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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Julien Wells Update 7-2-13 (with Chris Hales & Andrew Bartzis)… Current Energies…

I have yet to listen to this, but here are the notes Chris supplied to me in an email.
Today’s update with Julien is unique in that we are talking not
just with Julien but two members of his soul family being Larry Buzzel,
whom he met in Shasta and Andrew Bartzis, aka the Galactic Historian,
whom Julien also physically met for the first time on Mount Shasta.

The unusual aspect is that they were both physically in the room with
Julien, not just on Skype so the energy in the conversation
is noticeably higher than the usual multi-person Skype session.
The first part of the update is mostly just with Julien covering

the usual topics of energetic levels, patterns and how that plays
into 3D geopolitics, Pleadian update etc.
The second part is mostly a discussion of soul families and how they

work, with many references to their soul family gathering in Shasta,
although Larry diverted at one point into a description of how he
applies his consciousness practices in his professional fishing business.
An amazing fishing story…
Note that we are going to publish the next update as a video

to see how that goes.
cheers, Chris Hales

MP3s (30 min., 7 MB, each) (minus 2 minutes from beginning)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Complete show (88 min.; 19 MB)

my own minor note, as i started listening. 
note:1 -  biggest type of 11 months nope. 
#1 M1.5 
rest B/C class. no Xflare/CME neither 
M5.1= Listing:( )