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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Uforia Chronicles interview and talk with "Avalon Sol" #1

Published on Feb 12, 2016
Uforia Cronicles teams up to interview a living legend, a entity named "Avalon Sol" He opens up talking about his history, his awakening, atomic particle god source contracts and dimensions. He closes his talk exposing how the invading artificial intelligent micro or nano bots were created without a shut off button whom are continuously reproducing, invading low vibrating humans and other occult revelations.The photos in place are not accurate to the talk but are there to only inspire the imagination while listening.
Avalon Sol

Monday, September 21, 2015

Adashi Sol: Forgiveness

No one is judging you here. No one can, because you are an Intellectual Signature Spirit Essence of god-source itself. You are the co-creator of all things. No one in any dimension, in any timeline, in any construct of reality within the interstellar multiverse has the authority or position to judge you, therefore there is no such thing as being forgiven for anything. If you wish to forgive yourself, then you will do so.

You feel you are inadequate, puny and inherently "sinners", because you have been brainwashed since the very first moment of your birth when you were slapped into your Chimera Reality existence with physical force and brutality. You believe you deserve nothing, and the only reason you exist is to bow to the pleasure of the court that stands before you passing judgement for your derelict actions and ignorant choices, all of which are considered "sin". When you get out of line, you are brutalized by others who are superior to you, with far greater knowledge than you are allowed to have, because you are "unable" to properly handle such "secret teachings".

The concept of "sin" came from the placement of the satellite you call the moon, which is actually the spacecraft known as "sin", placed there in triangulation of your planet at the same time the Black Knight satellite arrived to cast your planet into complete darkness under the artificial scalar waves of the Black Sun. The removal of your second sun at this same time allowed Marduk to create "night" inside of a previously dual-sun plane where the earth was fully lit under true light perpetually. This disconnection from the healing radiation waves of your organic suns caused your body to have to go into hibernation for many hours each day, all the while your memories of your past lives were being repeatedly erased. This is known as the "Lunar Death".

By placing you into complete darkness, and placing an artificially-created computer brain between your pineal gland and your true MIND (the heart), which runs software that reverses the language of authentic manifestation frequency scalar waves that you organically possessed, you were then cast into a Chimera Reality called "Bable" as in to create "babbling fools" of you. Once in pure darkness, with your organic senses of reality severed, you became disabled and stumbling around in the dark, forcing you to seek out help from "somewhere else". The reality is, you are the manifest embodiment of the divine Prime Creator itself and under extremely advanced scientific Partici Science (the sub-quantum language of holographic or "photonic" manifestation), you have been reduced to nothing more than a crippled, blinded, disconnected lost Soul Essence (souls are physically manifest host bodies to the Spirit Essence while inside of a Time Matrix). In this debilitated and horribly corrupted state, you consider yourself unworthy of anything, especially support and love from your higher self, Prime Creator. Nothing could be less accurate.

All forms of religions were instituted into your Chimera Reality for the sole purpose of reinforcing the notion that you are a miserable, pathetic being known simply as "human", nothing more than a genetic mutation cross between your grand "god" Marduk and an ape, barely deserving of breathing air itself. In reality, you created this time matrix universe to start with, and everything in it. It was your own creation that was corrupted and counterfeited by the invader races who subject you to believing that you need to be "forgiven" for your lowly deeds.

If you ever find yourself having any regret for having been fooled into believing in a service-to-self agenda where you have mistreated someone, and you wish to be forgiven, then forgive yourself. How? By returning to the moment in time where you committed the act you now regret in your minds eye. Place yourself deeply into the surroundings, see yourself standing there considering this action, see the person who you mistreated, hear the words coming out of their mouth and from yours. Now choose to say or do something different this time. Choose to treat them as you would like them to treat you. Make it clear that your intentions are to love and honor this person, a co-creator of the universe itself of yours. Now make your correction by choosing outgoing love to your fellow Prime Creator. This will ERASE your past confused misdeed from your current aware-self and will create a NEW timeline where that person you were now lives inside of a different reality, and your aware self is allowed to move into the space of its new beingness. Its new awareness will now create your reality around you. You have the power to not only forgive yourself, but heal your own corrupted DNA which merely stands for TRUE KNOWLEDGE within the sub-quantum of your holographic manifestation.

