Monday, April 08, 2013

Harmonic Crystal Illumination

Harmonic Crystal Illumination
  The world we live in has been reborn. Many identity fragments, consciousness incarnations, and stellar gestalts have been released and are presently being processed into the consciousness grid-structures individually and collectively.

The energetic barriers that were in place to contain consciousness within a vastly limited spectrum of experience have been partially removed as such the limitations of past identity programming are no longer very relevant.

It is time to recreate your being, visualize from the ground up what you represent and why and take that template into the layers of your psychological and physiological being. Begin again now as newly as you can allow and trust in the unfolding guidance of your inner voice as multidimensional consciousness streams progressively come online.

The songs of a new reality have already begun to be sung to assist us all in the reconstitution of our energetic templates as such there is much more bioetheric energy present in many layers of the multidimensional grid system, especially within the 5th, 6th 7th, and 8th dimensions.

Synthesis is the overtone theme of the moment; crystallization of consciousness energy is vital for the repair of nodes, gates, and bodies of light. Feel and Trust, Re-Believe, these are the subharmonics of this timespace. You are waking up and cleaning up the residual effects from a multidimensional cryogenic containment field.

Welcome to the crystal holographic worlds and the Astral Age of Return.
May the crystal light-love of unity consciousness clear clean, recalibrate„ and re-encrypt each level and layer of your identity complex, may you be free from the myriad projection illusions of existence.

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