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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Dec 2012 workshop Summary - Krystar Ascension

Image By FutureAgeSage

Dec 2012 workshop Summary

Reposted Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:19am · James Pover
My understanding/overview/synopsis of the Dec 2012 workshop presentation..

Basically Net Earth, which is currently on a 23.5 degree wobble and has North Pole where South should be (and vice versa) is being opportunistically merkabically blended by the AL-Hum-Bhra to Median Earth - which is 6520 years ahead in time-space co-ordinate and oriented just right for the two worlds to be craftfully blended together in such a way. Basically in a way it's actually a stroke of good fortune that the FA's meddling with the NET planet has left it in such an orientation that this arrangement is possible, E'Asha said. This is what the Al-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Network site grid activation work was ultimately all about.

From what I gathered the progressive merging of the two worlds actually creates the "Aurora Earth" plane/probability and interestingly that's what Aurora Earth always really is/was/to be.. that probability alignment - the "heroic probability" - coming into being. Much to everyone including E'Asha surprise on the last night as it was transmitted to her during the lengthy 20 hour Guardian Time we attendees and E'Asha and Team patiently endured..

This merger would progress rapidly resulting in Earth regaining it's full ascension capability as it is hosted out of Density.. and within 900 years the Aurora Earth (merged NET and Median Earth) would actually ascend, not into Density-2 of the External Creation, but in fact into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes of the Internal Creation - which cannot Fall....EVER!

An entire planet ascending into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes will have never occurred in the history of the Time Matrix from what I understand of the presentation...


With this terrific result, we have surely hit the Heroic Probability quotient as a collective shield, would you agree?....


*tears of joy*:'''D

Stealthy LaVas,

James Pover

____________________RE: Median Earth ___________________
Median Earth is here (it is around us in the same reality field), but we don’t see it because we are in an Electromagnetic Harness Field called a NET. Median Earth has one-third of the quantum of Amenti Earth, Median Earth is the one-third of the grids that didn’t get caught in the NET, the one-third with Krystic grids.
It started 550 million years ago with the Amenti Rescue Mission when Earth and the Solar System were set down into Density 1. Amenti Earth splitted in pieces: NET Earth and Median Earth being two of those pieces (we also got Phantom Earth). It is ONE reality field, we just don’t see these other parts, they are quarantined from each other. We don’t see it, because the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is different than our Earth, because our Earth’s has been changed by the NET Field that doesn’t belong in there.
There are Krystiac races on Median Earth. Median Earth evolved differently from a very long time ago, from this one. It didn’t evolve through the “Fall Path”. It didn’t get infested with Fallen Angelics.
Since 550 million years ago, progressive and extensive grid damage has been intentionally orchestrated via FA groups leaving Earth in its current state. "The Earth we reside on now is called NET Earth, which is one-sixth of the original quantum of 1st Amenti Earth. There is one-third quantum left of Amenti Earth that did not fall into black hole alignment with the Milky Way. It is called Median Earth, and it is the first place to which Krystic Ascension races of Earth will Trans-locate/ Slide to visit and will Trans-migrate/ Span once the Aquafereion Host Mission is complete, and NET Earth’s Ascension gates must close."
Thanks to Birgitta Schomaker, Indigos fb group 
Birgitta - "I have looked it up in the 12 Tribes-11 (Feb 2008) transcript and my notes of the Hetharo 2008 workshop "Winds of Change, Tides of Transformation, Visions of Joy for a Transitioning World, Hetharo – May, 24-26 2008 Phoenix."


Krystar Ascension Update 2012
as posted

on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:08am ·
yes, as George has said, Earth is back on track for Krystar Ascension (therefore Planetary Evac deemed unnecessary! :) - incredible news in itself - but the news gets far better than that still guys... :)

What I will say for now is that both E'Asha and all the attendees of the Dec WS present for the last day- who stuck it out for a record breaking 20 hours of delays due to extensive "Guardian Time" - were all stunned and flabbergasted with the result of Final Conflict Drama showdown

How wonderfully cunning and efficient the AL-Hum-Bra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas have been in their tactics against the FA's Black Hole Fall Agenda for Earth, following the activation of the K+8 Factor Fail Safe back-up plan.

