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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness show 2016-04-03

Notes (from/ via:

Please listen to the 1:56-hour Q&A here at Studio9Jam. I have some notes but they are not comprehensive; comments in ochre are my own.
  • Certain elements of Elite families called for extraordinary Council meeting in May, to be held in Britain, to push for some dramatic action this year
  • Governor of Bank of England says this year "the boomerang will return", referring to boomerang recession; they are intending to engineer crash in housing market in Western world in order to buy up properties ie. real wealth
  • 10/12 and 4/10 dates covertly hidden in TV shows and movies ~ do they have anything to do with Passover 2017? Yes, just like Olympics logo spelt “Zion” (2012)
  • Does the double 7 symmetery in Simon's email mean anything? That's Simon's birthdate (7 September) but from Reptilian perspective, 6 is number for“gods”, 7 is for “male” and 8 is for “female”; September is “septem” which is 7 in Latin; also “Simon” adds up to 7, “Parkes” adds up to 7
  • Reptilians have incarnated here in an effort to change their direction; what each Soul does in his or her lifetime energetically influences other realms
  • Is it possible to contact Star Family to mentor us? Mentoring is good idea since they are millions of years ahead of us, but you need to ask your own Soul if the “mentor” is positive for you as well as Humanity, without being subservient or giving Sovereignty away.
  • Can pure 100% essential oils actually heal and not just treat symptoms? It's not the oils themselves, it's the practitioner behind them that heal; the energies of the practitioner manipulates the energies of the oils and opens up the connection; commercial oils not suitable. Since we are in 3D Planet, many people need a “bridge” such as oils, crystals, sound etc between physical body and healing energy
  • Symptoms for jinn possession and depression are same. How to tell the difference? It depends on how much the conscious mind is aware of the situation; they will know something is wrong but can't quite identify the reason; Simon will take them through list of questions to determine the situation ~ he won't be able to assist with clinical depression. Some of these demons can be chameleon-like and alter their frequency to mimic their host's, to prevent detection
  • Significance of 33?  3 + 3 = 6, this has to do with the way Planet spins/tilts. They look at the energy behind numbers, therefore leylines and certain geographical locations become key places eg. Bank of England built on important energy leyline to corrupt the energy for financial gains. Any coordinates that add up to significant numbers are of interest to elite ~ they understand energy
  • Simon quotes Russian oligarch's (Dr Alexander Golod?) experiments with Pyramids as example of how energy science works ~ hardened prisoners who ingested salt placed in the Pyramids exhibited greatly reduced negative behaviour (see this for more details); this is just one example of healing energies being suppressed but are being used by elites.
@ 38:50-minute mark
  • Questioner observed three yellow orbs, how to determine which Star Race they come from? Simon answered, "Look at the Star Family that you are from" as a possibility. The orbs are automated inspection drones/sensors which are usually in infrared light spectrum. If they are visible, then it's likely they wish to be seen. Simon thinks they could be either Pleiadian or Reptilian but he requires more information to be certain
  • Books, movies, TV such as Jupiter Ascending, Stargate, Star Trek, Ascension, Contact, Extant ~ do they have good or bad intent? Not all directors/producers are corrupt but many are "briefed". This should not stop them from inserting their own elements into the production as a wake-up call, while still following given parameters. Stanley Kubrick was given carte blanche in "2001" but when revealed too much in "Eyes Wide Shut", he was subsequently murdered and the film modified
  • Jehovah Witness, Mormons and other sects ~ you need to understand what happened in order to successfully deprogram; intention and free will not enough to protect you. Top 2 - 3% of Jehovah Witness understand Jehovah to be non-human Reptilian god. Their recruiters have piercing, hypnotic eyes for a reason
  • Is Jehovah Yahweh, Anu? Is he Archon or Reptilian? Simon thinks it's one of the sons, but isn't 100% certain. For those who escaped such sects, think of it as an important personal journey and learning process, they are the stronger for it.
