Tuesday, September 06, 2016

ultra: Note From The Beyond


Note From The Beyond
Sequoia Adashi Lotus Arayas

From within matter the first stage separation of consciousness from illusory identification requires a significant internal dialogue adjustment. The mental continuum is locked into the reality grid system of the planetary body and is indirectly linked to the mass consciousness container system. Both of these connections involve copious thoughtforms and patterns of identity that both serve to shield and ground the incarnate being but also act to limited and possess the body container and energy-identity of the eternal spark that animates the body.

This cannot accurately be called you although it is a stable energy-identity from the point of view of a higher dimensional sense of reality which is to say when viewed absent it’s energetic holding containers. These holding containers are beliefs that combine to create a map of the self. This self is multidimensional and contains instructions for expansion and contraction as well as rules for types of connections as well as their intensity or character. Of all of these sets of relationships the most important arena or area of invitation is the egoic self, it is the most utilized program/software in fallen reality fields. How this manifests is not certain. Even from a higher dimensional perspective it is unknown why and how a false apprehension or clinging to identifying containers can and does create and/or allow infiltration or frequency disharmony. The point here is to note that knowing is not necessary to create solid state conversions or movements of consciousness to higher forms of unity expression at a stable level which is called being. What we are involved in is refining and expanding the power of intention and holding this intention within the godseed higher heart container to then move into an allowance or letting go within the trust-faith which is a belief, intention, pattern, frequency, architecture etc that coalesces into matter the highest outcome of our energy-intention.
When you are besieged remember to Be, that is simple way to say, “I trust that there is a part of me or of creation that will light the way.”           Sequoia Adashi Lotus Arayas
Many times the outcome can seem ineffectual, this is because we have identification with a wide range of activities behaviors thoughts that we maintain unknowing that they are not who we are, they are not the eternally liberated sovereign spirit of creation. Although we conceptually know this our ability to allow, let go of, and observe this is not exactly graceful. The level of grace we establish is formed by multiple vectors of belief or spokes of the wheel that is our karma at a higher level.At an embodied level these spokes of the miniwheel can be thought-statements such as, “I am god but not because I don’t realize x, y, and/or z” Many times our thoughts have an alternate expression and manifest as an energy drain to our overall aspiration. Therefore we are required to learn which is to energetically synthesize the perceptual avenues of our beliefs to then create a harmonic wave expression which can shapeshift and or transform at will that belief and many of those correlated spokes therefore every act we do can and does impact the totality of our awareness.
 The sum total of all our awareness is known as a lightbody quotient and contains the active potential of the embodied being to express it’s higher state. Thus consistency and attention to every little detail is the way any master teacher will instruct you toward because only the egoic mind is in a hurry, the higher mind knows itself as unity. So my encouragement is to let things fall away from you that would otherwise provoke fear or strain as releasing tension stored at multiple levels is an expression of the ultimate goal for an incarnate identity. Be chill, cool, be patient, and most of all move toward from your heart expression. Let the crystal of that godseed guide you and return to it whenever you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, you have all the comfort of home with you within these inner crystal halls of divine light, love, and harmony.

Sequoia Adashi Lotus Arayas

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