Awaiting confirmation before updating you fully guys as not quite certain if it's kosher to release the full magnitude of the news to you fully just yet so bear with us - but prepare to discover the true meaning of the word "awesome" real soon ;) 
Love to you all

 Pre-Lude info grab....     
more:  Theresa Talea also in june/july archive 
will sort them out later also.
Fallen angels in our supergalaxy have been recently overtaken by entities with advanced knowledge of plasma corruption. 
This extra distortion in the fallen ones increases the severity of their attack upon the Earth and its people by spreading plasma corruption in addition to the former light body corruption. We have plasma as part of our make-up. 
What is important about this plasma situation is that the fallen angelic war against us has severed main stargates on Earth that connect us to Median Earth. The Earth is a portion of Median Earth’s quanta and related energy matter. 
We must direct ourselves to Median Earth as our first step in the ascension process in order to avoid the potential fall of the Earth into a fully phantom system (see chapters 7 and 8 in my book, although I use the phrase Higher Earth). Between the Earth and Median Earth are implanted frequency net fields that divide our current density consciousness and keep it below the 3rd dimension. 
We should be at the 3rd dimension. Many beneficial groups, including the Guardian Alliance and their ally, the Alhumbhra Magistracy Council who mainly operate in the plasma domains, created a plasmic bridge called the An-Sha-TA-Sa Passage to Median Earth. 
Unfortunately, the entities with distorted plasma and light bodies have infiltrated this bridge. In response, the Alhumbhra Council opened a new set of gates which will stabilize the existing ascension path of Earth to Median Earth that will eventually lead to the 3rd dimensional, natural Urtha. In addition, they made new plasmic bridges from their protected DhA-Ya-Tei planes. They are in the process of closing the ascension passages and Aurora platforms that have been compromised. 
~ Theresa Talea   -

Monday, December 03, 2012

MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Summary: About the Uby race and "Christo destruction" Agenda

2012-6-7 the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Roundup: about the Uby race and "Christos destruction" agenda

(2012-06-08 13:31:10)

Category: Translation 
MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Summary
Translation: Black Jack

Words Notes:

1. Nightmares incubi (plural incubus)
2 succubus succubi (plural succubus)

"Chambers English Dictionary, 2003, a new version provides the following general definition:

Nightmare: alleged incarnation for men and women sleep with them roll sheets. -814 Page
Succubus: alleged incarnation as women, men sleep with them roll sheets. -1651 Page

MCEO freedom of teaching, a more thorough explanation of these words; 2005-2007 given Thetan, Bourgha, Equari and "U-by the fall of race-related, these races from E-Umbi time cracks and Micca-Mecca-composite black hole / wormhole network entry. The "Nightmare Succubus fall of the race" unified called "Ubys. "Ubys / Succubus / Dream Morocco" and related terms in this reply Finally, "MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils 2012-6-7 Summary" below, provides an overview of the pointed out at the earliest when and where appeared in MCEO free teaching.

The MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils 2012-6-7 A Summary
About Uby race and Christos destruction agenda

A Wa-ZE-yenta and Wha-JhE'A-Ta FAtalE mixed-blood the fall of Equari-phim/Uby family of system, the use of the the "Brenta de-Leu-ra ion synthesizer" and "false reverse violet ion beam" (2012 April and May seminar mentioned), Solomon nursing field, green, purple ring break in August 2011. Racial infiltration FAtalE-Uby 入阿奎菲莱恩 Host retaining field of purple, green core and ring, there gradually spread the Dark Flower disaster ".

It is precisely because this dark flower of disaster, and thus with clear actions to support FAtalE "destroy the Christos Host agenda, so the invitation moderate warning of the April 2012 workshop and healing, MCEO seminar in May 2012 was permanently suspended the contract for speakers 2 and 3 . This is the May 2012 seminar, all the MCEO Kathara client meeting / teaching activities / module project and all MCEO spiritual granted St., baptisms, weddings, etc. "is the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils formally suspended , until further notice (until after the review and take remedial measures),reason which is to protect the public, to avoid FAtalE frequency transmission to promote their "destruction" Christos agenda.

