Thursday, January 23, 2014

Freedom teachings: The Egypt Lectures - Awakening the Flame of Orion

The Egypt Lectures - Awakening the Flame of Orion - Five Lectures filmed on site during the 3/17-26/ 2000 Amenti Planetary Shields Expedition to Giza, Egypt and surrounding areas. 

Lecture-1 3/19/2000- Star-Gates 2000-2017: Orientation to Activating the Giza Complex. 
Lecture-2  3/22/2000-Giza, the Lost History: Stellar Races, Human Origins and Giza.  
Lecture-3  3/23/2000- Secrets of Amenti: The Amenti Light Code Seals and the Keepers of the Flame. 
Lecture-4 3/24/2000- The Pharaonic Code: Ancient Schools of Ascension. Lecture-5 3/25/2000- Awakening the KA: Advanced Light-Body Mechanics Overview. 

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