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Hi all,

I've recently read two books channeled by Ashayana Deane (aka Anna Hayes)
and I'm very interested in your impressions.

I know we're coming up on a period where discernment will be very, very

Here are the titles:
Voyagers I: The Sleeping Abductees (2nd Edition)
Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti (2nd Edition)

The books contains a detailed history of our race and the history of our
ancestor's races, human DNA mutations, continual efforts from Guardian races
to repair genetic distortions caused by Intruder races. Also included are
details of ascension energy dynamics, HAARP and "what really happened on
9/11 (end of volume II)."

Much of the material presented is background information surrounding the
obstacles Intruders are creating/using to block our Ascension.

The Fallen Angelics have waited 26,000 years for a natural star gate opening
cycle (2000-2017). They need the conditions of geo and astro physics of a
Star gate opening cycle to secure the natural Earth-sun alignment (Nibiru is
a battle star and could be used to break the electromagnetic link between
the Earth and the Sun -- to initiate a pole shift).

Numerous "holy dramas" are planned (second coming of Christ), a pole-shift
and an evacuation plan of selected duped humans (who they'll use
later for a hybridization plan).

According to the book, all of the current:

-- instigated conflict for WWIII
-- holy drama, chosen ones echoed in the New Age Movement/traditional
-- official denial of visitors and the existence of a soul

plays into this.

In this drama, representatives of Holy Figures from all major world
religions will appear to come collectively to save the world and unify world
religions and governments under a false "common humanity" cause. A cause
which is a One World Order control agenda in disguise.

The book says this drama will take place between 2002-2012 if humanity is
unable to perceive the deception.

It also says that if humanity can re-awaken to freedom and responsibility of
the original angelic human heritage and take peaceful counter-strategic
measures, this confrontation drama does not have to manifest any further
than it already has.

Note: In 1969, at age 4, Ashayana (Anna) was physically abducted in daylight
in her driveway by a Grey. For three years, she was abducted from her bed in
the middle of the night (the greys were supervised by the Zeta Reticuli
based in the Orion System). At age 7, she was approached by a blue-eyed
alien in her grandmother's yard -- a member of the Guardian Alliance (a
group that protected her from further physical abductions).

A chart in the back of Volume II contains a list of Intruder ET and
Illuminati Races and the distortions they've introduced (see below).

David has always warned against the Pleiadian channeled material and
Pleiadian channels appear on the list.

Infiltration seems to be occurring everywhere. Yesterday, a member of the
Disclosure Project chapter in NYC sent me the URL to the ZetaTalk Web site
(that's in the list below) and the Web site (author, Heidi
Hollis, her Web site is not in the list below). In addition, a member of the
Disclosure Project here in New York recently invited me to meet him for
coffee. He's excited about Phillip H. Krapf's new book called "The Challenge
of Contact" (I looked at the book and it's a lot of the same information
that's on the Zetatalk and UFOs2U Web site (there are about 2 facts in the
entire book -- and mostly doubletalk). There's a Ben & Jerry's poster on my
corner that has a picture of a chocolate drink with a flying saucer hovering
over the top!! (friendly aliens seem to be the theme everywhere).

If the facts in these books are true, the Intruders have done a really good
job of infiltrating.

Mary Jo


- Buddhaic/Tibetan/Eastern/Christian spiritual text distortions
- Necromancy Luciferian-Satanic Bible
- Luciferian Egyptian/Tubetan/Mayan mystical teachings
- Alpha-Omega Templar Melchizedeks
- Lord Melchizedek/Archangel Michael/Angelic Hierarchy/Kryon/Corteum
Nephilim Anunnaki-Andromie hybrids
- False Sananda Jesus contacts
- Fallen "Vairagi" false ascended masters
- Thule Society
- Andromie ET contact/channeling
- Friendly Enemy allies Marduke-Luciferian/Marduke-Dramin (Omicron)
Anunnaki-Jehovian-Anunnaki Nephite-Nephilim collectives

