Part I (March, 2003)
Noel Huntley, Ph.D.
It is difficult to keep track of the many explanations for the 'fall' of man. Most, however, could have some validity but play a more minor role---in particular, since there were clearly many genuine 'falls' of man. Accounts range from the Adam and Eve story to much more sophisticated scenarios. There are channelled and other accounts attributing man's decline to Lucifer. In some versions he was a visiting extraterrestrial from Sirius, a feminine planet, though he himself possessed excessive masculine traits, which were inherited from his father who was from an Orion and masculine planet (note that physics will eventually identify electrical properties with the male and magnetic with the female---see article: The Real Reason Why Women have been Oppressed). Excess masculine energy untempered by the magnetic energy will result in individuality but over-ego development, and loss of unity and integrity of consciousness. Needless to say the visiting Lucifer succeeded in teaching the Earth inhabitants to emphasise self more and not recognise higher spiritual authority.

A further ET inspired explanation is that our planet, living in peaceful coexistence with about 49 other planets in our sector of the galaxy volunteered to arrest its own evolution and development to host a laggard race from another planet, which without this benevolent action the civilisation would have become lost souls (disconnected from Source) as the whole group of other planets evolved into higher realms. Moreover, the excess proportion of digressed beings then on planet Earth resulted in human deterioration.

There are also more general forms which have some validity for man's fall from grace. For example, the idea of creating separate entities from a single collective (which in turn would be a portion of Source), that is, to be given a programme to exist as individuals. These people would have a programmed motivation for exploring independence and the subsequent probabilities which would accompany this, but resulting in over-individuation and ego-development and the consequences of this. In fact, this would then include initially to actually introduce a little negativity (enforced separation) into the individual's relationship to discourage the natural tendency for the separate consciousness to return to Source---a much safer and more comfortable state, involving much greater awareness of all things---and defeat the object of exploring individuation. We see that this is indeed a valid theme for the fall of man and could represent the overall trend of race development. But are there more specific examples which we can take seriously?

There is the Luciferian Rebellion of the Guardian Alliance material, transmitted by Anna Hayes, which occurred in 25,500 BC, utilising advanced technologies to create DNA mutations and produce a 'shadow' self in all forms of life on Earth. Excellent though this material is as an explanation of man's fall, it is subordinate to the Guardian's recount of the more serious consequences of the fall of man from harmonic universe-2 (HU-2) to HU-1 some 560 million years ago.

We shall focus on this particular fall of man since it is very relevant to our condition today. Nevertheless before becoming involved with this it will be of interest to the reader to know that even this wasn't the 'original sin'. According to the Guardian material our time matrix (a sector of what we think of as the universe) began 950 billion years ago. It was not until around 250 billion years ago that the elements of negativity entered into the existences of races. This was caused apparently by interbreeding amongst different ET races living in bliss and total harmony. This was a similar problem to the results of inbreeding amongst close relatives with humans. Mutations began to appear, and although consciousness is not a product of the brain or genetics it is subject to parallel or corresponding distortions. Ascension to higher realms was thus denied for those groups so affected. Conflict, resistance and wars ensued. The resistance groups eventually destroyed stargate 12 (energy centre), which is the principal source in the Kathara grid blueprint---see cosmic map article. This is like removing the president of a company, causing loss of the main integrating factor and leaving the company vulnerable to infiltration and degeneration. This then in turn prevented ascension of even the unaffected beings. Thus the elements of negativity were already present when the 560-million-year fall of man occurred.

Let us now give an extensive account of this major decline in our civilisation (560 million years ago), though we are dealing with a science and concepts of life, generally, well beyond our current understanding, making the task of bringing this to the reader extremely difficult. (See cosmic map article.)

This event was a gigantic catastrophe dwarfing the sinking of Atlantis of which the latter in turn would dwarf the result of a thousand atomic-bomb explosions. We go back to an appropriate starting place for the human race; on a planet named Tara. This is a higher harmonic body of which our Earth is destined to evolve into (envisage as a parallel planet connected vertically). Planet Tara is in Harmonic Universe-2, whereas present Earth is in HU-1.

