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Friday, September 28, 2012

Monthly Archives: August 2012

Monthly Archives: August 2012

On Chivalry

Chivalry is pretty much dead and gone from this modern world we live in. Women just aren’t as healing, nurturing, and soft as they used to be. Men just aren’t as courageous, honorable, and strong as they used to be. It’s the degradation of a system based on ego and rigid intellectual coldness. It’s the devolution of humanity. Humanity is supposed to mean “benevolence” — and losing it is the only real fall from grace. To lose a natural sense of loving kindness and well meaning is to fall into darkness and shadow.

It may seem like an entirely archaic and outdated philosophy, but ego and rigid intellectual coldness are no sign of human advancement. Technology is no real sign of spiritual evolutionary improvement. In fact, such things are the opposite of what a spiritual evolutionary path and purpose even are — because a true spirituality is one that is in harmony with nature — not one that is destructive towards it. True spirituality is to have a benevolence towards others — not a coldness — not a selfishness — but a warmth.

So, although chivalry may seem old-fashioned, we actually need it now, more than ever before. Because modern conveniences, education, entertainment, jobs, lifestyles, money, products, success, technology — these things mean absolutely nothing — without the basic fundamentals of what it actually means to be a true human being. Without the basic fundamentals of true human virtue — what good are we? None.

Chivalry means common courtesy. Chivalry means common decency. Chivalry means politeness. Chivalry is common sense. What are we without these things? Nothing. A lack of reverence isolates a person into intellectual coldness — becoming a drone to the collective machine of control. Machines have no feeling. Machines have no soul. Machines are lifeless. Lifelessness means no vitality. Lifelessness means dead.
Consciousness, healing, perception, and vitality are all a matter of developing a genuine warmth. Love is a vibrational resonance of warmth. Kindness, generosity, and reverence are what grant it to you. This is to become a genuine human being — down to earth, natural, and real — authentic. It’s not enough to just pretend to be these things on the surface. Political correctness and social niceties are mostly just the lip service front of an ego that’s silently harboring hidden dark inner attitudes, motives, and agendas. Pretending to love and respect everybody — while silently scowling and snarling at each other underneath the surface is evil, fake, and transparent. And it can’t be the other end of the spectrum stuff either — the fake dippy, hippy stuff. Kindness, generosity, and reverence have to be something sincere and true from within, otherwise it means nothing. It’s simply a matter of being something real — genuine.

Chivalry should be something natural. But for some strange reason, it just ain’t. Chivalry was lost.
Beyond the obvious, of which is… oh, I don’t know… that maybe it’s just better to be a good person — an honorable person — a true human being… the doorway to the celestial is directly related to the quality of your inner virtues. You have to have a reverence for nature. You have to have a reverence for the divine feminine. You have to have a reverence for the divine masculine. You have to have a code of honor. Inner power is the ability to maintain it. This opens the mystical doorways to spirit — Chivalry.


or as these Arcturian symbols depics ,
Courage Strength Wisdom

We all are working for ’Unconditional Love’ [REPOST]

We all are working for ’Unconditional Love’
2008 video.
Written by
   Site doesnt excist no more. sadly as GOV scrubs all that matteers, keep DATA flow going, and folks distracted and unaware of the past thus current. ra out

The Garden of Eden that has been spoken about is a reality. It is an understanding of the Beauty that we behold in ourselves. It is the world beyond duality. When all is One. When we recognise the beauty in ourselves and we recognise the same beauty reflected in another, it is paradise.
When we become seperate, we see the points that make us separate, the things that make us different, we then see this as a negative rather than a point of beauty. Like the flowers in the garden, each flower radiates beauty in a different way. It is because we have the different flowers that make this a garden of beautiful flowers.

The difference enhances the beauty of this wonderful garden.
The Harmonic Convergence is a gateway or portal to Yourselves. It is the portal to your Christed Selves.
The 13h Dimension.

As we move through the Photon Belt, we are lifting into the vibration of the Oneness with All Light Beings.This awakening will affect people on all levels. Aware or unaware, we will all lift in vibration.
It is the Awakening of the Soul and Spirit, combining the conscious and sub-conscious. It is the Higher Self moving in and through our bodies. We become pure channels of the Light.
With duality of your emotional state it is important to focus on the positive side of your bodies, (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) so that this process is made.

In the past it has been shown that the choices that were made in history and on a personal level has been one of separation, meaning feeling separate from other families, cultures, countries etc.
It is now time to find the positive points that bind people together.

It is duality of positive and negative and mankind has focused more on the negative side of nature. This has to do with the understanding of the security of the Creator’s love for all. Mankind has used the Creator to feel separate from each other, rather than a means to unite.

Religion was never meant to separate people as the word means to “bind together again”;. But mankind found a way of separating themselves from others even in the gift of this unity.

So strive to be at one with All people for you are all one – you are mankind – humankind. We made colour a form our beauty and you have seen it as a way of separation.

When you stop feeling separate from other creeds and realize you are a part of earth, that is a small dot in the Universe, that is part of many beings in the Galaxies, you will begin to see that we all are working for the same end….

Unconditional Love for everything. The Beauty of the stars and planets and the connectedness with the Life Forces on every level and on every planet in the Galaxies. Then the love and energy will flow and you will experience the joy and bliss and truth of your Being.

You are part of the Whole and part of the whole is for each person to bring in their own lessons and share them with the Whole. When one person interferes with another’s karma it stops both people growing for a short time. It is then that we guide you through a process to make you realize this. In one shape or another, freeing you again to follow your own path and not that of another. You see, we are all whole in ourselves, and don’t need another to make us so.

We find that we are attracted to people that seem to fulfill the part in us that we seemingly do not have and then you lean on that person to fill that need. It is only another person that will bring that lesson up in you so that you can see what is missing (so called missing, it is only remains hidden in your sub-conscious until you bring it out) but you feel that you must help that person from feeling of guilt or duty. These are human traits caused through fear or control over another person.

This is the lesson that mankind faces as it prepares to phase through into a higher frequency.
It is the way in which we open you to seeing these things in order for you to move beyond them. There are many out there that are helping with this progress and your guides will help you through.
The state of your beingness is being raised to a higher vibration so that we can move to another planet and help them.

There are many worlds out there, which will be and have gone, through the process you are going through. It does not make your earth less important and we continue to say to you that your raising of vibration does have a Ripple effect on the entire Universe and galaxies beyond.

Life on your planet is in a process of change and that change can be seen as positive and negative.
There are a lot of negative things that will pass away and a more positive world, attitude will prevail.
It is important that you all lift this world and have visions of this wonderful world, seeing it as one world, united, for it is creating that world, as you would like it.

Thought is reality. The more people realize that, the more we will create a world beyond your imaginations. It is the combination of all people creating this energy to this New World. To bring this world concept is coming into being. So create – love – harmony – peace and everything integrating, for it will come into being.
Leave the past and all it’s negative qualities behind for you are to release that from your being, your aura, your ethric beings and out into the Universe. It will be transmuted by your positive thoughts and life will really soar on this planet.

Your body is changing into the 12 DNA strands. We say to you if you are dealing with the Cosmic, The Universe and Galaxies, then you have the 12 DNA strands. Again you humans limit yourselves and think it is not in you.

Again we say create your reality. It is in you for you are all lightworkers, working for the good of all. You would not be in this time and place if it were not so.

Your crown chakra is your seventh chakra and is connected to all the rest. Your eighth chakra is 12 inches above your head but can be bought in closer if you need it.
The ninth chakra is within a few feet of your body.

Once the 9 helixes are formed, this chakra moves out into the atmosphere of earth to become more of an earth chakra, connecting with the gridwork. This is the link.
The tenth, in place will be in line with your solar system.

The eleventh will move into the galactic system and twelfth will be located in the Universe.
The 13th is Inter-galactic and Inter- Universal.

We will explain. If you are receiving information from the ninth chakra you will be in touch with beings on this planet, spirits that have passed over. The guides are in the hierarchy of American Indian guides, Egyptian, Tibetan, Incan, Peruvian, for example.

