Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Living Comedy On Planet Earth #2016

Life is comedy, when you dont partake in the drama.
Though there are also psychopathic actors ofc,
that make the comedy kinda sad... at times..
But hahaha
Better laugh than cry or lie  ~EG


  1. grazie.grazie e grazia .grande guerriero.

  2. Thank you So Very Much for this Rakesh EG - I am starting to get the Let me be kind Let me be good Balance impervious to the 3D false illusions that are put in. We push in with our Shining Krystarness! Lovely thoughts of JOY and WELLNESS for you, your lovely girlfriend and your MOST BEAU-ti-FUL Baby!!!!! Sending Love your way- thank you for YOU! HUG, Daithi