Currently, FAtalE intend of the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils and MCEO spokesman publicly slander in an attempt to shift the public teaching of the Tan-Tri-A'jha the MCEO (turn translated from Al-Hum-Bhra crystal disk, you can trust to protect or assist in the response to the dark flower disaster sacred DhA-ya-TEi planes Ascension Star Gate mechanics and Kristol plasma treatment more applications), hiding the truth from the public teaching is unorthodox. The MCEO-Ma-Sha-Ya-Hana / AL-Hum-Bhra FAtalE intend framed Divine Tan-the Tri-A'jha Ascension Star Gate teach is "recognized stellar roll sheets false teachings", this is a downright lie; MCEO teaching will not be "recognized stellar roll sheets MCEO seminar recently focused sacred Tan-Tri-A'jha teach, is to focus on the" the Ascension Star Gate energy running mechanics, the 'Patra and NE-A "Dra' action "from October 11, 2011, the MCEO India seminar confirmed, and does not involve rolling sheets practice.

FAtalE attempt to slander MCEO seminar in August 2011 - the skater 11 introduced the the MCEO-Tan-Tri-A'jha taught big reason is because they want to deception induced the public to think about the "MCEO spokesman are false message released in August 2011, and 'spokesman has not credible', so that they can 'hijack MCEO free teaching, and Kathara projects' and delete compiled from August 2011 onwards given all the information. " FAtalE are trying to "delete compiled or distorted the MCEO Mary - Sand - Ya - Hana Parliament released in April 2012, August 2011 Solomon purple / green ring behind the nursing field message", MCEO Mary - Sand - Ya - Hana August 2011 Edict of active Al-Hum-Bhra Security Covenant, The the 2011 India seminar began operation the MCEO-Tan Tri-A'jha plasma healing Applied Technology, May 2012 MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra The release the historical archives all Cosminyahas level of the permanent lifting of 2,3 spokesman before MCEO contract Magistracy Councils announced, and now the MCEO-Al-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils in May 2012 the "open Cosminyahas hall.

These "can not be changed Cosminyahas files" the disclosure of information, in particular, will endanger like John the Baptist, Jesus -9 "the reputation of the famous historical figures, because according to Cosminyahas hall of the file is displayed, they should bear in" Christ Ji destruction "during the" the Christos mission "" sowing the fall the 666 FAtale anti-Christos gene Line and responsibility reproduce today (mentioned in the file, The FAtalE and Anunnaki thave made distortions into the planetary " Halls of Amenti records "and" CDT message disc 11 ") those have been distorted/deleted/re-compiled .  Cosminyahas hall files Not only discloses more historical info that was  lost / or altered(is being repaierd), but also let the plasma frequencies of  this "the download Cosminyahas hall files and load them into the core of the Earth and Planetary Halls of Amenti, which will gradually be an activation of non-coding DNA and surface-gene  dormant in Christos factor, which will allow more people, including people who are suffering from the darkness of flowers disaster, to repair their the Christos DNA code sequence out of the current "55 - speed - Metatron-NET-DNA bound, through the Crystal River Host, DhA-Ya-TEI planes Star Gate, hosted Ascension.

In FAtalE-Uby plan, they actually are trying to defame the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils and their designated representatives, their plan is to:

A. an attempt to take over the the MCEO free teaching / Kathara project, specified FAtalE as "false summit" and deliberately delete knitting distorted part of MCEO Freedom Teaching and the the MCEO sacred Tan-Tri-A'jha teach. They intend to delete compiled and blockade orthodox MCEO transmission in August 2011, "slander and thus erase the parliament first the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils, abuse of the Kathara healing system, the use of I do not know love people to create and promoting the dark-flowering catastrophe , and to implement their own mathematical applications and false 'Uby trademark' false 'Tantric roll sheets teach', Ann inserted before the August 2011 the MCEO free teaching .

B. an attempt to block the public's awareness and shake the public mood, a never changeable Cosminyahas file transfer translates data to impede "the awakening of the collective mind, because once these" lost history part was sent also to become the collective consensus " awakening "will eventually happen.

C. In particular, they want to try to prevent further frequency the anchor Cosminyahas hall (by possible large-scale, long-distance, quickly spread dark flower Awakening "... in an attempt to control the collective DNA activation, rewritten in 2012, "blockade" of the "reverse purple, green ring Solomon Host care field", May hope in the field of nursing Solomon residual Christos part into Metatron reversed generated.) now MCEO-AL-activated under the Hum-Bhra security, it will not be realized; but this is probably not stop them try ...

