KDDL 3: Technique 3 - Elemental Clearing Journey

KDDL 3: Technique 3 -  Elemental Clearing Journey

★Transcribed by : Tama, Sukee, ARI (Korean Ksers), July 2016

1. Violet Fire

Alright. So I’m gonna tune in to the Guardians for a minute and see how they want to begin the projection. And while I’m doing that, just breathe gently and then slow your breathing  by about half And take yourself into that relax space where you feel the vibration of tension in your body. And Inhale.. Hum~ And bring into a ball in your heart of the Eff-i-Mah point. Hold it there for a minute to collect the tension in your body. And then Exhale it downward and backward into the floor underneath you and away from your body. Hu~ And sense your body going limp with relaxation. And sense the feel of your plasma body inside of your physical body. And also sense the feeling of your expanded heart of Eff-i-Mah sphere and the little rainbow crystal at the center of it. (Listening to them to so..if I look like I am talking to someone..quickly when I’m not speaking to you directly alright?)

They’re saying now with your attention on the little rainbow crystal inside of your heart of Eff-i-Mah. And being aware of the sensation of your plasma body inside of your physical body. I want you to inhale.. and... When you use inhale you’re gonna use it to contract your entire plasma body. Hum~ into a small little blob of plasma and you’re gonna put that right in the center of the rainbow crystal. So feel it in your fingers really get a feel for the plasma body inside of your physical body. Cause its that part of you that you’re going to Hum~ pull together into your small little..little star that  sounds better than a blob of plasma. You’re gonna pull that right into the crystal, the rainbow crystal in the Eff-i-Mah heart center. So feel the fingers of your plasma body inside of your physical fingers. And with your plasma body fingers only, close your fists. So you can feel the difference between your open palms in the physical. Close your fists and feel the fists close in the plasma body. When you do this, this type of exercises it really help you develop a sensitivity toward telling the difference between the physicality and the TrhU’-ah body aspects. Can do the same with your legs. Sense your legs laying up straight. And then cross your physical legs believe your plasma TrhU’-ah body legs straight. And cross one leg it doesn’t matter which over the other in physical. But still try to sense and feel the legs straight in the TrhU’-ah body. Now wiggle your TrhU’-ah body around a little bit like you’re doing this inside of your physical body to get a feel for the difference. So you can feel the difference between your TrhU’-ah head and your physical head and all the way thru your torso. Feel little shake inside little bit. Once you get a good sense of.. OK this is my physical body and this is my TrhU’-ah body. Then you have a hold on, a link to your TrhU’-ah body that stronger.

And  that’s a good point to inhale with both your TrhU’-ah body and your physical body. And as you inhale pull entire TrhU’-ah body, out of physical body, up inside of it still and into small point of plasma inside of the rainbow crystal inside of your Eff-i-mah heart sphere.

So...one..two.. inhale and contract the TrhU’-ah body. Hum~ And hold once you  get the TrhU’-ah body contracted into the rainbow crystal. Hold, make sure you pulled all of  the TrhU’-ah body energy that you’re gonna be taking on this journey in there. And gently exhale into the rainbow crystal to release the TrhU’-ah body energy. And now it’s just a sphere of energy Hu~ releasing into the center of the rainbow crystal, the center of your Eff-i-mah heart.

Then move your conscious awareness into the head of TrhU’-ah body wherever your consciousness would be inside of the little sphere that you are inside of the rainbow crystal. Feel out where your head would be. And inhale inside of the rainbow crystal inside of your plasma body sphere. Then gently exhale Hu~ And as you exhale inside of there, stretch out your TrhU’-ah body again as if laying down just like this..but inside of the rainbow crystal. So you’ve taken your TrhU’-ah body and shrunk it down really really small. And it’s now laying comfortably inside of the rainbow crystal.

Sense now with both of your TrhU’-ah body  inside of the tiny rainbow crystal. But also the sensation of being in there. Sense that as if there’s a rainbow crystal around your physical body as well. And then really move deeply into your TrhU’-ah body experience. And there’s gentle sound inside the rainbow crystal.. Little notes not quite melodies that circulate in the air around you. Try to hear them. If you don’t hear them that’s all right. They’re still there. They are sound vibrations. Sense in your TrhU’-ah body that as you lie in the rainbow crystal that beautiful colors, rainbow colors Heliochroic rainbow colors gently swirling all around you. Get a sense for really being in there with this lovely sphere, rainbow crystal sphere around you.

We’re going to use this sphere to journey into the Krystalbridgeway 1 location the restoration center. How we’re going to this is.. We’re going to inhale.. don’t do it yet. I’m just gonna explain first.. going to inhale with physical body and TrhU’-ah body inside the crystal. And on the exhale we’re gonna gently push the Eff-i-mah heart sphere and the crystal, the rainbow crystal with the TrhU’-ah body in it. Gently hu~  push it out of the physical body. And run it thru the image on your screen and into the painting. And image of the painting and we will meet right around here, right around this area. So let’s inhale hum~ hold for a minute. And exhale and gently push. Hu~ The Eff-i-mah heart center with the crystal, rainbow crystal in the TrhU’-ah body at its core. Thru the screen over here into Norway and into the painting.

