Part III (April, 2003)

Noel Huntley, Ph.D.
A long summary of this difficult material might be in order. This will briefly cover Part I and II.

Before the fall of man and the planet Tara, the cataclysm of fragmented Tara grids and lost souls was anticipated. We as our higher selves (remember, consciousness is fractalised like everything else), plus other higher races, set up a plan for the rescue of these souls. These higher beings formed a gestalt of consciousness, the Sphere of Amenti, which was installed in future probable Earth (fragments of Tara). A portal within the Sphere of Amenti connected Tara before the fall, and therefore intact, with Earth, after the fall; thus connecting future restored Tara (to be) with a positive time line into its (intact) past.
The cataclysm occurred. Souls were lost in different dimensional bands, and sufficiently fragmented such that they couldn't incarnate on Earth through the normal system of body and DNA. This is where the Sphere of Amenti came in. The damaged dimensions and DNA strands were 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D. The plan was for lost souls to regenerate one of these missing DNA strands each. Then when all were complete, each would pick up the other strands in the gene pool in the Sphere of Amenti (DNA 1, and 7 - 12 were provided). However, in order for them to incarnate, the Sphere of Amenti divided into 5 smaller spheres called the Cloisters. Each of these provided a body and DNA template with a required single strand (which we call a double strand) to be regenerated---this would also include a portion of their consciousness. The lost incarnating souls with Cloister aid were called Root Races. The gender of the first strand D1 was provided by Root Races 1 and 2, the Polarians and Hyperborneans, achieved earlier on Gai. Many souls in a more advanced condition used the Sphere of Amenti and were saved.

Owing to the portal method of rescue and one which was relatively quick for lost souls to return to Tara, certain races on Tara didn't want to risk contamination again and resisted the rescue mission. This resulted in the 900-year Electric Wars until the Breneau collective intervened and arranged for the Root Races to incarnate into three life times before ascension could be attained or allowed. The Sphere of Amenti portal was blocked in D2 and D3. This was called the Seal of Amenti. Further problems arose as a result of the wars. Earth's frequencies were dangerously low, creating the possibility of the planet's implosion from incompatibility with the high frequencies of the Sphere of Amenti. The decision was made to remove the Sphere of Amenti from Earth's core and place it in deep space. This absence, however, resulted in a 4D blockage to the evolving Root Races and was called the Seal of Palaidor.

In addition to the mutations in DNA strands 2 and 3, strand 1 (its 6th overtone) was also affected. Thus the Seal of Amenti referred to these three mutations in strands 1, 2 and 3. Then the main problem was the placement of the Sphere of Amenti in the 4D frequency band, having been removed from the Earth's 2D core owing to increasing incompatible frequencies between Earth and the Sphere of Amenti. This created a barrier to development of the 4D fourth strand of DNA, referred to as the Seal of Palaidor, and thus even the Fourth and Fifth Root Races would have to wait within the Sphere of Amenti until it could be returned to Earth's core.

Within three years after the removal of the Sphere of Amenti a great flood covered over 85 percent of Earth's surface. There were two other major floods but the Bible recorded them as one, the Great Flood.

Now the Seal of Palaidor must be released before the Seal of Amenti was released by Root Races assembling the full 4D strand. The Third and Fourth Root Races, Lumarians and Alanians, could still pass into the Sphere of Amenti but not pick up the other strands by passing through and into the Palaidorian collective because the Sphere of Amenti had been removed and 4D was not available. Moreover, the Fifth Root Race would not be able to incarnate since it would normally incarnate with strands 1, 2, 3, and the base tones of 4, but now couldn't pick up strands 2 and 3.

During this time, about five and a half million years ago, severe climactic changes occurred, including a great flood. It would take millions of years before the vibration rate of Earth would be sufficient to sustain the 4D coding of the Fifth Root Race and the Sphere of Amenti could be returned. Thus evolution was stunted during this period.
Root Races 3 and 4 were intended to complete strand 2 and 3 but now encountered the Seal of Amenti in 2D and 3D. This would prevent these Root Races 3 and 4 from incarnating into the Fifth Root Race, after they completed the strands, and consequently would cause them to merge, consciousness-wise, into the minds of the future Fifth Root Race. This is happening today. 

