Part IV (September, 2005)
Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

There are many more significant details to fill in as we move from the Second Seeding to the Third and present time, but we shall continue focusing on the root races and their future expectations.

We finalised Part III with a reference to a genetic degradation within the Templar Melchizedek compared with their original strain, the Cloister Melchizedeks. Both Templar Melchizedeks and Cloisters, about 65,000 years ago, prior to the sinking of Atlantis, retreated underground to Inner Earth, a separate dimensional modulation zone more recently called Agartha (originally, Ar-Retoth, then Agratath).

The Melchizedeks created a Priesthood which became guardians of the Blue Flame portal ascension route, but was gender biassed due to influence from Sirian-Anunnaki cultures, which were instrumental in the Tara cataclysm. Some of the Melchizedeks, however, became affiliated with the matriarchal Priesthood from Mu (small continent on Tara), creating balance, and practised the sacred Law of One, as taught by the original Cloister Melchizedeks. As a result, the Palaidorian Council transferred guardianship of the Blue Flame portal to the balanced Cloister Melchizedeks.

Greater caution and more stringent measures were taken to avoid genetic deviations and two more seals (Templar seals) were placed on the sixth Melchizedek Cloister (in the Sphere of Amenti which at this point in time had been returned to Earth's core), since this was the original source of the mutation, and also any descendants of the Templar Melchizedeks would have it. The first, which occurred 10,000 years ago, was a 6-dimensional seal in the Sphere of Amenti. The second, a 7D seal was placed on the descendants of the Templar Melchizedeks (3,500 years ago), who infiltrated Egyptian culture and violated the covenant of Palaidor by opening Earth's D2 portals with the intention of achieving ascension via D1 and D2, but in doing so caused chaotic soul fragments to pass into the Sphere of Amenti and through to Tara, creating drastic events.
Anyone possessing the Templar-Axion seal could not pass through the Sphere of Amenti for ascension, except over a period of time, and only as the Sixth Root Race, not the Seventh. The seal would ensure sufficient reincarnations had taken place on Earth to remedy their errors (clear karma). The Templar-Axion seal became a curse on the human lineage. Assistance was available from higher councils to purge the genetic distortions in humans who had merely acquired them through inheritance.

The Templar-Axion seal created, amongst other distortions, polarization of the astral identity into high and low (known within some religious teachings as 'evil twin' or 'dweller on the threshold'). Tara could be achieved the long way by means of a Sixth Root Race, but with the Templar-Axion 7D seal present they could not evolve into the Seventh Root Race and claim the immortal body. 

The genetic configuration of the Templar-Axion seal relates to the so-called Satan's number '666'. The sixth base tones of strands 1, 5, and 6, were removed. It was arranged that other star systems, the Pleiades, Arcturus, and Andromeda had jurisdiction over the Templar-Axion seal. By incarnating into these other star systems they could learn the Law of One and finally enter Tara. However, this group is close to completing this 'route' since merging of Earth and Tara will occur within a few generations. The '666' became part of the human genetic code and the concept 'judgement day' resulted from Templar-Axion souls who were 'reviewed' by the Ra Confederacy. If they passed they were cleared of the seals and could rebirth into the 6th and 7th Root Races on Tara.

Many persons today carry some or all of the Templar-Axion seal and will after death come under review with the Ra-Confederacy. Others can work with guardians during the physical lifetime on spiritual principles and have the seal removed before death with the potential, during these ascension processes at this time, of attaining body transmutation through the Blue Flame portal to Tara. Generally humans, between lives, will return and merge with their soul level which is aware of ascension processes and the next life experience is chosen best suited for the individual.

It is helpful for humans to know before death whether they have the Templar-Axion seal so they can work with the Guardians and Ascended Masters to remove them, otherwise those in this category will have to be reviewed by the Ra-Confederacy after death. The DNA imprint is carried over after death. However, most humans have the potential to rebuild DNA strand 4, which relates one to the astral identity, and acquire an understanding and conviction of the soul (higher-fractal) level of consciousness.
During the ascension cycle the Seventh Root Race will emerge upon Tara. This represents the Fifth World of native American legend. Evolution is not just of bodily physical forms. There is primarily an ascension of consciousness from simple forms to more complex. Consciousness is an energy with a spectrum, and functions much like the antenna on the roof: it only 'perceives' a 'reality' (e.g., TV picture) or waveband that it is structured or framed to perceive (create).

Evolution of Earth is intimately connected to the planet Tara (in the next higher spectrum 4D to 6D) that was the original mass from which Earth was formed. Fragmented particles, and also particles and antiparticles must be merged to bring about this ascension process. Current physics tells us that when particle and antiparticle combine, for example, an electron and a positron, they disappear in a flash of radiation ('pair production') but they will have been transmuted into a new unity. In the ascension process magnetic base tones (particles) and electrical overtones (antiparticles) merge and resonate, creating quantum regeneration. This new state corresponds to a higher strata of dimensional frequencies from the unified field, out of which a higher-frequency level of particles and antiparticles emerge, corresponding to this next upper-dimensional band. The ascension hierarchy appears to consist of a system of polarities within polarities---see Cosmic Map article.
The Sixth Root Race is just beginning now. This is the prophesied 5th World. Following this the 7th Race will be the completion of the original human and a return to the 12-strand DNA and immortal body, free from disease and aging.