As we often do with our journeys, even though many of us are taking these journeys together, we do them in our Lone Harmonic which means we probably don’t see each other. There’s other times later in further KDDLs where they’ll teach us how to turn on and see each other and interact with each other to do group work and things with grids. But for now, we do our personal activations or we do them collectively but we do them in our Lone Harmonic. So nobody takes on anybody else’s energy or anything like that. You’re on a secure channel your own Lone Harmonic that is built completely from your totally unique encryption core-encryption. That is uniquely yours from your Eff-i-mah silken wave consciousness. So as we meet out here as small orbs, picture ourselves in our rainbow crystals. And we wont see right now the  larger sphere around it. That is our Eff-i-mah heart that kind of go where they are invisible. But imagine that we’re all there in our crystals in a rainbow crystals gathering outside here. And proportionately shrink your crystal to where could fit thru these door ways. So kind of shrink yourself down a little bit more if you came in bigger. OK. And now we’re each going into the same place but again on our lone harmonic. So we’ll have the privacy of the space and the frequencies to ourselves.

The first elemental command center we’re going to is the doorway that’s behind the stairway..behind this one here. And it looks like that but it’s facing this way goes like under the stairs, then back under we can’t see. And that one would starts with like a pale violet light emanating out because that is the elemental command that corresponds with cathedral 5 which is the violet frequency the violet shield cathedral. And it is the fire command. So we will move into the first elemental clearing room of pale violet fire. So let’s just imagine I’m gonna go off painting now. So imagine we’re going in here. And now just close your eyes. And I will also.. And I will narrate what the guardian show me as we make our first journey of elemental clearing.

We’re in our rainbow crystal laying down in our TrhU’-ah body, a little tiny shrunk down TrhU’-ah body inside the rainbow crystal. We’re gonna float gently through the violet doorway. As we pass our crystals thru the violet doorway, notice there’s just a little feeling of resistance as our crystal float thru it. And it’s as we’re passing thru gentle force field membrane that is on the doorway. And as we pass thru that, notice that the perspective changes. The doorways behind us now, but our rainbow crystal is no longer around us. And our TrhU’-ah body takes on the feeling in size of being the size of physical body.

So now continue laying your physical body down but once we pass thru the doorway and our rainbow crystal temporarily disappears. And we’re floating on their back down in the air inside of the first entry chamber of the violet fire elemental clearing room.  Just move your TrhU’-ah body into a vertical position. So we can walk thru the hallway that leads into the violet fire cathedral fire elemental clearing room. So sense that as you turn your TrhU’-ah body into the vertical position for walking. Sense the feeling of these stone floor beneath your TrhU’-ah body feet. If you happened of come thru with your clothes on in your shoes, just take your shoes and socks off your TrhU’-ah body. You don’t have to be on physical. The way your bare feet TrhU’-ah body feet can touch and feel the stone, the stone floor. Notice it’s a circular room that you’re in.  And over to view came in the door in, you’re still facing forward from the direction you came in the door. Over to your right, over to your TrhU’-ah body, there’s an archway that is a tunnel that leads back ways. And we’re gonna turn and walk thru that with our TrhU’-ah body. So turn to your right. And see that the violet glow gets stronger from the archway of this tunnel. So just walk with your TrhU’-ah body into the violet light. And walk down this tunnel just move forward gently, not for very long. Notice as you’re walking forward, you’re getting closer to another doorway that opens into the elemental clearing room of violet fire. With your TrhU’-ah body hands and you can do this with your physical body too to anchor the feeling more fully in your physical body. You’re standing before the doorway now, the violet doorway that leads into the  elemental clearing chamber of violet fire.

There is a membrane again on this doorway and some arch doorway again as they all are. With your TrhU’-ah body hands, place both palms on the membrane.. it feels moist and has pale violet flickering thru it. And put your physical hands up as if it’s in front of you and you’re in front of it as well. Feel the tingling sensation as a gentle tingling sensation in the palms. Then inhale in physical body and TrhU’-ah body and inhale into the heart of Eff-i-mah point. Hum~ And then exhale thru the palms with split the exhale into two down the arms out the palms into the membrane on the doorway. Hu~  And notice as your encryption interfaces with the membrane on the doorway, the doorway disappears. The doorway still there but the membrane disappears. And now standing in your TrhU’-ah body, you can put your arms down, not only with hands of your TrhU’-ah body. Take a step or two forward in your TrhU’-ah body into the room of the violet fire clearing chamber.

Notice that there is a room that itself glows with the gentle pale violet color but is not bright light. It’s more of a darkened room with the pale violet ambience. And in the center of it, it’s pretty much..um..it’s actually oval shaped room not round but oval more oval on the sights. Notice with your TrhU’-ah body that there is in the center, a large living violet flame. It’s just flickering..and it’s very very tall. And it goes way up thru the ceiling of this chamber. There are sounds of gentle crackling of the flame and is very beautiful colors in the violet spectrum. Now with your TrhU’-ah body walk up to the flame. Notice there are two steps up as if the flame is on a circular platform with two easy steps up. Step up one and step up two and you are on the same level of the flame. When you step up the second step put your palms out again. And just feel the frequencies of the violet flame, fire command cathedral fire frequencies..they are very silky to the touch. There’s a little gentle buzz feeling to them that seems to be running from the ground upward. Try to sense that with your TrhU’-ah palms. And now gently stick your TrhU’-ah body hands and arms into the flame. It won’t burn you, it’s not hot. Try to feel the tingling sensation..little tingling sensation as the flame moves thru your arms.