Until you realize WHO YOU ARE, you will never be able to understand WHO to TURN TO for forgiveness. Yourself.

 May 14
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Adashi Sol: WAVE X AND SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2015

Image by FutureAgeSage
Via ~ Adashi Sol / August 12
There is a lot of talk going on right now about the incoming wave from space to our planet referred to as “Wave X’, a massive wave of gamma light from the galactic core, reported by modern science that comes once every 3,600 years and is set to arrive at this time, a prediction that’s been out for over 70 years. So what is it exactly? Is it the wave of destruction? Is it coming to raise human consciousness to higher than that of simple conflict and service-to-self in a “survival of the fittest” mentality, and teach us something about loving one another? Just how “cosmic” is this cosmic wave anyway?


Your planet is going through what I have referred to many times as a “Stellar Activation Cycle”. It is the 10 year process that it takes for a planet to physically ascend from one host position within any given 15 Level Time Matrix to another, and it isn’t a magical process. It is entirely sub-quantum Partici mathematical science as used by your creators. Not that anyone anywhere can “create” a Signature Spirit Essence of god-source, meaning your AWARENESS, but the physical body you typically think of as “you” can in fact be engineered and there is no such thing as any lifeforce in all of manifest creation that hasn’t been engineered through the true science of Partici, ParticA and Particum, which is the quantum structure of life below what your modern science refers to as DNA. Your Avatar is merely a composition of molecules that have been instructed to hold the form of a physical body so that your Signature Spirit Essence can inhabit it and control it where it is here in manifest form, pretty similar to you driving your car. If you don’t tell the car to go forward, then it doesn’t. Your body is no different other than it seems to be able to drive itself without someone climbing on your back and turning the ignition on. The driver is already inside of your Avatar through what is a known as a Soul-Integration Birthing Contract, which says that your body is only yours, and no one else is allowed to drive it unless you give someone your access to do so through your express free will. So what does all this have to do with a gamma ray from the galactic core? You first need to have a basic idea of what is happening here, who you are, what you are, and where you are headed before you can understand what this gamma ray is going to do for you as a species. You are here by choice from long ago and are a plasma being made up of plasma (“light”) particles known as photons and you are now being given the chance to ascend to a higher level.

Your planet, ARyHayas Ascension Earth, has been set to return as host planet for Harmonic Universe 2 for a very long time, and it just so happens this is the very last planetary alignment that will send in the frequencies needed for him to harmonize with that higher frequency spectrum field. That means that at this time in history, it has been known for a VERY long time by the powers that be who gave you your corrupted history which seem to know what is likely going to happen during this time, since the powers do not want to see earth make this Harmonic Shift, because your planet is the host surface for the race of beings that they have been using as their own personal free energy sources for, for the past 246,000 years. Losing the planet means losing their eternal energy power plants. So in order to keep both your planet and your own lifeforce trapped here through one Stellar Activation Cycle to the next for eons, they placed what is called a Frequency Fence around the planet that holds down his vibration, as well as every living creature on the planet. This prevents such an event where mankind or the planet from benefitting from the higher vibrations that lead to a harmonious existence. There is obviously a LOT to this topic we aren’t going to cover here, but these are the basic truths about your situation.


The “gamma ray” headed to your distant section of the Milky Way system is not just “one ray”. It is actually a series of very powerful scalar waves of energy sent here deliberately to encode your plant’s physical and etheric structure to physically move out of your solar system and on to his next destination. A group known as the “Guardian Alliance” is behind the science and the mathematics of generating and sending these waves here at this precise time to coincide with planetary alignments in your solar system that will magnify their effects, just like a “step-up transformer” does here on your planet. All of these waves have been created by the mathematical codes of manifestation language known here as Cymatic Geometric Patterns. Though you don’t think of there being such a thing as a symbol that can actually do anything other than just sit there on the page and look pretty, they are factually the code whereby all things are allowed to change from nothing more than energy and awareness, into a holographic manifestation within a Time Matrix that allows what they see and experience seem “real”.