FAtalE of all farce To ensure FAtalE-Uby victory in the December 21, 2012, dragged into the Earth and its life supporting field cracks deforming space-time system calibration. FAtalE-Uby etc., from which black holes, which black holes go back ' good ", but  unfortunately this is unlikely Yes ah, we are now in 2012 ... and it is under our eyes the final conflict drama "staged (this war for some of us it is located very close to or visit the battlefield").

Here is the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils guardian are "little advice" ...

"You may not be able to identify a FAtalE-Uby (individual) or a fall of by name or looks, but if you look at you through their words and deeds Identification them. Guardian have just given us all a basic plan on FAtalE-Uby "gentle reminder" They're trying to proceed to take over of the MCEO Freedom  Teachings / Kathara and the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Council representatives and MCEO first spokesman break faith "; actually prevent the public from further access to the orthodox MCEO teaching, while attempting to obstruct the" Download Cosminyahas hall Files to Earth. All in order to "get 2012-12-21 the FAtalE Altona cracks victory" (in fact, they realize not), and then continue their history "collective - the mind - control - Metatron-NET" game.

Now, we can not say the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils "did not give us advance warning" ... We all have the right to choose our Union ... I hope we can be a wise choice.

1999-2012, The MCEO Freedom Teachings, she has used in the past Ubys, Succubus, nightmares, and related terms

Ubys (nightmares and Succubus) first appeared in MCEO Freedom Teaching "in January 2005 arose mission -8 / evacuation standby" Earth drama is added to the "EcKasha dragon war" (Equari Ubys , Thetans), Bourgha-Budhara treaty, they take this "triple -9 - complex" (January 2005 India Seminar) is activated, and began to open to the Earth temple Micca-Mecca E-Umbi time to crack the entrance and a black hole / wormhole System. Relevant information to continue Tenerife seminar in February 2006, April 2006 Easter Symposium, 2007 1-4 month courses throughout the 1-4 order "Aquafereion 12 tribes", after this period each appear kinds seminar.

Today's Earth dramas are plays of the fallen Equari Ubys and Thetans implicated and they activated Micca-Mecca complex entrance and E-Umbi time, eventually resulting in 2007-3-25 the Sun Bhardo cycle begins, forcing need " the Crystal River  Host " tocarrying out evacuation missions". Starting from Christ period, Uby-FAtalE Wa-ZE-yenta and Wha-JhE-Ata have been on the planet and a fallen line withe the 666 race gene(triple-F Factor)" is related to "fall factor starting from Atlantis, period and spread Christ-fallen from 666 potential." Each "FAtalE incarnate" has one DN2 to DN5 fallen Equari-phim/Uby hybrid "overlord" adhesion property of the element. They are with them. And the Crystal River Host,  and Christ mission were targeted. In 1999, they began their global "core staff and key operators of" flower of darkness awakening when this 2009-2011 step up the pace when they successfully "undermining Solomon planetary body shields green, purple-ring"; since 2011, dark flowers awaken further accelerated, but from a planetary perspective "is not quite in full bloom". Under Security in the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra arbitration councils, Krystal River Host mission still stands. Yes ... ... We live in 2012 ... ...

AL-Hum-Bhra MC Moderator

(cleaned up the mistranslations a big google made) 

reposted also here original chinese(retranslation) 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Important statement August 2012 Seminar announcement

Image By FutureAgeSage 

Important statement -2012 August seminar announcement

(2012-10-08 09:43:11) #! msg/mceo-alhumbhra-mc/K6WAHsZmXJk/pQ7hk4UEGqsJ

Yi Aisuo important statement – August 2012 seminar announcement

Important Clarifications on Techniques from E’Asha – post 8-12 Workshop

Translation: KS Chinese team reproduced maintain information integrity, do not add to or delete from the original

Reference, please indicate the source and author / translator retains the right to pursue for liability
Thank you for sharing this message.

Recently, serious problem hidden in the the Tams mail comments … she actively recommend new or “in the prior to” priority flame body technology. This is not a good suggestion!