After about one and a half million years, the Sirian Council of HU-2, working with the Elohim and other groups, devised a plan to restart human evolution on Earth. Earth's frequencies, however, were still too low to sustain life with 4D coding or assemble DNA strand 4, or to receive the Sphere of Amenti. The souls in the Sphere of Amenti could re-enter into Earth from 4D by a process known as downgrading. This meant reducing the Fifth Root Race and others in frequency by passing their race morphogenetic field through another planet in HU-1. A suitable planet was found to be Sirius B in the Sirius star system. This was the beginning of the Second Seeding.

To recap: the Palaidorian morphogenetic field and Amenti morphogenetic field were in the Sphere of Amenti and comprised the collective soul matrix. The Sphere of Amenti needed to be returned to Earth's core to release the Seal of Palaidor.

Thus about 4 million years ago a portal bridge was constructed between the core of Sirius B, the Sphere of Amenti in D4, and Earth's core in D2. The soul essences from the Sphere of Amenti were passed into the core of Sirius B. Some of these souls combined their consciousness with etheric consciousness on Sirius B, creating a hybrid Sirian-human. This race became known as the Kantarians who founded the Kantarian Federation to serve as guardians for the Earth humans of the Second and Third Seedings, and became involved with the old Sumerian and Egyptian cultures as well as that of Atlantis.

The Fourth and Fifth Root Races, by residing within the morphogenetic field of Sirius B, enabled the individual identity to be retained and frequencies to be accrued. They could then pass into the Sphere of Amenti and assemble the remainder of the fourth strand, and wait for the seeding of the Fifth Root Race to begin. This would release the Sphere of Palaidor but not the Sphere of Amenti. This portal bridge connecting to Sirius B eventually became known as the Hall of Amorea in the Second Seeding. Later, in the Third Seeding, it became known as the Third Eye of Horus. This option of passage through Sirius B for evolution of the Fourth Strand was reserved for races who carried the third DNA strand, for example, Alanians/Atlantians, but not, for instance, the Lumarians who had not completed the third DNA strand.

The human-Sirian imprint was strengthened by further hybridisation from immigrating Pleiadians. These were originally from Earth but escaped to the Pleiades during the Electric wars. The Pleiadian DNA was now being brought in with further hybridisation with the Kantarians (human-Sirian hybrids). This new hybrid race (smaller group) was called the Dagos. All these imprints were combined with the original templates of the Turaneusiam master race project.

This hybridisation procedure from Pleiadians now enabled Cloister 1 and its Third Root Race, the Lumarians, to begin incarnating via the Sirius portal passage on Earth, now with more compatible frequencies---this was around three million years ago. (They were then known as the Lamanians, denoting their passage through Sirius B.)

Next, the Fourth Root Race (second Cloister), originally known as the Alanians, followed about two and a half million years ago. The Fifth Root Race, the Aryans, were then entered around 1,275,000 years ago. In all cases the Cloister race is entered first (for DNA overtone development) and then the corresponding Root Race (with base tones) projected into incarnations on Earth. This period from the Second Seeding about four million years ago and extending into the Third Seeding, bringing us to the present, is referred to as the Fourth World of native American legend.

There are many moe important events about one million years ago, to which we shall return in Part IV such as the Thousand Years war that ended the Second Seeding, but meanwhile let's continue with the root race purposes and plans and where it leads.
The Fifth Root Race, the Aryans, would now be able to assemble the important 4D DNA strand, bringing up the frequencies of energy so that eventually the Sphere of Amenti could be returned to the Earth's core---though as we shall see in Part IV further problems arose and new solutions had to be devised. If the Sphere of Amenti were returned, this action would release the Seal of Palaidor (4D block) and the Lumarian and Alanian races waiting in the Sphere of Amenti could now incarnate with the Fifth Root Race. Recall that the Fifth Root Race has the template for strand 4 (4D) to be assembled (accrue frequencies), whereas Lumarians and Alanians had templates 2 and 3 respectively, originally able to pick up other strands in the Sphere of Amenti, but since the Seal of Amenti was installed they had to reincarnate into future root races to assemble those other strands themselves. The Fifth Root Race, the Aryans, in assembling D4 would be conscious of the astral 4D and have the capability of repairing their gene codes. The Aryans had DNA strands 1, 2, 3 plus the base codes (tones) of strand 4, and its Cloister had the imprint for 7 to 12; the overtones (electrical) would be added to the base tones (magnetic) of strand 4 during the incarnation (from the Cloister overtones). 