Now the your TrhU’-ah body sees that this flame is gentle and kind and pleasant frequency. It’s not a flame that burns you. Nor it is a flame that freezes you.. just very comfortable temperature. And  pull your arms back out. And walk your TrhU’-ah body into the center of the flame. Notice there are  layers of flame that you walk into as you’re moving toward the center of it. And when you get to the center there’s an open sphere area where the flame is still there and little short violet flames are on the floor level inside of it. You’re going to go and lay the TrhU’-ah body down inside of the flame on this round area as if there is a sphere of flame. You’re inside of this sphere of flame on the outside. Except for the small little flames you’re going to lay your TruU’-ah body into. Lay your TruU’-ah body down and begin to feel the sensation. Try to feel the same sensations with your physical body.. gentle little little flames that kind of tickle on your back running up and down the backside of you.

The first layer of clearing that we’re going to do with the violet frame frequencies is to gently inhale. And when we inhale we’re going to inhale those little short flames that we are laying in, up a little higher with they  come thru and  just stick out the front of our TrhU’-ah body. So we’re going to inhale when you use the inhale to bring flames up a bit thru us. Hum~  When they reach just little bit above the top of you body the front part. Just Hu~ exhale. And just breathe and relax and feel the gentle violet flames moving thru your TrhU’-ah body. Feel them kind of undulating as flames do.

Next we’re going to use the inhale and exhale breath to going to inhale. And when we inhale we’re going to pull all the flames that is running thru us into center point in our heart of Eff-i-mah in our TrhU’-ah body and also feel the sensations in your physical body. So we’re going to inhale all of those flames we are laying in  as it’s running thru us..Inhale them..humm.. into a single ball of flame within our Eff-i-mah heart center. And hold for a moment. And then we’re going to exhale them and expand them out. Hu~ throughout the entirety of our plasma TrhU’-ah body.

See the entire plasma TruU’-ah body and the inside..turns to beautiful pale violet flickering colors of the violet vapor flames.. the plasma flames of transfiguration.. See with your TrhU’-ah body vision now.. that inside of your whole  TrhU’-ah body as if you’re looking with your TrhU’-ah body vision inside of your TrhU’-ah body itself. And notice that as the violet flame fills your entire TrhU’-ah body. Notice you can start to see little sparkly white bit that all sparkles thru your whole inside of your TrhU’-ah body. These are your atoms your TrhU’-ah body atoms that are connected to the physical body atoms in your physical body. And notice all of the space between the little white flickering atoms in the TrhU’-ah body. This is the space between the atoms. We’re going to draw more of the violet flame now by extending the TrhU’-ah body hands out to the sides where you can touch the larger flames that go up around the outside of the spheres you are  laying in, inside of the large violet flame.

We’re going to use the inhale breath to Inhale into both palms to pull flame from the big flame around you thru the palm chakras of the arms and into the Eff-i-mah heart center. Hum~ And we’re going to send with exhale that expanded quantum of frequency out into the spaces between the atoms in the TrhU’-ah body. Hu~ And feel the increase in charge in frequency. It’s almost like a pop as that quantum goes up a bit..  As you lay there with your TrhU’-ah body in this beautiful violet flame chamber, bring your TrhU’-ah body hands and arms up and look at with your TrhU’-ah body eyes. Look at what your TrhU’-ah body looks like with the beautiful violet flames running thru it. It’s as if it has a milky white plasma encasement on the outside. But the flames aren’t running to the outside yet..it’s still running thru just inside of the TrhU’-ah body.

See if you can see with your TrhU’-ah body eyes. How interesting it looks to see the violet flames inside of your TrhU’-ah body. Feel them as they transmute any of the dark spaces within your elemental command fire template. The elemental command cathedral 5 layers of your TrhU’-ah body in your plasma template. As its transmutation of any of the dark bits goes, notice little, little bit of sparkle go up in a way from your TrhU’-ah body as the thing that dont belong there are  vaporizing and their energy being freed, cleared and going back to EFFI source. Then touch the fingertips of your TrhU’-ah hands together in front of you. Kind of in the praying hands kind of position then touch your palms together.

Now we’re going to ignite the cathedral 5 TrhU’-ah flows in the TrhU’-ah body. We’re going to inhale into the Eff-i-mah heart point. Hum~ And when we exhale, we’re gonna exhale thru the palms but also all thru the body at the same time. Hu~ And notice when you exhale, now the flames have jumped that are all thru  inside the TrhU’-ah body but they’re also now flickering on the outside of TrhU’-ah body. And slowly the pale white milky white skin of the TrhU’-ah body disappears..And  the entire TrhU’-ah body right now is made of violet flame. You’re taking on the form of violet fires. So you’re now a living flame body. You’re still in the human form. But human made of beautiful pale violet flames.

In this form still in the sphere, inside of  the large violet flames in the elemental clearing room. Stand your TrhU’-ah body up vertically. Feel what it feels like to be made of violet vapor flame plasma. Feel the aliveness as if its skin isn’t there anymore but your form still is. You can play with your fire that you are.. You can touch finger tips together in front of you and then bring them apart very quickly and send lovely flames of violet spiraling thru the air.