The tenth chakra is when you are getting information from the solar system, for example- Balin from the planet Saturn, it is interchangeable with the guides who are part human and part alien.
The eleventh chakra you will be receiving information from Siruis, Pleiadies, Andromeda, Arcturians. Balin also works from here, this is also interchangeable with the last chakra as there are many alien and part human guides here also.

The twelfth is from the Arcturians that contain in both eleventh and twelfth and are connecting force.
This includes angels, Ascended Masters, Sananda, Yogananda etc.
The 13th is also with the Ascended Masters, Ancients etc. as it is intergalactic. This is where the Galactic Federation works from.

Now all these guides are able to move through the vibrations as they too progress in their own path.
It is for the purpose of Guides to teach of the earth ways and the oneness of this density. So in order for them to teach this they have to come into that form to feel the vibration on that level.
They, at the same time will be, as part of his whole, being an Ascended Master who understands and is receiving information from Great Spirit, guiding it through to a level of understanding as one of their lives they had on this planet earth.
You are all Whole and have everything inside you; you are your own Universe.
You are capable of creating a World, a Universe.
Use that part of you that is from Great Spirit to give you the information from all the beings you are, to help you on your path
To a greater understanding of this earth and help it heal itself.
Third dimension is dense, it deals with emotions, fears and control and it belongs to the Third chakra.
You are to move into the fourth dimension, which is the heart chakra, and understand and be everything that is within that chakra.
But you have the ability in this time to move up and beyond all of the Chakras.
Study the Chakras and understand. Understand.
It is interesting to note that when we read auras, we are also seeing what energy is working with us at the present time.
If you were to watch someone channeling you would notice certain colours with certain beings that are working with an earth channel.
We must close now. The light is with you and we, the Arcturian are with you……… we are the light and you are the light.

The earth has been going through the photon belt for a while now, the last
time was during the Atlantean period…we are ready to be birthed into a new
spiral in the Universe…this should be complete by the year 2012…..
We will have shifted into the 5th dimension by then….
It is interesting to note that the spiraling effect we are going through in
fact is also what is happening to all the planets and stars in the
Our universe will be closer to the Galaxy of Andromeda, a star
gate just to the left of us will bring light beings from other galaxies and
therefore our knowledge will be that of an expanding nature.
I would not be at all surprised that being of other planets will physically be greeted on
this planet earth…if we get our act together and not be in the lower side
of our natures and shoot anything that we don’t know and understand.
There are many light beings that are far more advanced than us and will be able to
render us enable to cause ourselves any more damage,
But freedom of choice happens to be our lesson, what we do with that choice as well.
Those that wish will see more of the Universe and it’s wonderful light beings and
others will be oblivious to this, working in the lower side of their
natures, but they will not wish to see, awaken… if you like.
It will be the choice of further development of ourselves as individuals and
Ourselves as the Light Beings that belong to the Oneness, .those that take
the lighter steps will in fact help the vibration lift overall…
Sounds complicated but is very simple we all belong to the same vibration of
the Christ Consciousness and in that way we are connected through genetics.
As you know the genetic effect goes through from generation to
generation…the children today are far more intelligent as before, with
the inner knowing….

Zionist Origins & Symbolism: Set, Isis, Osiris & Nephtys

The 4 primary Egyptian deities were Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. Their initials spell SION, and if you take all the letters that make up their collective names, without repeating letters, you get “Hypnotizer”.
One way or another the devotees of the ancient Gods and Goddess have strived to keep us all under a spell, hypnotised into believing what they want us to believe, and doing what they want us to do.

Original Article

Sunday, September 02, 2012




h2 times warned that FormerNimwithat, march , month+ ago, and now 3rd strike your out.
so while being at Revolution Radio a nick with halfops caught my attention, TheWeatherman , Not Waterman. so i do a /whois nick /all and clones scan.
& links containt all other backgorund correlation work etc etc. (added them to here, but passed max images in post limit, for 2nd post to post that @ToT. si i cant so i wont [ToT] addon. do check links as that went along with the voice convo beside chat convo/skype. and just shows it so obviously…… (ToT refrence see @end notes:))


c whois Whois ? TheWeatherman [ Flash IRC Client]
ti12c whois Address ?
ti12c whois Channels ? %#RevolutionRadio
ti12c whois Server ? [Windfyre]
ti12c whois Idle ? 1min 23secs
ti12c whois Sign-on ? Sat Aug 25 04:36:34 2012 [-1932secs]
ti12c whois
clones formerwhitehat, hm lulz

[00:54] ? Worfpoe [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[02:18] ? Shmoopie_9060 [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[16:55] ? worfpoe [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[00:47] ? worfpoe [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[00:53] ? worfpoe [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[12:57] ? worfpoe [] has quit IRC
[17:39] ? worfpoe [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[17:39] ? worfpoe [] has quit IRC
[17:40] ? worfpoe [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[18:32] ? worfpoe [] has quit IRC
[23:40] ? worfpoe [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
[04:04] ? FormerWhiteHat [] has joined #RevolutionRadio
(log search on ^^ logfile(havent checked even old log RR(Rev radio)
part log exceprts
said this about him in past
[07:40] +RAKMEiSTER ? Sir worfpoe Dramaqueencreatornr1
so onto business
[21:19] +RAKMEiSTER ? former niwithat
[21:24] +RAKMEiSTER ? so tell us T4 whom was your PC infiltrator that did the LOL trackingchip in boxershort
[21:25] +RAKMEiSTER ? T4 is supperWannabeEWgosoldier mindwhipped
(before i connected all inXXXs)
[04:06] ? Search for ** in #RevolutionRadio.Windfyre.log (3.76MB) produced 12 results. Search completed in 0.8s.
[04:06] +FormerWhiteHat ? i am in europe too, watching over kerry
[04:06] ? FormerWhiteHat [] has quit IRC
[04:06] %TheWeatherman ? …
[04:06] +RAKMEiSTER ? oh worf, makes sense, sashqlulz x3
[04:07] %TheWeatherman ? huh
[04:07] ? TheWeatherman is now known as worfpoe
[04:07] +Lori ? very sad
[04:07] %worfpoe ? yikes
[04:07] +RAKMEiSTER ? rename nimwithat while ya at it lulz
[04:08] %worfpoe ? no
[04:35] +RAKMEiSTER ? oh looking glass, next he ganna tell its still operational
[04:35] +RAKMEiSTER ? every attempt costed them a base haha.
[04:35] +Zhap ? it is but cant be used
[04:35] +RAKMEiSTER ? dead broken it is been year+
[04:36] +RAKMEiSTER ? dont ya love sound
[04:36] +RAKMEiSTER ? hell jeah
[04:36] +RAKMEiSTER ? oh justintime you in my txt also
[04:36] +RAKMEiSTER ? your issue
[04:36] +RAKMEiSTER ? not mine your game
[04:36] %justintime ? not my issue
[04:37] +RAKMEiSTER ? nope but ones responibility in actions one is, that will become an issues selfcreated. and sustained. free wil free choice bases upoin that is/was
[04:32] +RAKMEiSTER ? fun typing bs exposed in a TXT and adding while i go, seems FWH likes irc logs, so i checking mine, fun fun .txt for pastebin it will be
worfpoe aka micheal hemmingson
along with justintimetravels aka justin aka justintime matt
last 2 names can be separate persons vs other 2 justins, but thats beyond the current point
ti12c info ? justintime is a registered nick
ti12c whois Channels ? %#RevolutionRadio
ti12c whois Server ? [Windfyre]
ti12c whois Idle ? 24secs
ti12c whois Sign-on ? Fri Aug 24 20:54:04 2012 [7hrs 29mins 57secs]
ti12c whois ?

