Part II (March, 2003)
Noel Huntley, Ph.D.
To recapitulate briefly on Part I, the five Halls of Amenti (future-time) portals opened into dimensional fields 2 through 6 with corresponding time periods, enabling lost souls, through their Cloister races, to assemble their particular DNA strand (in the range DNA 2 to 6), and then pick up from their Cloister race, strands 7 to 12, and pass through to the Palaidorian collective and pick up the other strands, assembled by the other root races. On attaining the full 12-strand DNA, they could then transmute into less dense bodies through the blue flame transduction portal and ascend to Tara (upper parallel Earth), all achieved in one long lifetime. This also restored Tara's morphogenetic fields in 3D for return to the higher dimensions. (Note that ascension, which is by frequency accretion and increase, is equivalent to ascension into future states.)

Lost souls, as related here, are fragmented. Some dimensional bands of their inner-dimensional configuration are missing. They are not connected up to their higher soul level, collective or Source. Those missing frequency bands have to be filled in. Since the universal dimensional structure is reflected in the human DNA, the lost souls, if provided with a template (framework) they can accrue frequencies into this template or DNA imprint from the unified field for that dimension, and reset the DNA for activation. Thus this was achieved by forming a composite entity with the Palaidorians, which provided the DNA template, and then by frequency accretion, through experience, the DNA could be assembled, enabling the lost souls to evolve back into their soul matrix. The Palaidorians, in effect, provided bodies; morphogenetic blueprints for the formless consciousness fragments of the lost souls.

The First Seeding of races for the continued rescue of lost souls from Tara proceeded successfully until extraterrestrial interbreeding created genetic digressions. As a result of this, the dangers of allowing race members from Earth to possibly contaminate Tara races was given serious attention by the Sirian-Anunnaki from Harmonic Universe-2 (HU-2) and other beings from higher realms. This occurred about 5 million years ago. They decided they wanted to stop the evolution on Earth and prevent ascension of the Turaneusiam race to Tara for fear of subsequent contamination of Tara. Deterioration was already occurring on Earth and they needed to protect Tara.

Normally a race's own frequency determines its spiritual selection (level); and dimensionally speaking with normal evolution there is no problem. However, the planetary system as previously explained had special access modes set up, that is, the Halls of Amenti portals, for easier and more rapid evolution, and there were dangers of incompatible frequencies getting through. 

[Note that the clearance level was normally 5D, for access, though more recently after the last successful initiation of a Stella (ascension) Activation Cycle in 208,216 BC, which then had to be terminated due to a sabotaged and blocked D12 stargate (blueprint energy centre), 2.5 D frequencies could get through.]

Nevertheless the Elohim and the Palaidorians rejected this plan to terminate the continuing Turaneusiam experiment and the rescue of lost souls. Consequently the opposition races or resistance groups resorted to war with the intention of taking over the portals of the Halls of Amenti.

Battles ensued, involving advanced technologies, lasting about 900 years and were known as the Electric Wars. This occurred within Earth's atmosphere, causing death to digressed Earth races and many animal species. Others either escaped to Tara or were relocated to other planets by the Elohim. Earth would have been completely destroyed but the Breneau from HU-5 intervened.
The Breneau introduced a treaty; a compromise in which the rescue mission was not allowed to occur via the more rapid method of the Halls of Amenti portal transmission to Tara but by the method of death, reincarnation and DNA development.
Now, any mutations as a result of ET interbreeding, causing genetic digression, were present in strands 2 and 3 of the Third and Fourth Root Races; that is, the strands the Lumarians and Alanians were assembling respectively. The plan was to place a seal in DNA strands 2 and 3 in the Sphere of Amenti, achieved by removing the electrical overtones in these strands, leaving the magnetic base tones. Normally Root Races, such as 3 and 4, which held the base tone templates, into which frequencies are accrued through experiences, would take the overtones from the corresponding Cloisters, but for these Third and Fourth Root Races the overtones 2 and 3 were removed in the Cloister. They could still evolve into their Cloister in the Sphere of Amenti and pick up strands 7 - 12 but not pass through this level into the Palaidorian collective (all 5 Cloisters) also in the Sphere of Amenti, and pick up the other strands, 4 - 6. This was called the Seal of Amenti. This then prevented 7 - 12 from plugging in (being active), meaning that the particles (magnetic part of spiral vortex) could not merge with the anti-particles (electrical part), preventing further assembly and activation of DNA strands 7 - 12. This meant the natural merging, during assembly of strands 3 and 4 (dimensions 3D, 4D), could not take place. That is, without the electrical overtones, DNA strand 3, for example, would not fuse with the upper DNA strand 4 (a natural process of DNA development). This period was still about five and a half million years ago.

