Luciferic energies initially manifested as a positive intention, that of enticing the members of the human race away from the security of perfect unity and benevolence--the product of connectedness to Source. Emphasis on self was encouraged rather than operating for the greatest good and service to others, but which resulted in a selfish ego-development. The separation had gone beyond the optimal level for individuality.

Nevertheless this provided the desired condition for exploring all consequences of actions. All the unresolved problems from the billions of civilisations in the universe were being recreated on planet Earth; all mistakes and consequences experienced; all facets of negativity; all aspects of evil.
To continue with the Explorer book series, the Luciferic energy was only supposed to give about two percent discomfort to the human race but the effect of the excessive masculine component from this Luciferic energy created a distortion within the masculine energy, causing humans to amplify all negativity.

Note that there have been many 'falls' of man The main fall according to the Guardians was half a billion years ago from the higher harmonic universe to our 3D Earth. (However, the original downfall---'original sin'---was some 250 billion years ago; see articles 'Fall of man'.) In addition, there was the Luciferic Rebellion in 25,500 BC in which Anunnaki and Necromitons from Alpha Centauri, and Zetas and Anunnaki from Nibiru set up their Nibiru Diodic Crystal under (but before the time of) Stonehenge, energised by Wormwood (planet X), which has resulted in merkabas (of basic energy-spiral mechanics) to reverse and change spin, creating shadow selves and severe DNA mutations of life forms on Earth. [See book: Voyagers vol. 2 by A. Deane.]
Of course, humans having come down into the third-dimensional spectrum of frequencies--an arena for the creation of problems--gave the negative forces a heyday. This was more their level and they could draw parasitically on the average human's energies. Different tools are used today by the dark forces to prevent man's ascension from a third-dimensional spectrum to a fourth-dimensional one: behavioural negativity manifests in humans (used as puppets and pawns); degradation of art and music is occurring; education is based on left-brain development only; we have an ego-oriented and dead, quantitative science, confining reality to 3D only; there is suppression of spirituality, emotion and the feminine energy; and we have a religion which acknowledges a nonexistent external God.

The principal force behind these negative sources are apparently from four main groups of aliens: the Anunnaki, the Dracos and Necromitons, and the Zeta/Greys, but also including countless hybrids. They have the technology to modulate the frequencies of mass consciousness, in fact, reconnect the individuals of the human race with their (the aliens') collective. According to some channellings the Zeta group (those of lower dimensions) has a somewhat unnatural single mind collective which does not accommodate individuality. (We might even compare this human's absorption of consciousness with that of the human's assimilation into the 'Borg collective' of the Star Trek series.) These aliens control corresponding Illuminati human groups---see article on Neanderthal man.

Why are the aliens here? Firstly they represent a minority compared with the overseeing enlightened ETs and spiritual beings. The Dracos believe they have rights to planet Earth since they are human/Drakon hybrids (see Voyagers books) and recognise that humans came from other planets originally. The Zetas/Greys (a portion of them) believe they need planet Earth for their survival. In addition, and along with minor groups of renegade and pirate aliens, the Earth is a rich source of minerals, ores, oil, quartz, sand, and water for these plundering ETs. The Zetas main agenda has been to create a human/Zeta hybrid which can exist and survive on Earth to aid their planetary takeover and enslavement (the Zetas can't tolerate carbon and oxygen).

In addition to these reasons for the alien interest in Earth is the greatest desire: that of controlling the spectacular network of dimensional time portals around and within the planet. (The layman can think of these like the science fiction or physicist's wormholes if it helps.) Earth is anchored to one of the 12 coordination energy centres (think of junction boxes) of the Universal Templar Complex which Earth's surface portals can access (see Anna Hayes' Guardian material), and is what the quest for the Holy Grail is all about. There have been endless wars amongst ETs and angelic humans. Thus within this larger agenda, of exploring all probabilities outlined above, are vital and other significant problems being explored, in particular, a resolution of these wars to determine who will take control over Earth's valuable time-portal system (Planetary Templar Complex)---a coverted piece of 'real estate'---and ultimately the Universal Templar Complex (a kathara grid, blueprint structure of our time matrix).

These star gates or spiritual doorways enable beings not only to go from Earth to many parts of the universe instantly but also to move 'vertically' into higher harmonic universes. To be in control of this vital multiconnected 'junction' complex (Earth) would be covetously strategic to say the least. 

If, however, a critical mass of the population wakes up to what is occurring and becomes sufficiently informed, the alien's agenda will fail. This awakening and consciousness expansion of man will place the human race in a frequency spectrum sufficient to inhibit the 'frequency fence' the aliens plan for Earth forcing individuals to lock into their collective. In the meantime the human race is endeavouring to ascend its consciousness to a fourth and fifth-dimensional spectrum to resolve its duality into unity consciousness and in turn resolve the universe duality as originally planned before the fall of man.

