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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Message from a Nimwit, Michael Pile a crapingson - Fakes & Immitation #FWH

Fakes & Immitation.   accept no FAKES.....    

2013 The Original Michael Crappingson Live in Action well soon.
14 minutes ago

  • Ra Ka Isha Rakmeister timing CrapiongSon skype haha on air wih Jp and still p[laying. so another PIC for my wall with a FAKE , picture i call "a pile a Crap on air and still sick. No silver seed awakening for you bro" No Hosting Niether #tune in and ask Pro Pedo's about his games and issues games... #RR the host with the Biggest BSheadcBeans4asedisorder.
    Home page for Revolution Radio

  • Ra Ka Isha Rakmeister i do feel for JayPee though, but thats his pick, some just stuck in timne...

    stuck in time he is , so lost.....  2 more months and your BS has reach 1 year MEGA BS MARK, congrats soon...  hawk must be proud