Centaur-Luciferians and Blue Centaurs
- Hindu/Sanskrit/Islamic texts distortions
- various Shamanic, Pagan, Druid and WICCAN tradition distortions

Zeta-Rigelian/Zeta Reticuli Zephelium
- Zeta Reticuli Opened Phantom Earth Falcon Wormhole 1903-1916 raided by
- Pleiadian-Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian/Thoth-Enki-Zephelium allies. Most
accepted 1983-1984 Emerald Covenant Amnesty/Redemption Contracts, some
joined Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki to escape Zeta Rigelians.
- Zeta Rigelians-Drakonian-Orion Confederation administration, MJ-12 and
Nazi Zeta Treaties, enslaved Zeta-Reticuli.
- Zeta-Talk
- Thule Society
- Alister Crowley
- Black Sun
- Golden Dawn
- Enochian Watchtowers metaphysical cults
- Pagan teaching distortions
- Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Project, 1983 Rigelian-Andromie Alliance
- Work with Drakonian Necromiton-Andromies, some
Omnicon-Drakonian/Odedicron-Reptilian factions
- Big Brother Drac World Management Team Illuminati/Montauk Boys


- Knights Malta Catholic Templar Knights
- Roman Moffia
- Scots McDonald raider line
- Nazi creeds
- Black Sun mystical schools
- Curendara/Dramin Dragon Queen
- Shamanism (Native American/Peru/Africa)
- Haitian/African Voo Doo
- Roman catholic control creeds
- Toltec-Aztec
- Inca
- Islamic
- WICCAN/Pagan
- Reiki Text distortions
- False GA claims "omnicron group"
- Zeta Rigelian/Some Odedicron-Reptilian/Marduke-Dramin-Anunnaki allies

- Various Shamanic disortions
- promote false environmental causes
- Drak "technologies"
- ET contact demos
- utilize astral projection to initiate astral body sex with humans for D-4
astral body bio field DNA template implanting
- use sound tones for D-4 chakra-4 astral cording/bio-field tagging in
unsuspecting humans via public events
- Work with Zeta Rigelian/Omnicron Drakonian Anunnaki (Omnicro-Anunnaki

- Egyptian/Pagan/Shamanic/Kahuna mystical teaching distortions
- Egyptian Crocodile cults
- Falcon cults
- Malaysian Voo Doo
- Lord Maitreya
- Christian Text distortions
- Some work with Odedicon-Drakonian Dragon Moths with Zeta-Reticuli Greys
and Pleiadian-Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki

- 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant
- Work with Pleiadian-Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki/Nibiruian
Thoth-Enki-Zephelium-Anunnaki and/or Centaur Luciferian/Necromiton-Andromie
Orion-Necromiton Black League.
- Druid, Celtic, Pagan and Prostestant Christian text distortions

- Dramin the Dragon Queen
- Egyptian "Set" schools
- Biblical "Seth" Lineage
- Necromancy Satanic Bible
- Satanism
- Islamic and Hebrew Text distortions
- Russian Psychic Rasputin and related channels
- Work with Omnicron-Drakonians, Dracos and Orion-Necdomiton Black League
Pro-Drac Necromiton-Andromies.

- Enki-Zephelium/Marduke-Luciferian Anunnaki created Nibiruian
Primate-hominid Lulcuc-Neanderthal slave race for African gold mines and
Middle East labor, 250,000 BC.
- Enlil Anunnaki Raider Race of 148,000 BC - 75,000 BC Anu Occupation
- 25,000 Lucifer Rebellion
- 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest
- 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant Atlantean Human Tribe Invasions
Atlantean-Egyptian "Phoenix" and Falcon mystical schools
- Falcon Shamanic traditions
- Nubian/Mayan/Toltec/Olmec/Native American Falcon cults and Crocodile Cults
- Gaul raider races of France, Britain, Europe, Knights Templar/Free Mason
Anunnaki and Drakonian factions
- Most are members of Nibiruian Councils 9 and 12
- Pleiadian-Nibiruian Coalition
- Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command

