Friday, April 15, 2016

Adashi Order: Choice


Mending The Split Self

In order to awake from the old dream,
you must let go of it.

This is the Art of Transformation.
Each thought and each action imagined is a reality at some or multiple levels depending on the amount of energy-awareness that has been projected to bring it forth. These objects of attention also have resonate strings or light fibers that connect to similar consciousness-energy frequency. Because of that our belief systems are the primary hinge for what we experience however, much of that system has been given to us by non-human beings in hybrid human bodies in the aftermath of destructive historical events.

One of these events was a time rip during the Egyptian dynasty which on a Galactic level is related to the Orion Gaian Wars that first tore the time continuum into a polarized two track system. During this event the organizing intelligence of the planetary body was attacked and massively damaged, this damage then transferred to all beings incarnated and incarnating into the planet and specifically caused extreme difficulty in the organization of higher dimensional exchange as the damage involved massive time (and so identity stream) distortions.

Our choices are an extension of underlying consciousness architecture. This architecture can be viewed in purely physical atomic terms as a lattice work of electromagnetic connections existing between parts of the manifest parts and whole in brain mapping. The issue is that many of our contemporary choices are based upon a consciousness architecture that is derived from false light technology or generated mythological systems of belief which serve to reaffirm distortions caused in the planetary logos programming station and so the personal body of the human race.

Our range of choices is limited to a specific reality container of potentials. These potentials are mapped out and controlled for by offworld intelligences who then institute multidimensional changes, some of which are carried out through incarnate human hybrids or genetic lines of humans that have severe identity fragmentation, ritual abuse, and progressive DNA distortion. On another level there is an electromagnetic control field that exists in the atmosphere of the planet as well as the physical correlate in the HAARP system both of these instruments inhibit the collective frequency of the planet and its inhabitants.

These components are noted to highlight the importance in developing a more refined perspective of how greatly that the personal belief system and choice affects our evolution. Literally every thought and action which aligns to the artificial systems of the controllers serves to empower those grid systems and controls. Thus it is becoming progressively more important to detach from all consciousness connections that serve “lower self” and connections to the archontic deception or offworld destruction agendas. Each choice you participate in either strengthens your internal power and aligns you to the arc of ascension and your Higher Consciousness or it takes you away from it and puts that energy into one form or another of energetic and consciousness enslavement.

Viewing yourself from a place of detachment doesn’t require incredible effort it just requires the development of the habit to take yourself off of autopilot which is nothing less than harmonic resonance to the distorted mass consciousness frequency field. From this place intend to operate from your highest sense of self and connect to that place, allow that space to guide your choices as frequently as you are aware of and continue to develop a more refined perspective of the nature of these choices because the frequencies they represent have gained an impressive amount of energy which makes every choice we make much more impactful in manifesting our personal Heroic probability or Path of Highest Self and the timelines that we draw into being/generate.


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