@55:25-minute mark
  • When will truth about cancer cure be revealed? When all the rest of hidden truths are revealed, when elite structure falls. Simon hoping 2016-2017
  • Questioner has long question, which includes "growling" in heart ~ Simon requests that questioner contacts him because "growling" is sure sign of possession
  • 3 days of darkness ~ Simon doesn't subscribe to this, he believes there will be an energy wave on its way and that Light Forces are working their socks off to protect the Planet
  • Jonathan Reed case of 1996 ~ Simon has no information on this
  • What triggered the collapse of Mar's magnetic field? It didn't just lose its magnetic field, it lost its oceans as well,which got caught in Earth's gravity. One part of Earth's crust is a quarter of the average, this is where it took the anti-matter nuclear blast; also Earth has more water than land, it was originally 50-50. A Pleiadian/Lyran task force had to neutralise very nasty nest of Reptilians who were using Maldek (which was close to Mars) as staging point for potential attacks, which would have swung the battle in Reptilians' favour. This occurred millions of years ago. Win Keech (who was on the recent Roundtable with Simon and others) has waking memories of this. Many innocents perished as well, that's why many Pleiadians carry this huge karma; the movie Ender's Game, where the whole Planet was destroyed, is reminiscent of this trauma
  • Psychic energy is released upon death, which is why the dark harnesses it for negative purposes. 
  • Red Sea ~ occurred about a hundred thousand years ago; this small body of water was unable to repair itself from effects of warfare as it's not connected to a bigger water source to replenish it; it didn't get to heal and still holds that energy from that time
  • Sleep ~ what happens when we sleep? Do we need sleep? Will we need less if we raise our vibrations? When we sleep, we connect to Source, replay what's occurred and reaffirm what's to come, we receive codes of information. If we don't sleep and therefore don't receive the encoding for the following day, we will feel the adverse effects both spiritually and physically. That's why the dark attack people during sleep to hack into this channel and release false information or memories. Soul craves connection to Source therefore we need to shut down daily
  • Questioner asks significance of dream about Ascension, which included seeing auras and a scruffy biker who had Soul of gold. People who form groups or clubs with alternative lifestyle, as well as those who go off-grid, have separated themselves from soceity's controls and are awake. Questioner could be on verge of breaking free, and may meet someone who will help her on this path. Seeing auras mean becoming psychic. Also look at people who are in your circle to determine who's holding you back and who's taking you forward. 
  • Man-made craft that go out into Space have alien back-engineered magnetic field/shield that repel small meteorites/debris
  • Becoming Intergalactic Coach? Think back to childhood to determine if such experience has occurred, or get in touch with Contactees like Simon. Also can intend, without greed or fear, to be bridge between two types of energy (waning/growing) and to allow that which is changing to merge with that of the future; if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. Some people, when in non-awake states, already do such things without their conscious knowledge. Simon relates account of lady who gave hybrids driving lessons at 2 or 3am, and she wasn't aware of this experience
  • Many people have such experiences (whether in this dimension or another) without being aware of them; a clue would be when one wakes up from sleep but feels like they've climbed Mt Everest. 
  • Simon relates the relevance of protocols when interacting with other Races. He doesn't think any current leader, apart from Putin, who is qualified to represent the Human Race. That's one reason why we've yet to have open Contact; the Higher Beings would not be able to directly assist Humanity if representative has selfish intentions (case in point being Valiant Thor's failed attempts)
  • Simon has been in politics, so he knows how it doesn't. JKF's assassination is an example of what happens to a leader who tries to work outside the system.  System needs to be fundamentally changed before Contact can be made.
 @ 1:40:50-hour
  • Nature vs. AI ~ Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak described a group of people, incarnated on Earth, who are willing to incorporate AI into their bodies ~ is this a specific Soul group or are they more susceptible to such programming? How do we retain our organic nature? Simon makes very detailed and impassioned plea to beware of the Transhumanism/AI agenda (please listen for details, which includes programming Humanity to consider AI/robotics in our bodies as a positive thing)
  • Greatest threat to Humanity isn't Reptilians, it's Archonic AI; Reptilians are just as manipulated as we are
  • 75% of genuine channellers have their information hacked
  • Does Simon remember any other past-life apart from Adam? Yes, one as a Hybrid during the time of the Sphinx with "Mum, one with "Dad", during Biblical times, and the most recent one in 1799.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Simon Parkes: Connecting Consciousness - 07 February 2016

Simon answers questions from chat:
 Show is on the 1st Sunday of Every Month on WSR

Topics include the following:
(Summary info Via:
  • Who or what is Source?
  • Do beings like the ones in The Abyss exist?
  • Soul swap without consent (Walk-ins are with agreement)
  • Devolution of Soul to Rock Kingdom ~ "reboot" through foundational learning, returning to truest point to start anew.
  • Dyslexic, Autistic, ADHD kids ~ result of environmental poisoning / radiation / vaccines? Or are they from Source to facilitate change? How to protect them?