[Note that each strand has 12 subfrequencies---each frequency oscillates from base magnetic tone to electrical overtone (pictured as two interacting spirals).]
For over 4000 years, as a result of the Electric Wars, Earth could not sustain life, and experienced severe climactic conditions and slight poleshift due to damaged grid and portal system. Eventually as the Earth entered stable periods, visiting ETs reseeded animal forms. A pole shift correction, however, then caused an ice age, destroying life on the surface. The Earth's grid frequencies dropped rapidly during this time and as a result, if the higher frequencies of the Sphere of Amenti were allowed to remain in Earth's core, the latter would explode.

To resolve this, the Elohim, HU-2, relocated the Sphere of Amenti in deep space in its natural 4D frequency band (this is the astral inner space). It was now no longer housed in the 2D core of Earth where it was accessible to dimensional bands 2 and 3 (and corresponding races handling strands 2 and 3). This absence automatically created a further block, a 4D one, in the DNA strand development, which would prevent the Third and Fourth Root Races (strands 2 and 3) from assembling DNA strand 4. 

This was a disaster as it meant the races would be stranded in time, isolated from their future and collective by the missing component in the dimensional gradient, the form-holding morphogenetic field of D4. With this blockage the root races, in completing their strand, could not pass into the Palaidor collective through the Sphere of Amenti and pick up the other strands. Thus this 4D block was known as the Seal of Palaidor.
The Seal of Amenti 'safety' procedure, to avoid Tara contamination, and now the Seal of Palaidor, gave rise to a severance of physical body and astral field---a missing frequency band in the aura. Moreover it caused much of the condition today in most people; that of a duality between body and consciousness---a lack of natural perception of the relationship between the two. Humans became trapped in a physical body. The body could not be regenerated beyond a certain strand development and it would die. 

This now brought about the necessity to reincarnate from one root race to another---instead of completing the task in one body and being able to pick up the strands at the collective level from the other root races. Thus the Third and Fourth Root Races, the Lumarians and Alanians, respectively, when having established DNA strands 2 and 3 wouldn't be able to pick up DNA strands 4, 5 and 6 (they all had 7 - 12 strands given in the Sphere of Amenti) from the collective but had to regenerate them by accruing frequencies themselves from experience in order to ascend. Furthermore, they had to wait for the Fifth Root Race to be introduced, which became known as the Aeiran Root Race. Thus the Fifth Root Race could assemble the 4th strand, which then enabled the others as members of the Fifth Root Race to continue DNA assembly, since the Fifth Root Race provided strand 4 and it could access the Sphere of Amenti in 4D, out in deep space.
Note that the Alanians, the race with the greatest digression prior to Tara's fall, had to assemble strand 3 (containing a mutation) themselves. Then strand 4 had to be assembled by waiting for, and reincarnating into, the Fifth Root Race (from the third Cloister) since it was no longer available to be picked up in the 'gene pool'. 

The Cloisters were normally providing perfect DNA templates for the lost souls to accrue (fill in) the appropriate frequencies. But now they had the Seal of Amenti and the Seal of Palaidor.

The Third and Fourth Root Races, the Lumarians and Alanians, as stated could not pass through to the Palaidorian collective to assemble strands 4 - 6 and therefore could not plug in strands 7 - 12 for activation. The important and drastic result of this was that strands 2 and 3, being blocked, pulled in subpersonalities from the astral 4D dimensions, which could not be handled with Root Races 3 and 4. Thus they would now have to be handled by the Fifth Root Race with the availability of DNA strand 4 and subsequently greater awareness of the 4D astral field. Owing to the presence of the Seal of Amenti it was now necessary to incarnate three times, once within each of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Root Races, to complete the ascension process for Tara. 
In summary, what we are saying is that the original plan for the rescue of lost souls (see Part I), which was, for each of the five Cloisters (and subsequently root races) to assemble one strand (from 2 to 6) and pick up the rest in the Sphere of Amenti and Palaidorian collective (strands 1 and 7 to 12 were given), was prevented by the seals imposed to stop any DNA mutations getting through to Tara.