The Project Camelot definition of a Whistleblower is “whistleblower from the Matrix” that is, that in “a time of deceit it is a revolutionary act to tell the truth”… so by that definition anyone who tells the truth about what is really going on is a Camelot Whistleblower.…y-lays-it-out/
turns out to be so true, revolutionary minus ry + radio.
beside worf’s sex issues. see his books. so there is another link vs all BS. kerry fanatic.
he might even have sexedhis way into PC site adminbranches/or mod. donoo dont care tbh. he feeds t to PC thats for sure. -< blogs
i stand by it

–update killer finisher. when im right im right 31-08-2012

[2:17:58] XXX: lol
[2:19:22] XXX: that’s you right
[2:21:18] Rakmeister राकईश: ofc

[2:21:26] XXX: lmao
[2:21:48] XXX: still no response from him huh

[2:22:55] Rakmeister राकईश: ive been busy other stuff, but he can deny yes running the site, that wasnt what was asked, so he denies a not asked Q. intent deception 101. he operates that acc/name, under that site under other name. as one can ad MOD/ADMINS
[2:23:29] Rakmeister राकईश: beside that justin in past allready did his own work,
[2:23:29] Rakmeister राकईश:
[2:23:59] Rakmeister राकईश: but he keeps playing, so scew him. in all his filthyness
[2:24:45] Rakmeister राकईश: fact is you can have clones @IRC its same ISP/HOST , the end
(dublicate names on same IP -blablabla.isp.usa blablabla part is UNIQUE!!
[2:25:32] Rakmeister राकईश: and i kept info from randy, but seems back than allready mike could not yet cause (was finishing up on my OP cleanhouse FWH) .doc/dox
[2:25:52] Rakmeister राकईश: beside the lulz of nitehawk and terral being named in past postings , and other obvious links
[2:26:27] Rakmeister राकईश: and he a kerry lover longtime, as 2011 he was on her show with his sasquatch jabber only speaking halfthruths
[2:26:53] Rakmeister राकईश: master of depection in karmadramacreation, well he got a bunchload coming
[2:27:35] Rakmeister राकईश: and ill add this to the pdf addon, as i havent bothered to clean up txt
CALL IT A RAW VIEW/INTEL, ^^ re not cleaned up. Beside private stuff, unrelated to..
[2:27:37] Rakmeister राकईश: #care
[2:27:50] Rakmeister राकईश: minus ya name, hehe
[2:28:03] Rakmeister राकईश: and text

[2:28:30] XXX: you lost me
[2:28:33] XXX: let me scroll up
[2:28:38] XXX: i was checking out that page

[2:29:52] *** Gebeld door XXX, duur 1:30:20. ***
[2:33:28] Rakmeister राकईश:
[2:33:37] Rakmeister राकईश:

worfpoe Tijuana MEXICO
LoJacker San Diego USA
Drake Bailey San Diego USA
HeavyMasObject San Diego USA
(all same person)

[3:18:17] Rakmeister राकईश:
[3:19:30] XXX: History by Year
Left Job at San Diego Reader
Graduated from Indiana University
Graduated from SUNY Buffalo
Started Working at San Diego Reader
Left Job at Fritz Theater
Started Working at Fritz Theater
Graduated from Santa Monica College

[3:20:09] XXX: About Michael
Sometimes I think about my other lives in alternate universes, where other choices were made, where I turned to the right instead of the left, when I said yes instead of no, when I loved instead of hated, or should have hated instead of loved.
Professional writer — novelist, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, essayist.
Qualitative researcher — cultural anthropology, sociologist, auto/ethnography, lived experience, symbolic and interpetative interaction.
My first feature film, The Watermelon, 90 min., from LightSong Films and Jordan River Prod., shot summer 2007, premeired Sept, 2008 at the San Diego Film Festival. Will be out July 4, 2009 on DVD and Blu-Ray from Celebrity Video Distrib. Get it on Netflix, at Blockbuster, Borders, etc. Look for limited theater runs here and there.

[3:20:23] XXX:
Future fiction titles –
THE AGENT (novel), no publisher;
THIS OTHER EDEN (novellas) from The Dybbuk Press, Fall 2009;
PICTURES OF HOUSES WITH WATER DAMAGE (stories) for Black Lawrence Press, 2010;
LUNCH ON THE GRASS or: VERN MYERS, AS I KNEW HIM (novel), no publisher;
HARDCORE ZOMBIE GIRLS FROM JUPITER ATTACK! (comic novel), no publisher yet
Recently optioned screenplays:
FIFTY BUCKS (Marks Partners)
Unsold screenplays (thuis far) –
Former literary mgr of The Fritz Theater, San Diego
Producing Dir. of The Alien Stage Project, San Diego
Producer, Hemelne Entertainment, Los Angeles and San Diego
Research Fellow, UCSD (2009-10)
Helm Research Fellow, Indiana University (2008)

[3:20:39] XXX: Birthday July 12
[3:20:50] XXX:
9700 Gilman Drive Box 241 UCSD
La Jolla, United States 92093
[3:21:41] XXX: San Diego Reader
San Diego Reader
writer reporter bluter blogger · Oct 2003 to Jan 2010 · San Diego, California
cover stories, music journalism, crme reporting, personal essays
[3:21:49] XXX: The Alien Stage Project
Producer, publisher, MC DJ · Los Angeles, California
Multi-media company: theater, books, film, music, digital properties.
[3:21:58] XXX: Fritz Theater
Literary Manager · Aug 1995 to Mar 1999 · San Diego, California
Theater production.
[3:22:09] XXX:

[3:22:21] Rakmeister राकईश: REMOVED UNRELATED
[3:22:44] Rakmeister राकईश: REMOVED UNRELATED

[3:24:16] XXX: http://mhemmingson.files.wordpress.c…78101a39_b.jpg
[3:24:26] XXX:
[3:25:06] XXX:…g-interne.html
[3:26:08] XXX:
[3:34:48] *** XXX verstuurde 01hqadkq.bmp ***
[3:38:02] *** XXX verstuurde IMG_30082012_213802.png ***
[3:39:46] XXX: artemesiaspeaks

March 10, 2012 at 2:19 am
Mr. White Hat,
How DARE you pull a petty character slander move on Duncan O’Finioan and Sarah Stanga. Who the hell do you think you are? I don’t care if you think you are a white hat, or work for the illuminati, or have a million dark demons working through you when you think you are working for the light. People have a right to speak their truth, share their story. Their emotions are VALID. The survivors are starting to support each other after years of beleiving the drivel of you white hat/ black hat jerkoffs, and we aren’t buying it anymore. Not here on your crappy blog of disinfo and worthless mind fart, and not on Project Avalon, which is hosting your stupid ‘confessional’, only proving yet again that they have nothing to do with helping humanity or overcoming the really old and fetid energies your white hat friends have memed out through the Earth for way too long. I’m calling you out on this electronic slander and gang stalking. I don’t care if you erase this, you have been seen by at least one person in this place for what you are, a simple human being who SERIOUSLY needs to work on your real crap, like your ability to have compassion, stop being deceived by your own egoic self delusions, and whatever else you think you are but clearly ARE NOT. Get over yourself and get on with the work. There’s a chance you may actually find you have a shred of humanity left in your sorry self, you may as well salvage what you can, because everything else is rotten to the core.

