Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GaiaPortal: Healing Energy Streams Flow from Portal to Portal… - 23/24 Apr


Healing energy streams flow from portal to portal as Gaia balances with Hue-manity and humanity (smaller h) energies.

Light Workers called to portal adjustments are encouraged to follow healing energy flow within, as this aligns with the Gaia Healing energy streams, and will lead each to their Gaia healing portal center.

As Hue-manity aligns, and more and more of humanity (smaller h) begins to align, with these healing energy streams, and accepts those processes within themselves, Gaia rests in the resulting peace, and needs not the “catastrophic” adjustments previously thought necessary.

Those promoting the “doom and/or gloom catastrophe” scenarios will find difficulty in expressing those ideas, as their time is over. The current energetic state of Gaia does not support, in any way, that type of energy intent.


Energetic Clarity is Drawn Forth…

23 Apr 
gaia_energy1  Energetic clarity is drawn forth from individuals at this moment. Purification of individual vibrations ensures that full harmonization of humanity with Gaia is accomplished.

Central to Gaia ascending frequency process is coordination of Hue-manity Beings at multiple planet 3D locations, for worldwide Higher D frequency attunement. Essential is utilization of Higher Aural capabilities present in all Hue-Beings.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spiritual Energies for April 22nd, 2013 (Monday) - Channeled Angel & Tar...

Your Daily Channeled Angel & Tarot Card Reading / Spiritual Energy Forecast for Monday, April 22nd, 2013! Happy Earth Day! :-) - private

This is a channeled message given through a divination card reading, done in the spirit of world-service to humanity.

It is given through Henry David Stites, also known as "The Starseed Psychic".

Friday, April 19, 2013

GaiaPortal: Energetics of Gaia are Staged for Stepping to Next Level


Monitors of Gaia report that energetics of the Gaia planetary body are staged for stepping to the next level… Energetically, on Individual and Collective basis, as well as “Galactic-ally”.
Hue-manity has embraced that which resonates with this process. “humanity” (small h) has consented to the possibility of a “next level”, and thus procedures for “up steps” of “humanity” (small h) have been analyzed, approved, and set in motion.
As these are Higher-than-3-4D, many have sensed the results of the up steps already, and have secured the “humanity to Hue-manity” transformation in the current time line.
Those walking “alternative to the “up step” time lines will find themselves directed back onto the “up step” time line. All currently residing upon (and within) Gaia have agreed to this re-direction, challenging as it may be for some of the “humanity” (small h) group.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Oracle Report: Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Quarter Moon Phase - Moon in Leo
Today is about voices.  We are tuning in to our inner voice and are engaged in aligning with our paths.  Looking at what is going on with you, it may not appear that you are aligning with your path, but things are not what they appear to be today.  What's important is that we are tuned in to the inner self.  There is a message for each of us in the air today.  To facilitate this, "drop out" as much as possible.  Dampen the outer chaos and practice the skill of the wise owl going inside the tree to peer out and listen.  Detach and do your own thing.  Of course, this doesn't mean we ignore our responsibilities, but we alter our focus to take in the full message that Sophia is delivering through her emissary Chinnamasta.  Chinnamasta loves music so make sure you play some today.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quick Spiritual Energy Update for April 17th, 2013

Quick Spiritual Energy Update for April 17th, 2013

Intense energy continues to permeate the psychic and emotional atmosphere, requiring us to take things one step at a time so that we can truly focus on the present moment, rather than getting caught-up in the waves of the collective consciousness to the point where we feel unsettled. Stay positive! :-)

Kasalerunta - Reality Independence merkaba #Mantra

Image By: -Otto Jacobson- 

Repeat this mantra 12 times... to put your timeline independent from other timelines... ask your higher self ... higher mind or superconcious mind to do so.... :) .... "Pablo"

Cleanse out FT/KS from ya system......

Cleanse/Clear All FT/KS- Symbols / Energetic-signature's & Old energy - from ya system free up some SPACE.... 
 run Kee-Ra-Sha (( living consciousness)) to fill those places <3 again pure   ). and notice the difference... Vibrance  #Essence of Being....