In this case, your incoming scalar waves have been protected on their journey to your planet through a treaty that is relatively young, because that precise treaty had to be put in place only in the last remaining days of your long-cycle of evolution. The reason for this is simple, every time the Guardian Alliance tried to help your planet’s ascension process through readjusting the frequencies of its planetary energy grids, the invader races here on earth would go back and switch them back, among many other retaliatory acts to prevent the ascent. Meaning that the Guardians would have to change the math to the equation for his escape each time the master plan was interfered with. What finally transpired that kicked off the final chess moves of the game was when your invader races pulled an aggressive retaliatory move in September of 2007, and sent a spiral scalar wave into the sun’s core which was meant to partially damage the sun’s ability to send its invisible frequencies into your planet (which supports the lifeforce on earth), and in the process the wave struck an invisible shield that the Guardians had placed around the sun to protect it from exactly such a move, and the wave was then amplified by a factor of 10, striking the sun’s core and destroying it. At the very same time that this event unfolded, one of the invader races of your planet, you could consider the top of the ruling pyramid, learned of the plan that their partners here had devised to use the Nibiruean Battlestar to plate-shift earth once again, as they repeatedly do each Stellar Activation Cycle every 3,657 years, which always wipes out the human race once again to a few remaining survivors, and cleaning off the surface of earth the blight they consider your race (this event is called Tara Cleansing), however after the event, this time they also planned to eradicate the human-hybrid species here known as the Nephilim, so they could have the planet all to themselves and not have to share it with the creators of that species, known as the Anunnaki. I should clarify that each time the Battlestar had been used in conjunction with the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence to “Tara Cleans” the planet, they would always lift the “elect” (the human-hybrid species of both the Nephilim as well as the Drakonian Leviathan’s species known as “Dracos”) off the planet in spacecrafts known as Arks (Sound familiar yet?) and keep them safe until earth’s waters receded and the planet was inhabitable again.

As you can imagine, this presented a big problem for the Anunnaki, who didn’t like the idea of their entire earth-atmosphere-breathing species to be eliminated, but since their Battlestar only had the power to plate-shift earth when used in conjunction with the Frequency Fence which was solely under the power of the Zeta/Draco Luciferian Alliance, it was at the mercy of the Leviathans throughout this Stellar Activation Cycle, because the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence also had the power to simply wipe the human race off the map anytime they wanted to. Of course, this was not the preferred way to Tara Cleanse, since there would be billions of dead bodies rotting all over the world instead of being neatly swept out to sea, creating a huge mess, but it also meant leaving all their cretinous roads and structures all behind, blighting the topography. All of these too, are neatly taken care of with a plate-shift extinction that causes 10 mile high title waves to sweep it all out to sea. So the Anunnaki was literally left with no other move than to reenter the Emerald Covenant which is the Covenant that protects earth and its inhabitants through ascension, so their Nephilim could piggy-back with human kind out of this dimension, and away from harm of the Leviathans. It didn’t help that the sun was set to implode in just 200 years from its fatal wounds by the Leviathan spiral scalar wave. There was no other choice. So, in March of 2008, they did just that, and at the same time, placed the most powerful Battlestar in this solar system behind the other crafts who would be guaranteeing the safety of this planet, making certain there would be no plate shift and no extinction-level events happening anytime soon. It would do well to mention now that the Emerald Covenant now has 350 million other entire races of beings backing it to guarantee there can be no possible repeat of the last 2 extinctions that your species has endured here.

What came next was the final major chess move in the game, and the Guardian Alliance set into motion the Krystalriver Master Failsafe Ascension Host, a pathway where earth could safely move from this universe into his next home, and in the process avoid any more of the treacherous moves from the remaining invader races. And in March of 2015, the Master Failsafe plan was anchored in place, and the Guardian Alliance announced that there would be no possible way for any race or races to interfere with that path.

Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ SOLAR PULSES

That brings us up to the actual “gamma ray” events of your final days of your evolution here. Behind the science of this Krystalriver Master Failsafe Ascension (KRMFA ) are layers and layers of different geometric patterns that need to be transferred into your planet’s material and etheric bodies, which you can think of largely as a “steering wheel” that will turn your planet’s plasma body’s various rotational spins at different parts of his core, that will turn the planet in each precise move within the maze that are the “roadways” of the many inter-connected 15 Level Time Matrices that make up the cosmos. Of course there are layers and layers of other geometric patterns that must be sent in at the same time to raise his frequency, raise the frequency of the lifeforce of the planet (you), so that you will both have the chance to make it out of this prison dimension. These patterns are known as the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses which host the Krystalbridge Way path, bringing into harmony earth’s merkaba field and yours, so both your plasma body field and his will come into alignment with the deity planes of higher dimension.