[3:40:25] XXX: Alessandro
March 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm
Mr White Hat, can you tell something about how to decalcify and how to activate the pineal gland ?
[3:40:34] XXX: Former White Hat
March 11, 2012 at 2:14 pm
[3:45:37] XXX: Former White Hat
June 15, 2012 at 8:11 pm
They claim to remember one another in projects, such as Anya Briggs recalling Aaron McCollum abducting her in a milab and he confirming it…would this mean they are conspiring with lies? Do they get together, like Dyncan and Corso have before, over beers and come up with storylines to tell the public?
[4:00:12] *** Gesprek beëindigd ***
will add images also. pdf
KK4AEI Washington USA
Todd Washington USA
(chat he rejoined, Todd is not Micheal hemmingson, he is on a .edu Uni, ip hence same co-location
[4:18:15] XXX: Todd was on Hemmingson’s show once
[4:18:21] XXX: and Hi-Jacker called in
[4:18:30] XXX: and he was so incredibly rude to Hi-Jacker
[4:18:38] XXX: he was like, ask me a question or hang up
[4:21:02] Rakmeister राकईश: consider it case closed. Only “time” is that is between me and case closed…
[4:21:30] XXX: Todd is behind some website that he’s pushing doom and gloom about
[4:21:37] XXX: called October Surprise
[4:21:46] XXX: or November Surprise…view/1352/2837
[6:24:10] XXX: comes from here…cial-research/
for the nail in the coffin
all the names on the same page
game set and match

Tijuana begins possible revolution: A call to close both Border Crossings #MexicanosAlGritoDeGuerra

BREAKING: Civil unrest erupting in Mexico. #MexicanosAlGritoDeGuerra calling for general strike in reaction to election.
[17:40:41] Rakmeister राकईश: lol imagine M.H being stuck in Tijuana, when they close borders hahaha
this is hemmingson 2009
[17:41:23] Rakmeister राकईश:
ill add for my blog the other one, in his music band also,

consider it case closed. Only time is that is between me and case closed…
Name: IMG_30082012_213802.png Views: 7 Size: 19.4 KB

Signed Ra Ka Isha

the controversial one.
One, Of the 1st light manifestation of the blue flame – D12
The Eternal One.
Case closed
{next post will be the contect from links in this PFD/DOC
Formerwhitehat Exposed Ra Style-The End 2012
do spread teh word about this nasty peice a ****,
(cant add contect links, to many embedded images.)
(intel from above provided LINKS , work done by justin ahead of this time ^^ 3rd strike ya out (cheers to teh real justing #tumblr and his research.. )
  1. justintimetravels
    A Former White Hat Says, “What.”
    Yesterday I posted the findings of my weekend long Internet investigation into the blogger known as Former White Hat. After posting, I kept digging, found some more fun stuff, and I’ve been thus far adding that stuff to the original post; from now on, I’ll update in new posts, linking the original up top.
    Anywho, I “fired a warning shot,” as I like to say, at the FWH blog yesterday. I found an old IRC post where someone had written a poem about a character they called, “Vichael.” It kind of summed my feelings up nicely, and did the job in carrying the message of, “I’ve figured you out, Vikey!”

    Below is his response. At first, and for a while, there was only the initial reply from FWH. The one that basically says, “say whaaaat?” I was tempted to respond, but I resisted, and let the whole thing chill for a couple hours. Upon returning to the FWH blog, I saw the tiny comment explosion pictured below.

    The first to reply to FWH is “greysen,” roughly an hour after FWH posts. His timezone seems consistent with FWH’s. 9:40 am, and then 10:47 am; no larger leap there. Notice that when FWH makes his next post, his time has jumped dramatically forward to 12:08 pm. This whole internet incident, we’ll call it, from me posting the “warning shot,” to FWH responding, to all these comments being posted, occurred in roughly 2 hours (a little over). For me, these were the hours of 3:58 am (when I first posted), to 6:48 am (when the Turl Eh****ur comment was posted). I am 5 hours behind the FWH blog timezone, which is weird, considering the account was opened in San Diego; then again, it also means nothing, considering the timezone of Mr. FWH can fluctuate at will. Notice that his third comment (“elementary, dear watson!”) actually takes place at 12:05 pm, while his second comment takes place at 12:08 pm. Time traveler!? *gasp*
    That being said, the other comments remain consistent with that of the blog: 8:58 am (my first post), to FWH’s reply an hour later at 9:40 am, greysen’s comment an hour later at 10:47 am, fiona’s comment at 11:37 am, and Turl Eh****ur’s comment a single minute later at 11:38 am.
    This comes to mind (from IRC):

    Turl Eh****ur, which quite a distinct handle, alias or otherwise, is a name that appears on the internet, only within the comment section of the FWH blog. I also find most of “fiona’s” posts to be highly suspect. This is rabbit hole stuff, so I’ll stay out of it, but thought I’d point it out.
    Lastly, FWH references “the Samus Aran passcode.” This is him telling me that he has seen my blog, this tumblr, which was named after Metroid’s JUSTIN_BAILEY code, and thus has seen all the info that I have on him/Louis Kahn-Nin.
    [Update/PS/I Forgot]
    Also! FWH screens and moderates every single comment that is posted on his blog. This is why the blog will go several hours, sometimes a whole day with zero new comments, and then suddenly explode. He pushes all the day’s comments through at one time, and then hangs on the blog for a few hours.
    #former white hat #white hats #louis kahn-nin #conspiracy #conspiracy theory
    another a cover/characters of him,.
    [Bullet 5] Who is Michael Hemmingson?

    It was at this point that I took a brief few hours off from all this madness to clear my head, and upon returning to it, I revisited much of the information I had looked at early on in my goose-chase.
    A lot of this was due to the fact that I had become mostly convinced that the true identity of Louis Kahn-Nin was the individual Valerie Grey, while my girlfriend was alternately insistant (upon reading some Valerie Grey material) that Valerie was definitely not a woman.
    [Exhibit A: The Comment]
    Returning to the internet argument between Former White Hat and Duncan O’Finioan, which was the blog posting that first peaked my interest, I found this in the comments section:

    My agenda is not to bring a bunch of occult possibilities into this, so I will totally disregard the satanist comments made here, and stick to unearthing the true identity of FWH.
    That being said, Michael Hemmingson is a name I came across while researching, but mostly ignored until this point. To paraphrase his above linked wiki page, Michael Hemmingson is a prolific author of many styles, notably erotic fiction, who is mostly commonly associated with the location San Diego. He has published frequently in the San Diego Reader, and joined the staff of Pacific San Diego Magazine in 2010. He also maintains several online blogs including his personal WordPress, a WordPress called Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books (which looks curiously similar to Valerie Grey’s old WordPress, and even features articles about some Valerie Grey books!), in addition to hosting a radio show called The Art of Dreaming, which focus on themes of conspiracy theory, and the occult.
    Before I delve into the radio show, and my first glimpses into the true identity of Louis Kahn-Nin, a quick image! :

    Note that the poster is Hemmingson (as “vintagesleazepaperbacks”), that the radio show (as “Art of Dreaming”) was established (or rather, renamed) almost in tandem with the creation of the Former White Hat blog, and that the image used here has been used by FWH, Valerie Grey, and now Michael Hemmingson. Ok! Moving on!
    [Exhibit B: The Interview with Marilyn Jaye Lewis]

    (original plog post pictured above ) is of an interview between Michael Hemmingson and fellow erotic fiction author Marilyn Jaye Lewis, conducted on Hemmingson’s Art of Dreaming program. This post jumped right out of the page at me, because the preview image is of a Valerie Grey book, Abnormal Norma.
    The interview is audio only, so there is a slideshow of photos run over it. Some of them are of Hemmingson’s books, some are of an occult nature, some are logos for the radio show, but then I start seeing Valerie Grey books, Louis Kahn-Nin books, and other books that look suspiciously similar to these.

    Here is the Smashwords profile for Dominique Navarro. Here is the same for Kim Mitchell. I cannot prove that these authors are connected, or that they are the same person as Louis Kahn-Nin/Valerie Grey, or now as Michael Hemmingson; In fact, this doesn’t prove anything, but it does kick my intuition into gear. I understand that what I have just presented is nothing but conjecture, but when I look at this I can see something clearly beginning to emerge, so I dig deeper.
    [Exhibit B: The IRC Community]
    Before the alt-news scene was contending with the hijinks of FWH, the IRC community (internet relay chat) was dealing with one Michael Hemmingson of San Diego, CA.
    This is a huge resource of Google Groups discussing the identity of Michael Hemmingson, the common conjecture that he is the same person as Valerie Grey (or rather, Valerie Grey is his alter-ego), and their desire to see him go away and leave them alone. I’ll paraphrase a bit, but I do suggest checking out the link. It is a very large and convincing body of information.
    The following is from a post entitled, “Michael’s worst job of keeping his personalities separate YET”

    The Smashwords profile of Kim Mitchell is linked above, by the video interview. This is the blog of Aha Amy, the erotic works of Amy Williams:

    Note that the timeframe of these conversations are all in the neighborhood of 1994, implying that Hemmington was exercising these personalities long before employing them as erotic fiction pseudonyms.
    More IRC stuff!