According to the Explorer books, an additional purpose besides the requirement of resolving the duality is for man to succeed in evolving to the fourth-dimensional spectrum while still in body---to make the higher-spiritual frequencies compatible with the biology level. According to this source, this is in itself considered unprecedented in the history of the universe. One usually evolves into a higher (frequency) body by dying to the one below---that is, through normal death and then taking on a different energy format. However, contrary to this, if we go back far enough, according to the Guardian Alliance material we were set up with a 12-strand DNA, giving immortality to the body via a series of steps of evolution without discontinuities or changing bodies---in other words, this is more 'normal'.

Unfortunately the aliens, the Anunnaki and Drakonians, in particular, engineered our existing DNA mutations and the subsequent death cycles. The relatively small proportion of negativity we originally agreed to was in fact to take on the DNA distortions of negative ETs who wished to be rehabilitated with the purpose of realigning their DNA but also realigning the corresponding planetary energies in the grid system, which is part of the fulfillment of the Christos Realignment Mission in our time matrix and the restoration of the Divine Blueprint. Thus we may question some of the New-Age material as to whether the 'agreement' to enter into so much negativity, is at least a partial cover-up of the massive interference that has taken place by the intruder ETs (who also channel), severely impairing all DNA on this planet and destroying the harmonic balance (for example, grid system) of Earth. 

The salient feature of the New-Age material is the ascension of man from 3D to 4D and 5D, while generally still in a biological body. If we examine the Guardian material on this we see an approximate correspondence; though the precise mechanics are not given in the New-Age case. The Earth was set up with additional inner portals called the Halls of Amenti, enabling humans to bodily ascend through these spiritual gate-ways to the upper parallel planet Tara of 4D, 5D and 6D without having to wait until death. This option is now available to anyone who can match these frequencies (Halls of Amenti)---this was the real exit Jesus (Jesheua) took when leaving Earth---see New-Age Paradoxes. There are easier routes to more secure dimensions through the Guardian's Bridge Zone, facilitated by the Arc (of the Covenant) Zone, and Host Matrix of Indigos (temporary adoptive collective), enabling many more citizens to ascend. 

Countless civilisations throughout the universe are interested in the outcome of the human race experiment and mission since the resolution of the universe duality will bring considerable benefits to them. The original idea which began this vast experiment according to Zoosh (Explorer and Shining Light books) was that something like a ten times expansion of consciousness can be achieved by subjecting the soul level to tension. This has been experienced now in all its facets by the human race and this data-processing of the unresolved problems and negativity throughout the universe results in an experiential body of data which is broadcast to the other billions of races via the human unconscious. This enables them to tap into this experiential knowledge and gain the wisdom and expansion on a controlled basis without having to risk the pain and suffering which humans went through and are still continuing with, not having awakened in sufficient numbers for critical-mass requirement to produce change.

The valid aspects of the New Age would be to essentially awaken man to the fact that he has overdone the data-processing of problems and discomfort, which has resulted in extreme pain and suffering, and it is overdue to bring it to an end: to realise this third dimension is not the only reality and the experiment is over. Negative influences, however, including some New-Age channellings are operating through normal people and have taken such a firm hold that man is in effect hypnotised into this condition of negativity and is perpetuating it.

Currently the apparently increasing negativity on Earth is supposedly an indication of the transformation of the subconscious into consciousness---all repression, deception and secrecy are surfacing as the species prepares to shift from a third-dimensional spectrum to fourth and fifth-dimensional, but the negativity is also under continuous regeneration from the interference and infiltration of aliens creating a complex agenda of different categories of ascension status.

Regarding the above brief references to Luciferic energies, also in other articles in which Lucifer, the individual and fallen angelic, has been related from Explorer-book material, the Guardians more specific description of the manifestation of this Luciferic source is as follows.

The derivation of the name Lucifer is tied in with 1) the Nibiruian Lulitan family of Thoth-Enki Zeta Anunnaki, 2) the Satain family of Marduke-Anunnaki and 3) Necromitons (fallen Seraphim). Races from Nibiru, Sirius B, Alpha Centauri, emerged from this Anunnaki hybridization (of 1, 2, and 3). This collective group became known as the Luciferians and were joined by other race lines such as the Illuminati. There was also a 'Luciferian conquest' in 10,500 BC, resulting in the remaining Atlantian islands being taken over by the Anu-Melchizedek (Anunnaki/human hybrid---see Neanderthal man) and Jehovian Anunnkai control.

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