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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bases 36 Mikkaal - Part One & Two

Bases 36 parts 1 & 2
Insights and direct experiencial abduction / MILAB accounts, with two full clear warnings to the parasitical nonhuman 5th race PTB.

Mikkaal is a unique experiencer, with genetics and deep thinking perception to describe some of the issues of the Bases project's subjects from PGLFs first mentioned by Barry and Lisa over 20 years ago, to the current ramifications of the Casbolt crisis. Some of which were used for the update of the time in April 2014. Taken from a series of interviews this is the first two parts.

Interviews by Miles and Mirjam Janse, a whole life coach and healer, and artist from Holland.
via hacked wifi 26hour upload

Youtube Channel: Miles Johnston

Bases 36 Interviewee Mikkall under Harassment from DJINN and POLICE

Mikkall has been stopped 3 times while out walking since the release of the bases 36 video, problems with his coded door system not letting him in and something sinister holding the door against him..
Facebook Group: The Original BASES Project 

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Monday, August 05, 2013

Bases 27 Anne Hess Spirit

Bases 27 Anne Hess Spirit

megawatts1066·290 videos on Aug 5, 2013
Anne has not authorized this for release, as some of the material is not correct. I have decided to do so as this is rare time when the "Spirit Guide Lover" is discussed.
The researcher needs to take care in these issues, so this is strictly about this section of her discussion.
The DJINN access humans via their emotions, and can be a parasitic lover, mesmerizing the victim, and entrancing. I believe this is the case with Anne.
Anne is a close friend but the last week has been too much, so I feel this kind of example of how a person can be enchanted by an "invisible non existent lover", should be made public.
I do not believe this is a incubus, but similar.

The Bases Project 27 Ascension Frequencies with Anne Hess Part 1

Bases 27 Anne Hess Part 2 Transhumanization