Now the Seal of Amenti also affected activation of the grounding codes. All the races had within each dimensional strand of their DNA, within the sub-frequencies of each dimension, partial codes (frequency patterns) to enable the races' energies to link ground frequencies with Earth's lower dimensions. They apparently provided an extra refinement to the gradient in the dimensional increments, which also, vice versa, enabled transmutation to occur when the overtones were completed and activated.

The grounding codes, however, couldn't be activated while the mutation (missing 6th overtone in strand 1) was present in the first strand. Thus the Third, Fourth and Fifth Root Races, who had DNA templates 2, 3, and 4 respectively to be assembled, would be born with the Seal of Amenti (1, 2, 3 strands) and Seal of Palaidor (4D block). Moreover, the Fifth Root Race already had the D4 template and it was possible to assemble this (it would have picked up the lower strands).

This would release the Seal of Amenti, which was, in effect, the seals on strands 1, 2, and 3. This being achieved, DNA strands 1 - 4 could plug into one another, and with this development the 5th, 6th and 7th grounding codes would fire. The DNA strands 7-12 were already given, and the completion of the DNA enabled the body to transmute through the Blue Flame portal and the Halls of Amenti to ascend to Tara. (Note that this process is more complicated. When the 12 strand DNA is complete, in the Blue flame portal the Root Race must merge its DNA with its double in the antiparallel Earth (sometimes referred to as simply parallel Earth.)

Next, the Sixth Root Race, the Muvarians would develop the fifth strand, that is, they had the base tones of D5 and would obtain the overtones from their Cloister. Root Race 6 had strands 1, 2, 3, 4 and the base tones of 5. We haven't given the names of the Cloisters to reduce complexities but the Sixth Root Race's Cloister was the Melchizedeks, which initially corresponded to the yellow-skinned races on Earth. But since the First Seeding, modifications to this Cloister race consciousness enabled it to take on various racial strains. Thus it was not limited to manifesting the yellow race. With the establishment of 5 DNA strands they were free of the Seals of Palaidor and Amenti, and at the completion of strand 5 could ascend.

A few incarnations of higher Root Races such as 6 and 7 have occurred in Seedings 2 and 3 but have not entered full manifestation (the complete 6th Root Race) during Seedings 2 and 3. The Sixth Root Race is due to begin with Melchizedek Cloisters birthing onto planet Earth---this period is one which will culminate in Earth merging with Tara.
With the Seventh Root Race there is no death or biological breeding and bodies are less dense resulting in less gravity. They will be able to time travel. This would be after the planetary merging and return to Tara with the potential to ascend to Gai.

Returning to the Sixth Root Race, the Melchizedeks assisted other Root Races (lower ones) with their genetic digression. They intervened on numerous occasions. In aiding Root Race 5 during the Third Seeding they created a mixed Cloister race carrying genetic codes of both lines (Root Races 5 and 6). But this later became a problem for their descendants. The Root Race 5 Cloister contribution was called Hibiru. These particular Melchizedeks became known as the Templar Melchizedeks. The mixed Cloister race of 6 and 7, Hibiru/Melchizedek, became known as the Hebrew race, this genetic advancement was also carried by the Essenes (Melchizedek family), Christian lineages, and the Templar Melchizedek. However, there were problems due to a genetic propensity that occurred 10,000 years ago. This was a patriarchal slant, with gender subservience, also subjugation of elemental kingdoms---there was an elitist philosophy. This was a genetic distortion with the Templar Melchizedek genetics. The original Cloister Melchizedeks were still the pure strain. This distinction had great repercussions on future societies, in particular, it has created hidden negative undercurrents to present-day ideologies. This will be pursued in Part IV.


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