Now as you’re standing there in the flames made the flames in yourself but still holding, your human form but made of flame violet flame. Notice your embodied chakras particularly chakra 2 which is Sacral chakra that below the naval. Chakra 3 Solar plexus chakra that above the navel..Solar plexus area. And chakra 4 the heart chakra which is a bit above where the center of your Eff-i-mah heart is. Now notice there whether or not you have a bloom.. a Lotus Bloom in chakra 2 first. If your lotuses haven’t awakened yet, you might see a little bulb way down inside of the chakra that’s just waiting to awaken.

And what you will do first is awaken and then cleanse the fire layer, the elemental fire layer the violet layer the violet shield layer of our plasma body lotuses. So you’re standing there as the violet flame human that you are. Take you palms. And you can do this in your physical body too. Take your palms of flame and place them over chakra 2 with your left palm down. Your left palm connect to right brain and connects to the strongest currents of the EFFI. And then inhale into the Eff-i-mah heart..and exhale Hu~ a burst of violet flame down into chakra 2. And then release the palms.

And feel the sensation..if you have already bloom there, notice it starts to glow with beautiful purple flame like a beautiful violet lotus. Feel the release and the opening in your TrhU’-ah body pelvis and also in you physical body pelvis as you do this. And notice with your TrhU’-ah body vision and kind of feel out with your TrhU’-ah body fingertips just gently touch in the little tops of the lotus petals as they emerge from the chakra.  Sense or see. If you can feel or see anything that resembles black tar that doesn’t belong there. That would be some of the a dark flower flows picked up from the planetary grids. If you see those, use your TrhU’-ah body fire hands and literally pull them out. Just lift the tar off and collect in a ball in a black ball of tar. Hold it up above the chakra. And then inhale into the Eff-i-mah heart and exhale violet flame down both palms. And push it thru into the black tar ball. And then vaporizes and disappears. Hum~ Hu~Hu~ And you may feel the gentle rush of heat run thru your body as you do that. You may or may not if you don’t worry about it.. still working.

We will do just once over because we have so many layers to go thru in this. But after we go thru this technique. When you’re playing with this techniques at home, you can go back in and call on your violet flame hands to clear the violet layer of your lotuses. Whenever you feel like that might be needed and you will do the same. Just pull off any of the dark stuff that doesn’t look like it belongs there. And it usually looks there’s one or two things that tend to look like it. Either looks like slimy dark tar type stuff like that they pave the roads with. Or it looks like a black or brown crunchy looking shell and whichever it is, just pick it off and put it in a ball above you and zap it with the violet flame hands and it transmutes and transfigures and goes back to whatever it belongs, cause this energies are not of you ..these are energies that tagged onto you because of some of the unpleasant energies running in the planetary grids.  

But do the same now as we stand there in our flame body in a violet flame body. Put your palms over your 3rd chakra. Left palm down right palm on top. Inhale into the Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ Exhale violet flame downward thru the palms. Hu~  into chakra 3. Pop the lotus out. Hu~ Sense with the fingertip and with your TrhU’-ah body eyes if there’s any weird black stuff or crunchy stuff. If there is just pull it off.. gather into a ball... And again inhale. Hold ball. Inhale into the Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ Exhale right a fire down your arms and thru your palms into the ball of yucky stuff.. Hu~ Feel they vibrate and pop and transmute.

And one more we’ll do at chakra 4 again flame hands left hands over chakra 4 right hand on top. Inhale into the Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ Exhale violet flame down the palms. Hu~ into chakra 4. Pop the lotus. Pick up any weird stuff any black slimy stuff any crunchy looking stuff. Hum~ Put it in a ball. Hold the ball in your flame hands. Inhale into the Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ Exhale down the palm the arms into the palms into the ball. Hu~ Transfigure and transmute the dark energies off you.

Feel yourself standing there still in the violet flame room. Feel the lightness. You got.. You opened and activated and cleaned three of your chakras on the cathedral 5 of violet shield level. We could take hours and hours to do each level of each chakra..we are not going to do that.. Tonight what they are going to have us do is do certain chakras that have picked up the worst of the mess in the planetary grids on the levels that they have so far the violet fire we’ve cleared and activated on violet chakra2, chakra 3 and chakra 4.

We’ll be working with those again on some of the other elemental layers. But we also be working on some of the other chakras with the other elemental layers. So now feel for a moment in your physical body as your TrhU’-ah body as its violet flames self stands in the center of the violet flame. I am violet fire command. Feel the reality of that. And feel the gentle violet fires moving thru your physical body. Feel the opening of the second, third and fourth chakras in your physical body. As they open and enlarge, nearly to the size of small melon. Feel the violet fire frequencies and feel your lotuses on the violet level. Have this sense of this part of anatomy in your physical body as well. And as you breathe gently in physical and TrhU’-ah body. Inhale for a moment in both into the heart of Eff-i-mah. Hum~ And when you exhale this time exhale into your physical body and exhale and push a little gentle flame there outside from the inside of your physical body... outside.  So you have little layer of violet flame flickering right on the outside of your skin. Hu~

Sense that there..and now it’s time to move to the next elemental clearing room. That will be the room of the Emerald Crystal, the Green shield of the Pan Clair-ah  DhA-YA-TEi planes base frequencies. So we’ll still standing in our violet flame body. We will walk out of the violet flame but still keep our violet flame body. Feel what it feels like stepping down the two stairs walking back out that second doorway into the hall. Feel yourself walking as a violet flame body. Feel you lags as flame lags. And walk out thru into the greeting area. And then turn and go back out the doorway back into the outside. And next we’ll walk as a violet flame body from here where we just came out of. When we walk up the staircase here..remember the first staircase in the image if you are not looking at it. You can look back at the image if  you like to help. So walking in our violet flame body up here. And next we’re going to go into this doorway that emanates a pale green light that is crystal command..