    Sadly, as the larger picture becomes more clear, this is looking more and more like a situation where the perpetrator is actually sick, and needs help. The grandiose claims he makes about his power and anonymity are consistent with the kind of “me against the world” stuff we see on the FWH blog. I’m not suggesting that Hemmingson is unable to tell fact and fiction apart, but rather that he has unintentionally fragmented himself in doing this, and has created a scenario where he will never attain the control he desires, because he always needs more, and there is always another angle to play, and a new character to invent. It’s the ultimate joke that he played on himself.
    Here is a response he writes as “Valerie,” employing the same bitchy tone and style we saw FWH use against O’Finioan.

    Again, I invite you to check out the dozens more posts on Hemmingson within the IRC community linked above. And for fun, this Amazon list, where he plugs all his pseudonyms! And this picture!

    [Exhibit C: The Livejournal of Michael Hemmingson]

    This is the personal LiveJournal of Michael Hemmingson. For those of you fortunate enough to have no idea what LiveJournal is, you only need to know one thing about it: it’s an old social networking protocol, before MySpace, and it is pretty much no longer in use.
    That’s what disappoints me somewhat. For someone who has essentially made a living out of weaving new identities, manipulating people, and pushing his own products (a grifter, or con-man, essentially), he kind of sucks. All I had to do was find his old Livejournal. Granted, it took like 3 days, going from Former White Hat, to Louis Kahn-Nin, to Valerie Grey, to Hemmingson, but sticking it out for that short amount of time was all it took to bring the house of cards down. All you had to do was delete your old unused bull**** stupid Livejournal, Mikey! Too easy!
    It’s just a ****ty old LiveJournal, but at the same time, it is my entire case on dude, because, as you’ve seen, this has been largely conjecture and circumstance. This is a bit different. This is Michael Hemmingson saying, on LiveJournal, in the year 2009, most likely way before he conceived of the FWH character, that Louis Kahn-Nin is in fact one of his many pseudonyms as an author. Boom!
    This is what I’m referring to specifically:

    Also, note he says, in 2009, right before Valerie Grey’s persona emerged, that he will begin releasing lesbian erotica under 2 female pen names.
    [In Conclusion]
    I urge you, please, use your own discretion on this. Check the links, read the material, be sure of your own accord. This doesn’t mean don’t trust anyone, but remember that trust is something that is earned.
    That being said, here is my take:
    I will not lie and claim to understand the exact intentions of Hemmingson. Whether it is about using the many characters to sell and recommend his own products, or simply a satisfaction he derives from controlling information, and the way people perceive him. He alone knows this, and to be honest, I don’t care what that reason is.
    One thing is clear, however. By supposedly “outing” everyone in the alt-news media scene he has created an environment where “only he can be trusted.” And when he plugs a WingTV DVD on his blog, he is implying that it is approved information from a “in-the-know” insider, who is the only one you can trust, because he’s told you everyone else is a Cabal op, or a ‘on-the-fritz’ super soldier, or a synthetic, orwhatever. He has no limit to what he will say. To turn a profit, to feel whole again, whatever it is.
    Please understand, this isn’t a slight on Texe Marrs specifically, but WINGTV has a highly suspect library of content for sale, most of which appears to be fiction designed to glean money out of people who are interested in the occult, and believe they have stumbled onto a legitimate source of information.
    Here is a screenshot of some WINGTV content:

    The way I see it, this is fear mongering. This behavior is literally the core of what so many of these blogs are fighting against. So, please, I ask again: Use your discretion, educate yourselves. Don’t just listen to a guy with a soapbox who has a loud voice. And furthermore, work together to take that soapbox away. This guy has been running rampant for decades. We can do this together, but we need to help eachother. If you know something I should know, please tell me! That’s what I’m trying to do here. You guys deserve to know this.
    To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what is at play here. Satire? Disinformation? Simple Capitalism? Maybe a little of each? Personally, I lean towards satire and “art” as being the primary agenda of the Former White Hat.
    At points, my interest in this matter ran contrary to my philosophy of art, because I have always believed that, while artists have the potential for great social impact, they are not necessarily bound to that potential, and should not be held to a moral or ethical responsibility. I have always felt that pinning a social responsibility on artists runs contrary to the nature of art and to the creative process. However, what I see here is someone who is taking advantage of the alt-news community, and exploiting their willingness to believe as a vulnerability. I will always defend an artists right to create without boundary, but alternately the people have a right to know they are being misled and used.
    There is still a lot that remains cloudy. There are a few things, however, of which I am sure.
    1) There is no Louis Kahn-Nin.
    2) There is no Valerie Grey.
    3) Louis Kahn-Nin and Valerie Grey are the same person.
    4) That person is, in my humble opinion, Michael Hemmingson.
    [Bullet 4] The WordPress of Valerie Grey
    Here is the personal WordPress of “Valerie Grey.”

    Valerie Grey is an author of erotic fiction, who also writes under the pseudonym “Valerie Gray,” because she “likes being an enigma.” Oh, reaaaaalllyy?
    Valerie supposedly published her first erotic fiction in 2006 (I can’t find any actual record of this), which was subsequently republished in 2009, and made her first WordPress post in 2009. The final post on her blog is dated March 2011.
    [Exhibit A: The Works of Valerie Grey (and Gray)]
    Right off the bat, it was obvious that the works of Valerie Grey and Louis Kahn-Nin shared both themes of incest, and a certain aesthetic, in choice of book title, cover images, etc. Also, both authors shared publishers. Here are images of books from both authors:
    Valerie Grey:

    Louis Kahn-Nin:

    Poking around, I found that Valerie actually had another pseudonym, A.E. Oliver.

    More similarities to Kahn-Nin:

    And the final possible pseudonym I found, Jean-Michel Turquoise, who supposedly wrote a novel which was subsequently translated by one Louis Kahn-Nin.

    It’s totally possible that Moo really was a mimeographed booklet first published in the 80’s, but I cannot find any information on Jean-Michel Turquoise aside from info that is attached to this specific publication. Note that the overview refers to Louis as a relative of Anais Nin, but this time as a “great grandson.”
    This is, like the similarities in the books I talked about above, mostly circumstantial, but I think it helps to illuminate the reality of the situation. Here is a poem by Valerie Grey:

    Short-form, like the poem on Louis’s WordPress. “The lizards will curl their tails,” and all that ****.
    [Exhibit B: The Comment]
    Under the “About Me” section of Valerie’s blog is the following comment:

    So a publisher who specializes in the subject matters of “wild fiction, conspiracies, philosophy, pop-culture, and subversion” contacts Valerie because he believes she has “a fire.” Interesting. Also, note that the date she responds to Victor’s comment is also the date of the final update to her WordPress blog.
    This is a link to Victor Thorn’s company, WINGTV, or the World Independent News Group. They produce books and DVDs like New World Order Assassins by Victor Thorn, and 9-11 Evil by Victor Thorn. There are a bunch of other authors associated with the organization, one of which is probably another of the countless pseudonyms of Valerie Grey.
    Rooting through the Former White Hat blog, I found the following DVD recommendation:

    The DVD is produced by, guess who!? WINGTV. Here’s the link.
    So, what we have is FWH, aka Louis Kahn-Nin, an erotic fiction author who shares circles and publishers with Valerie Grey, recommending a DVD to buy that was produced by a company we know contacted Valerie Grey.
    [Bullet 5] The Facebook of Valerie Grey

    Just a few quick notes on this. We know this is the Valerie Grey because her location in Portland lines up, and also because she lists a Valerie Grey erotic book as her own. There are a few interesting bits to note.
    1] She lists English and Deutsch as languages she knows, just like on Louis Kahn-Nin’s Facebook (Louis actually lists a few more. Among them, French.). This is kind of flimsy, but interesting.
    2] She lists her grad school location as San Diego, which is the location of the Former White Hat blog, as determined here:

    3] Comical NWO and Cabal related posts abound!