This 4D astral seal also blocked the chakra system, causing a build up of electrical particles accelerating the manifestation of disease. Thus, as mentioned, it was necessary for the Fifth Root Race to develop DNA strand 4 to free the Third and Fourth Root Races.
Prior to this, however, after physical death, as a result of the Seals the normal 4D consciousness, perceiving 3D (as solid reality), would now drop to 3D consciousness, perceiving a second dimensional reality in Earth's core, changing the nature and format of their consciousness from human to elemental (Earth's core being the natural abode of the elementals); that is, their previous consciousness (4D) fragmented and reincarnated in elemental consciousness forms. Furthermore, others from the lost souls' group when coming in, that is, reincarnating through the 4D blockage and seal, released disembodied astral consciousness fragments. [As previously mentioned, merging of consciousness, and fragmenting and fusing, is a natural process; it simply needs to be done constructively and harmoniously. It does not seem strange for two consciousness' to combine---each feels like itself alone but enhanced---if positive.]

As stated, however, souls coming in as the Fifth Root Race (human race today) would already have the template for the 4th strand--- this is the strand which Cloister 3 and the Fifth Root Race could accrue frequencies into, during incarnation for full assembly. Prior to this, the Atlantian (Alanian) Fourth Root Race (DNA 3) and Lemurian (Lumarians) Third Root Race, would have to pick up the strands 2, 4, 5, 6 and 3, 4, 5, 6 respectively (1 and 7 - 12 were given), and strand 4 wasn't then available to acquire in this way. Now the Third and Fourth Root Races couldn't reincarnate as Fifth root Race members due to the blocked 4D astral frequency band, causing fragmentation of consciousness. They had to merge their consciousness with the Fifth Root Race incarnates instead of reincarnating as the Fifth Root Face.

Thus a burden was placed on the Aryan Fifth Root Race as they then had the responsibility of assimilating the fragmented consciousness of the Third and Fourth Root Races as they integrated these soul fragments into their own consciousness, before they could ascend. The Aryan's experience of this was one of chaotic memories as though of earlier incarnations, and the presence of subpersonalities in their consciousness. Such a blockage disconnects the race members from the collective morphogenetic field. The D4 strand imprint was thus absent. Race memory was lost.
Present humans are in the Fifth Root Race Aryan cycle wit
h DNA strand 4 to be activated in the ascension cycle. Humans thus are still subconsciously, or consciously in a few, involved in cellular clearing, integration of the emotional, mental and astral bodies, and assembling the 4th strand, which will then release the Seal of Amenti for ascension of humans back to Tara. (Humans have one biological double strand and eleven, mostly unplugged, electromagnetic double strands.)

The consequences of the Seal of Palaidor was known by the Elohim and allowed so that extreme genetic digressions would be removed and would in fact fragment back into basic consciousness units of the unified field (in effect, recycled). This fragmentation involved units breaking off the DNA, disrupting logical sequences and giving rise to what scientists call junk DNA.

The Seal of Amenti caused races to enter into incarnation with no memory of identity or higher realms, normally available in 4D and accessed through the astral dimension. Races forgot their connections to each other and to Earth. Humans of the Second Seeding and Third Seeding would now have a different kind of consciousness---a perception of increased duality and sense of separation from everything. Also a subconscious mind developed which included D2 sub-personality fragments from the elemental unified field. Dream assimilation was now necessary. Even advanced visitors couldn't access the planet's history except through the Sphere of Amenti in 4D. Earth was thus in quarantine---races could no longer know they were part of multidimensional universes of higher-conscious forms. Humans in general are still in this condition today.

Thus, in effect, the Sphere of Amenti constituted a host matrix transplant, a procedure for assembling the DNA, and subsequently the dimensions of the individual consciousness, by both direct reconstruction through experience, and by 'splicing': acquiring strands via the collective in the Sphere of Amenti. But the mission was greatly hampered by disagreement, conflicts and wars aided by direct manipulation from the Fallen Angelics, who have their own agenda, which might be called the quest for the Holy Grail (see article on this).


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