2. 00:53:26 Emerald Crystal Room

That is Crystal Command, So as you come upon the doorway with your TrhU’-ah body as the violet flame body, as you walk up those stairs now and you’re standing in front of the emerald crystal doorway.  There is a membrane there..Put your  TrhU’-ah Violet Flame hands on the membrane..Inhale for a moment into the TrhU’-ah palms and into the Effi-mah heart Hmm~ Exhale back thru the palm..and into the membrane of the green door..huh.. And notice that suddenly your entire TrhU’-ah body transforms, still in your human form, but now it’s glowing pale green and flames have gone out and now you’re moving to the next set of frequencies.

So again walk with your  TrhU’-ah body a bit but now it looks like it has that skin.. that pale white plasma skin and inside  it’s beginning to fill with pale green light. Walk thru the green doorway..and again directly in front of you this time..there will be another arch door where green light grows stronger so it’s kind of darker hallway with the green light emanating out..

Walk in plasma body..through the short hallway..and to the second door that opens to the green room..green crystal room..Notice that there isn’t exactly a membrane here on this doorway..this doorway is actually a sound key. It’s a sound frequency doorway that you cant see and you cant really feel it if you really push your TrhU’-ah hands thru it. What they re saying to do here..Inhale into your Effi-mah heart in the TrhU’-ah body..standing before the doorway and Exhale..toward the doorway. And your TrhU’-ah heart will be met a sound frequency that uniquely yours..Huhh...and that will open the doorway and just walk thru it. And Notice here it’s a bit different..it’s more of round-shape room than oval and it’s quite brightly lit  unlike the more darker room with the violet in it. And if you notice..if you look around, as if being in emerald cave with beautiful emerald crystals, huge emerald crystals rising up way past where I can see thru the ceiling in the entire room. It’s made of this. The entire floor which is very flat and smoothe is also translucent emerald green crystal. And these are like the emerald green that you see flickers of pale like apple green flying thru them and not stuffs that the heavy heavy dark green. Beautiful flickering lights running thru the crystals..
On this one, we will walk to the center again. It’s the center of circular room this time    with big emerald crystals everywhere around you on the sides  and we’re going to lay down with the TrhU’-ah body on the floor and the floor is very smoothe. And notice that as soon as you lay down, a lovely pale green mist comes up and lifts your body up a little bit..your TrhU’-ah body. So you are not laying hard floor as if you are laying on a cushion of pale green mist..   

There is going to be a sound communications that occurs over you between the sidewalls..the crystals that are the sidewalls of the chamber and there will be sound..you might be able to see  flickering back and forth almost like the aurora lights as the crystals communicate each other and communicates with your TrhU’-ah body. So as you’re laying there with your TrhU’-ah body, feel the majesty in the size.. And the power in their consciousness of these amazing emerald crystals. There is a vibration of peace that runs thru them..its quite amazing..Sense that.

And now we’re going to use the breath and the Effi-mah heart center  and sense that pale green mist that’s under you is growing around you a bit to beautiful light-colored pale green fog..And feel it rising a bit and it’s coming over your TrhU’-ah body now..and shrouding you in this lovely pale green mist..And now use the Inhale and Exhale breath..not just breathing from the effi-mah heart..from there but also as if every atom in your body is breathing in.. both from the fog top and mist under you..bring them in into your TrhU’-ah body..So use Inhale to breathe in..hold..to build a charge to bring more in.. and then use the exhale breath to expand it through  your entire plasma body TrhU’-ah body..huh...sense that it is also being sent back into your physical body as well...just inhale..bring in more of the pale green mist..exhale huh..expand it into your body to your TrhU’-ah body..take several more of this breath..feel your TrhU’-ah body relaxing into the mist  almost as if it’s becoming the mist..but you still feel that little bit of TrhU’-ah plasma skin where it’s like a milky white skin layer..it holds your form.  

And there is sound frequency above the mist that’s happening between the walls of the chambers that emerald walls of chambers..They are creating sound frequency  that also has light component  that looks like the aurora borealis northern light  and it’s running horizontally way above your head right now..But in a moment it’ll begin a spiral that will spin both clockwise and counter-clock wise.  They will come down to you thru the mist. And if you like to receive the frequency, when we see the spiral coming thru the mist, we will let you know and you inhale and bring the point of it, the small point is coming down into your heart of Effimah point

OK the sound wave are beginning to spin and they are beginning to form the downward pointing vortex and it’s starting to send its little point thru the green mist. So if you like to receive the frequencies, inhale now ..hmmm..bring the tip of that little sound vortex..the little vortex that looks like aurora light into your Effimah heart and exhale..huh.. And allow those frequencies to spread into your Effimah heart center.  

