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Friday, February 19, 2016

KS Reality Talks: Avalon Sol 2-17-16

MUSIC: Anugama - Healing Earth (in 432 Hz tuning)
Avalon Sol shares with us his contact experience with a woman who displayed numerous telepathic and other worldly abilities such as a 'light show' displayed in the sky by linking with his pineal gland to a higher frequency, calling him frequently the moment he has a question to ask her, appearing to him as a white sphere of light. The giants in the stasis chambers ( and what agenda this was is discussed in detail. The Corey Goode testimonies are discussed and analyzed, and the potential correlations to a facet of the Guardian Alliance. Avalon talks about the different 'weights of water' and how air is water. Avalon's Theory of Spatial Relativity is presented and discussed along with the Fukushima radiation radiation, the 'Equator Repulsion Zone', Chemtrails and 'Nanites'; an Alkaline water tincture for Nanite removal is shared. The difference between the CDT plates and the KumA’yah AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disks is defined as well as the ascension dates from past and present and the many changes from old work/ new work.
(PLEASE NOTE: The ascension dates Avalon mention are based off of KS material from BEFORE the 2012 Fail safe Activation. Please refer to for the current ascension dates and more detail on ascension dynamics.) Avalon describes his views on Earth having a dome and his version of Flat Earth being a 'oblaque spheroid'. Avalon is an inventor who perfected a safer type of fog machine, along with a few other patents related to this invention, and is currently creating an off-grid self-sustaining sanctuary space of land for 'Indigo refugees'. For more details or for contributing to this project, please contact:


We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the true nature of reality. For more information please go to: Please note that we are in no way associated with The Guardian Alliance have advised us that due to the escalation of energy activations that have occurred during this infusion cycle (SAC- Stellar Activation Cycle) that we connect with a level of ourselves called the Plasma Body. To connect with the Plasma Body, the Guardian Alliance has advised us to run the techniques found here: The advice is to run these techniques before ANY OTHER technique. This includes the older Freedom Teaching material or any other energy techniques found on the internet. The Plasma frequencies are part of the Inner Domains realities which hold an undistorted connection to Source.

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