In peacetime, the flame body technology is good … they will be as usual onset … that is continuing to promote and enhance the activation of the light body and the corresponding DNA template. Nothing wrong with that (the Crystal River Eucharist Parliament requires an immediate response.) This is because [the current situation is that since August 8, 2011, the Solomon nursing field green & purple ring in operation the meteorite falling (FAtaLE) reverse purple plasma frequency. ] If people previously have not yet activated light body structure without first “1 plasma body Crystal River Eucharist connection (1st PLASMA-BODY KRHOST LINKS)” (technology) released since 2012 from the Hanukkah began flame body technology, the flame body technology without discrimination “to promote and enhance the light body and the corresponding DNA template” activated “…

… Which means, if a person accidentally operation even small percentage of Metatron reverse purple frequency (in this case it is most people, especially those with purple or green care field DNA template coding people), in the “single use” flame body “technology, not only will promote and enhance them to bring some Kristal coding will” promote and enhance “They brought in frequency of inverse purple is.

For Christo factor weak people, this will be a gene on the Ascension disaster, because “to promote and enhance their existing reverse DNA template encoding, will allow the meteorite falling into” disaster ” The weakness of exponential growth. I read TH distributed to the public part of the Mail in the letter, she encourages people to use flame body technology, but no mention of the first to use plasma of running technology (2012 Guangming postganglionic) the AMCC-MCEO’s, guardian who is now I am aware of this danger. Guardians say this technology to provide comprehensive guidance from the results of their observations, “no malicious omission is not accidental. This is a meteorite falling intentional abuse our part MCEO teach in part to encourage the “nurture the darkness of the flower garden.

Before the damage occurred, the guardian who can remedy this situation, “the most efficient and simple method, that is, to use the most powerful the AMCC-MCEO Crystal River Eucharist plasma operation technology. Currently, the technology of recording ["longer" A Ruiyi - Arui Aspen - A Ru-Marne - Christo crystal species atomic core Journey (The "LONG-RUN" JOURNEY to the ARI-ARhAYas AL -Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom), from a seminar on August 11, 2012, nearly one hour] can be in AMCC online discussion groups for free download. The technology (and the protection it provides) the people who need it can quickly fled this situation. Even if people only operation once a tour of this core technology “, it will start to activate the the Crystal River Eucharist core ion” (8 SunAlliance energy flow) “K +8 factor” (reference to the August 2012 Seminar will be a description), which will own light body and the corresponding DNA template completely to prevent any further “dark flower”.

If you use the latest (August 2012, 20-21) “A Ruiyi - Arie Elias - A Ru the Marne trip” technology, and then use the “Flame Body” technology, flame body technology will faithfully usual onset “-” to promote and enhance the activation of the Light Body / DNA template, but flame body only “to promote and enhance  the Küsters Ming Nasi (Cosminyahas) core plasma 1/8 joint solar energy flow Christo frequency, rather than the reverse violet ray “Metatron plasma.

(Note: the Guardians have mentioned, the Seminar in August 2012, after the longer core travel “in the beginning, the introduction of short crystal activation” technology, further enhanced by the “A Ruiyi – Arie Elias – A Ru-Marne longer core tour anchoring Crystal River Eucharist 8 Sun joint energy flow, it will be released in August 2012 DVD.)

So, I wrote this just “want everyone to know” about the clear, transparent and accurate MCEO teaching. Keeper recommend that everyone in before use any MCEO technology, at least the first time out new 20-21 August 2012 “A Ruiyi – Arie Elias – A Ru Marne trip” before engage in any new technology, or to proceed with any of you may be using the old technology. This introduction to the best eternal Christo upgrade all MCEO and AMCC-MCEO.

Hope this description will help you, willing you like this quite wonderful the AMCC-MCEO Crystal River Eucharist core tour new technology. Guardians have mentioned, they will gradually release Tan - Chu – A nearly that teaching – Road TM organisms soul secret arts (The Tan-the Tri-of Ahura Teachings-The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry TM) and Alcatel Han Boehner crystal plate (AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disc) / the Küsters Ming Nasi files Chamber of sacred knowledge, many new and exciting journey and technology will be released.