And now the next breath we’re gonna use..we’re going to contract both physical body and plasma body  our Effimah heart centers..We’re gonna inhale and contract them with the lovely green aurora frequencies in them ..and when we exhale we’re going to pop it out  all the way thru all our cells and whole physical and TrhU’-ah body. So..inhale..and contract the effi-mah heart to tiny little point that glows and pulses with green frequencies.  And now pop it out all the way thru both bodies.  Pooh..And notice almost shiver runs thru both physical body on the skin layer and also in the plasma TrhU’-ah body. Now just breathe gently and notice st interesting in the plasma TrhU’-ah body. It has turned into crystal itself and it, first it seems like the muscles and shapes have all become big chunky crystals. That will change into  lovely crystal mesh very soon..So it will be much more flexible but feel the sense.. it’s almost as if being a great crystal green hoak(?) type feeling.. kind of like a cartoon feeling..almost. Feel the sense of that emerald frequency. Emerald crystal frequency of crystal command  fillling your plasma TrhU’-ah body. Feel the sense of it as if for a moment you can sense this crystal armor outside of surrounding your physical body as well..and just breathe gently within it..

And now there is going to be a flash of emerald green with also that lighter yellower apple green light in your Effimah heart center. That will happen on its own and it will just go Pooh...  and it will expand out your Effimah heart again in both physical and TrhU’-ah body..But when that little Poohh...burst  happens and it will  happen pretty much all the same time  for everyone but a little bit different timing. So we will just do  inhale and exhale..and just wait for...if you dont feel it immediately..Phh..Inhale and exhale and let that burst of light go thru the crystal..the emerald crystal that your TrhU’-ah body made of now..and notice the big chunky emerald crystals kind of dissolve for a moment  and then resolidify but as if it made of very tiny tiny little emerald crystals..fine mesh of crystal..that is fully fluid and flexible..Sense your TrhU’-ah body as just flexible green crystal mesh with lovely green frequencies moving thru it.  And now call to mind the fourth chakra and the seventh chakra which is  the one on top of your head, crown chakra. These are the two  that we are going to activate and clear from this level on the green level.  

So as you’re laying in the green crystal room green crystal mist around your TrhU’-ah body..Still laying down..Inhale the green mist thru your palms into your Effrimah heart Hmmm..hold build charge in your Effimah heart.. And then put left palm down on heart chakra..right palm then exhale.. Into the heart chakra..huuu...feel the green mist going into heart chakra and then Pooh..Pop your lotus on green level on the green crystal level green shield level. Notice again if there is any dark  thing that dont belong there and just pull them off..put them in the ball..hold them there..and bring in more of the green mist..send it down on your arms and into your palms and into the ball of yucky stuff.. Pooh...Watch green sparkles go and disppear..it transmutes..Feel the lovely green level of your heart chakra lotus..expand..as if it’s breathing..its peddles going  huhhh yes I can breathe….and now we will do the same with the crown chakra..So put the left palm on crown chakra and right palm back of it..,Inhale the green mist into the Effimah heart..exhale it thru the arms..thru the palms and down into chakra seven..Pooh.. and push it all the way down thru the central vertical column  and out chakra one at the bottom..pooh...and all the way down..until it disppears..and then Pooh...pop up your crown lotus on the green spectrum.. If there is any darkness there, pull it off..pull it up in a ball..Inhale green mist..down the arms thru the palms..Poohh...vaporize it.  

Now stand up your plasma TrhU’-ah body as its green crystal mesh form..feel the lovely emerald green light. Stand it up in the vertical position and now momentarily  hyper-space it back to stand next to your physical body. Doesn't matter which side..but standing in the side of your physical body. Sense yourself standing there. Sense in your physical body the very real presence of your plasma body and its green crystal standing there..And now with your plasma body, this lovely green crystal mesh reach out its left hand and touch your Effimah heart spot with left hand of your plasma body. Touch the Effimah heart spot in your physical body. Feel the pressure, the gentle pressure of your TrhU’-ah body plasma body hand on your physical body. As if the pressure the weight of hand is gently resting there.. And now in your plasma TrhU’-ah body, Inhale more of the green mist  cause it’s still partially in the green room and exhale it down in your left palm into your physical body Effimah heart... And sense the feeling of that enery moving..into your physical body..   

You can now bring your TrhU’-ah body back up into the green room..as if it goes..poog...as a spark and goes back into the green room..Feel in your physical body..the goneness of it..the absence of its presence.. You feel the opening deep inside of the Effimah heart in physical body..as if it’s again...the ribs is being expanded outward..and the lungs be expanded..feel that sensation..also feel in your physical body..as if your crown chakra has opened to the size of  the complete size at the top of your head..and sense the lovely green level of your crown lotus..

Next we will go back to focus in the TrhU’-ah body in the green room..And as our TrhU’-ah body in the emerald mesh crystal form, we will walk out the way we came in..come back out this door in the painting..and as,...try to feel that feeling..walking in your TrhU’-ah body..as lovely emerald crystal mesh.. You’re walking up this set of stairways here..to the  next doorway..that will be the water command..the blue shield of the~

3. 01:12;16 Water Command Room

And again, this will emanate a gentle blue light coming out of that doorway. Feel yourself standing in TrhU’-ah body in front of the blue light doorway. Feel your crystals ..your green emerald crystals..the crystal mesh that your TrhU’-ah body right now is made of ..And simply walk thru into the blue light of the doorway. And notice suddenly the green crystals take on a blue color and seem to get a little bit less solid. If you look in this room that you walked in, over to your left in front of you, there will be again a little chamber a little tunnel that you walked thru..and as you walk thru into the blue light, notice that the crystal structure of your plasma body, it’s progressively as if it’s melting  and turning into water molecule..little water molecules instead of crystals. And again    the doorway that lead into the water chamber..

