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Thursday, January 19, 2017

KS REALITY TALKS: 1-9-17 Dr Paul Theriault PART 3 Compatibility Between Different Bodies of Work

update on the 12/16/16 Anniversary Note ++

Published on Jan 11, 2017
MUSIC: 'You Wish' -Nightmares on Wax

Dr. Paul Theriault's update and thoughts on the Arhayas 12/16/2016 FAIL-SAFE 5th Anniversary Note

A candid conversation with Dr Paul Theriault-

Rose's interview* and The Eieyani
Compatibility of the different bodies of work
Redemption with world leaders
The Guardian's history of decisions disagreed on


KS Reality Talks: 3-6-15 Dr. Paul Theriault - PART 2 - A few words on the current Ascension Mechanics
KS Reality Talks:: Dr. Paul Theriault - 5-5-2015 (Part1

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E’Asha’s earlier AMCC-MCEO-GA™ translations Foundational Programs include the Voyagers Series Books,The Amenti Series™ Classes™, the Keylonta Primer Transcript™, Keylontic Morphogenetic Science™, The Tangible Structure of the Soul™ Program, The Life Empowerment Workshop Series™-,The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Series-™, The Emerald Covenant Planetary Templar Stewardship Initiative™, The Spiritual Discovery Workshop Series™, and The MCEO Freedom Teachings Series™. The Foundational Programs are AMCC-MCEO-GA™ authorized Speaker-1 verbatim translations from the local-level Cloister-Dora-Teura Plate Silver-Discs Series™ (the CDT-Plates) of the AMCC-MCEO-GA™ Record.

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We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the True Nature of reality. Please note that we are in no way associated with ARhAyas Productions ( The Guardian Alliance have advised us that due to the escalation of energy and activations occurring during this infusion cycle (SAC- Stellar Activation Cycle) that we connect with a level of ourselves called the Plasma Body. To connect with the Plasma Body, the Guardian Alliance has advised us to run the techniques found here: The advice is to run these techniques before ANY OTHER technique. This includes the older Freedom Teaching material or any other energy techniques found on the internet. The Plasma frequencies are part of the Inner Domains realities which hold an undistorted connection to Source.

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