Jehovian Anunnaki

- Jehovian-Nephilim-Morantians: major distortions of original Lemurian/atlan
tean/Essene Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate Christos teachings
- Christian Protestant text distortions
- Urantia book
- Templar Melchizedek Mormon texts
- Jehovian-Nephite-Nohassim: created "YHWY/Jehovah God stories/false
12-tribe history in Hebrew-Christian texts
- Jehovian-Nephite-Adam Kadmon: Promote Jehovah/YHWH Metatron
Ophanium/Enoch/Archangel Michael and Tibetan creeds
- Jehovian-Nephite-Drakonian: Kaballah Hebrew text distortions, inverted
reversed 10-Sephiroth "Tree of Life", removed 6 letters from Hebrew Alphabet
- Traditional and Hassidic Hebrew text distortions
- Jehovian renegades in Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command/Nibiruian
- Course in Miracles channeling and Thoth-Isis-Merlin-Archangel Michael
teachings are Jehovian/GF/Necromiton-Andromie Nephilim Anunnaki Co-op

- Protestant text distortions
- Isis mystical schools
- Pleiadian channels and UFO contacts
- work closely with Nibiruian Anunnaki Thoth-Enki-Zeta, Enlil-Odedicron and
Marduke-Luciferian lines
- Mahatma and Rosecrutian spiritual teachings
- false Mother Mary contacts
- Work with Nibiruian Thoth-Enki and Enlil-Odedicron-Anunnaki,
Zeta-Teticuli, Necromiton-Andromie-Nephilim hybrids,

Thoth-Enki-Zephelium Anunnaki
- Iniatiators of the 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant OWO (One World Order)
Nibiruian-Atlantean Dominion Master Plan.
- Dominant Force of the Anunnaki portions of World Management Team
- Greek Hermes Tris-Me-Gis-Tus
- Greek Roman Amulius and Julius Caesar Nibiruian lines
- Some Roman and Greek "Olympian" God legends
- Mayan-Quetzalcoatl
- forced Human tribes to adopt Nibiruian-distorted Mayan calendar and
Nibiruian created Julian calendar in Rome
- Egyptian Osirius-Isis mystical schools
- the Atlantean Emerald Tablets (written translations of data stored on
Emerald Covenant CDT Plate 11 stolen by Thoth in 22,340 BC)
- Brotherhood of the Snake Atlantean mystical schools
- Led Nibiruian Anunnaki Invader races in the Eieyani Indigo Massacre of
22,3266 BC Lemurian Islands (Kauai Hawaii)
- Thoth Alpha-Omega Melchizedek mystical schools
- Lord Melchizedek and related channel contacts
- Christian-Protestant text distortions
- Osirius-Isis-Horus Egyptian schools
- Most groups were Emerald Covenant loyal until Thoth defected from Emerald
Covenant just prior to the SAC (Stellar Activations Cycle) and Eieyani
Massacre of 22, 326 BC
- Coerced Enoch and his Kodazhim hybrid races to defect from the Emerald
Covenant to enter the Luciferian Covenant in 10,500 BC to launch
"Hyksos-Knights Templar Master Race Plan."
- Works closely with Nibiruian Enlil-Odedicron-Anunnaki Pleiadian
Samjase-Luciferian Anunnaki (primary allies), Zeta-Reticuli Zephelium,
Necromiton-Andromie/Drakonian/Jehovian-Nephilim (primary allies), hybrids
and Centaur-Luciferian Anunnaki.

- A driving force in the contemporary New Age movement Indigo-Hi-Jack Plan
(body snatching of as-yet unawakened Indigo Maji Types 1-2-3 via Astral
implant tagging, astral over-shadowing and eventual full body possession).

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  1. Correction: E'Asha Ashayana does not channel. Ever. She specifically says that channeling can damage your code, among other hazards. She communicates via Keylontic Transmission. It's some sort of bio-electrical transmission.