    Hurrah! Here’s another picture from Valerie’s Facebook. This one is consistent with the images from the FWH blog. FWH likes to end posts with images like this one; FWH readers will recognize the style:

    4] The most important thing to note here, is that Valerie only has 80 some friends, just like Louis Kahn-Nin, which speaks to the possibility that she, too, is a pseudonym, or false identity. Her Facebook wall seems contrived, as if to paint a convincing picture of a fun, wild, and reckless young author. Also, the pictures of her on the Facebook rarely appear to be the same person, and most certainly are not consistent with the pictures from her old WordPress blog.
    The two Facebook pages (Louis Kahn-Nin and Valerie Grey) also share several mutual friends.

  2. Who is Louis Kahn-Nin?

    I’ve had an anti-productive weekend. I stumbled across something on saturday morning that the amateur internet detective in me could not ignore.
    This is the blog of the so-called “Former White Hat,” which first emerged in March of 2012.
    For those not so into the occult, conspiracy theory, etc., here is the modus operandi of the self-proclaimed “White Hats” :
    We are a group of people who have been brought together to assist in the world’s awakening by reporting truth and exposing our fraudulent corporate government. We bring forth information that the mainstream media (msm) refuses to report and our news comes from high level “inside” intelligence sources.
    The Former White Hat (FWH from now on) blog claims that the White Hats had become infiltrated by the The Cabal, forcing the FWH to abandon post, and start his/her own “truth campaign.” Right out the gate, it was a campaign that stirred the alternative news community. FWH wasted no time in accusing several of the scene’s more notable figures (George Noory,Kerry Cassidy, and Ben Fulford, to name a few) of being clones, MK-ULTRA controlled zombies, Cabal operatives, and so forth.
    The most notable quality of the FWH blog is the way in which it is written and put together. The tone is very tongue in cheek, somewhat mean in spirit, and the author frequently chooses somewhat odd or comical pictures to accompany the posts. This is in contrast to most of these blogs or radio programs, which are usually hopeful in tone, and serious in nature.
    Soon after, some information surfaced about the possible identity of FWH.
    To paraphrase the link above, the identity of FWH was that of “Louis Kahn-Nin,” a writer of seemingly vile and shallow smut books.
    With this news, most people abandoned their readership of the FWH blog.
    It was at this point in the “trail” that I became curious. There were several details in the “Louis Kahn-Nin” story that did not sit right with me, and that is the purpose of this post, to outline those details. To be clear, what I am not proposing is that the FWH is actually the former ONI operative that he/she claims to be; I simply am seeing some giant holes, and I can tell that there is more to this story.
    So, without further ado, Who The **** Is Louis Kahn-Nin!?
    [Bullet 1] The works of Louis Kahn-Nin
    Here is the Smashwords publisher profile for Louis Kahn-Nin, which is essentially a list of his prestigious works of literature. This is the information that almost instantaneously killed the credibility of FWH.
    There are a few things to note here.
    [Exhibit A: The Profile Picture]
    This is the same person photographed here as used by FWH in a few posts.
    Here’s a partial screenshot of the above link:

    The post goes on to kind of challenge people to unearth the true identity of FWH. So, I took the author up on the challenge, and I’m pretty sure I’ve produced the actual result, so bear with me here.
    I reverse image searched the man in the image and came out with this.
    The man in the image is American novelist Thomas Pychon, a somewhat elusive character that is mostly known for his 1974 novel Gravity’s Rainbow, which deals with a number of occult/conspiracy theory themes, and his Salinger-esque tendencies as a hermit.
    This was the first indication that Louis Kahn-Nin was a pseudonym or patsy identity.
    [Exhibit B: The Timeline]
    On Smashwords, the works of Louis Kahn-Nin first appear in November of 2011, sometimes with 3 books being published on the same day, 3 more books being published a few days later, 3 more books being published the very next day, etc, etc. This is a lot of content in a very short span, emerging only shortly before the creation of the FWH blog. Looking deeper, I found varying release dates for his books on Amazon, Google Books, etc, going back to 2010. Earlier than that, dude was a ghost.
    This was the second indication that the identity was a fake.
    Before this timeline, there is no Louis Kahn-Nin. I invite you to try and find something; I spent my entire saturday looking for info on this guy, and there is nothing aside from being associated with these recent publications. The most interesting bit I found on “Louis” was this description of him on Olympia Press’s mobile site, which describes him as the “great grand-nephew of Anais Nin.” Riiiiigggghhht.
    [Bullet 2] The WordPress Blog of Louis Kahn-Nin
    This is the personal WordPress of Louis Kahn-Nin. Before he was “exposed” in the alt-news scene, this WordPress contained a comprehensive list of his smut publications. These were promptly taken down upon exposure, and replaced with the weird little haiku-ish thing you can see there now.
    [Exhibit A: The Poem]
    You fell for the joke.
    Keep guessing.
    The daughters of the phoenix will rise again.
    Isis will regain her crown.
    The accomplished 505 will stand tall.
    The lizards will curl their tails.
    I think the purpose of this little poem is to lend credibility to the idea that, even though Louis has been exposed as a smut author, he still may be a legitimate entity in the fight against The Cabal, in ways that we cannot possibly understand. Oooooo, spoooky.
    This is pretty much the thing that got me into this little faux investigation. This “enigmatic” poem along with the blog title (“Welcome To The Maze”), was enough to make me say, “Alright, I’m game, let’s do this then.”
    The WordPress is mostly empty. The “About Louis Kahn-Nin” tab yields the following message,
    “I am a loose cannon!
    keep guessing, lizard boys”
    “Loose Cannon” is something that FWH calls himself from time to time on the proper FWH blog. The thing most worth noting on the WordPress is in the comment section below this message:
    [Exhibit B: The Comment]

    Personally, I think this is a plant comment, meant to reenforce the idea that Louis is the “great grand-nephew” of Anais Nin, mostly through using the phrase “keep the writing tradition alive in the family.” I tried looking up this “Franco” character, and came up with nothing.
    [Bullet 3] The Facebook of Louis Kahn-Nin
    Oh yes, that’s right.
    Here is the Facebook page of Louis Kahn-Nin, featuring a bunch of probably bull**** information.

    This was obviously designed to be consistent with the info coming off the FWH blog. Employed by the Navy and the ONI, not at liberty to discuss, blah blah blah.
    However, there are a couple of nuggets here.
    [Exhibit A: The Profile Picture]

    Yes, it’s the same profile picture, but that isn’t the thing. The thing is that the photo was uploaded on January 13, 2010, which is 2 years before the creation of the FWH blog, but fits the timeline of his publications as an “erotic author.”
    Also, the name Tyrone Slothorp is tagged in the picture. Tyrone is a character from novelist Thomas Pychon’s (the man in the profile pic) Gravity’s Rainbow.
    It’s at this point that I realize a web has been weaved, or rather, a trail of breadcrumbs has been left to find. So, I arrive at the ethical question of, ‘Am I empowering this person by buying into their design?’ Well, I decide that if I can actually succeed, I can remove the mystery, which is what this person desires. Even now, the mystery remains, because most people believe that he/she is actually this Louis Kahn-Nin character. Even though the character’s credibility has been removed, the character remains, and the author continues to post, and masquerade as the character. So, again, let’s do this. We’re almost there!
    [Exhibit B: The Quote]
    Favorite Quotations: “Duck who flies backwards has a strange quack.”
    As far as I can tell, this quote appears on the internet 3 times. Once here on the Facebook page. Once in a comment on the FWH blog (written by FWH, of course):