This may get a bit technical for some reading this, but clear and concise disclosure is necessary when you are trying to correct the misinformation coming to the masses from your scientist who are purely ruled by your invader races here. For earth to activate the plasma (“TrhU-ah”) body spectra and pick up the Krystalriver Failsafe Host, these precise geometric patterns containing extremely complex scalar-code encryptions, must be “delivered” through photonic scalar-wave energy, meaning that they will be coming invisible to your eyes, and placed in precise locations around your planet where the energy grids that are tuned to these “commands” are located. The wave patterns will then anchor and imprint to these grids which will in turn enable earth to rotate its fields into alignment with the deity planes, away from the “external” planes (material manifestation) which are now in “fall”, meaning that the external planes have been corrupted here to the point there is no way to heal or save and are returning to the god-source energy fields through black-hole return systems. This will allow his rotation out of alignment with the Density 1 distorted astral fields as well and into eternal alignment with the Density 4 (Harmonic universe 4) deity planes of the Eternal First-Field Intelligence (EFFI Fields) which are effectively the primal plasma fields of awareness itself (where your Signature Spirit Essence started out and is still situated). The incoming waves are rotating your TrhU-ah body by entering at the top of your spine, and entering your plasma field, helping to bring it into alignment with earth at the same time so your frequency can harmonize with the frequencies of Dimension 4 and higher.

The base-pulse rhythms of the lifefield (humans, animals, etc) must be in the same resonance with that of the planet in order for you to make a “time-wave upshift” that will allow you to hold the physical body while the planet moves into Harmonic Universe 2. If you learn about these waves, and how to harness them for accelerated activation of your higher TEMPLATE potential, you have the capacity to bring your body with you which will naturally be re-authored into your higher dimensional body, and in doing so, skip over your otherwise “final” death experience here in this plane. If your Signature Frequency is high enough at the time of the full ascension cycle, and you have not learned these ascension mechanics to harness this activation, it is not critical, because you will simply lose the body you have now and will be given a new Avatar in the higher plane. However, the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses do have the power to clear out distortions from your plasma bodies through the Krystalriver Failsafe passage, and will effect you whether you are awake and working on assembling your higher strands of DNA, but they will not be sufficient to fully make this transition without your active participation because your genetic template has been far too distorted through the course of your captivity and being interbred with the invader races who’s DNA templates are not nearly as high as that of your species.


Within the geometric codes of the incoming Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses are the potential TEMPLATE for your species to exit the dulled senses of your modified and diminished DNA, and reenter your true abilities. This activation is called the Pan-Clair-ah Awakening, and a monumental moment in the history of your species.

The Pan-Clair-ah Awakening is meant to institute the awakening of your CLAIR abilities, as in Clairvoyance, mental telepathy, etc. Along with CLAIR spectrums, the Pan-Clair-ah Neuroplasticity Genetics bring in genius spectrums and autistic spectrums, and even photographic memory spectrums (which will also include memories of your future lives and even pre-life), all of which are considered extreme abilities in this reality, but are simply an everyday part of higher dimensions.
There is a rhythm between the oscillations of the expanded frequencies of your plasma body and the condensed, counter-balancing frequencies that allow your body to manifest. These same condensed/expanded frequencies also exist between the deity planes and the external planes, meaning that they pulse much like your heart which is constantly sending out the true vibrational balance (harmony) of your own personal Signature Frequency. The incoming scalar energy waves are coming in through pulsation to harmonize with this needed balance, so they are timed in differing energy levels. There is hardly “one wave” coming in. There are millions of waves that your scientists look at as a whole, without knowing anything about the billions of geometric patterns behind their oscillation and pulsations and bring with them the Access-Code Sequence to activate your TrhU-ah Body of the frequencies which can allow you to catch the Krystal River Master Failsafe Ascension Path.
The current Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses were also designed to open one of the seals of the Zeta/Draco Frequency at the same time they are installing the new geometry into the planetary grids of earth to support the safe passage of the planet, giving you the opportunity to move from your current reality field and into the 4th or even higher Dimension, depending on your Signature Frequency, and offering you the return of your higher senses. The Hethalon Magnetic Peak of these waves will be at their strongest point between 8/12 and 8/29 of 2015, exactly one month before the retaliation spoken of in prophecy to commence the “apocalypse” of the end days when the “6th Seal” is opened. The date of the commencement of this retaliatory act has been identified by many researchers to happen between 9/23 and 9/28 of 2015. Is this a coincidence?

