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KS Reality Talks Chronology:


KS Reality Talks: 3-2-16 Alexander Puckett

  1-15-16 Stephen Redding Follow-up2
    MUSIC: General Fuzz - Comfort Zone -  Stephen shares recent revelations, ascension codes are discussed, fear in the KS group shield, some memories of life after Earth.

1-6-16 John Miller:

We discuss the dynamics of group collective memory of past lives and events, and possible 'portals' opened through the connectivity of friends gathered together. John shares his particular resonance with the older KS material than the newer, his personal experience with the Veca Codes and the Lotus Arc breathing and the power of correcting your merkaba spins. John shares a Divine Intervention experience with a woman he encountered in Divine Right Timing to meet and assist through the Maharic Shield. Our experiences in Skypod and the evening tech sessions, Who is the 'Alhumbhra' and what it has meant for us in our experience is discussed. John shares EVP recordings that were apparently left from 2 different entities on his answering machine. 'DNA Family Codings' and the 'Menders, Blenders and Benders' contracts.

1-8-16 Stefanie Joy:  

MUSIC: Tycho - Coastal Brake ( full length)& Sunlounger - Sunny Tales (Chill Version) SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/christopher-v-... Stefanie is 1/2 American (isle of Mann ancestry - England and some German with roots in WA and OR in the states) and the other 1/2 is Portuguese with some of that ancestry coming from Belgium during the reign of King Phillipe or Felipe because he let a certain part of the population go south to Portugal ) Portugal is 1/2 Celtic and 1/2 Arab. Stefanie discusses how she came into KS around the same time of discovering Nassim Haramein and the nitty gritty's of 'Intellectual Copyrights' that come with the teachings.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJdxw Nassim Haramein
1-12-16 Rakmeister:   (removed by CvC) ...  2017 #STATUS)
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/
Censorship with the FT's (Freedom Teachings) is discussed in great detail. Some discussion of what the 'Stealth Shield' is. Rakmeister shares how he has developed his own line of information from the FT's and the expansions he has experienced from this. We discuss the many different representations of the FT's and where the 'official' version of histories and agendas begins and ends.
MUSIC: 'Spirit Of Life' by Blackmill

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video is still on EMERALD GUARDIANS YouTube.


1-21-16 David Garza: 

INTRO MUSIC: Patrick O'Hearn So Flows The Current- Beyond This Moment
OUTRO MUSIC: Anugama - Environment 2 - 01 - Singing Water 
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/christopher-v-... David shares his awakening experience from developing the'one breath' and also a path of detox that led him to discovering KS and his ability to consciously heal his DNA and assist others in attuning to their own Krystos identity and connection to God. ''Remote BioRegenesis of Interfacing with Higher Selves'' is discussed and explained by David, and his specific training of this.

2-12-16 :Ken André Røvik Storøy

video being re-uploaded a source told me. will add it here when available

Ken shares his experience of how he came into KS after asking in a prayer for answers he was approached the following day by a KSer introducing him to the material. Ken shares with us his ability to 'see the programming' in things and see how anything displayed on the computer was constructed, also how he incorporates KS into his gaming. 'Diffusing' the guru/student, healer/activator energies by Self-Healing in KS. The Corey Goode material is discussed. Ken shares his experience with Bashar. Mitochondria and some thoughts on the origin of it is discussed. Ken has a mitochondria condition and describes what life is like living with this. (My recording software has been glitchy, sorry for the choppiness of the video, it does clears up. The sound is intact through the entire video)

INTRO MUSIC: DOCTOR_VOX_-_Neon_Lights_[Creative_Commons]
OUTRO MUSIC: From_The_Dust_-_Chemicals_[Creative_Commons]

INTRO MUSIC: Anugama - Healing Earth (in 432 Hz tuning)

Avalon Sol shares with us his contact experience with a woman who displayed numerous telepathic and other worldly abilities such as a 'light show' displayed in the sky by linking with his pineal gland to a higher frequency, calling him frequently the moment he has a question to ask her, appearing to him as a white sphere of light. The giants in the stasis chambers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89moo...) and what agenda this was is discussed in detail. The Corey Goode testimonies are discussed and analyzed, and the potential correlations to a facet of the Guardian Alliance. Avalon talks about the different 'weights of water' and how air is water. Avalon's Theory of Spatial Relativity is presented and discussed along with the Fukushima radiation radiation, the 'Equator Repulsion Zone', Chemtrails and 'Nanites'; an Alkaline water tincture for Nanite removal is shared. The difference between the CDT plates and the KumA’yah AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disks is defined as well as the ascension dates from past and present and the many changes from old work/ new work. (PLEASE NOTE: The ascension dates Avalon mention are based off of KS material from BEFORE the 2012 Fail safe Activation. Please refer to http://www.arhayasproductions.com for the current ascension dates and more detail on ascension dynamics.) Avalon describes his views on Earth having a dome and his version of Flat Earth being a 'oblaque spheroid'. Avalon is an inventor who perfected a safer type of fog machine, along with a few other patents related to this invention, and is currently creating an off-grid self-sustaining sanctuary space of land for 'Indigo refugees'. 


4-25-15 Alicia Lane:

4-26-15 Stephen Edward Redding PERSONAL PREFACE:

4-26-15 PART 1 Stephen Edward Redding:

4-28-15: PART 1 Harvey ArJaya:

4-28-15 PART 2 Harvey ArJaya:

4-29-15 Thida Nathalie PERSONAL PREFACE:

4-29-15 PART 1 Thida Nathalie:

4-29-15 PART 2 Thida Nathalie:

4-29-15 PART 3 Thida Nathalie:

4-30-15 PART 1 Aida Sorenson:

5-1-15 PART 1 Anka Radulovic:

5-1-15 PART 2 Anka Radulovic:

5-2-15 PART 2 Aida Sorenson:

5-2-15 An Interview with Mom:

5-3-15 Amanaa Rendall:

5-5-15 Dr. Paul Theriault:

5-7-15 Kathy Lixing Sun:

5-9-15 Marlene Fow:

5-10-15 Karima Wooten:

5-13-15 PART 2 Alicia Lane:

5-17-15 Sanya Zhang:

5-24-15 DeDe Interview:



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