We have moved ahead in time to show a brief glimpse of the purpose, direction, and hope for the human race via the root-race mission for rescuing the lost souls of the Tara cataclysm. There were many other interesting events, however, with which we shall now continue, following the Sirius B reseeding plan and the introduction of the Third Seeding.
To recap, we explained that about 4 million years ago the construction of the portal bridge to enable continuation of this evolutionary process, which connected Sirius B with Earth, made it possible for the stuck Root Races to continue their return to Tara. The Alanians entered into incarnations by this procedure around two and a half million years ago and the 5th Root Race, 1.275 million years ago. This Second Seeding now extended into the Third Seeding.

As we continue then from the Second Seeding, the Fifth Root Race gave hope to a continuation and successful completion of the plan since they had the frequency patterns of the 4th dimension. The Elohim assisted in the return of the Sphere of Amenti to Earth's core (to enable the Seal of Palaidor to be removed) by selecting Root Race 5 families, who were free from mixed-breeding contamination, and by transplanting part of their energies into the Elohim morphogenetic fields, accelerated their evolution and return to Tara. The idea being that their higher frequencies would raise those of Earth's grid, making it compatible with the Sphere of Amenti.

About one million years ago the Drakon race from HU-1 Orion system came to Earth and became a threat to the human race. They were a digressed strain from their original source in HU-3 and were dragon-like in appearance, though upright. They were experts in genetics and tampered with the human DNA, creating, in particular, a human-Drakon hybrid now known as the Dracos. The Dracos were more lizard-like and human than the Drakons but still possessed the aggressive traits of the Drakon.

Moreover, the Drakons created the carnivorous dinosaurs, such as T-Rex, via mutations of the original herbivorous dinosaurs imprint, engineered earlier by other ETs races. These terrifying carnivores containing aggressive Drakon genes were used as monitors of the human race (the similar DNA would enable the Drakons to merge their consciousness with the dinosaurs for extended observation and control). Note also that at this time the Phalzants were created, combining Drakon genes with Earth animal genes. It has been claimed quite recently in the press that Phalzants have been seen today and are referred to as Chupacabras. What happened to the dinosaurs? This was one of several destructive episodes by the intruder ETs who may eliminate collective species to alter the total life frequency of the planet in their quest for spiritual and physical territory.

Owing to the tyranny of the Drakon invasion the more advanced races of humans on Atlantis, with the aid of Anunnaki visitors from Sirius A, made plans to end this Drakon menace. They attempted to utilise the power of the Earth's grid but the plan backfired and severe climactic conditions were created followed by a small global ice age. Nevertheless the Drakons departed from these hostile conditions on Earth. Humans retreated underground and where permitted, to Inner Earth, eventually to return to the surface, but the Drakons left their legacy of mutations on the human race.

The human race digressed further and while host matrix transplants were being applied in an attempt to realign the human genetic development, visiting ETs also opportunely experimented further, producing primitive manlike forms and certain ape species.
The Lamanians (Lumarians) and Atlanians (Alanians) became enemies again. During this period, about 950,000 years ago, the Anunnaki visitors influenced, in particular, the Atlanians and brought further distortions of the Law of One, creating the belief that women were subservient and that they were to be used as breeders of hybrids, also establishing the belief that the Anunnaki were gods of the human race.

As a consequence the Nephilim, human-Anunnaki hybrids, were bred. These Nephilim, mentally superior to the humans, dominated and were instrumental in bringing a highly advanced materialistic culture to Earth. Further distortions of the human DNA were produced, involving the creation of varieties of animal-humans. The Nephilim mutations were eventually removed from the human DNA by the Elohim and the RA Confederacy. Drastic measures were used involving disconnection of higher electromagnetic strands from the biological strand, leaving regions of the so-called 'junk' DNA but now enabling the human to rebuild and reorder the DNA. (Note that the Luciferian Rebellion of 25,500 BC also produced muchof the 'junk' DNA.)

Many more complex transplantations occurred but finally the Sphere of Amenti could be returned to Earth's core about 900,000 years ago. However, the Anunnaki, embittered by the Elohim's interference with their Nephilim, planned to destroy the Sphere of Amenti and enslave the human race to mine for gold. As a result, war broke out between the Elohim and the Anunnaki, referred to as the Thousand Years war around 850,000 years ago. The Breneau of HU-5 intervened and established a treaty between the Elohim and the Anunnaki (the Treaty of El-Anu) to actually aid in the Third Seeding of the human race, but it was also agreed that the Nephilim would be removed from Earth and allowed to evolve in other systems. Nevertheless, in spite of the treaty there were a few Anunnaki in opposition to it and formed the Anunnaki Resistance which was supported and joined by Drakons. In the interests of peace the Ra Confederacy and other higher entities were petitioned, and the decision was made to apply the Templar-Axion seal (the '666' genetic configuration) described earlier, to the Resistance group. The Thousand Years war was brought to an end but this long period of conflict arrested the Second Seeding's evolution.
We mentioned above that the Anunnaki intended to use humans as a slave race to mine for gold. At that time the Anunnaki were using white powder gold in their atmosphere. This by-product of metallic gold boosted their DNA (but eventually caused further mutations and insanity)---see article on the Illuminati and Neanderthal man regarding the creation of the Neanderthal by the Anunnaki and the eventual manifestation of a DNA template, combining ET and human genes, which resulted in the origin of the Illuminati.


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