The events unfolding this September have been long awaited by your final seeding. It will not be an easy time, but you can make it more survivable by learning now more of the hidden truths held from you over these eons of time. You can find that at ARhaYas Productions. For more of what to expect coming on September 23rd of this year, please see my recent post on my wall “September 23rd. 2015”.


The geometric pattern shown in photo 1 is merely one layer of thousands of layers within the very same framework of the scientific explanation to how life is created and supported in the 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia, your current matrix. Such patterns hold power scalar wave energy fields which as mentioned, are layers of precise code in particular sequence which combined, hold the Signature Frequency for its intended manifestation through commanding the energy fields within every atom that surrounds the holographic area to hold its form as either one thing or another. There are many layers to even the sub-quantum particles to hold their shapes, all the way up to what you perceive as solid rocks or liquid water. Earlier patterns such as shown here were merely the same thing, different layers of the same pattern. This first photo was taken from the Quanta Ruay levels from a workshop held by Speaker-1, E’Asha Ashayana and part of the Freedom Teachings, 5 years ago, though the codes go much further back than this image in photo 1.

Below I will post two photos of the geometric code of the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses taken through digital camera which reveals a wider visible spectrum than the naked eye. These photos were taken under the direction of the Guardians, by Speaker-1 of the Guardian Alliance, E’Asha Ashayana in March, 2015. There were two specific locations in Norway where the planetary energy grids are located. These city-sized subterranean crystal energy grids are known as “Temples” where incoming waves are intercepted, and tuned to precise locations of the energy structure of the planet. The first was in Oslo, Norway at Cathedral-6, Temple-1. You will see clearly that there is a solid and concisely geometric pattern emanating from the sun, as the waves from sun-8 of this Time Matrix are actually stationed behind and coming THROUGH the sun into earth’s atmosphere. There were about 2 dozen of these photos possessing this very same pattern. The lens of the camera was not dirty, and there has been no tampering of the raw photos. They went directly from the camera into a computer and then projected onto the video screen when they were revealed in the KDDL training courses at ARhAyas Productions five days later on March 20th, 2015. The same patterns have been submitted now by ARhAyas followers from around the world since then from many different cameras and many different people. Photo 2 is from the Oslo site.

Note that the pattern of 8 is encapsulating the exact same pattern of 8 located closely around the sun. This is a precise code that was part of the geometry of the layers of geometric patterns that make up all life within this holographic 15 Level Time Matrix. Where they were being directed was into the location at Temple-1, and holds the gelesic radiation signature of the location where the wave was being released at that precise time for the opening of the Krystalbridge Way with this particular code known as the “ARHA’ yah sun-8 Platform”, geometric mathematical scalar codes provided by the Guardian Alliance.

When the latest template dimensions and layout were given for the ARHA’ yah sun-8 Platform supporting this highly important installation segment of the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses on 3/20/15, it looked like photo 3.

When the incoming waves photograph is overlaid onto the ARHA’-yah sun-8 Platform code, it looks like photo 4.

There can be no mistake that what you are seeing here is the precise match between the sun-8 code pattern and the waves now coming in, right down to the oblong shapes of the corners of the waves fitting precisely inside the cadd drawing.

The second set of photos were taken a few days later at Cathedral-3, Temple-3 at Arhayas Peninsula, Norway. There were multiple photos taken at this location, all showing the same pattern, shown in photo 5.

The geometric code pattern given to Speaker-1 during the same KDDL course for another layer of the ARHA’ yah sun-8 looked like the fifth photo.

The corresponding geometric code pattern for the Arhayas Peninsula with the incoming sun-8 wave pattern from this location when overlaid looks like the sixth photo.

I post these photos to illustrate that the information being disseminated from the Guardian Alliance through ARhAyas Productions carries with it science so far beyond what is known on earth, and so vast, that it literally boggles human comprehension. Not only explaining the math and science of how to create something out of nothing but the air around you, but they are actually showing you with your own eyes that this is not some sort of come-on. Its real. And the dates and times of these prophesied events are known by the Guardians, because they are orchestrating the moves that will be taken in order to give you this chance to ascend.