On Tara, 560 million years ago, it was decided to genetically create a master race as guardians of the planetary system. This was a decision made by the overseers, the Sirian Council, in HU-2 who were seeded from the Elohim in HU-3 and who in turn were an extension of the Lyrans in HU-3. Moreover, these advanced races were monitored by the Breneau from HU-5. Thus with the agreement of the existing races on Tara, this experiment, known as the Turaneusium experiment, was commenced.

The Turaneusiams were given a 12-strand DNA (which covers frequencies in the range 1 to 12 dimensions). The planet Tara was of dimensions 4D, 5D and 6D with corresponding DNA frequencies of the population, in general, in that range (the DNA is structured from the same dimensions as our time matrix, 1 - 4 harmonic universe systems; see Cosmic Map article). The Turaneusiam era of 8 million years, and known as the First World, did however incur digressions in evolution and due to gradual DNA contamination from ET interbreeding on Tara. As a result, during this period of 8 million years, the race split into two groups, known as Alanians and Lumarians. Alanians were more digressed and were aggressive, seeking to dominate the more passive Lumarians. The Alanians were involved in harnessing the energy of the core of Tara. However, the Lumarians realised they were misusing this energy and that there were dangers of causing an eruption. The Lumarians appealed to the Sirian Council and the Elohim in HU-3 and further relocated to the island of Mu to a region called Ur. In addition, some Alanians, perceiving the dangers of an explosion in Tara's core, of which the project was under the direction of the Templar Solar Initiates, defected to Mu.

With the aid of the Elohim, genetic upgrading took place on Mu and the Turaneusiam DNA template of 12 strands was restored amongst the Lumarians and some Alanians. The race was renamed the Ur-Tarranates. The Priesthoods of Ur were a product of the Ur-Tarranates and stood against the Templar Solar Initiates and Alanians. The scientists and priests of Mu were aware of the probability of this forthcoming disaster, and preparations were made. At this more advanced and higher-dimensional existence, time experience is more nonlinear, that is, less linear. The linear future is much easier to know about from a more nonlinear perspective.

Such a disaster involving higher-dimensional energies would cause the civilisation to fragment from their collective/soul and planetary level, and souls would be lost (this means the human extensions on Tara of the higher soul collective are lost in not being connected up). The individual consciousness of personalities would be trapped in dimensional suspension, unable to hook up to their collective state and the morphogenetic field of the planet Tara. In anticipation a great plan for a rescue mission was devised.
Many races of different harmonic universes were involved. Some of these were Pleiadians from HU-2, the Elohim, Sirian Council, and Lyrans working with the HU-5 Breneau. They were collectively referred to as the Palaidorians and the agreement was known as the Covenant of Palaidor.

With the help of the Palaidorian races, the Ur-Tarranates, previously referred to as the Turaneusiam Master Guardian Race, now with restored 12-strand DNA and located on Mu, time travelled into the probable future, containing the fallen Earth. They converted their forms, at the collective level of the Ur-Tarranates, into pure energy, creating a gestalt of consciousness that took the form of a sphere. This was named the Sphere of Amenti (a name taken from the planet Tara).
The Sphere of Amenti was anchored into the core of future Earth (fallen dimensional fields of Tara yet to occur). In doing so, a portal was created from this Earth to Tara prior to its collapse, that is, a condition in which Tara was intact. Similar Spheres of Amenti were provided by the Palaidorians for the other planets in our solar system, but apparently not for the antiparallel planets.

The inevitable disruption occurred in the core of Tara. Components of its grid system and morphogenetic field were ripped off. Owing to the higher dimensions of these frequencies and structure many inhabitants, including some Ur-Tarranates, lost their connection with their collective and, moreover, their higher soul level, and also Tara's fields. It took about 10,000 years for the climate to stabilise. Those who escaped the disaster went underground and many of these race members still remain in these subterranean cities of Tara. Thus a great many souls were lost, meaning they had become trapped in dimensional suspension. They no longer had a dimension and frequency gradient back to their previous dimensional condition. If they were stranded in, say, the 4th-dimensional band with missing upper dimensions only, corresponding to higher parts of their consciousness, they could evolve by reassembling their upper DNA strands for existence on Earth, then Tara.
A period of some 250 million years passed, during which the fragmented matter of Tara's core and land masses were reduced to their basic morphogenetic fields, which in turn reduced in frequency and corresponding dimensions. The third dimension of reality existed with the presence of our Sun, enabling the morphogenetic components and fragments of Tara, in 'falling' to this level, to accrete matter and take on planetary forms orbiting the Sun. Ultimately though all these morphogenetic fields must be returned to Tara. Tara could not evolve and merge with its upper planet Gaia in its present condition. Thus Earth was formed (which included antiparallel Earth). Note that Tara had, long before this, evolved successfully from a 3D planet like Earth.

