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Monday, May 28, 2012

Research shock: Fall asteroids can eliminate 10 countries! In Italy red

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

original in greek language see link below for it :)

The 10 countries most at risk:
China, Indonesia, India, Japan, USA, Philippines, Italy, Britain, Brazil, Nigeria.
The team at the University of Southampton announced the countries according to data from the NASA and its own investigations are at imminent risk of collapse if the map asteroids planets pass in the earth's atmosphere.
The survey showed that there are 47,000 "potentially hazardous" asteroids with diameters greater than 100 meters that are in orbit ..
the earth and if one of them "fall" in the earth's atmosphere is likely to destroy large areas or even countries.

Based on their measurements even if there is a drop of several asteroids at the same time you may even change the map of the earth. In this conclusion the scientists reached based on data gathered by the research probe WISE.
Ten countries are now on red alert as it is estimated that there will just be the biggest disaster. Greece, however, is not among them but the neighboring Italy is one of suspicion towards extinction.

It is the first time that scientists talk about possible damage from falling asteroids in certain countries, especially emphasizing that even the areas that will get completely destroyed so badly damaged that it will be impossible ever to recover.

"Because some asteroids are likely to be much closer to Earth, our research may help in the next generations and robotic exploration," said Amy Mainzer Earth, a senior NASA in California.

The same survey indicates that the composition of asteroids can be stone, granite or metal. Information relevant to assessing the potential risk of falling space rocks on Earth.

The composition of the rocks is very important because it gives an opportunity for researchers to estimate how easily catch fire when you enter the earth's atmosphere, so how fast it can fall apart causing less destruction.