    The third time the quote appears is here, on one of those stupid internet questionnaires. What was your childhood ambition? What was your first job? Etc, etc.
    Then there’s this question: Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
    And that’s the 10 million dollar question!
    RAKMEiSTER is online now
  3. [In Conclusion]
    I urge you, please, use your own discretion on this. Check the links, read the material, be sure of your own accord. This doesn’t mean don’t trust anyone, but remember that trust is something that is earned.
    That being said, here is my take:
    I will not lie and claim to understand the exact intentions of Hemmingson. Whether it is about using the many characters to sell and recommend his own products, or simply a satisfaction he derives from controlling information, and the way people perceive him. He alone knows this, and to be honest, I don’t care what that reason is.
    One thing is clear, however. By supposedly “outing” everyone in the alt-news media scene he has created an environment where “only he can be trusted.” And when he plugs a WingTV DVD on his blog, he is implying that it is approved information from a “in-the-know” insider, who is the only one you can trust, because he’s told you everyone else is a Cabal op, or a ‘on-the-fritz’ super soldier, or a synthetic, orwhatever. He has no limit to what he will say. To turn a profit, to feel whole again, whatever it is.
    Please understand, this isn’t a slight on Texe Marrs specifically, but WINGTV has a highly suspect library of content for sale, most of which appears to be fiction designed to glean money out of people who are interested in the occult, and believe they have stumbled onto a legitimate source of information.
    Here is a screenshot of some WINGTV content:

    The way I see it, this is fear mongering. This behavior is literally the core of what so many of these blogs are fighting against. So, please, I ask again: Use your discretion, educate yourselves. Don’t just listen to a guy with a soapbox who has a loud voice. And furthermore, work together to take that soapbox away. This guy has been running rampant for decades. We can do this together, but we need to help eachother. If you know something I should know, please tell me! That’s what I’m trying to do here. You guys deserve to know this.
    To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what is at play here. Satire? Disinformation? Simple Capitalism? Maybe a little of each? Personally, I lean towards satire and “art” as being the primary agenda of the Former White Hat.
    At points, my interest in this matter ran contrary to my philosophy of art, because I have always believed that, while artists have the potential for great social impact, they are not necessarily bound to that potential, and should not be held to a moral or ethical responsibility. I have always felt that pinning a social responsibility on artists runs contrary to the nature of art and to the creative process. However, what I see here is someone who is taking advantage of the alt-news community, and exploiting their willingness to believe as a vulnerability. I will always defend an artists right to create without boundary, but alternately the people have a right to know they are being misled and used.
    There is still a lot that remains cloudy. There are a few things, however, of which I am sure.
    1) There is no Louis Kahn-Nin.
    2) There is no Valerie Grey.
    3) Louis Kahn-Nin and Valerie Grey are the same person.
    4) That person is, in my humble opinion, Michael Hemmingson.
    I’ve debated whether it’s worth noting that Thomas Pychon is still alive and his whereabouts are somewhat hazy, because I think that is kind of the point of the maze that’s been created here. I think in Michael’s wildest dreams, someone actually believes the FWH is Thomas Pychon, because then he can actually assume the identity of his mysterious hero, Thomas Pychon.
    My guess? This is the brainchild of a supposed “avante” author who idolizes Thomas Pychon, likes to “be an enigma,” and turns a buck writing fiction.
    As far as I’m concerned, I solved your little riddle, and had a weekend’s worth of fun doing it. So, in conclusion, thanks, Mikey!
    I can’t seem to stop digging, so I’ll continue to post any updates I find here:
    [Timeline Questions]
    I found this post, amidst the IRC stuff, directed at Hemmingson, dated 1994, and talking about the publications of Valerie Grey and Michael Hemmingson. I have not been able to find Valerie Grey books prior to 2009, but this could be because they were being republished regularly.

    Hemmingson published The Naughty Yard in 1994.
    [Valerie Grey at UCSD?]

    Kathy Acker and Raymond Federman were indeed instructors (professors?) at UCSD. Federman died sometime around 2009, and Acker died in 1998. This implies Valerie was at UCSD sometime before the late 90’s, which is not consistent with the Facebook persona she currently maintains (which BTW was created in December 2011). The girl who is supposedly Valerie Grey on that Facebook actually looks younger than the completely different looking Valerie Grey from the older WordPress. It seems like the Valerie Grey character doesn’t really age. My guess is that Acker and Federman were actually teachers of Hemmingson’s sometime around or shortly before the 1994 IRC debacles.
    [Resistance is Futile, but…]
    I found this IRC thread quite poetically titled, “More proof… that MHemmingson <==> Valerie Grey.”
    The post has, yes, more “evidence” that Michael is Valerie, but the purpose of sharing is to show his lack of regard in the face of a community who has, in their minds, exposed him and moved on. Still, he holds steadfast and maintains the ruse. I do not expect this guy to cop to what he has done; the important thing is that people have access to the information.

    Reading through these old IRC’s from ‘94 has been a trip! Turns out Hemmingson is like an OG internet troll, maybe even to a historical degree!

    [Putting Hemmingson on a Timeline]

    Hemmingson was at least 30 by 1999; I wonder what happened during 1999…
    [Who is Dr. Mundinger-Klow?]
    Yo momma has so many pseudonyms, her new pseudonym is…

    Rooting through the old LiveJournal, I found the above post and, with it, the following comment:

    Note that he calls himself a whore, and, more importantly, that he says he uses the pseudonym “Dr. Garth Mundringer-Klow.”

    This is the WordPress blog of Dr. Garth. This seems to be the beginning of Hemmingson’s using Pychon’s image as a visual identity.
    The agenda of the so-called “guides” of Dr. Garth is to sell smut as information, much like we see on the Former White Hat Blog.
    [How Did I Miss This?]

    I embedded this in the initial post, but somehow missed the awesome tidbit at the end. Michael was in school in San Diego in 90-91. I can’t tell whether he went to SDSU, or whether the poster meant UCSD, as that was the school in question in his conversation.
    [I Fired The Warning Shot]

    I feel all tingly.
    [It Quacks Like A Duck]
    Here is Hemmingson’s response to the “Vike” poem I lifted off IRC:

    More on this later. I am tired, but I will remain vigilant!
or from Sridb
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Sep 7 (7 days ago)
to me
Ra Ka Isha,
Thank you for the correspondance. I am glad my Tumblr post has made it
to someone who has found it useful. However, I was very disturbed to
discover my handle, “justintimetravels” (and variations: justintime,
etc.) being used on IRC and in your post. This IS NOT ME. I AM NOT THE
“justintime” ON IRC. This is most definitely Hemmingson pretending to
be me in order to discredit my claims/research. To clarify, I AM the
“justintimetravels” on Tumblr, but I am NOT “justintime” on IRC OR ANY
OTHER SITE ON THE INTERNET. My name is Mike L*, this is my primary
email. I am not savvy when it comes to IRC, internet, etc., so if you
ever see a variation on my “justintimetravels” handle in any IRC or
other tech-associated arena, IT IS NOT ME. This includes the handle
“Drake Bailey,” which is no doubt a play on my Tumblr alias
Justin_Bailey (taken from a password from Metroid on NES). Thank you
for your hard work, and for looking into this further.
(ty for your work the above and all , ra)
RE:…(fixed link)…(dead site)


Doc_H aka BigBean4Action aka Dr_Hemm aka LoJacker aka  Drake Bailey aka HeavyMasObject aka imperial aka michael-hemmingson
go mad on 1 of his  ip’s Tijuana MEXICO his 3rdsplitsplicedlife other one id .edu so no use.
and thanx for the “laugh”  my own Nimwithat post dedicated to me what an honor. and your late lulz. for a nimwit with self proclaimed IQ of 207 lulz…
case was allready closed. and world in action. – Observe – see non-attached. #RA
but no attention you get #more
karma is a bitch isnt it m.h
you got a flood load incoming.
take some more Vicodin’s and slice some more imagination with intel allready out there.
AN0NRA1 the one and only.