The fall having occurred, the Sphere of Amenti, set in the core of Earth before the fall, was now securely in place with a portal through its core to that of Tara's intact past; in effect, a time line. Initially some ET civilisations and animal species were allowed to flourish on Earth, which was/is a planet of dimensions 1D, 2D and 3D. (Remember these are frequency bands and represent a somewhat different interpretation of dimensions from the academic one, which are purely spatial and not qualitative.)
Before the Sphere of Amenti could be applied, the Earth had to evolve and grid speed increased. After millions of years, during which Earth was being populated by races essentially unrelated to the mission of rescuing the lost souls, the second stage of the plan unfolded. The Palaidorian group consciousness, now the Sphere of Amenti in Earth's core, which included the Ur-Tarranates (previously the Master Guardian Race, the Turaneusiams), was divided into five smaller groups or spheres, corresponding to and encompassing the range of lost souls in genetic categories denoted by skin colour: brown, red, white, yellow, and black. These were known as the five Cloister races. Their consciousness, however, incarnated into the anti-particle Earth side, producing races with these appropriate traits, in which some of the lost souls could combine and link their consciousness for an evolution back to Tara. In effect, the Palaidorians of the Sphere of Amenti were creating new bodies for the lost, fragmented souls. Thus the Sphere of Amenti was made up of five individual Cloisters and these collectively were referred to as the Palaidorians.

Note that merging of consciousness, such as the lost souls with the incarnating Cloister races, is not weird but very common, however, Earth people are not aware of it and, in addition, separation of consciousness in our society is emphasised. As an easy example, one might wish to imagine the merging of consciousness of twins. While it is occurring neither will feel an intrusion but will experience wholeness, a singular condition.
Now the physics of oscillations is such that the wave, every cycle, changes into its opposite, like a mirror image---positive to negative. This also gives rise to particles and anti-particles, even though these particles can be separate from one another. This means even a planet will have an opposite or antiparallel side which can be inhabited. It is created simultaneously as part of an oscillating wave of energy in which one half of the wave creates, say, Earth and the opposite side of the wave creates the antiparallel Earth---these waves are spiral structures and are called merkabas. (Realise modern physics, relatively speaking, is elementary and still in its primitive stages.)

In spite of the huge amount of time required for a race to be restored in this way, the quickest, nevertheless, is by means of the portal system through the Sphere of Amenti. At this point there was one portal connecting Earth with Tara's past. The Cloisters, with the aid of the Priesthoods of Ur and Mu on Tara, created more portal extensions from Earth to Tara in the range two to six dimensions. In time mechanics, this represented five more portals connected to stages of Earth's future corresponding to the DNA dimensions and frequency development (movement into a future is governed by ascending frequencies or dimensions). 

There were then six portals into the Sphere of Amenti, creating a new track in time for Earth to evolve back to Tara. These were called the Halls of Amenti. The next step was to draw from Tara's 5D core the morphogenetic field which supplied the grid system for Tara. The purpose of this was to prevent Tara's ascension to 7D of the upper planet Gaia (7D, 8D, 9D) which would have exploded Tara under the latter's present condition. Now this morphogenetic field was divided amongst the 3D planets of our Sun system placing a portion of this morphogenetic field at the core of all the planets, including Earth. This morphogenetic field is called the Blue Flame, which is an energetic portal for transmuting the frequencies of the races returning to Tara through the Sphere of Amenti. The Blue Flame was called the Staff of Amenti and is the key to man's evolution and return to Tara. It has been called the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

To recapitulate, we have seven portals from the core of Earth to Tara. One to Tara's past 552 million years ago, five portals to five different stages of the future as the 2 to 6 strands of DNA are restored and entered into the Sphere of Amenti as the times arise, and one more Blue Flame energy portal for purposes of transmutation of bodily forms for attunement with Tara---thus the latter, the Staff of Amenti, is the final gate after passing through the Halls of Amenti (the other 6 portals).