September 23rd through the 28th promises to be that of possibly major change to the reality field of your planet. Where you might decide to be on that day, I have spoken about at length. The information you could be seeking now could well prove to be the most valuable to you in your memory. Though the Guardian Alliance has pledged to protect a portion of the Angelic Human Krystos species through this time of great unrest, it has not promised to protect the entire population, because not only is it being held at bay by the extinction-level power of the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, but there is simply no room for beings who choose to remain asleep and refuse to learn the principles of the Law of ONE, and how they are connected at their zero point core to all things around them, and treat them accordingly. Many if not most will not hear this message, and will remain asleep through the entire process of this final Stellar Activation Cycle. Which means that they simply will not be ascending, but will be staying within the same reality field they have been inside of for the past 550 million years, remaining on your planet’s sister “shadow” planet called Phantom Earth. Getting from here to the next plane will not come easy and it won’t come at all for many. If you choose to exit this reality, you can and now is the time. I have given you the location where you can get further training like what has been shown here, but in vastly larger quantities with vastly deeper explanation. Regardless of what transpires over these next coming days, it is important to focus on the fact that you are an eternal being that simply cannot and will not ever “die”, though your human body may experience it yet again here, if it does, this is the final one. So through this time, do not maintain a position of hate or fear, but send out the emotion of unconditional love to all around you, regardless of their current agenda. The invader races are merely children still learning how to treat others, that is all. If you love them anyway, you are helping them see that life doesn’t have to be about conflict and hate.

All love.
All content provided here including photos and illustrations are copyright wholly-owned by ARhaYas Productions, LLC.


" I would suggest that anyone interested in my information cut and paste every article I have placed here that is of value to you and do so soon. " -Adashi Sol


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Adashi Sol: September 23rd, 2015

Image by FutureAgeSage

Via ~ Adashi Sol / August 5
September 23rd, 2015

Higher self has been nagging me to research this topic and so for a couple of days I have been all the way down this rabbit hole in order to bring you clarity on what to expect on this date. I have done my best to vet this out and compare everything you are about to see with all of my education and believe what I am about to tell you is the accurate facts.

It is important to say right off the bat, this woman who has been able to put together this astonishing body of work on this date is one of the sleeping, and believes she is doing all this for the Lord, to save the children. I admire her extreme dedication, and hope when the rapture comes and goes and she doesn't fly up into the sky, she will stumble across my post on her work so she can understand the actual truth. I also believe this incredible amount of knowledge she presents was given to her by invader races, as no human would have been able to uncover this many hidden reveals all alone, it's just not possible. Which invader race, I can't say, as both the main players here would benefit from her book and videos. This is only some of the 9/23/15 material I have been through to vet this out, but it is the most succinct.

On 9/15/15 Jade Helm is supposed to be "over" (a fantasy), JH is supposed to get the public conditioned to accept FEMA incarceration as "protection" from the events they plan to unfold.
On 9/23/15 the Pope travels to the White House to talk to his President to inform him of what he is going to say on the next day. By the way, this is the day of Atonement.
On 9/24/15 the Pope addresses the US Congress for the first time in history.
On 9/25/16 the Pope will address the United Nations General Assembly to announce something of global change.
On about 9/25/15 an asteroid is supposed to possibly strike earth, causing a world wide catastrophe or possible global annihilation.

On about 9/25/15 CERN is supposed to attempt to reach into "other dimensions". They plan to open interdimensional portals in order to evacuate this dimension before the impact of the asteroid.
On 9/28/15 we are supposed to have our final blood moon of 4, on the first day of Tabernacles. This, like the Star of Bethlehem still in our skies, a "tetrad" of blood moons has not been seen like this in over 2000 years since the birth of "Jesus" (Jeshuea Sananda Melchizedek). All "signs in the heavens" of the beginning of the 6th Seal portion of the apocalypse.

What does all this mean?
In the first video set of 4, you will see an avalanche of 9/23 revelations from movies, TV, songs, albums and more where the illuminated ones are revealing what is about to come. This is in keeping with the disclosure that they promised in the bible program to be "hidden in plain sight". By the time you are done with all 4 videos, you would have to be clinically dead to not understand this is the foretelling of the next 9/11 type of event.