 AnonymousAnonymous ‏@LegionNET
go mad on 1 of his ip’s Tijuana MEXICO his 3rdsplitsplicedlife other ip .edu so no use for it. #ANONYMOUS
 AnonymousAnonymous ‏@LegionNET
Doc_H aka BigBean4Action /Dr_Hemm / LoJacker /Drake Bailey /HeavyMasObject / imperial / michael hemmingson #WANNABE #ANON #WHITEHAT #NIMWIT


he not worth my time. he just got his 3rd strike your out HOMERUN RA STYLE.
rest world will do act…

Ra Ka Isha~
wanna chat voicechat, keep your text at home. The Voice. you gotta give it a voice to have a voice. OPEN GAME FOLKS you ready,
worfpoe Tijuana MEXICO
LoJacker San Diego USA
Drake Bailey San Diego USA
HeavyMasObject San Diego USA (all same person)
your exposed IP back than..
^^ RR vs @Duncan #exposed…
Secret Asian Man
Former White Hat
Four Leaf Clover
Pencil Pusher

(the man with 3 lives in 3 cities and 30 identities )


RA~ AKA RAKMEiSTER - Gatekeeper ~ 7TH RAY ~2~6~7~ XIX ~ Le Soleil ~ Significiator of Spirit (Ra material) BlueLunarHand Kin #67 sp Tone 2 Lunar Stabilize * Challenge * Polarize sp Tribe 7 Hand Know * Healing * Accomplishment - 20-May '83 Le'Orange Old sould xd haha ra ra
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15 Responses to Formerwhitehat EXPOSED – RA STYLE THE_END 2012-RAKMEISTER #UPDATED

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  2. RA says:
    Addon for the addon #Lulz: ” The · O’Hemmingson · Factor Formerwhitehat Mike Hemmingson ”
    Doc_H aka BigBean4Action aka Dr_Hemm aka LoJacker aka Drake Bailey aka HeavyMasObject aka imperial aka michael-hemmingson , micheal anthony gabriel Pabst Khan Khan david hammingsonway
    beside his valery gray old crap from 1994 onwards,. and rest a his female imaginative characters…

    [16-9-2012 15:30:12] Rakmeister राकईश:
    &more viralness
    (his crap main site ofc
    his female clone Double
    Former White Hat double agent , triple, quadriple
    The · O’Hemmingson · Factor
    The Original Moral Terrorist
    more crap a him
    beside more @lulz old and new
    Michael Hemmingson, Ph.D.
    1035 Seventh Avenue Suite 22
    San Diego, CA 92101
    his googlegroups selfproclaimed titles. he got hundreds a titles lolz and 30+ alters all in his single deluded mind, his other ip used from edu, and cover names and his tijuana ip;s all listed and posted in expose case -RA. you can compare, and send them to me also, and rest. but his case is allready closed, and rest is what he created getting back at him. hiw own doings,
    Mike Hemmingson, Mathematician
    Mike Hemmingson, Psychologist
    M.D Phd Doc
    Michael Hemmingson
    Geboortedatum: 07-12
    old m.h crap
    go fapp some more, m.h
    m.h the muppet story
    *******Mike Hemmingson . .GoldfishFuckingCyberBimbo
    and his fellownimwits in his delusional old games
    [relayed to Anya] 2012
    The · O’Hemmingson · Factor Formerwhitehat Mike Hemmingson
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  4. Most people didn’t even bother to read the whole thing but I did.
    I wanted to know the truth. The real truth.
    It’s a bit of a mess but good work! I have been trying to get to the bottom of this guy for some time. I really wanted to know if he was for real.
    You deserve more credit than you have been given. And I’m very sorry for all the lies he has been spreading about you. I don’t know why people actually believe that ‘you eat shit and lay around in it’. He is the worse.
    Thank you and I will share the truth out there.
  5. BM says:
    THANK YOU, for all of your research. I would even call you a hero, since this blog has fucked with the minds of so many good folks who deserve the truth, and defamed dozens of hard-working activists and researchers. Your sincere desire to learn the truth will not go in vain and I will spread your findings to the four corners. This man is going down. Sad, really, when you read his bio. He’s just like so many of us, who have experienced tragedy in their life. If it’s true his girlfriend and their baby were killed in an accident when he was 23, and he became so depressed, it makes sense that his life would spiral into such an internal schizo-universe of multiple personalities and lie on top of lie on top of lie, to escape the pain. I wish there was a way to reach out and help him somehow with this pathological insanity he is perpetuating. Once again, THANK YOU for your time and energy tracking all this down!
  6. oldenwise says:
    Well there you go…great read..seen some of the clues around the net but, this pretty much wraps it up…he be one loose cannon.
    • RA says:
      ask worfpoe he the timestampcreatorwannabe. splicedice his sick mind into words to CREATE nothings as it holds no touch to reallity. (and whatever alters and nimwitgroepies… that i wont name. not worth time.. wasnt still isnt. Ra Ra Ra
      • RA says:
        same as Duncan hasnt playd MrWannabee;s game. not fo 2months as this came to be. #case closed was is will be. observe and Laugh Non attached. nor add energy to IT
        ◄ ♉ ◯ ϡ ▲ Na’-da Ta’-ur , A da’ma Ma’-jha , Jha’ fa E-na-Ka , Ṭoa (TD-OW) ℝha , ḗ-Da Sha , Sja’-Da Lha , Kha-Tha-ℝa ▼ ♮ ϡ ®➊ ❤ ℨ ►
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  10. mccoyote says:
    Hi. Wanted A) to thank you for the like over at my blog today, and B) Jeezuz-holy-effing-s*** does that photo of Hemmingson bear some resemblance to me. There are some differences (my hair is not normally as curly and my chin is more round whereas his is more square) but the resemblance is striking.
    All I can say is that when (if you’ve read much of my blog you know what I mean) the whole crap started with me, I occasionally ran across photos of people who almost resembled people I knew (but weren’t quite exact) involved in discussing the overarching situation I was embroiled in at the time (half-jokingly referred to as Squidgate). For example, there was a phony reverend somebody supposedly from New Mexico or similar whose photo closely resembled former anti-terror operative Larry Johnson (whose website I had frequented during and after the Plamegate scandal).
    Overall, the method or practice of using lookalikes for various psychological purposes is known as using doppelgängers (named after the old German folklore). I had several more of those in real life as well during a time when I had been slipped a drug surreptitiously (an old and far more common practice than most people know, used to isolate people from their friends and family who think the person has gone hopelessly insane, destroy their credibility with law enforcement and any authority figure they should happen to complain to, and otherwise make their lives miserable). This was largely in December 2009 and for the next year and a half after.
    More about what you wrote above, there is a software package that allows one person to create multiple personalities online. This includes being able to spoof IP addresses and having multiple instances of Facebook or other social networking sites logged in at the same time. Then, the one individual can make it seem as though they are an entire “gang.” He or she can pat themselves on the back or gang up on one other person. Note that this software is typically used by the intelligence community and Department of Defense (they say) to disrupt terror networks online.
    I don’t entirely know what prompted you to post this. Appears there is something about “wish Michael” (and whoever else) would leave them alone.” Being new here, I don’t know who he or they are bothering.
    However, this also sounds very similar to the harassment that R. Scott Bakker (philosopher turned mostly fantasy novelist, but definitely read his thriller Neuropath to understand why he was targeted) suffered in the past few years or so. Essentially a “Bakker’s a sexist pig” whispering campaign began online in at attempt to lower his ability to sell books like Neuropath because of Neuropath. (Spoiler: NSA and neuroscience are involved).
    That’s it. I can, as best as anyone can do so online, prove that I am not any of those people. It is interesting though that I considered writing romance and sex books but as close as I ever got was the novella Learning to Fly (which was not very close at all and was an intentionally mixed bag of genres and ultimately not very good at anything but amusing myself).
    My writing blog (which I make no secret about being mine from the harassment blog, though I try not to refer that other way around in the hopes I might actually land a writing job one day after my harassment ends):
    Chris Knall (who apparently resembles Michael Hemmingson whoever that is)
  11. RA says:
    minus duncans site hacked… to be exact. rest stands. haha
    today’s IP of MH/SecretAsianMan/Worfpoe also see ‘s website. as AUTHORITIES have been informed… also^. will provide agencies with all info if asked haha
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