The plan was for all five Cloisters to have the imprint of 8 strands of the 1 to 12-strand DNA, with strands 1 and 7 to 12 present in all of them. The five remaining strands were to be distributed amongst the five Cloisters for rebuilding. For example, Cloister one had strands 1, 2, then 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Cloister two had strands 1, 3, and 7 to 12 and so on. A particular Cloister from the Sphere of Amenti thus provided a template (a dimensional framework for the fragmented consciousness') for the lost souls to incarnate into, combined with the Cloister consciousness, each would build one of the DNA strands 2 to 6. At the completion of this, each race could return to the Sphere of Amenti and pick up in the 'gene pool' the rest of the strands from the other four Cloisters and return to Tara. All five races would produce a full set, a 12-strand DNA. In effect, the Sphere of Amenti acted as a bridge between Tara's intact (repaired) future, as Earth and the planets evolved back to Tara and Tara's intact past, that is, by passing the cataclysm.

The Cloisters (five smaller spheres) did not originally provide for gender and, in addition, as previously stated, they incarnated in the faster evolving antiparallel Earth, enabling many lost souls of Tara to be saved---we can only imagine that these particular souls were least impaired, and were in the upper bands, and gender discrimination was not necessary for their evolution during this era of about 225 million years. This took place in the etheric spectrum. However, many failed and digressed during this period or simply were not responding to the regenesis opportunity, and others were lost souls in a lower category, needing more stringent requirements for their DNA restoration.

Now, as we are implying, the mechanism for the ascending gradient to return to Tara was the provision by the Cloister/Palaidorian races of a DNA template for the lost souls. However, these souls, known as Root Races, must now pull in, accrue, frequencies by experience in incarnations. As each strand accrues the 12 sub-frequencies, the next strand is normally brought in but in this case it could be picked up completed by another Root Race in the Sphere of Amenti. Each dimension has 12 sub-frequencies---similarly for the DNA. These souls must restructure the dimensional frequencies lost on Tara, which now correspond to the DNA values, by rebuilding the DNA. The dimensions lost on Tara were in the range 4D, 5D, and 6D. (Tara's three-dimensional structure is 4D, 5D and 6D; see article on dimensions.) To restore the DNA, 1 to 12 strands, the following range had to be rebuilt: 1D, 2D, and 3D of Earth and dimensions 4D, 5D, and 6D of Tara since they were disrupted. Note that Tara originally evolved via 1D, 2D, 3D but now these frequencies of Earth must be regenerated and pulled in from the unified field (ground level field of energy of consciousness units from which everything springs---the basic matrix). As stated, the Cloisters initially operated and aided souls in antiparallel Earth, however, there were still a great many lost souls and the ones more digressed incarnated on Earth.
This period, known as the Third World, from 25 million years ago was when the Root Races (lost souls) combined with the Cloisters) began to appear on Earth. For those lost souls requiring regeneration of the gender chromosomes, a provision was now made by the Cloisters for gender/polarisation within the relevant strand. The first DNA strand D1 was divided into two so that 50% of the Cloister races had half of strand 1 and the other 50% the other half. This procedure was actually carried out in the higher frequency---lower physical density---world of Gaia, an upper Tara counterpart of dimensions 7D, 8D, and 9D.