  • What energies can be expected in 2016, and how do we use them? Planet X? The closest it will come will be mid-March to April this year. Energy "hotspots" spikes in March-April, June-July, October-November
  • New energy-efficient CFL bulbs radioactive? Simon advises to stay away from vintage spiral tube lights. Microchips can be inserted into new lights to conduct wifi or other devious plans ~ this won't be a problem if consciousness has risen sufficiently
  • How can people who are predominantly Reptilian meditate successfully?
  • Will Planet X interfere with Earth's magnetics? No Pole Shift on this timeline, Planet will not pass close enough to cause catastrophe
  • Who is your favourite Star Wars character, and why? Pope Francis' meeting with Russian Orthodox Patriarch? It's to do with Putin and potential of big change coming, and Catholic Church's own survival and exit strategy; Russian Church is medium used to reach Putin
  • Draconians using weaponised parasites in battle? Parasites that attack humans are from AI, connected to 4D energies. Physical body and mental state of mind are key to protection
  • Dolores Cannon called forth "Creator" in her work, is this the "undying Creator"?
  • Booking with Simon? Simon is still technically on holiday, so no bookings or newsletters. Next 10 months as well as 3 - 6 months following year will be full-on so he's charging his battery now; he'll resume in March
  • Will there be danger from space debris (from Planet X)? We won't have an event that leads to catastrophe but we will have something that leads to greater understanding
  • When is Nibiru coming? Alex Collier said March ~ Simon had said earlier mid-March to mid-April, best to have emergency supplies ready
  • Energetic grid totally shut down as per Alex Collier (in his December webinar)? Not totally shut down but there are massive holes in it, therefore weakened; however Souls will still have some challenge from getting trapped
  • Chemtrails ~ black project budget no longer available so this has been reduced.
  • What are 1D and 2D like? Simon suggests not to focus on lower dimensions but to focus on 5D and higher instead; our "stay" in 4D will be transitory because 3D has been constructed from 4D values (control mechanisms etc). Dimensions (there are 12) have sub-dimensions
  • Hearing high-frequency "beeps" in ear? Could be implants, psychotronic attack or 4D shadow being showing up ~ which one it is depends on how the person feels 15 seconds before and after the noise
  • How to book Soul readings? Could recent deaths be due to weakened grid? Simon will announce details for readings through Connecting Consciousness show. Also talks about David Bowie
  • What is best method to reconnect DNA strands? Soul Retrieval not appropriate for DNA reconnections; everyone is different so there's no one best method. Simon's intention is to open healing centre and work with practitioners to assist others
  • Why are so many Souls incarnating in animals for slaughter? One rule on Planet is that if you eat something that's living, then you can also be eaten by others. So if Humans eat meat, then Reptilians can eat Humans. If all Humans stop eating meat, Reptilians will be placed in energetic vise and they will also have to stop eating Humans immediately. Humans have been tricked into eating meat so that Reptilians are allowed to feed on them. Simon's opinion ~ these Souls incarnate into animals so that they are able to tip the balance and stop meat-eating. Human Consciousness needs to evolve beyond this point ~ he adds that our teeth are evidence that we're not meant to be carnivorous.
  • What are examples of Dracos' genetic manipulations? They have used this skill for negative purposes. Humans were modified by them 5.5 - 6 million years ago; they tend to leave their mark on all Planets that they occupy, they believe they are ultimate Life-forms and superior to Mammals
  • Do you still see false-flag happening in US before end-March? Yes, still on the cards, related to Planet X
  • Colour of eyes represent lineage? Eve had green eyes and red hair ~ 220,000 y.a was when final major "model" took place. A Reptilian group wanted "identification marks" to enable lineage tracing, green eyes is one of them, and they consider this better than the rest, a "bloodline" that can be traced back with likely alien connection to 4D. Blue eyes may interact with own Soul family (eg. 5D) as well as receive interference from 4D to hold the individual back
  • What's behind 11:11 and Deja Vu phenomenon? Don't get hung up on numbers as they can be used to program people; they are messages but they form just one aspect of a multidimensional process
  • What is percentage breakdown of Starseed Souls Simon encounters in his readings? There are 25% of non-Earth Human Souls (not originally from Earth) which includes Reptilians. They cover the spectrum from just having 1% non-Earth Human DNA to full 100%
  • Meditation technique for questioner who is originally Pleiadean but chose later incarnations as Andromedan because the former were too rigid? Many Higher Human Souls choose to incarnate as Pleiadeans to understand the tough environment; Pleiadeans are only group (as far as Simon knows) to maintain its physical integrity from Reptilian attacks. Recommends meditation music with Dolphins or ocean sounds.