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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Peace Walker: Holy Trinity, Triwave Field of Living Light

Paths of Enlightenment

God Source Code is trinitized, as such this is the form of all sacred union. In Embodiment this refers to Hieros Gamos the fusion of the divine feminine and masculine currents and energy architecture of the rod and staff.

This geometry and living light excahnge instruction is a recoding of the distorted vesica piscis biwave and the installation of negative alien programming within the planetary brain and its horizontal phase-locked entropic sexual misery cycle.

The threefold phasing is necessary for electrons and protons to be drawn into the neutron core which is the atomic correlate to the zero point window of consciousness depolarization and expansion.
Direct spiritual experience of the cosmic christ-sophia as a living reality energy-identity is only possible through this lightcell which is activated through co-resonance existing in our emotional states as unwavering and endless compassion or a fiery eternal loving-kindness which burns away all embodiment to those thoughtforms, beings, and reality-dreams that recycle dead or disconnected energy.

This is nothing less than the profound fullness which is the exponential multiplication of the sacred krystal spiral expansion the mathematical unfolding of the radiant love which gave birth and is the Law of One, the direct Lines of light leading to and downloading God Source awareness-experience.
Mosta Asa! Holy Yanas, Christ Collectives of the Eternal One!! Bless All Who Come Across this Path, May they experience the true harmonic resonance with source in the the divine transtime moment of now