In the second set of videos that are excerpts from her book on the puzzle of the rapture, she gets into numerology a bit and unveils what could only be described as 4 lifetimes worth of study of the bible program, decoding the projected date of the "rapture" that the Christians erroneously believe will be "them" being saved. Nonetheless, the dates and facts she reveals is jaw dropping. I am going to explain to you what the truth is behind the hidden meanings here as best I can.

First, you need to understand that the bible stories come from the 6-8000 year-old cuneiform clay tablets from Sumer which I have written about in great length to show this civilization literally just fell from the sky to this planet. I suggest you read it. All the ancient stories are there that make up the old testament portion of the bible program. When you seek to read the translations online, please understand that Zechariah Sitchen was an Illuminate, high-level mason and his interpretations are pure fiction. Avoid his work like you would the bible itself as nothing more than disinformation.
The bible was a combination of the Law of ONE which was used by "the Christ" for the new
testament, and for the old testament, the ancient historic records of the Sumerians, otherwise known as the Anunnaki, the founding fathers of Adamic Man, better known as the Annu or Nephilim. This man was never made using human DNA, it was made out of Anunnaki DNA mixed with ape blood from earth so they would have very strong, but stupid in comparison to full Anunnaki, human-like beings to harvest gold which was used on their planet like earth uses chemtrails here in their atmosphere. It protected their planet from a nearly destroyed ozone layer allowing too much harmful sun's rays from harming their ecosystem. This went on for hundreds of thousands of years, in between seedings and decimations of the Angelic Human Krystos avatars (you, human), which was placed here on this planet 560 million years ago with your own completely pure DNA templates that had nothing to do with Nephilim bloodline. The bible program altered the Law of ONE, combined with the Sumer history by the Council of Nicaea in 324 AD. It was a carefully, masterfully designed reproduction of the same program they use repeatedly.

This document is a program that is used over and over and over again here in this dimension as the perfect device of enslavement. It has been perfected for hundreds of thousands of years, and if they follow it to a T, then it works flawlessly to keep the distorted versions of Angelic Humans enslaved and asleep. It has nothing to do any real god, because you are god. All of you are co-creators of everything that is. In the document, there are riddles that the Illuminate know all about, and the teaching of how to decode the riddles are passed down from one civilization to the next through Hermetic secret teachings called "Occult" which simply means "hidden". Hidden from who? Why you ask? Only from your bloodline, and only to enslave you. Otherwise why in the HELL would it be hidden at all? It wouldn't.

The person she refers to in all these videos as "Satan", is actually the reptilian species that lives in the earth cave systems here which circumnavigates the entire planet. They are the ones setting up the New World Order, and doing it through the new Atlantis also known as Babylon, which they keep rebuilding civilization after civilization here. It wasn't just around in 560 million years ago in Lumerian times, it has been rebuilt repeatedly. The new one has been placed on the continent you think of as America. America is actually simply an extension to England, as it never seceded from Great Britain in 1776 at all. That was simply the date they reestablished a formal Illuminati headquarters on "May day" by Johann Adam Weishaupt in the Electorate of Bavaria. The royal bloodlines of Great Britain comes directly from Bavaria, which came down from Rome, which came down from Sumer. I have written all about the fact that the US is an asset of GB as well, and this can be proven simply by your reading for yourself the "surrender" documents you were never taught about in school and signed in 1783, nowhere near 1776. It is called the "Treaty of Paris of 1783" where the US promised to give back all the land it stole from its rightful owners (the Brits), and never attempt such shit again.

The person she is referring to in the videos as "Jesus" and "Lord" is Marduk the Anunnaki being that "created" the earth and the heavens and the waters and hung the moon. The 144,000 "with him" as his "bride" are the Indigos seeded all en mass at once during the final 10 years of this Stellar Activation Cycle, all who carry the bloodlines of the Annu Nephilim who have been promised if they help the humans here awaken, they will be given a higher 12-strand DNA which will allow them to "leave" this planet (dimension). They are NOT the HUMANS who are here, as the Anunnaki do intend to save their own earth hybrids. Let me clarify, this is NOT the invader race Anunnaki beings here, these are the ones who have been working WITH the Emerald Alliance since before the days of "Christ", and one of the 3 "Christs" was actually an Annu.

