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Friday, September 09, 2016

ultra: Dust Dreams it’s Last

Sequoia Adashi Lotus Arayas[tales of infinity]
Many days have past and the past versions of the now and the past have undergone change so rapidly and extensively in fact that the original narrative I was writing has already been declassified since more material and better comprehension is now currently accessible. Part of the reason for this is all of you, and individually for me, I have lived through a few time cycles, experienced a couple crucifixions, went to a bunch of alternate reality fields, got trapped, escaped, got trapped again and escaped again, saved the world, possibly destroyed another, then came back to this time matrix and into a bodily expression to begin again the telling of the tales of infinity.
 – – – – – – –
I was suddenly seized and found myself walking through a desert, lifeless even as deserts go, this was the place the final resting place of an alien god’s body. I knew immediately because this place was not a place anymore it was a lost section of time sealed away and kept hidden under keys of time that just now released. I could sense the gravity of the space-time warping around the skeletal remains I knew this god was not quite dead and yet it was also already beyond any act like salvation. As I approached the elongated skull of the Eshpheni alien I was impacted energetically, the resonant impact carried with it a knowing of the being’s last breath. I saw that it had joined all of it’s awareness into a unified point and then it had launched outward like a living tornado whose streams were made of insects and all of these little points of awareness spread to the outside fields of time and mind and light and space and sound to create a last dream for this alien no longer had a form to continue living within. [Shout out to stargate and the mummy as this information is encoded in these two stories]

This dream took shape as an alien green colored frequency wave that then expanded into the size of a world or an atom, since size is difficult to assess when traveling in spirit body. The alien green dream was superimposed upon the planet earth and upon it’s inhabitants, the first wave of humanity. The dream had know name but I could see it in the portals of my mind, I knew this dream was no dream at all it, not to man kind, to them this dream was a nightmare called The Fall. A portal window opened in my hand as I began to see how it came to be made manifest. At first the portal was inundated with wormholes as this alien consciousness had truly mastered timetravel. Portions of this alien god’s consciousness travelled back and forth threading itself into the woof and warp of the fabric of time, through all tracks then deemed dreamable or potential avenues of expression.
Then it decided to begin more actively engaging the creator’s involved in maintaining and building this great dream called the morphogenesis man. The alien’s first form was a biotechnological mosquito. It emerged from the time fields and descended upon the first man. Man’s reaction was fear, some frightening shadow had entered into man’s awareness and then disappeared. It had energetically surrounded the first man and on the external it manifested as the first mosquito who then drew man’s blood within it’s elongated mouth sucking nourishment into it’s tiny body. Immediately it began rebuilding chemical bonds and assembling DNA within itself. It spread into man as a first parasite and so began to influence man’s choice to further separate the original dream of heaven to the convoluted dream of decay that would allow this alien consciousness to continue living as a ghost within the system of mankind’s burgeoning consciousness.

From a higher dimensional perspective the pyramidal ships of the Eshpheni arrived in a time prior to the Egyptian holocaust over 20,0000 years ago but did not achieve control of the dream until roughly 12,576 BC. This group called themselves the Corteum, as a collective, but they were made up of several species of transtime incarnate beings, The Drakon, The Anunnanki, the Jehovians, The Pleiadian, Nefedim, Nephilim, Belial Sons, and Marduk-Anu Zeta Rigelian And Zephelium amoung others. The seed intent to take over the reality fields of the time matrix began many millions of years ago and yet manifested fully in form as this an event, the dying breath of an alien god torn to shreds by misuse of sacred geometry and the cycles of starfire.

It was this God’s dream that seized the heart of man with it’s false green. This dream was ushered into embodiment by Raven magic and further found footholds due to the use of black magic in grids especially those made in egyptian times by thoth and more recently reinforced by Aleister Crowley and associates and also by the actions of the so-called satanists. Know that the demonic is a lower way of saying negative extreterrstrial influence.

WE who know walk the straight and narrow. There is no need to fight a dead dream. Thus walk in the light and be not afraid, darkness cannot cultivate in the eye whose attention is fixed on the Source, Force, God or all the many fruits of Love that Unity has made.