Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bogus DMCA Takedowns

Here more of their illigal activities aka DMCA Abuse...   #update

and that way delete the EG Facebook-page.. 
that now is back and more features added...  

Example of other peoples material finding/experiencing  same....   issue
 with some a these Arhyas-groupies/trolls.

Amenti Star-Gates, Planetary Arc of the Covenant Hub Gates and Cue Sites Locations List.pdf
i wonder why folks now claiming (Copyright/Ownership) of self-compiled info into a PDF
so that still is DMCA-Abuse..... and has nothing todo but.. a bogus/false claim.. which is punishable by law.. as offense. even more for repeat offenders that use DMCA to erase info from the web and availability and eventually cost folks time thus money.. ( as the saying is time is money haha )

- This content was removed at the request of Arhayas Productions -
screenshot taken from

Why thanks you'all. integrity seems slacking at some fronts. 
not just talking about A&R's or Virtue's
Seems some still need to clean out own inner-group.was and still is.. the case. time shows.…/amenti-star-gates-planetary-arc-o…

or download that pdf here:

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