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The Planetary Grid Transmissions Full Moon ~ Lunar Eclipse ~ June 15 ~ Sacred Fire Love

The Planetary Grid Transmissions Full Moon ~ Lunar Eclipse ~ June 15 ~ Sacred Fire Love


Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

The Planetary Grid Transmissions
Full Moon ~ Lunar Eclipse ~ Wednesday, June 15  

 With unified meditation, receiving and transmitting

during 4 synchronized times:

Sydney, Australia: 8 pm

Country of India: 8 pm

 Paris, France: 8 pm

New York, USA: 9 pm

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Program Details

MP3 Guided Audio Support

for Grid Transmissions on Lunar Eclipse:

June 15 and Solstice: June 21



To all Planetary Light Servers,

Grid Transmitters and Receivers,

Geo Light Teams and all group formations,

Are you feeling the squeeze, dear Family of Light?  Are you feeling as if the path of least resistance is to step directly onto the hot fiery coals of initiation?

Then you understand that today, more than ever before, our unified intention and action is needed to face the potent changes that will continue to take place on our planet and especially as a result of the next few weeks with the incoming streams of potent energy.

The unprecedented force and newness of these planetary shifts require that all of us, who have lovingly chosen Children of the Sun as our collective platform for planetary service, come together with hearts united and act as a unified field of focused intention and action.

"Purification by Fire" is at the core of these symbolic and real changes at all levels. By letting go and purging false identities and that which no longer belongs in the New Earth, we allow only the pure essential truth of our I AM to shine forth. This is part of the purification process through the elementals as we had witnessed in the past few months in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis and tornados. Now it is the alchemical power of fire.

At the individual level it is manifest as the dissolving of the ego and letting go of density in our physical and energetic body...  at the institutional level it is the deconstruction of large institutions that do not serve the collective good... at the planetary level is the removal of old decayed matter from Mother Earth, lighting it up for its ascension.

We, as visionaries, healers, lightworkers and other servers have been preparing for lifetimes to assist in this miraculous shift.  Now it is the time. We are asked to come forth with all our strength to serve as thunder rods to catalyze and help direct the intensity of the elemental fire and to stabilize this force and ground it. Each one of us has different ways and tools to accomplish this collective mission within the unified field of our group avatar.

Trust is the key. Trust in the Divine Plan unfolding in perfect order. Trust in our own personal abilities and power to meet the challenges and trust that, as a group, we can serve as a protective shield to mitigate and stabilize the potential chaotic or discordant reactions in many of those who are not yet as well prepared to confront change at a great scale.

Trust means presence and calmness. Trust also means that you are reading this for a reason, that you are part of this group for a reason and that the guidelines that you are receiving are important for a reason.

For all these reasons, we are urging you to prepare yourself and be ready for bold action during the upcoming Planetary Grid Transmissions.

Respond to your Soul-Song, dear Light Servers and together we will help wield the Sacred Fire Love. You are honored, supported and your selfless service is greatly appreciated.


Choose a Transmission Focus for your Country 

for example...

  • Elitist Factions and Secret Societies

  • World Governments and Secret Governments

  • Foundation Nations of New World Order

  • Military and Intelligence Agencies

  • All World Financial Systems and Groups

Know the location of your country's main government, military and financial seat of authoritative power. Choose a group, structure or land region to serve as the object of transmission focus, such as a governmental headquarters, a military base of operation or financial center. 

Do the necessary research, have good visuals. The more clear our focus is, the more potent the results.

(We are focusing on corporations and religious institutions in July.)



~ Planetary Assignment ~ 

Purging the Alter Ego and the energies

of Control, Manipulation and Dominance   


With the Power of our Command through Invocation,

We call forth the Holy Ones, all Jedi Masters of Sacred Fire and the assisting Star Nations to remove the sinister influence and all gross acts of manipulation from our sacred planet which compromises the Divine Plan. In the name I AM, by and through Cosmic Law and the Will of Creation, we command a safe and victorious evolutionary passage for those of the Human Race choosing the ascension timeline.

For those Light Servers participating in the audio guided journey, we again travel to the Ascension Seat at the planetary core. We undergo intense purification to transmute the "fear of fire" and the "fears of union" while purging the alter ego's desire to control and dominate. We are placing our consciousness and our own elemental bodies in service through which this action is initiated for our self and the collective. After this grand purge, Mother Earth is able to more easily birth within us the codes of Divine Joy and Union for transference to all the world.

We again join with the Arcturian Starship Fleet now stationed in all nations of the world. Our assignment is to serve as a physical invocation instrument and divining rod for the descent of Sacred Fire into the elitist factions of control, world government, military and financial systems.

We ask that all who choose to take action with us, please undergo prerequisite activity and greatly consider the preparation guidelines. This is serious work and we are no longer training.
flame-ruby-100For more information:

Transmission Preparation

The Importance of the Sacred Fire



June 15: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

and the Planetary Grid Transmissions


In Cooperation with the Sacred Fire Element
and the Evolutionary Forces of Nature

MP3 Audio Support

Preparation Information

This group activity takes place within the New Earth Crystalline Matrix during the Planetary Grid Transmissions.


We travel into the Ascension Seat at the Earth Core to undergo a shamanic death of the alter ego... all safely contained within a Tube Torus Transfiguration Chamber of Sacred Fire Love!

We again join with the Arcturian Starship Fleet now stationed in all nations of the world. Our assignment is to serve as a physical invocation instrument and divining rod for the descent of Sacred Fire into the elitist factions of control.

Design by Nyako Nakar


Clearing... Releasing... Balancing

Stabilizing the Acceleration!

Also on Wednesday, June 15  


  • High Frequency Light Transmissions through the planetary Crystalline Grid,  also referred to as the Universal Matrix of Divine Union.

  • This energy works with your specific soul inspired intentions for personal healing and transformation as this is aligned to your highest good.

  • Our Light Transmission Team consists of over 2,000 facilitators who have all registered to help raise our family of the Sun.

 More info and Registration


violet gif

From a beloved Child of the Sun......

My ancestral ceremonies are now being offered on the shores of the munificent Cheakamus River, in Paradise Valley, overlooked by the Angel Mountain Range in British Columbia, Canada.

The Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge Teachings are grounded in a Four Pillar practice:

1. condone no violence

2. break the silence

3. end the lie of separation from Source

4. live fiercely in the faith in love

It has been a sumptuous time for many to gather and we are presenced by Eagles, Bear, Salmon, and a healthy Coyote on our site.

Blessings to you all wherever we gather by Sacred Fire!


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