Cos-Min-Yahas AL-Hum-Bhrus!
E’Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek
The AMCC-MCEO 1 spokesman

You can choose one in the following two links to download the English audio, and save it in your computer: to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom.mp3

Chinese translation technology, see:

Latest link Translated Articles:(chinese Original)

May war situation Abstract ascension path problem description

May war situation: Abstract ascension path problem description

(2012-06-05 03:04:07)
Translation: Black Jack #!topic/mceo-alhumbhra-mc/9YB8hQp7Cjw

Said, because FAtalE disaster in May 2012 Seminar galaxy / planet green ring and purple ring Solomon Eucharist care field has been reversed, and broken in October 2012,  (Aquafereion) Shield green, purple faceted "core duties" ( the MCEO the 2,3* spokesman) *contact has been revoked. White - Blue-care field, and AL-Hum-Bhra San reflect the will as much as possible "to carry" still of Christos green, purple (Aquafereion ) Host Fields and galaxies / planets Solomon nursing field quantum to do everything possible. This means there 3 the Ascension paths (KaLA Krystos , KaLE Rama -  and KaLE Dema Kristos fall path) "are still viable; but these are all white - blue guard The Host Shield and MCEO the arbitration Cosminyahas-AL-Hum-Bhra Councils is responsible for maintaining.

"Christos people" and sincere " FAtalE" trapped in  people that desire Christos host remains, for those in green, purple Host Shield,  in the fall, but they are not yet fully succumbed to those in the nursing field. wildfire-like spread of "Metatron - FAtalE dark flower disaster (because these nursing field core being damaged / destroyed). Regardless of the individual has ever been to assist green or purple path, as long as they are sincere service real Christos agenda (not FAtalE, dark flower of being externally initiated the "lip service" false Cristos). (By the way, of the AL-Hum-Bhra, this easily frequency identification) they are still being accepted as the the "MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils subsidiary of Crystal River Host and white - blue core part of the nursing field, AL-Hum-Bhra to expand to the the AMCC-MCEO Krystal River Fail-Safe Host,.

Green, purple path "is still valid, but now the validity of these paths directly maintained from white-blue-core / AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal River Host Councils.

I hope that this can be explained fully illustrate this situation. Please contact the appropriate person or discussion groups to share this information.


First Speaker E'Asha of the the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils


The loved ones the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils recommended that, at this time, because of FAtalE force the use of the the violet plasma current was reversed "penetration" individual "line". So even during the of KRP (Krystal River Prayer), "KRP -AL-Hum-Bhra Myotic plasma upgrade" has not yet been placed in the KRP (Reference: The/?fromgroups#!topic/mceo-alhumbhra-mc/725SZHnKjoo), it is best to only mentioned in KRP own until the AL-Hum-Bhra upgrade increase, expansion and stability "KRP date.

Otherwise,  "you host your  own KRP  in other individuals, but not aware of the problem of a field, which may further make you in danger, because their field to make you more vulnerable to attack." This is similar to when you fly, teach you the security agreement: "before helping others, first wearing the oxygen mask, because if you lose consciousness, you can not help anyone." Similarly, other individuals want to go hosted before, need to ensure your own stable and strong.

First Speaker E'Asha of the the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils

Upgraded KRP :
AMCC-MCEO - Krystal River 2014 - New Prayer Sequence 

The E-LAi-sa AL-Hum-Bhra-Aquareion Krystal River Prayer and Invocation, of the E-LAi-sa Silver Seed Councils and the GA-AMCC-MCEO, for Silver Seed Krystal River Plasma Host and Amplification.

©E’Asha Ashayana 4/8/2013, Part of the Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings - The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry™ 2012-2013 ARhAyas Productions

This technique sequence facilitates anchoring of the E-LAi-sa Silver Seed Krystal River Plasma Host and the 15 Heliochroic Krystar Core Flow Currents, as introduced in the April 2013 Sarasota workshop. These frequencies are core Sun-8 plasmas, the strongest we have ever worked with at the time of release.

This new sequence includes the Prayer of E-LAi-sa, the Prayer of AL-Hum-Bhra, the Silver Seed Krystal River Prayer, the Krysta-Ajha Declarium, the Prayer of the DhA-ya-TEi and the Song of ARhAyas. The AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Code is also included for optical pineal induction.
This technique sequence can be used as often as you like for amplification of these currents following the initial activation.

ARhAyas Productions - April 2013 - New Prayer Sequence (PDF)
Other versions:
ARhAyas Productions - New Prayer Sequence - Norwegian Version (PDF)
ARhAyas Productions - New Prayer Sequence - Norwegian Version AUDIO (MP3)

^^ deleted so use this link and than share it everywhere!!