Simply walk thru  and again it is a circular room but is seems much larger where hard to see its parameters. All you can see..really..its as if  this lovely tides of blue water are running up the walls. The walls are made of this  lovely..looks like tide waves..and they do something at the top so far up you cant see...and also notice that there is still calm blue..it’s more of dusky blue color like darker blue  not as quite dark as sapphire blue or cobalt..But its darker blue frequency. And notice as you walk into it,  toward the center area that is opened surrounded by this walls of water..that somehow miraculously stay flowing upward..You walk thru and its about ankle deep.  The water feels cool but not quite wet. Now we are going to lay your TrhU’-ah body  down and notice that at this point, it’s becoming  light blue water itself. But it still has that skin again little milky white skin holds your form.. As you lay your TrhU’-ah body down in the water, notice that the water seem to hymn a bit gently..and the hymn travels thru water that you just laid in. And it’s going up the wall.. So the room itself begins to hymn..and now notice that the water is gently rising  where you are laying in it..it’s about up to here..  Your top part of your TrhU’-ah body laying down is still out of the water..your faces are out of the water..

The water chambers are now going to fill up.. But you can breathe this water.. So you dont have to worry about drowning your TrhU’-ah body in it. Try to feel this sensation as the water comes up with you TrhU’-ah body and physical body. And let it wash away any fear of drowning that your physical body may hold as insticnt imprint. So notice now as you lay in TrhU’-ah body..The water is rising..slowly and gently rising around you..It’s going up over your TrhU’-ah body face now where you are submerged..your TrhU’-ah body eyes are open..They can see clearly under the water..the blue goes upward and upward.. But as the blue water comes upward..it’s as if illuminant where its not a dark blue that puts you in darkness..but rather it opens up in lightness..A light blue within the dark blue..  The entire chamber fills.. Sense in your physical body that you are lying in the chamber of beautiful blue waters..They are the perfect temperature for comfort whatever that is for you..

And now we are going to inhale..all of the water that fill the chamber..Inhale it into your Effimah heart in your TrhU’-ah body and also your physical body. And as you do this..sure to fill  all the spaces between your atoms in your physical body as well as in your TrhU’-ah body. So inhale and drink in waters..and hold at top of the inhale  all the water around you..pull in  and then water level drops..as you inhale all of it...And now exhale..and fill in your TrhU’-ah body and physical body..Huhhh..The blue waters fill you..Feel like a gentle wave of slushing..vertically thru you from top to bottom..and bottom to top… Notice that there is going to be flash in the moment where all of your lotuses will actually contract in all of the chakras,but contracting and drink in the water…(sound).. And close up..and then it goes..Ppoohhhh(sound)... and it actually shoot out any detritus that doesnt belong there on their own..So we are just going to inhale..as the lotuses drink in the water.. All of them..

All the chakras from one thru seven and also the ones that will be..actually 1 thru 15.. And ones that are outer in your field will also do the same.. Just pay attention to the embodied ones for now.. So inhale..and all of the lotuses contract and drink in water.. Hmmm...HOLD>>> and then..POOOHHHH….POP IT OUT>>>>  And as they pop out the waters, the petals all turn beautiful blue..and any of the detritus that doesnt belong in them goes flying out like particles as if like a power washed out..and just disppears into sparkles into the water..  

And now sense the barrier..that barrier skin of the TrhU’-ah body as if it’s dissolving..And now your TrhU’-ah body is made of waters..but it’s self-contained water..it holds the form of your human form.. So now we’re going to walk out of water command..and walk across over to this place..which is a little bit lower frequency than that one....a little bit lower(그림) So there is a bridge here but not done in painting yet..And it’s like a rope bridge with wooden slat going across..So as our water body, we’re going to come back out to this blue door..and turn over here.. And walk this bridge..it’s kind of bouncy  bridge cause it’s just made of rope.. the wooden slat going across..until we get to this part..here in this doorway..glows gentle white..that is air command..

4. 1:20:54 White Air Room

White that is Air command -White Shield of -Pana-Co-LA’Ra.
so walk our  plasma body as a water body, blue water body to the white doorway across the bridge.  Feel the bridge bounce a little as you hook on it, and then up on to the platform and stand before the white door.

There sounds coming from this door as well as gentle pearlescent white light in the sounds sound like choirs beautiful singing choirs somewhere in the air , as air itself is choirs singing..and  walk thru the white door way with your water body and notice as you walk thru the doorway and into the reception area, the waters get less and less dense but still there and they get lighter and lighter blue. And now there is not a hallway this time there is just the other door that leads directly into that the white room. so just walk up few steps forward in your TrhU-ah body and there is bright pearlescent light coming out from the doorway and just walk thru it and notice as you walk with your water body it starts to get  lighter and all of sudden you are walking thru the door and up into the air as if you are walking on air suddenly almost as if walked up the cliff but just kept walking in the air.

And notice now that you don’t even have to walk. You are just vertically floating gently. And notice all around you it’s just all clouds.. it is just as if being in beautiful white fluffy clouds that have.. it almost looks like heliotalic lightening flashing thru them. Sense this and the clouds are lifting up further and further in your TrhU-ah body. And progressively as you’re among them, waters are simply turning on their own into clouds in your TrhU-ah body..It’s turning into a cloud body.. its lighter weight, it floats.