Thus now 50% of the first Cloister race had DNA 1/2, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; the second Cloister race, had 1/2, 3, 7 to 12, and so on, setting up an imprint for those lost souls who could not achieve ascension back to Tara with the previous arrangement. These two groups (two genders) separated according to which half of strand 1 they had formed and were named Root Races 1 and 2. These were known respectively as the Polarians and Hyperborneans, which were seeded on the higher planet Gaia. But Root Race 1 was seeded on (particle) Gaia and Root Race 2 was seeded on Gaia's antiparallel planet (referred to as parallel Gaia or anti-particle Gaia, etc.). Thus this took place at the level of etheric matter and the planets provided the masculine and feminine basis in this case.
This is where the physics becomes very complex and confusing. There are different kinds of 'opposites', even conjugates, and interdependent and complimentary relationships: particle/anti-particle, positive/negative, male/female, electrical/magnetic, etc. The particle side (particle Earth or Tara or Gaia) does have the characteristic of the magnetic and therefore female energy, whereas the anti-particle side (anti-particle Earth) has the electrical and masculine energy. Our particle Earth can have particle and anti-particles, and similarly anti-particle Earth can have particle and anti-particles. But the planet's condition of masculine or feminine would give a powerful bias one way or the other.
In simpler terms, we are stating that the population polarity, masculine/feminine/ exists within each of the planets. That is, on, say, anti-particle Earth, there is masculine and feminine but this polarity rides on the more basic polarity of anti-particle Earth (electrical/anti-particle/masculine). Thus, the masculine aspect of anti-Earth superimposes on the population polarity masculine/feminine. There may be, say, 10% more masculine on the antiparallel Earth than on Earth (a bias acting on the population poles---masculine and feminine). This might give an explanation of why the anti-Earth is under Phantom Matrix control. We can know that excessive masculine energy, which is exploring, risk-taking, active, promotes independence and rapid change (see article The Real Reason Why Women have been Oppressed) will eventually distort towards ego-development and conflict, lacking in the stabilising influence of the magnetic. In addition, it appears that this imbalance has overridden the advantages of antiparallel Earth's higher-dimensional status (the fact that antiparallel Earth is 1-dimensional band higher). Why are the planets, Earth and its counterpart, antiparallel Earth, not on the same dimensional level? Possibly to allow greater variables in the population from Earth to anti-Earth.

Thus the first and second Root Races, Polarians and Hyperborneans (each made up of all the Cloisters), established the DNA template for strand 1. Now the Cloister races: brown, red, white, yellow, and black would provide the remaining strands 2 to 6 as previously described. As they were acquired, the souls would return to the Sphere of Amenti and retrieve the remaining pooled DNA strands 7 to 12 and then pass into the collective Cloisters (the Palaidorians) to pick up the strands developed by the other Root Races. For example, the brown race rebuilt DNA 2, known as Root Race 3, the Lumarians. Then strand 3 was accrued by the red race, Alanians, Root Race 4, from the second Cloister race. These two (second and third) root races were the main product of the Turaneusiam experiment, in which the Alanians, under the Templar Solar Initiates, destroyed much of Tara, creating the fall of man. These two races now lived harmoniously, 25 million to 5.5 million years ago, on Earth with advanced cultures. Many souls ascended, who retained the integrity of the DNA, back through the Halls of Amenti, through the Sphere of Amenti, where they picked up the remaining strands from the Palaidorian collective (all Cloisters) and returned to Tara.

The procedure continued in which other Cloisters manifested further root races for the assembly of DNA strands 4 to 6 but in the meantime, as stated, many souls ascended who already had these strands intact. However, although each incarnate originally lived in one body only for the whole process, many members had digressed and had to reincarnate several times before completing the necessary assembly of their DNA for return to Tara. For example, the third Root Race had to reincarnate into the fourth Root Race.
As the lost souls returned to Tara, so, gradually, were the lost portions of Tara's morphogenetic field within the solar system planets returned to Tara. This activity ran parallel on these other planets but incarnation into the other planets was not at the physical level. Thus Earth was the main body for the rescue mission.

In summary, after the First World of the Turaneusiam era of 8 million years, the fall from Tara occurred. The Sphere of Amenti was formed and the Halls of Amenti and the Staff of Amenti created. Next the Sphere of Amenti was divided into five Cloister races, and a long era of 225 million years, the Second World, past in which the incarnating Cloisters enabled many lost souls to return to Tara. This took place at the etheric level on anti-particle Earth, and they did not need to incarnate into physical bodies. The Third World, about 25 to 5 million years ago, involved physical incarnations into Earth after Root Races 1 and 2, the Polarians, and Hyperborneans, establishing DNA strand 1 (on planet Gai), then followed Root Races 3 and 4, the Lumarians, later known as Lemurians, and the Alanians, later known as the Atlantians on Earth, who were to assemble DNA strands 2 and 3. 

This was the First Seeding of the human race, which terminated with the Electric Wars, after which a Second Seeding was planned. As we shall see a third Seeding continues today.

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