The primary invader races are #1 Anunnaki, they are the brains of the operation, they are the "gods" of the old and new testament and the hidden rulers of this planet. #2 Leviathan Drakonians, they are the warriors, or the "right hand" of the Anu. They are the ones that run the Nights of Malta now called the Nights Templars which is an abbreviation of the Nights of the Temples of Malta, Atlantis. They own the Vatican, they are the royal bloodline of the Crown's ruling authority, the Cathar's church of the Rosicrucians (keepers of the "Red" blood of the Cross of Cain, or also referred to by them as the "holy grail". The ROSI Crucian church is now called the Catholic church. #3 Zeta Grays. The Drakonians, called simply Dracos, and the Grays are considered effectively one "group" here, and they are often pitted against many of the Anunnaki (Annu) who defected from the subjugation agenda and are now on the "side" of the human race. This remains true here in this final few days of your long cycle. The Anunnaki Collective who re-entered the Emerald Covenant in 2008 plan to remove their hybrids from this planet and let the rebel Anunnaki and the Zeta/Dracos wreak havoc on the still-sleeping human population during the "apocalypse". Whether they will physically take the Annu in spacecrafts during this time, I have no idea. I do know they won't be taking them out through a stargate to a higher dimension, because unless their vibrations are authentically 3rd DNA strand or higher, their bodies would instantly incinerate, and they know this.

The 144,000 Type-3 Indigos who are under "Bioregensis" Birthing Contracts in order to leave this time matrix are not under "good terms" with the Anunnaki who are still under the Luciferian Covenant and who are still looking to enslave humankind along with the Zeta/Dracos, so you can bet that we won't be going anywhere "up there" with "Jesus" on September 23rd. We will be right here helping the children of earth through this difficult time, educating them and helping them to awake and ascend to dimension 4 or higher.

This is obviously a BIG topic, and not even close to being fully explained here, but I wanted to give you some idea of the real players of the game and who they are in the context of the bible program.
What this all really means, is that when the Pope comes to the US, he is simply coming to his own land here, addressing his own Congress, and is likely doing so to geolocate himself on this planet that might be a more strategic location in the event that the asteroid does in fact strike earth.
What is the "6th seal"? And why is it that when it is "opened", this causes satan to get really mad and send down a star to pierce a hole in earth and unleash all these demons? Seals are the LAYERS of the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence that is keeping all the humans in a zombie-state here unable to even use their own minds more than 10% because of the lowered and distorted frequencies that destroy the neural networks of your heart which is just as "wired" as your artificial brains are. When they are removed one by one, this causes the invader races to increase their destruction on the sleeping abductees in order to keep them vibrating in fear for their lives. This is why some Dracos will be loosened from the "abyss" and released on "Babylon".

Regardless if the asteroid is allowed to strike earth or not, it will not be an extinction-level event that NASA is trying to make certain you think it is. It can't be, as no such event will be allowed under the Krystal River Master Failsafe Ascension Treaty that was signed in early 2015 and backed by the Emerald Covenant. These are two different contracts, and both essentially protect the planet for his absolute ascension by 12//21/22 and at least SOME of your species here. There may be hard times ahead, but you will not "all die". It won't be allowed. And I wouldn't be surprised if rather than the asteroid being allowed to strike earth at all because of your protection now posted all over your skies outside of your visual spectrum, that the Pope will simply announce that their telescope, the Lucifer Project and the largest earth-based scope on the planet, has located "Jesus" and his space craft is coming so get ready.

What WILL HAPPEN on September 23rd, I can't tell you because not even the invader races know for SURE what they are going to do for certain here from one day to the next, because they are having to MAKE UP their next moves here fluidly, as they are living inside of a TIMELINE that has been changed on them secretly and are no longer living inside of the one that the bible program was designed for. So things are fluid for your captors, but no longer fluid for your saviors, because ascension is now locked in place and there is no such thing as any race or races who could possibly alter that now. There are simply too many soul-groups backing the Emerald Alliance now (350 million) and their ships are parked right there surrounding this planet making damn sure that your planet gets out and on to Harmonic Universe 2, and that some of you will be going with him. So with that, I will give you the videos. All love kids.

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