And now sensing your TrhU-ah body as air, your air command body, your cloud body, still holding your human shape but now made of clouds. Sense the beautiful heliotactic colors, heliochroic colors, moving thru as if the clouds that your body is made of now talking to each other with light. Hear the sound of the choirs that are singing of the molecules of the air itself.

In this place floating still vertical in your TrhU-ah plasma body..Again pop yourself back to stand next to your physical body. In your physical body, sense the presence of your cloud body standing next to you, your TrhU-ah cloud body and in your TrhU-ah cloud body..Inhale and you still draw frequency of clouds from the white room. Inhale into your Eff-i-mah heart and exhale out the palms and make the big ball of clouds as you’re standing next to your physical body,  make big ball of clouds in your palms. huh... Now in your TrhU-ah body, take that big ball of clouds, laying down and place it over the head of your physical body. And in your physical body, sense the feeling of the lightness that clouds bring to your mind and to your thoughts, the weight of your brain, your eyes and then with your TrhU-ah body hands, stretch that clouds, leaving part of it there stretch all the way down to entire length of your physical body...huh...
And in your physical body, breathe that clouds in….. Hum...and expand it inside of your physical body..Huhhh…..feel the lightness, feel the cloud.. Air command within you.

Notice on their own..the Lotuses start releasing little spurts of sparkles as any  detritus on  this level just immediately transmutes and turns into sparkles that are sent their way both in TrhU-ah body and physical body. And now pop your TrhU-ah body back into the white room, you’re still levitating in the air there.  Inhale and hold, and then exhale, push yourself down where your TrhU-ah body feet touch the ground again in the white room.

And we have one more room, one more clearing level and that will be this doorway so if we come back out but now we are cloud body in a TrhU-ah body as cloud, white cloud body with flickering light thru it.. we come over here and there is actually these two platforms are linked to just the shadow we cant see in the painting.. We’re gonna walk with our cloud body over here..

5. White Aqua Ether Room

And this is Pale aqua door way, that is Aqua vapor of the Ether Command which correspond with Cathedral 1 and correspond with the Pana Co-Le-ra, the large spectra frequency. So as our cloud body,  going to step thru into what looks like pale aqua mist.

Notice as we move thru, the TrhU-ah cloud body just dissipates..the cloud gets lighter and lighter and  just become pale aqua mist.  We still have the human shape but we are simply made of pale aqua mist in this space. There is no tunnel to travel in this one nor 2nd door.  It is just step thru that doorway to become the Ether vapors.

Notice that in here..each of the Lotuses and now every aspect of them, the front side and back side and the sides and the top and bottom parts, each of the chakra lotuses.. Just pop open and as beautiful vapor flowers, beautiful vapor lotuses and there is a  little bit of streamers of look like White mist going off them and that is any detritus that didn’t belong on that layers.

Now we are going to bring back our TrhU-ah body as its aqua vapor Self and also has all of the other layers of elemental command and Shield of Plasma Template Shield that we have cleared. As we bring back our aqua vapor Self, we bring it back thru.. just pop out of the room and into the physical room where you are, and pop back thru the screen back to physical room where you are. stand next to yourself again as your aqua vapor self.

For a moment, open your physical body eyes and look at the position where you sensed to put yourself as your aqua vapor self. Try to sense where that Self is standing. In your aqua vapor self, reach out your left hand toward your physical self. And in your physical self, use your left hand and take the left hand of your aqua vapor self. Sense the connection. Sense your consciousness in this 2 forms and 2 places at once. And take your right hand, physical and touch the Lotuses that you can reach like the.. 2nd chakra Lotus of your aqua vapor self.  Feel the Lotus. Touch its petals and touch your back, communicating..see if you can sense the tickle in your physical chakra 2, as you gently touch the chakra 2 Lotus of aqua vapor self. See if you can feel.. If you can’t that’s ok. And then release hands.

And your aqua vapor self is going to now slide into your physical self. And the easiest way to do this, they are saying is..instead of standing vertically now, levitate your aqua vapor self as if it’s  laying in the air next to you and then gently drop it down and breath it over...Hmmm.. inhale into your physical body..Hold at the top of the inhale.. just make sure you get all the quantum back and then Exhale.. POP..and POP it into your physical body  Pooohh.. and as you pop, feel the aqua vapor Lotuses activate thru your physical chakras...huuhhhhh...

Sense for a moment, that you are turning to aqua vapor yourself that all your physical atoms are turning to aqua vapor, and at the room around you starting to get grainy as if starting to pixelize and disappear to open into other spaces, other times.  Sense that...

And then gently bring yourself back. Be aware of both layers.. your aqua vapor self, and be aware that they carry all the other layers with you.  You can call up any of your 5 elemental command layers whenever you desire and you can do your lotus clearings on each of those levels. Whenever you feel need to boost your energy, you can simply ask your body which command does it need..Is it fire, the violet fire?  is it green crystal?  is it blue waters?  is it  white air or is it the aqua vapor? and your body will give you feeling..What am I just give you ?  Aqua, or violet! You can go back into using that level of plasma body to clear the chakras and push it out into your field, and your auric field and will clear detritus off in layers as it comes..

So that is the end of technic 3 for KDDL 3. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.
This is my favorite technique because you can go so far with this,  you can go into each one of those rooms and stay there for a long time and clear every bit of yourself if you have particular area of your body that hurts or that each healing you can assist and support that healing that your body would do for itself. But bringing it into anyone of those chambers and bringing those frequencies in thru the areas that most needs it..So I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey..***

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