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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Freedom Teachings: Indigo Children. Return of The Emerald Order

Indigo Children. Return of The Emerald Order

Indigo Children Return of the Emerald Order -  Module recorded live, Phoenix, AZ - March, 2005. Class presented by Kathara Team Member - PamE Bown. Find out what Indigo Children are, right down to the DNA. Learn why Indigo Children are different and why they are here now. See the difference between the birth imprint of contemporary humanity and Indigo Children. Discover the different types of Indigo Children and their potentials. Determine whether you are an Indigo 1, 2 or 3. Explore the ancient stellar races involved with humanity and why the Return of the Emerald Order is in full swing now and much, much more. Finally, enjoy a beautiful journey through a beautiful purple sunset to reclaim your Indigo within. An excellent presentation for both New Comers and Current Students.

Architects of Light Manual.pdf - 15MB


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